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The drive by media thinks they found the story that will propel the DemocRats to victory in the November midterm election. 

The Apathetic consequence of Prosecutorial Discretion.


USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Today’s mainstream media (MSM) thinks they’ve locked onto a strategy to help democrats win. That strategy hinges entirely on distortion in an effort to drum up emotional outrage. Nothing gets people more emotional than to see children harmed. Unless of course you’re an unhinged animal rights activist and animals suffering hits you the hardest.

The MSM and their Leftist friends claim that the Trump administration hates illegal immigrant children. They are attempting to convince the public that Team Trump has launched a war against illegal immigrant families by separating children from their custodians at the border. In some cases they’re with their parents, and in some they’re not.

The MSM’s distortion is that “Trump doesn’t have to separate families.” Every commentary I have seen makes this claim and all have failed to confront the jackass (pun intended) in the room. The only way Trump doesn’t have to separate the children from their parents is if he doesn’t arrest and detain the parents or custodian for their crime.

I am not aware of a detention facility in this country that permits children to be incarcerated with their parent or vice versa. Shame on the parent who would ask for such an accommodation. The reality is that Trump is enforcing laws on the books at his discretion as every law enforcement key holder in the executive branch does.

Most prosecutors and law enforcement have discretion in choosing whether to prosecute a given criminal case. Most of us probably think this is a good idea. Who wouldn’t be happy to get off the hook for some crime we had allegedly committed? That’s rhetorical of course, we all would.

Prosecutorial discretion was born out of obvious logistical and strategic need. Unfortunately, some crimes that go unenforced create a massive national crisis. The crime of unlawful entry into the United States is a glaring example.

The illegal immigration crisis at our southern border is nothing new. It has been ongoing since at least the Truman Administration. In 1952 the democrat controlled Congress sponsored and passed The Immigration and Nationality Act, which made unlawful entry a crime. Truman tried to veto it. There was such overwhelming support from Congress that they managed to overturn the veto.

Congress passed a law and they passed it to be enforced. How do I know that was their intention? Because they prescribed a punishment that carries not only a fine, but also jail time, or both with increasing severity for repeat offenders. Congress is not a passive parent that says, “stop it, or else!” They define what behavior constitutes the crime and prescribed a punishment. This is the way law is made and it is here that the separation of powers comes into play. It is up to the executive to enforce the law. Members of Congress like Elijah Cummings can’t now come out and criticize the Executive’s decision to enforce an existing law.

To claim that there is some better way for law enforcement to handle this is to deny the blunt instrument that is government. Worse still it is a denial of where the blame really lies.

Illegal Immigration Dreamers
Illegal Immigration Dreamers

These children’s parents put their family in this situation. Maybe it was an act of desperation and compassion, maybe it wasn’t. I have met many drug addicts, domestic abusers, and career criminals that “needed” to commit their crimes to survive. They all had families and many had children. I wasn’t the one who took someone’s mommy or daddy away. Mommy and daddy’s actions led them to the sad trail of consequence that is criminal action.

Today’s rhetoric is that the Trump Administration has a “policy of separating families.” Every analysis I have read casts the argument in that light. Many claim that we should limit our prosecution of illegals to single folks. The Left claims we shouldn’t be prosecuting parents and families that we apprehend at the border.

What democrats and other advocates of lawlessness are really saying is, “don’t enforce our law.” Ultimately, open borders are what they’ve wanted from the beginning. How much more of an open border can you have than to allow all “parents” and “families” to enter our country without prosecution. Is there anyone who isn’t a “parent” or a member of a “family?” Everyone would claim that status to avoid prosecution. In fact many have, which is Trump’s stated reason for cracking down on all of them.

Since when do democrats care about keeping families intact anyway? It’s hard to believe that keeping families together is their real goal. With all of their pro-abortion, anti-male, anti-masculinity, anti-patriarchal, anti-heterosexual, anti-nuclear family, and anti-religion I’m not buying it! The Left’s aim is to destroy the family, not to keep it intact. If you want to protect families then fight the Left tooth and nail!