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  U.S. Senator Chris Murphy does not have any shame as he is a DemocRat Ghoul that gets off on dancing on the bodies of murder victims.         


USA –  -(Ammoland.com)- The Democrats were quick to pounce with their favorite adage that has served them well: “never let a good crisis go to waste.” U.S. Senator Chris Murphy-D-CT, without any facts in hand, was the first in line to politicize and weaponize the Florida school tragedy.

“Only in America!”, he said.

Murphy seems to have conveniently forgotten the 80 youngsters gunned down at a camp in Norway. Guns are banned in Norway. How about the shooter who killed 7 school children in France? Guns are banned in France. Cops don’t even carry guns.

15 school children shot in Germany. Guns banned there. 16 school children slaughtered in Scotland. Onerous gun control there. Then there is the kid who shot up the school cafeteria in Italy. 132 school children shot in Pakistan. Only the military are permitted guns. Not to mention the thousands of school age children murdered and used for target practice in other Muslim countries.

All of the above countries represent a combined geographic area smaller than America. Sadly school children are slaughtered all over the planet by gunfire. Not “only in America.”

Other than beating the drums for gun control, Murphy’s only claim to fame was not paying his rent or mortgage. He “forgot” to pay.

What did Murphy and his sidekick Fake Vietnam Vet U.S. Sen Richard Blumenthal D-CT offer to help prevent another Sandy Hook? Nothing more than rhetoric. Yet the Connecticut voters keep re-electing them.

I was there to personally experience the aftermath of the Newtown carnage. It was more than a “learning moment”.

What learning did Murphy share with other school districts around the country? Nothing other than a failed legislative attempt at ill conceived background checks….which is redundant in most states….including Florida. What prayers or words of comfort did Murphy and his ilk offer to the Parkland parents and families?

They showed their true colors……again. Shame on them.


Michael Velsmid
Nantucket, Ma.