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I am going away for about a week.

The stress I am under because of the fire has made me lose 15 lbs.

I am going to Marion, Indiana to visit with family.

I will not have internet access.

I have been blogging at the library.



Current News – Battle of Leyte Remembered


Pacific Paratrooper

Remembering the Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Surigao Strait.

On 3 July, 2017, the USS Nimitz (CVN-68) commemorated those that fought in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

“Today we sail the same waters as those sailors did 73 years ago,” said Cmdr. J.W. David Kurtz, the ship’s executive officer, according to the statement.

The Battle of Leyte Gulf, which took place in late October 1944, included several naval engagements involving ships from the 7th and 3rd fleets. The battle crippled the Japanese Imperial Navy, which lost four aircraft carriers, three battleships, six heavy and four light cruisers, 11 destroyers, several hundred aircraft and more than 10,500 sailors, according to U.S. and Allied forces lost one light carrier, two escort carriers, two destroyers and one destroyer-escort.

Japan’s losses allowed the U.S. to conduct a ground invasion of the Philippines. Roughly 3,000 sailors and Marines were killed in the battle…

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Washington man pleads guilty to manslaughter from stray bullet

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It is people like  Tobin Panton  that make responsible gun owners look bad.    

Tobin Panton entered a guilty plea to a manslaughter charge this week after he fatally shot a sleeping neighbor while firing at a fleeing car thief. (Photo: Q13 FOX News)

Tobin Panton entered a guilty plea to a manslaughter charge this week after he fatally shot a sleeping neighbor while firing at a fleeing car thief. (Photo: Q13 FOX News)


A man who fired his Glock at a car thief leaving his driveway with his vehicle pled guilty this week to the death of a neighbor struck by one of his bullets.

Tobin Panton, 40, of Bonney Lake in the Tacoma area entered a guilty plea on Monday to one count of manslaughter in the first degree for the death of Linda Green, 61. The incident, which occurred last November, happened just after Tobin was getting out of the shower and saw his Jeep leaving his driveway. Retrieving his Glock, Tobin fired at the departing vehicle from his porch until he ran out of ammunition. Pierce County deputies were called a brief time later to a home two blocks away from the man’s residence, where Green was found shot in the head.

Detectives discovered a bullet hole in the window of Green’s home that faced Tobin’s porch and numerous “strike marks” on the front of her residence as well as her next-door neighbor’s home.

“If you use deadly force it has to be reasonable under the circumstances,” said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist, who sought charges against Tobin. “Generally speaking, in Washington you cannot use deadly force to stop a non-violent crime.”

As noted by Komo News, Tobin’s Jeep was later found abandoned a mile away from the scene, and the thief has not been found.

Charged last year, Tobin initially entered a plea of not guilty and was given $200,000 bail due to his lack of prior criminal convictions and strong ties to the community.

He is set for sentencing in Pierce County Superior Court in September. A class A felony, under Washington law Tobin could face life in prison.

Fallen Airman’s Family Shocked By The Actions Of Airline Passengers

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H/T Western Journalism.

The actions of these people is very disgraceful.

“Pretty damn disappointed in people today.”

military family’s pain and sadness was worsened recently by the actions of a group of airline passengers.

The casket of fallen airman Ssgt. Andre Taylor was en route from Phoenix to his home in Lansing, Mich., when the incident took place.

Retired airman Ken Fitzgerald told KPHO-TV that several times throughout the flight, the crew made an announcement about what would happen upon arrival.

We have a fallen soldier onboard, fallen airman, and we ask you to remain seated as we pull into the gate until he can be escorted off the aircraft first,” Fitzgerald said, repeating the announcement.

Fitzgerald said the request to remain seated was meant to show respect for the serviceman who had lost his life while serving the United States.

When the Delta Airlines flight made its landing in Lansing, the military escort for Taylor stood and began departing the plane. Instead of remaining in their seats, as asked, the majority of the passengers began removing their items from under their seats and the overhead bins and making their way to the exit.

I was just in shock,” Fitzgerald said. “I was looking at them and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?!’”

He shot a video, which he later posted on his Facebook page.

In his post he wrote, “RIP SSgt. Andre Taylor. Pretty damn disappointed in people today.”

“I was saddened by the disrespect people had displayed on the plane that day, but now I’m just so overwhelmed by the love and support my brother and family has received because of that disrespect,” said Tiffany Dobson, Taylor’s sister. “It has really helped my family get through this hard time.”

