H/T Todd Starnes.com.

It won’t be long before the Boy Scouts abandon their oath to God as they have turned their backs on all of their traditions and values.

The Mormons have decided to sever ties with the Boy Scouts — ending a relationship that goes back nearly a century.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has long been the biggest sponsor of Boy Scout troops – representing more than 400 thousand boys.

The Mormons said in a statement they plan to launch an international youth program focused on the gospel. But the church had been deeply troubled by policy changes in recent years — including the inclusion of gays in scouting.

Many Catholic and Protestant churches have already fled the once-storied program – leading to a drop of more than 10 percent since 2013. That was the year the BSA decided to open its membership to gay scouts.

In the aftermath, Trail Life USA was birthed – a faith-based scouting organization that has a membership of more than 26,000 troops in 48 states. Click here for information on Trail Life USA.

The Boy Scouts did not have to capitulate to the social justice warriors. They had the Supreme Court on their side. They had the American people on their side. But instead of standing up to the bullies — they backed down.

Not too long after they changed their policies on sexual orientation, the Boy Scouts opened their ranks to gay leaders and then transgender scouts and then they decided that little girls could be Boy Scouts.

But even that was not inclusive enough for the radical revolutionaries — so for the sake of inclusion they excluded the name “boy”.

And soon – I predict this watered-down, culturally-compromised version of the Scouts will come full circle and lift its ban on atheists. Yes, I predict they will eliminate the name of God from their once sacred oath.

Because once turn your back on your values – it’s pretty easy to turn your back on the Almighty.