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The current background check system is majorly flawed it needs to be fixed.

With ‘human errors’ this big, all the background checks and gun laws in the world won’t matter a damn.

This is FLORIDA. Somebody notify David Hogg that there’s a glaring omission in the changes he’s pushing for.

To borrow a phrase from Jesus, the gun grabber policy is straining out gnats but swallowing a camel. (That’s a bad thing, in case you’re wondering.)

Florida revoked concealed weapons permits for nearly 300 people who got them after the state failed to do national background checks for more than a year.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam acknowledged that the state revoked the permits in a statement issued Friday evening.

The state failed to check applications against a national database set up by federal authorities. The lapse was revealed in an inspector general’s report sent to Putnam in 2017.

Putnam blamed the lapse on a negligent and “deceitful” employee. He said a total of 365 applications were reviewed after the problem was discovered. Ultimately, permits were revoked for 291 people.

Putnam is running for governor and has pushed to make it easier for people to get a concealed weapons permit. His office oversees the concealed weapons licensing program.
Source: The Independent

If all the checks and balances are in place, and they are STILL not made use of, what’s the point of anything more intrusive?

Unless the real goal is to chip away at gun rights more generally.

And that is looking more and more like it’s been their real goal all along.