Why a Suppressor is Not a Silencer

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Holly Weird through there movies have convinced many people that sound suppressors actually make a gun silent when it is fired.

An Opinion By William J. Ellis, Guest Contributor. September 18th, 2017

1: How Semantics Are Defeating Sensible Gun Legislation

The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 is still awaiting a hearing in Congress. (Editor’s note: We since have on the table the “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act”, which seeks to incorporate suppressors – see item 9/12/17). The bill seeks to lift the restrictions placed on the use of suppressors put in place by the National Firearms Act of 1934. This earlier act requires additional, lengthy background checks on those who would like to buy a suppressor, and imposes a $200 tax on their sale. It also proposes that suppressors no longer be counted as equivalent to handguns, as per the Gun Control Act of 1968, lifting the requirement for a NICS check during the purchase of suppressors.

Though the bill is eminently sensible, debate about it has been characterized by a stunning level of ignoranceby those who oppose it. It seems that some Democrats, in particular, have never actually used a suppressor, but are nevertheless absolutely sure that they oppose them.

If you’re reading this, I’m betting that you’ve used a “silencer”, and what I am about to say will not be news to you. However, in case there are any liberals reading, let me enlighten you: guns fitted with suppressors are still incredibly loud.

The debate about the bill is sadly an example of one of the long-standing problems about discussions of Second Amendment rights in the US. Those who actually use guns on a daily basis, and know how they work, argue reasonably that certain restrictions should be relaxed. Those who vehemently oppose gun rights, having never used a gun in their life, are motivated by imaginary dangers and mistaken beliefs. For the benefit of this latter group, let’s take a short history class.

2: Suppressors vs. “Silencers”

It is true that suppressors, when they were invented back in 1909, were originally marketed as “silencers”. However, this was always an inflated claim, akin to calling a flannel shirt an “arctic coat”. As anyone who has ever used one knows, guns fitted with a suppressor are loud. As loud, in fact, as a pneumatic drill hitting concrete, which I’m sure no-one has trouble hearing, even Democrats.

In this area, though, it seems that many people have mistaken advertising claims for reality. In the imaginations of some opposing the bill, no doubt informed by Dick Tracy and James Bond movies, suppressors allow would-be shooters to kill people silently. They argue, incredibly, that allowing people to buy “silencers” would increase the rate of school shootings, a belief which completely ignores the fact that hand guns fitted with suppressors can no longer be concealed, and rifles fitted with the same become all but unusable in tight spaces.

Not only does this mistaken belief make sensible legislation on suppressors impossible, it also leads to many people overlooking the more mundane dangers of not using a suppressor. At the moment, the cost and extra bureaucracy involved in purchasing a silencer deters many people from getting one. This is a shame, because it means that many people have a difficult choice to make — wear ear protection, and potentially be unable to hear anything else around them, or don’t, and risk hearing damage.

That’s why the bill is called the Hearing Protection Act, after all.

3: Skewed Statistics

On the better-informed side of the debate, the gun control group Americans For Responsible Solutions continue to selectively push statistics that make it appear that the current restrictions are not burdensome. According to this group, the rapid rise in sales of suppressors in recent years proves that the $200 tax stamp is not a big problem for gun owners.

I don’t know about you, but $200 on top of the cost of a suppressor sounds like a lot to me. In a lot of cases, this tax represents 50-100% of the price of the item, a huge level of taxation in anyone’s book. And while the Washington consultants who oppose the bill might be able to find $200 down the back of their sofa, for the majority of Americans it represents a significant burden.

Especially because, remember, this is a tax on a safety device. I’m still mystified that this point is not raised more regularly, because to my mind it seems incredible that an item designed to protect the user is taxed.

In addition to this monetary burden, the bureaucracy currently involved in getting a suppressor deters many shooters from investing in a device that could save their hearing. Under current legislation, prospective suppressor owners must go through a lengthy application process which involves them providing personal information, a passport photo, and also giving their fingerprints. Many, rightly, are reticent to provide such details for inclusion on a federal database.

