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When will Huma Abedin be charged with lying to the FBI and punished?

New records prove that Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aide, Huma Abedin, illegally stored classified emails on her sleazy husband’s computer but lied to the FBI about doing it. And she is still walking around free as you please, which itself proves how corrupt the FBI is.

The records show that Abedin backed up many of the classified emails she already wasn’t supposed to have onto a computer owned by her husband, sex pervert and disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Yet, Abedin told the FBI that she never transferred any classified emails to any unauthorized device, according to the Daily Wire.

Abedin swore to the FBI that she “lost most of her old emails” when she transitioned from the Department of State (where she served as an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) to her role as Hillary’s top campaign worker.

“She had only accessed clintonemail.com through a web portal and did not have a method for archiving her old emails prior to the transition,” according to notes taken during an FBI interview with Abedin on April 5, 2016.

Abedin compounded that statement in June 2016 by telling lawyers from a watchdog group under oath that she didn’t back up emails.

“With respect to those State Department work-related emails on the Clintonemail.com accounts, what did you do, if anything, to preserve those emails?” asked an attorney with Judicial Watch, according to a transcript of the deposition.

Abedin said she “did not do anything to preserve those emails.”

“The instances where it was Clintonemail to Clintonemail, there were instances where the content of those emails had personal matters in there, and there may have also been State Department matters in there, too. It was a – a combination. But I did not – I did not preserve those e-mails,” Abedin said.

But a review of the emails found on Anthony Weiner’s devices proves that his wife was lying to the FBI. She did transfer and store messages she wasn’t supposed to have and they were found on Weiner’s computers.

According to a report by Washington watchdog group Judicial Watch, “there are at least 18 classified emails in the 798 documents recently produced by the State Department from the FBI’s investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s elicit email system.”

Worse, even though Abedin was bald-faced lying to the FBI and others under oath, the FBI knew she was lying and did nothing about it.

Again, according to Judicial Watch:

“These are classified records that [Former FBI Director] James Comey and his colleagues … knew were on the Weiner laptop, but didn’t take seriously enough to pursue criminal charges against Abedin or Clinton for allowing this egregious abuse of trust that the American people placed in them,” he said.

“It wasn’t just low-level classified materials that were found in the Clinton email server,” Fitton said. “But there were highly top secret documents of the most secure type and it would have resulted in a criminal prosecution, I guarantee you, if you were anyone else but the Democratic nominee for president.”

So, why the heck are Hillary and Abedin walking around free? These are direct and indisputable violations of our national security laws, after all. People of lesser position that these have gone to jail for years and had their lives and careers ruined. But Hillary and Abedin walk around untouched. Why?

Well, it’s because we know that Obama’s tainted FBI (which is still Obama’s and still tainted and needs to be cleaned up) decided to let Hillary off the hook despite the clear knowledge that she broke the law.

Under Obama, the FBI became a tool of the political left and gave up all pretense of being about “law enforcement.”

The media pretends to love revealing political scandals. But the proof that the media only cares about political scandals when they emanate from Republicans is obvious by their silence on this story.