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Sadly this travesty took place in my home state of Indiana.

 John Kluge is a Christian and he was not going to sacrifice his morals by calling these students by their immoral transgender names.

He was given three options: “Follow Policy, Resign, or be fired”

For anyone who thought there was room for ‘neutrality’ in the left’s latest culture war… read this.

Tolerance has a new definition. It looks an awful lot like ‘compliance’.

This is exactly the sort of insidious bullying Dr. Jordan Peterson warned us about in his latest Prager Video.

The teacher believes his First Amendment rights are being violated due to the school’s policy of compelled speech. And it’s all about the gender controversy.

A four-year teacher, who didn’t feel the school should have the right to compel him to describe people by any “gender” besides the sex the one that corresponds to what they were born with.

Local public officials have so far refused to publicly discuss the policies they put into place at the beginning of 2018 that John Kluge says led to his resignation in May. Brownsburg Community School Corporation, the district that employed Kluge, put out a transgender policy document in January instructing staff to call students by their chosen names and pronouns once they are so designated on school records. Kluge opted instead to address students by their last names to avoid either referring to his apparently several transgender students with pronouns and names of the opposite sex, or offending them by not doing as they wished despite its contradiction of reality.

That wasn’t good enough. At the school board meeting, students accused Kluge of saying that transgender persons “are not an actual human being” and “actively disrespect[ing]” them for not using opposite-sex pronouns to describe them.
Source: Federalist

Being “Neutral” (using their last names only) wasn’t good enough.

They insisted he use their FIRST names and preferred pronouns. Or else.

Then came the ultimatum.