And, even when responsible gun owners jump through all these hoops, ATF approval to buy a suppressor can still take up to a year. In this context, then, it is not surprising that many hunters continue to use dangerously loud guns.

4: The Actual Numbers

Despite such incredible claims that, as Kristen Rand of VPC said in a press release dated June 27, “silencers are military-bred accessories that make it easier for criminals to take innocent lives and threaten law enforcement. Existing federal law has kept crimes committed with silencer-equipped firearms rare,” the number of crimes committed with suppressors is incredibly low.

Not to labor the point, but this will not be a surprise to anyone who has ever actually used one. If you’re going to commit a crime with your weapon, fitting a suppressor will actually make this much more difficult. As Jeremy Mallette, social media director for Silencer Shop in Austin, told back in August, suppressors add considerable length to any firearm – making concealment impossible – and block the shooter’s front sight picture. “You can’t conceal a handgun anymore with one on and on a rifle, it would make the rifle very unwieldy,” he said. “That’s my biggest retort. (Some people) think silencers would be useful in these shootings and that’s just not the case.”

But let’s look at the numbers, for the sake of balance. Knox Williams, president and executive director for the American Suppressor Association, told that of the 1.3 million suppressors in circulation, his group can only fund 16 instances of criminal use since 2011. “That translates to the misuse of a glaringly low percentage of suppressors in circulation — roughly 0.000012308 percent,” he said.

That’s pretty low.

5: The Case For Sensible Reform

I’m a reasonable guy, and realize that some types of weapons and accessories need to be restricted. However, when it comes to suppressors I have repeatedly tried and failed to see why such heavy restrictions are in place. It seems to me that the current legislation — which, remember, is from 1934 — is completely out of date. Nobody is going to buy a suppressor in order to commit a crime with their weapon.

The Hearing Protection Act proposes to remove suppressors from the NFA process, but leave GCA mandates in place. While the NFA claim that this could lead to an increase in crime using suppressors, in reality I think they fear a reduction in their own power rather than a preposterous increase in crime.

And whilst I can accept that a lot of the American public have no need nor desire to own firearms, and that they are somewhat ignorant as a result of this, I cannot forgive such ignorance when it comes to federal agencies. The NFA knows damn well that “silencers” are used in a vanishingly small number of crimes, but still seems content to continue to further myths about this fact.

The real danger here, of course, is that when the Bill finally gets a hearing, Congress will focus on the rare but dramatic instances where suppressors have been used in shootings, and ignore the everyday damage that not using them does to the hearing of thousands of shooters across the country.


Strippers Hold Topless Car Wash To Raise $2.5k For Deputies Who Were Shot


H/T Blue Lives Matter.

I say Thank-you to the City Limits Showgirls for doing this fund-raiser for these wounded officers.


City Limits Showgirls raised over $2.5k for the Yuba County Deputies who were shot.

Topless Car Wash Raises Money For Wounded Deputies

Marysville, CA – A group of strippers from City Limits Showgirls volunteered their time to hold a topless car wash to help raise money for two Yuba County Deputies who were shot on August 1st.

The Sheriff’s Office declined to endorse the event, saying that they didn’t want to be associated with it, but couldn’t stop it from happening. They investigated to ensure that it was operating legally.

In a statement, the sheriff’s office said, “While we appreciate the sentiment of support from the business owner, we do not endorse the event. We have looked into the legality of the event and have spoken with the promoters regarding how they plan to operate it.

They have advised us it will be fully enclosed and they will be checking ID’s prior to entry, the same as they would to enter their establishment, therefore if the event is ran as explained, it will be a legal business promotion.”

On the company Facebook page, they said, “I know we are not the ideal business for a fundraiser, but we feel it’s our civic responsibility to help anyway we can. These officers put their lives on the line to protect everything dear to us.”

