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Liberals say they oppose the death penalty .

But they remain silent when it comes to murdering babies.

Liberals say whales trees owls need saving as they are defenseless.

Yet the look at helpless babies as some thing that needs to be destroyed.



I was reading an ongoing discourse between several commenters to an article posted on Last Resistance.  The article in question dealt with a school bus driver who bullied a 12 year old boy because he was a Romney supporter.  When the boy told the bus driver that Obama supported abortion, the bus driver told him that his mother should have aborted him.

One of the commenters was a pro-abortion flaming liberal who aroused the ire of a pro-life commenter.  What the pro-lifer wrote in one of his/her replies caught my attention and I thought I might elaborate on it a bit.  Here is the response (with some editorial corrections) along with my comments:

“Liberals are hiders.  They hide behind things.  In the west we call them Back Shooters and are regarded as low as a snake..  Examples: Liberals will openly oppose Capital Punishment because the Condemned MIGHT be Innocent..  Liberals will oppose Capital punishment because it is CRUEL and UNUSUAL…  BUT…  When Liberals want to KILL 3000+ Babies a day who did nothing to no one, didn’t break any laws, don’t have a right to an attorney, aren’t charged with anything, aren’t found guilty in a trial, were not convicted by anyone except a woman that didn’t keep her legs closed and those who support her right to pronounce judgment upon him or her..  And instead of calling it MURDER they both hide behind the feels good warm and fuzzy name of Abortion..”

I have found this to be so true.  I’ve tried to show them the hypocrisy of their views, but they never fail to see it themselves.  One tried to argue that a criminal is a living human being and a foetus is just a hunk of tissue.  I immediately seized on that and asked when does the hunk of tissue become a living human being?  They told me when they are born.  So I asked them if a child delivered earlier in development than another child, for instance a premature birth, is that child not a living human, and if so, then why isn’t a child who is more developed but still in the womb?  The liberal was so consumed by their pro-abortion rhetorical views that they could not comprehend the point I was making.  They did everything they could to hide behind the notion that until a child is a born, it’s not human, just a hunk of tissue.

“Now for the method of execution. While still alive the baby will be torn apart in pieces until they can no longer move away from the probing tool killing them and die..  OR in late stage ‘Abortion’, they will be dragged down the birth canal feet first until just the head is still in the birth canal, then a sharp instrument will be shoved into the base of the skull and the brains scrambled and or sucked out..  So tell me you idiot, who is backwards?  People who are Pro-Life or you idiots who foam at the mouth demanding the RIGHT to kill 3000+ kids each and every day of the year just to make someone comfortable in THEIR life?”

Ultrasounds have proven that a baby still in the womb experiences pain and joy.  They have been seen to smile and they have been seen to pull away and react to pain or something unpleasant.  I’d like to a see a hunk of tissue smile or react to pain.  Now imagine how you would feel to be ripped apart limb by limb without anything to kill the pain.

I once got into a discussion with a Jewish man who supported abortion and explained to him what the unborn babies go through in the abortion process.  I then asked him what the difference was between these abortion procedures and what the German Nazi’s did to Jews in the concentration camps during World War II.  The man’s eyes welled up and told me that his grandparents and about twenty other relatives had been killed in the concentration camps.  Through the tears, he told me that he had never thought about abortion that way before, but now that I had put it that way to him, he understood what I was saying and admitted that he could never support abortion again.

“You hug trees, save Whales and Puppies, demand the cruelty to animals stop but get your rocks off killing kids, even regard it as another birth control method..”

On more than one occasion I’ve seen pro-abortion bumper stickers on cars alongside stickers to save the whales, seals, and Mother Earth.  I’ve spoken to a number of liberals who support abortion but are against logging, hunting, fishing, even raising animals for food.

I once got into it with a tree-hugging vegan who was against any use of animal products, but who also supported abortion.  They told me that every living thing has the right to life.  I asked them about the carrot they were eating at the time.  Wasn’t the carrot a living thing until someone ripped it from the ground?  They tried to tell me it was different but I kept pressuring them to explain how it was different since they already said that plants were living things and that all living things had the right to life.  Unable to grasp the flawed logic of their own argument, they just kept saying that it was different for plants we use for food, but that same logic did not apply to animals used for food.  Rather than face the truth of what they say and do, they hide behind terms and ideologies that fail their own logical standards.

“Wanting under-age girls [to have] the right to do it [abortion] without Parental notification..”

Abortion advocates like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood and the United Nations are all pushing to give girls as young as 10-12 years of age access to contraceptives and abortions without parental knowledge or permission.  Parents have to give permission to these kids to take an aspirin to school, but the school, with the help of Planned Parenthood, will provide condoms and abortions without mom and dad knowing.  They are undermining parental authority and the family structure under the name of preventing unwanted pregnancies and children.  In other words, a 13 year old girl can go and have her unborn baby murdered without any consequence, but if she is caught kicking a dog, she and her parents can get into legal trouble.

“You hypocrites…   Proportionately Black Babies are Murdered more than any other race.  Girls are Murdered more than Boys..  Publicly funded Planned Parenthood has been caught on tape helping this to happen..  What is this, your method of gender and race selection?  Who is backwards, those who oppose killing REAL Innocent people or those who Demand the RIGHT to kill Babies..”

Before we know it, our socialist government will use these methods to create a tailored race and gendered society, kind of like Hitler’s master race.

“Any other group who would come here and kill 3000+ of our children PER DAY would find themselves at WAR, we would be so outraged that we would attack them relentlessly.. Yeah it’s a woman’s body, Life is tuff.. Deal with it..  If you don’t want kids get your tubes tied, or don’t fornicate, you are an adult, you know the possible outcome, keep your flippin’ legs closed…  The only way to justify murdering a baby in the womb is if that baby is jeopardizing the mother’s life.   That is self-defense in its simplest form…  In some situations it may be justified in rape and/or incest…  Remember, the resulting baby is guilty of NOTHING, no more than a 1 year old is guilty because his father killed someone while robbing them…  The baby didn’t ask to be part of the situation any more than the mother in a rape or incest situation..  SO WHO ARE  ‘these types of creatures’ that would support killing KIDS ??? That IS what you are doing for whatever fuzzy reasons you hide behind..”

A mother walks into a grade school and starts shooting young kids and the nation is horrified of such an attack on innocent children.  A clinician walks into his abortion clinic and kills several innocent children each and every day, and the liberals say it’s okay because the mother has the right to choose and the clinician is just doing his job.  Please tell me the difference between the two, other than the age of the victims?

Yes, liberals hide behind words, terminology and ideologies that are hypocritical and defy logic.  They trod down the path of conflicting values like a horse wearing blinders, only seeing in one direction.  Once in a while we can get through to a couple of them, but for the most part, they seem completely incapable of understanding their own contradictory values.  And thus we have a population of liberals, mostly Democrats who go about their merry way, completely oblivious to common sense values and morals.  No wonder America is in the condition we are now!

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