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Let’s begin with video(s) of the day. The night lineup at Fox News was on fire last night. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity continues to ask the questions that no one else dare was on a roll last night.

I can hear Progressives heads exploding all over the place on this one…The Supreme Court on Monday held up President Trump’s extreme vetting executive orders.

Grumpy Opinions -News of the Day —

Urgent BLAST ALERT against Nebraska LR6 and LR181 By Publius Huldah

If you’re an illegal alien in San Francisco you can get away with murder … as long as you kill an innocent American citizen by PUMABydesign001 (Cry and Howl)

We May Never Know How Many Native-Americans Pocahontas Warren’s Ancestors Killed by Sara Noble

“Bubbling” with Anger, OJ Blames White Man’s Justice for His Problems by Sara Noble

Honeymoon over: Germany will pay migrants €3,000 to go home. By PUMABydesign001

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