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Stop the presses ABC News’ Political Director Rick Klein has committed a random act of journalism and actually told the truth.

It’s ill timed. It’s ill advised. It’s an exercise in being a sore loser. The Democratic National Committee’s lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks for allegedly colluding during the 2016 election is one massive eye roll. Even liberal Democrats have given it a chilly reception, while red state Democrats, like Claire McCaskill (D-MO) are labeling it a “silly distraction.” Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) is not supportive of the legal effort, telling for a California liberal in a state that’s positioning itself as a bastion of anti-Trump resistance. CNN’s Gloria Borger said it was a stunt for the DNC to fundraise. She’s not wrong. The DNC is cash-strapped and they owe the Clinton wing of the party almost $2 million for access to their data lists.

ABC News’ Political Director Rick Klein was on The Joe Piscopo Show Monday where he said that this lawsuit legitimizes President Trump’s claims that it’s all sour grapes for Democrats, speaking about the Mueller investigation into possible Russian collusion between his campaign and the Kremlin. An investigation that has zero evidence to suggest any such activity occurred. Klein noted this was filed a year and a half after the Mueller probe was launched. It looks like a distraction, and yes, paints the Democrats as still whining over the 2016 election—which they are. Democrats want documents and depositions. They’re citing the 1972 lawsuit against the Republican National Committee over Watergate as precedent, though Klein said that yielded nothing significant. Klein said even David Axelrod, Obama’s top aide, said this was a waste of time and resources.

Piscopo noted this could also blow up in the Democrats’ faces, with Republicans filing a countersuit, deposing President Obama and other officials over their failure to deal with Russia and possibly whether there was collusion at the Obama-run DOJ to squash the Clinton Foundation probe during the 2016 election for naked political purposes (allegedly).

It’s unlikely any of this will get anywhere, but it once again shows how Democrats just cannot believe Clinton lost fair and square, which she did. She had no economic message, no political skill, charisma, and did not campaign aggressively enough in the Rust Belt. It was a stinging reminder to the Left that white working class voters matter, a bloc that is voting consistently Republican, but can change on a whim, especially if the message is right. Case in point, millions of these people voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012; they flipped for Trump in 2016. Instead, the Left continue to moan about 2016 and double down trying to cobble together the urban areas, which is not enough to win, as demonstrated in 2016.

n all, the satire site The Onion pretty much summed up this whole affair:

The Onion


DNC Files Lawsuit Alleging Nation Should Never, Ever Stop Focusing On 2016 Election https://trib.al/OCXxKlT