“Anyone 18 and over can come through and donate,” club operations manager Hal Meyer told KRON4. “The more you donate, the more you can get.”

KCRA talked to the strippers who said that the deputies help them feel safe if there’s ever any problems at the club.

The business held their carwash on Saturday, and raised $2,565 for the injured heroes, according to KRON4.

You can see video about the car wash below (no nudity – safe for work):

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Reveals News About Her Family in Puerto Rico

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H/T Western Journalism.

Please join me in prayer for the family of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and all of the people of Puerto Rico.

“The island is suffering a great tragedy right now.”

At a Thursday conference in Washington, D.C., Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor revealed unsettling news about her family. She has not heard from “half” of her relatives living in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria tore through the island earlier this week.

“The island is suffering a great tragedy right now,” Sotomayor told CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson. “Myself personally and the rest of my family, we are exceedingly concerned. We ask for your prayers.”

Although Sotomayor was born in the Bronx in New York city, her parents are originally from Puerto Rico. Many of her extended family still live on the island.

Maria ravaged Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm, flooding streets and demolishing homes. The storm has knocked out the entire power grid across the U.S. territory. Many residents could be without power for weeks or even months.

At least six people have died on the island so far due to Maria, according to The Associated Press.

President Donald Trump tweeted out his support for Puerto Rico on Thursday.

Many on Twitter have also expressed their support for Sotomayor and all Puerto Ricans dealing with the storm’s aftermath.

US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor says she hasn’t heard from half her family in Puerto Rico

Sending prayers to Puerto Rico citizens! Justice Sonia Sotomayor, hope you receive good news today your family ok. Probably no power🙏🏻

US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor says she hasn’t heard from half her family in Puerto Rico

Thoughts and prayers to all. May be they don’t have a way to communicate. Hang on, there’s still hope❤️💙❤️

US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor says she hasn’t heard from half her family in Puerto Rico

That must be very scary for her. Praying they are safe, & just unable to get calls through!

US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor says she hasn’t heard from half her family in Puerto Rico

We are praying for everyone in Puetro Rico & 🦋ppl on other islands. We are praying for all the beautiful people in Caribbean Islands👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿❤️

View image on Twitter

Sotomayor is the third woman and first Latina to serve on the Supreme Court.

On Thursday, she had been participating in the Democracy at a Crossroads National Summit.

Despite uncertainty about her family, she was still able to provide her thoughts on civic education and handling politics in today’s world

“Listen before you talk,” Sotomayor said. “That’s what a lot of people don’t do in these heated times.


Pizza Shop Employee Prints Obscene Message On Cop’s Receipt – Restaurant Gives Awesome Response


H/T Blue Lives Matter.

I want to applaud Pieology Pizza for standing up for the men and women that make up The Thin Blue Line.

A Pieology employee left an obscene message on a cop’s receipt, but the company response was excellent.

Pieology Responds To Anti-Cop Receipt

Torrance, CA – A Torrance police officer who was disrespected because of his uniform at a Pieology restaurant doesn’t hold any hard feelings, just a question to the server about what made them hate cops so much.

Corporate management at Pieology fired the employee when they found out about the words written on the officer’s receipt, “Fuck the cops.”

The incident occurred on Monday, September 18, with a uniformed police officer at the Pieology located at 3720 Pacific Coast Highway.  The officer went inside to pick up a lunch takeout order when he was given a receipt that said “Fuck The Cops,” according to the Daily Breeze.

The police officer did not want to speak publicly and asked his department’s spokesman, Sgt. Ronald Harris, to speak on his behalf.  Sgt. Harris said, “He remembers a young lady who rings him up.  He looks at the receipt. He immediately noticed what it says.”

The officer did not talk to the server and decided not to make a scene.

Sgt. Harris said, “He wanted to say something. He wanted to go up to the young lady who actually wrote this. He wasn’t angry, but he was so pressed for time.”

