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I heard also they are taking metal screen wire hooking it to a car battery to heat the wire then they spray Raid on the wire then smoke the crystals that form on the wire.

We need to have bug spray control and raise the age to buy bug spray to 21.Snark

What is wrong with people?

How desperate do you have to be to smoke bug spray?

People aren’t just turning to crack, meth, or ‘standard’ illicit drugs to get high.

A new disturbing trend is that people are using insect repellant in conjunction with other drugs to get high.

The bug repellant is sprayed on marijuana, tobacco, or even banana leaves and the spray is left to dry when it can then smoked.

It goes without saying that this is unbelievably stupid and dangerous.

The people that take these drug mixes can have massive mood swings where they are extremely violent, then they act as though everything is normal, then swing right back to aggressive again which makes interaction with them extremely dangerous.

The ingredients for this chemical cocktail are legal, cheap, and easily accessible.

Indianapolis has noticed a spike in use amongst their homeless population.

The drug is known by names like “KD” and “Katie.” The vernacular really depends on what part of the country you’re in. This wild-eyed concoction is manufactured by simply putting household bug sprays, like RAID, on a variety of substances, including tobacco, marijuana, and even banana leaves. Consumed by smoking, this inexpensive drug puts the user in a catatonic, almost “zombie-like” state. But this insecticidal inebriant also carries a significant risk for a veritable madhouse of less than desirable side effects. Difficulty breathing, convulsions, coma and psychotic behavior have all been reported.

It was just earlier this year that an emergency crew in Indianapolis, Indiana responded to reports of dozens of overdoses in and around a local men’s shelter. Somewhere around 20 homeless men and women were treated for overdoses on a bizarre drug combination that was thought to have been a “mix of spice and an unknown chemical or drug,” according to the Indianapolis Star. Although most of the overdose victims recovered, one was rushed to a nearby hospital and put on life support.

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Watch the ABC Action News report:

To create the high, people are using “heavy duty” bug sprays like RAID and Wasp which have high concentrations of Pyrethroids. They are spraying them on other drugs like marijuana, spice and tobacco before smoking them. 

Indianapolis Fire Department Captain Chris Major said it does not take much for a person to have a severe reaction after smoking bug sprayed drugs.

Some of the symptoms of KD include:

  • Catatonic State
  • Unable to Walk
  • Unable to Breathe
  • Barely Able to Speak
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Severe Headache

“Kind of like a zombie,” said Captain Major. “We started describing it like zombielike, where they might be eating the grass that they’re lying in or they are tearing at their clothes.”

The Director of Indiana Poison Center at IU Health Dr. Daniel Rusyniak says the biggest problem is how easily accessible bug spray is to anyone of any age.

Source: ABC Action News

If this is what people are doing now, what are they going to turn to next?