Taylor, 28, was born in Lansing and had served as an airman in the U.S. Air Force for 10 years. He was stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.

Taylor’s family stood solemnly as six members of the United States Air Force Honor Guard  respectfully removed the casket from the plane and placed it in a waiting hearse.

ICE Director Claims That His “Gang” Is Bigger Than MS-13

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H/T Conservative Tribune.

These thugs need to be hit and taken down hard.

“You wanna know how to get Capone? They pull a knife, you pull a gun.”

Those famous lines by Sean Connery in “The Untouchables” referred to government agents taking down Prohibition gangsters, but real-life agents are applying the same attitude against one of the most dangerous gangs operating today.

The acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement just put the fear of God into the deadly group known as MS-13, and reminded everyone that ICE’s “gang” is bigger… and it’s coming after criminals.

We’re taking this seriously. My gang is bigger than theirs and we are going to take them out,” top cop Thomas Homan stated to The Daily Caller.

“That’s the goal. The president supports that,” he continued. “We’re going to follow through on the president’s promise and we are going to take out MS-13 as much as we can.”

That multinational street gang, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, originated in Los Angeles and consists primarily of Hispanics with Central American connections.

MS-13 recruits heavily from the illegal immigrant population in the United States, and has carved out a name for itself as a ruthless and violent organization.

Acting Director Homan explained that “they seem to be the most violent right now and they think they can act with impunity.”

J. Thomas Manger, and Maryland police chief and president of the Major Cities Chiefs Association, agreed with that assessment. He recently testified to the U.S. Senate that many of the gang’s victims suffer from “multiple blunt force trauma and stab wounds” and are “left in shallow graves in isolated wooded areas,” according to the Caller.

Despite that brutal reputation — or likely because of it — taking down MS-13 has become a key priority for the Trump administration. The president reportedly pledged during a cabinet meeting last month that the gang “will be gone pretty soon.”

Acting on Trump’s words, ICE Homeland Security Investigations have been conducting gang raids at a fast pace. Since the beginning of the year, 3,111 gang members have reportedly been arrested. Around ten percent of those are MS-13 gang members.

In addition to arrests, over 2,700 gang members have been deported from the United States so far this fiscal year.

Taking out any hardened gang is no easy task, and putting a dent in MS-13 will certainly be tough.

With that said, it’s incredibly refreshing to have a president who takes law enforcement seriously, and allows agencies like ICE to do their jobs when it comes to protecting American citizens.



H/T Godfather Politics. 

I cannot get the video to embed

James 5:16 New Living Translation (NLT)

16 Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.

A powerful video is sweeping through Georgia right now after it surfaced earlier today. The video shows an Atlanta police officer who took her job to a whole new level and was caught praying over a child in the street.

WSBTV reports:

This is video of officer Danielle Ognelodh praying over a child outside of Zone 1 in Bankhead.

Ognelodh said she was on duty when the boy came up to her and asked for prayer.

Someone then took out a cellphone and started recording.

Channel 2’s Audrey Washington spoke with Ognelodh about the moment the young boy approached her.

“We went outside and one of the kids asked for prayer. I sat there with the kids and we all prayed. They told me some things in their life that they were going through and that’s how the video happened,” Ognelodh said.

Ognelodh spoke about how she hopes her pretense in the neighborhood will build a stronger bond between police officers and the children, community.  It is such a touching thing to see.

Perhaps this will help be bridge between communities and their police officers, as they begin to realize that officers are just normal people who put on a uniform and work hard to keep people safe.

Oregon Passes Bill that will Force Taxpayers to Fund EVERY Abortion in the State



This is a sad day for Christian taxpayers in Oregon.

The most extreme abortion funding law in the nation to force taxpayers to pay against their will for other people’s late-term and sex-selective abortions.”

— Oregon state Senate Republican Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli

So much for freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and the right to life. Oregon already had abortion on demand, now they’ve turned a terrifying new corner and soon they’ll be the Dr. Josef Mengele of American states.

This week the Oregon legislature passed a bill, without the support of a single Republican legislator, that will FORCE every citizen of their state to play a role in the murder of thousands of children. To make matters worse, the state’s Democrats are cheering their embrace of fascism and genocide.