The officer received a ‘uniform discount,’ on his bill which the restaurant offers for uniformed police officers.  The officer didn’t know this because it was his first time there.  He was not expecting a break on his bill, took the difference, and added it to the bill as a tip.

Sgt. Harris said that the officer “watched her very closely when they packaged his pizza because he wanted to make sure it wasn’t altered. He was empathetic. He wanted to know ‘what happened to you to make you do something like this?’”

He continued that the officer “paid his bill, grabbed his food and headed out to an assignment to relieve some other officers on a busy day.”

It appears that the person who checked him out was female, but a name on the receipt is for a male.  The woman may have been logged in as someone else.

After he left Pieology, the officer showed the receipt to other officers.  One of their outraged wives posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook, and said:

“I want to share this with everyone to show the unprovoked hatred that my husband and his partners deal with everyday.  

“This is not the type of business that I want to see in the city where I live. My husband’s partner was just trying to get a quick bite to eat in the middle of a busy shift and this is what he received. Needless to say, we will never eat at Pieology ever again. I hope you all will help support our police and share this both near and far. It is NOT ok to treat our officers like this.”

A copy of the receipt was sent to Pieology, and phone calls were directed to the corporate office.

In a statement, Pieology spokeswoman Vanessa Legutko said :

“We at Pieology are extremely disappointed in the actions of this employee, and apologize on behalf of the entire Pieology family for this upsetting situation.  The actions of this employee do not in any way reflect the thoughts of Pieology, and we are taking swift and serious action to rectify the situation, including terminating the offending employee.

We have the utmost respect and gratitude for the men and women who keep our communities safe, and have no tolerance for hateful language or actions. This location in Torrance is a heartfelt supporter of all men and women in uniform, especially the brave first responders, and shows its support with a discount for all uniformed police, firefighters and military members.”

Sgt. Harris said that the officer doesn’t have any hard feelings towards the now-former employee.  He said that the officer, “feels very sorry for this individual and wonders what bad experience she had with law enforcement to do something like that.”

It’s rare for a business to not only immediately take action against employees who hate on cops, but to publicly announce it as well. Many other companies are afraid to give the appearance of supporting law enforcement while firing their problem employees.

However, Pieology not only announced that the employee was fired, but they voiced their support for law enforcement and offer a discount to uniformed officers. What more could you ask for?

MSNBC Host Claims Antifa is ‘on the Side of Angels’

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H/T Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

Now we know why PMSNBC’s ratings are none existent. 

Nicole Wallace, MSNBC’s host, on Thursday said that antifa — known for their attacks on police and other citizens, looting and burning of builds — are actually really good people who are on the side of the angels.

 Not exactly sure which angels she is talking about, maybe Hell’s, but they aren’t the peaceful-looking “Precious Moments” figurines.

Racism And Guns: Why The Left Keeps Painting Gun Owners As Racist

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H/T Bearing Arms.

The media know their lies will be believed because people are too lazy to investigate and find out the truth about gun owners.

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

― Mark Twain

Gun owners get an awful rap in the modern media. While it’s fine for a Hollywood action hero to be loaded down with guns, the average citizen who does so is a ticking time bomb in their world. It’s worse with the news media, which routinely paints gun owners as being every kind of bigot imaginable. Recently, Bearing Arms has run two stories where this has come up. The first one, anti-gunners were trying to paint pro-gun folks as racists. The second, run just this weekend, liberal gun folks talked about the NRA’s supposedly “racist” policies.

Now, we all know this isn’t true. Gun owners are incredibly open to new folks, regardless of ethnicity. We love seeing new people shoot. Race is irrelevant for the vast majority of us.

I’m not saying there are no racist gun owners because we’re not some monolithic group, but you’ll have a far easier time finding racists at the Democratic National Convention than at the NRA’s annual meeting.

And that, my friends, is why the left tries to paint gun owners as the racists.

By now, many pro-Second Amendment advocates and activists understand the racist roots of gun control in this country. Even the more mainstream political site, The Hill, understands it.

One month after the Confederate surrender in 1865, Frederick Douglass urged federal action to stop state and local infringement of the right to arms. Until this was accomplished, Douglass argued, “the work of the abolitionists is not finished.”

Indeed, it was not. As the Special Report of the Paris Anti-Slavery Conference of 1867 found, freedmen in some southern states “were forbidden to own or bear firearms, and thus were rendered defenseless against assault.” Thus, white supremacists could continue to control freedmen through threat of violence.

Congress demolished these racist laws. The Freedmen’s Bureau Bill of 1865Civil Rights Act of 1866, and Civil Rights Act of 1870 each guaranteed all persons equal rights of self-defense. Most importantly, the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868, made the Second Amendment applicable to the states.

Because of the 14th Amendment, gun control laws now had to be racially neutral. But states quickly learned to draft neutrally-worded laws for discriminatory application. Tennessee and Arkansas prohibited handguns that freedmen could afford, while allowing expensive “Army & Navy” handguns, which ex-Confederate officers already owned.

The South Carolina law against concealed carry put blacks in chain gangs, but whites only paid a small fine, if anything. In the early 20th century, such laws began to spread beyond the ex-Confederacy. An Ohio Supreme Court Justice acknowledged that such statutes reflected “a decisive purpose to entirely disarm the Negro.”


The anti-gun left paints gun owners in general, and the NRA in particular, as racist because they don’t want anyone to see their own racist past. They’re the mean kid in school who picks on everyone so nobody will look too closely at their own flaws.

Unfortunately, most folks who don’t know the gun culture don’t realize that no, we’re not a bunch of racist rednecks. They don’t understand that we’re just good folks who want to protect ourselves and our families.

They might know an individual gun owner or two who they don’t think of a racist, but the media paints a picture that makes it easy for the average American to believe those are the exception, not the rule. The anti-gun left likes it that way because it makes it easier to disarm law-abiding gun owners if the rank and file voter thinks we’re all hood-wearing Klansmen.

Meanwhile, they hide the racism in their past all while still trying to keep inner city blacks from obtaining weapons to protect themselves.

They’ll paint us a racist because

Yet Another Anti-Gun Bill Lands on California Governor’s Desk


H/T Bearing Arms.

I do not have any doubt Governor Moonbeam Brown will sign this anti gun bill. 


Yet another anti-gun bill has landed on California Governor Jerry Brown’s desk this month. This time, lawmakers are hoping to reinforce the firearms ban on elementary and secondary school campuses.

In 1995, the state passed the Gun-Free School Zone Act, which prohibits any person from knowingly bringing a firearm into a public school zone. In 2015, the act was amended so that superintendents could grant CCW permit holders permission to carry on school grounds if they had reason to believe their life was in danger. The goal was to ensure victims of domestic abuse always had a way to protect themselves.

However, if Gov. Brown approves the new measure, known as AB 424, school administrators will no longer be able to grant exemptions and the blanket ban on firearms will be reinstated.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), the primary author of the bill, said superintendents “exploited” their power by allowing too many faculty and staff members the ability to carry.

“This was not the intent of the bill passed a few years ago,” McCarty told the Associated Press back in May. “Research shows allowing more guns in schools makes them less safe.”

Unsurprisingly, McCarty didn’t specify what “research” he was referring to.

Similarly, the Assemblyman told the LA Times this month, “The risk of having something bad happen with that firearm is greater than the reward.”

Of course, 2A advocates, including the NRA and Republican lawmakers, strongly disagree.

“You are not keeping people safe by doing this,” Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) told the LA Times. “You are taking away people’s rights and you are taking away people’s ability to defend themselves.”

Let’s hope Gov. Brown comes to this realization and effectively kills the bill. Not holding our breath for poor California, though.

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