The Democrat bill will now require that every single health insurance plan sold in their state fully cover abortion on demand. Abortion on demand means at any point in the pregnancy, for any reason the parent chooses including sex-selective abortion, or abortion at 39 weeks. It’s a truly horrifying bill and I cannot denounce it any more strongly than the words I used above. Oregon has truly become the new home to the Nazi eugenicists utopia.

To help cover the costs the state will set aside $10 Million in taxpayer dollars to fund the abortions, and this includes a large pool of cash from which illegal immigrants can fund their abortions as well. If Oregon has $10 Million to set aside for abortions, wouldn’t that money be better spent paying for medical care for the poor? This statute is truly insane and it unmasks the hypocrisy and evil that is at the core of the Leftist eugenics fantasies. Each year, leftists waste MILLIONS (perhaps Billions) in their efforts to murder as many unplanned babies as they can, when if they would just use that money to fund low-income healthcare… we wouldn’t need socialized medicine! But who cares about logic, leftists just want the right to murder babies.

From ABC News:

In some states such as New York, abortions are cost-free if they’re deemed medically necessary. The Oregon bill is unique, however, in that patients would have access to the procedure for virtually any reason, at any time, including sex-selective and late-term abortions.

The bill would also allocate almost $500,000 over the next two years to expand cost-free reproductive health coverage, including abortions, to immigrants who are otherwise ineligible under the Oregon Health Plan — the state’s Medicaid program that currently spends nearly $2 million a year to pay for roughly 3,500 abortions statewide.

State Rep. Bill Post (R) argues that the law is unnecessary and burdensome because Oregon already pays for most abortions performed in the state. “This is already being done in Oregon…The total number of [abortion] procedures is now as of 2014 47,000…. Total cost [is] just over $22 million dollars.”

Post has been an outspoken opponent of the bill and he had hoped they would triumph, but they failed. Earlier this week he gave a tearful speech apologizing for the GOP’s failure, and begging the state’s conservatives to become more active.

Oregon Right to Life Director Gayle Atteberry was heartbroken at the legislatures decision, “This bill is wrong on so many levels. Fundamentally, HB 3391 is morally reprehensible because it will take the lives of even more innocent Oregonians.  Sadly, even the barbaric practice of late-term abortion will increase as abortion is legal in Oregon through all 9 months.  This is not to mention that many Oregonians are opposed to the use of their tax dollars to fund abortion.”

All that is left is for the state’s liberal Governor, Kate Brown (D-OR), to sign the bill into law and every Oregonian will then have their hands stained in the blood of their children.

If you’re hoping that Brown will vote against the bill, don’t hold your breath because she’s already been seen cheering it on.

Yes! Yes! Yes! “Oregon Legislature Approves Reproductive Services Bill Covering Abortions, Contraceptives” 

Photo published for Oregon Legislature Approves Reproductive Services Bill

Oregon Legislature Approves Reproductive Services Bill

Insurance companies in Oregon would be required to cover abortions and a variety of other reproductive services at no cost to the patient under a bill approved by the state Legislature.

Lila Rose, the President and Founder of Live Action Network, found the bill and Brown’s display of glee disgusting.

Guy Benson of ripped the bill, and the abortion supporters who defend, it to shreds. Benson also points out that the media has been silent as this radical bill has been pushed through the Oregon legislature, which is odd, considering how vocal the media gets when conservative bills move through their state Houses.

It’s difficult to imagine anything more extreme, aside from compulsory abortions.  It’s horrifying.  Every single Oregon Senate Democrat voted in favor of this monstrosity, with every Republican opposed.  The House vote was also almost exclusively along party lines.  Governor Brown giddily vowed to sign the legislation, calling opposition to tax-funded late-term abortion “an attack on all Oregonians.”  Orwellian.

Oregon has passed a truly radical new abortion law. It’s a monstrosity and an affront to human rights. 

Photo published for Appalling Abortion Radicalism in Oregon

Appalling Abortion Radicalism in Oregon

Crickets From the Media.

We live in troubled times, and while so much good is happening around us, Oregon exists to remind us that there is real evil in this world. Real evil that is not just “out there” with groups like ISIS, and Al Qaeda, but it’s here at home too with agencies like Planned Parenthood and the Democrat Party of Oregon.

I don’t use the word evil lightly, folks. I don’t think it should be used for political disagreements like tax increases, and healthcare bills… but when we see a group of people so hell bent on murdering innocent children, we have to call it like it is. Abortion is evil, and the legislators who voted for this abomination are evil as well.

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