Does this teachers’ union want boys in girls’ restrooms?

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This is by Jason Hart@ 

This law will lead to untold numbers sexual assaults in restrooms.

 American Federation of Teachers is supporting  perversion and do not care about children.  


The American Federation of Teachers has endorsed a transgender advocacy campaign asserting men should be permitted in women’s restrooms, and vice versa.

AFT logo

ENDORSED: AFT supports an “LGBT Healthcare Bill of Rights,” but do the union’s members?

The public policy position taken by AFT, America’s second-largest teachers union, could have major implications for school children across the country.

“You deserve to be able to use the gender-based facilities of your choice,” states the Healthcare Bill of Rights, a project of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender group LGBT HealthLink. A copy of the Healthcare Bill of Rights bearing AFT’s logo is posted on the LGBT HealthLink website.

According to AFT and LGBT HealthLink, it may be illegal for hospitals and other health-care providers to refuse a man access to a women’s restroom if he identifies himself as female.

“If a provider refuses to let you use the gender-based facilities of your choice based on your gender identity, it could amount to discrimination on the basis of sex, and thus be illegal under the Affordable Care Act,” LGBT HealthLink explains.

The singularly named Scout, director of LGBT HealthLink, cited this explanation when contacted for confirmation that “gender-based facilities” include men’s and women’s restrooms. The nonprofit encourages individuals who feel they have been discriminated against to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“Also keep in mind that you may have additional protections under state or local law; for example, in Washington DC, the Human Rights Commission helps ensure that transgender individuals have appropriate access to restrooms,” LGBT HealthLink’s website adds.

In a Jan. 6 release announcing its endorsement of the Healthcare Bill of Rights, AFT wrote, “under the Affordable Care Act, discrimination on the basis of sex is prohibited. If a medical provider refuses to recognize a person’s gender identity, the patient can file a discrimination complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services.”

Watchdog contacted multiple state AFT chapters and the union’s Washington, D.C. headquarters to ask whether this principle should apply to restrooms in public schools and elsewhere. AFT leaders in Texas and Georgia indicated they were unfamiliar with the Healthcare Bill of Rights, and AFT headquarters failed to respond to a request for comment.

Although endorsing the Healthcare Bill of Rights is consistent with AFT’s “progressive” politics, it’s unknown how the union chose to do so and how national AFT leadership informed state and local affiliates of the decision.

“A transgender person should use the restroom that corresponds to his or her gender identity,” LGBT legal nonprofit Lambda Legal asserts. The group points to laws in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere as “model restroom access policies.”

Lambda Legal also opines, “courts have increasingly found that discrimination against transgender people is sex discrimination, so it’s not acceptable to institute different kinds of bathroom rules for transgender and non-transgender people.”

Ryan Anderson, William E. Simon Fellow in Religion and a Free Society at the conservative Heritage Foundation, disagrees.

“The government shouldn’t force decisions on which bathroom people use based on ‘gender identity,’” Anderson said in an email to “Citizens should be free to make their own bathroom policies based on biological sex.”

“Bathroom policies based on biology should not be deemed ‘discrimination’ by the government,” Anderson added.

A CBS News poll conducted last spring found 59 percent of Americans were opposed to letting boys use girls’ restrooms and letting girls use boys’ restrooms at school.


The Three Amigos of GOP Defeat in 2016


This is from The Daily Caller.

I hear the fourth Amigo is thinking about getting into the 2016 race Lindsey (Graham) Grahamnesty RINO S. C.

Conservatism wins every time it is on the ballot.

I can promise you neither of these four men mentioned will get the Conservatives out to vote.

I know I will not be at the polls in 2016.


After six difficult years under Barack Obama, the country is ready for a change in the White House. The President has delivered a continual dose of no compromise liberalism that has divided the races and polarized the political climate.

This has led the presidential campaign to start earlier than ever. Among Republicans there are a dozen hopefuls who may vie for the nomination. It is a perfect opportunity for the Republican Party to take back the White House and implement conservative policies that will undue the disastrous Obama agenda.

Unfortunately, winning the presidency in 2016 is no easy task. Despite his limited experience and liberal philosophy, Barack Obama was elected President in 2008. He retained the office four years later even though his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, was incredibly unpopular.

A major reason for his success was his unimpressive opposition. The Republican presidential nominees, U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in 2008 and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in 2012, were uninspiring moderates who were unwilling to defend the party’s platform and attack the Democrats on the issues.

These defeats continued the losing streak for the establishment, wing of the Republican Party. History shows that moderate GOP presidential nominees lose in the general election to a Democrat opponent, for it occurred in the races of 1976, 1992, 1996, 2008 and 2012.

With this horrific track record, party honchos should be desperate to find a good conservative to win the presidential nomination in 2016. Instead, GOP party bosses are overtly supporting the upcoming presidential candidacies of the three major moderate candidates: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Romney. This is an embarrassment of riches for party elites who can choose from among three candidates.

Too bad the establishment ignores political history, which shows none of these moderate candidates can win the presidency. If any of them receive the 2016 nomination, they will lose to Hillary Clinton or whoever the Democrats nominate.

The key reason for this result is that a moderate presidential candidate will not excite the conservative base of Republican voters who are the party’s backbone and number in the millions. Conservatives are the chronic voters, who run the organizations and volunteer their time for the nominee.

Conservatives are tired of being overlooked and ignored by the GOP establishment wing. The grassroots cannot match the money of the establishment, but they certainly have more passion and energy and are a needed component for any GOP presidential candidate to win the White House.

It worked for Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984. He won 44 states in the first election and 49 states in his re-election, in other words, massive landslides. According to so-called political experts he was too conservative, a wild eyed cowboy who was too threatening to the American people.

Instead of losing, he trounced his liberal opponents by offering a clear contrast to the Democratic Party. He stood on conservative principles and did not waver. This type of statesmanship appealed to not only Republicans, but also Independents and “Reagan Democrats,” who were tired of the failed liberal policies of their party.

In this election, there is a great opportunity for the Republican Party. Voters are ready to seriously consider an alternative to the disastrous Obama policies. However, if the GOP offers only the “pale pastels” of another moderate loser and not the “bold colors” of a conservative, the party will surely lose again.

If Bush, Christie or Romney wins the nomination, millions of conservatives will stay away from the polls or vote third party. The days of holding one’s nose and voting for the Republican candidate as the “lesser of two evils.” are over.

The Obamacare Abyss: Why Can’t Millions of Americans Afford Coverage?


This is from Godfather Politics.

This monster known as the affordable care act aka Obanmacare is destroying the medical profession.

Obamacare is killing patients by denying them care or medications.


We’ve all heard it said hundreds of times that under the Affordable Care Act every American will have affordable healthcare insurance. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi still try to convince us of this even though they both know it’s nothing but a lie.

Rachel Garfield, Senior Researcher for the Kaiser Family Foundation and Associate Director for the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured explained just how the ACA was supposed to help get everyone insured. It’s based upon three basic tiers of income. The poorest Americans would qualify for Medicaid, especially under the ACA expansion of Medicaid coverage. The middle income group would obtain their coverage through their employer or from the Obamacare marketplace. The rich group can basically afford to purchase whatever coverage they want from whomever they want.

That is the way the system was supposed to work. However, there are two main factors that have broken the system and created an abyss for many Americans.

The first factor is that coverage through the Obamacare marketplace on the average costs more for less coverage than many of the health insurance plans it replaced. In some states the ACA increased the costs of coverage by 30% to 50%, making it unaffordable to many.

People with pre-existing conditions were told that they would be guaranteed coverage but they never promised it would be affordable. For many people with pre-existing conditions, the coverage is too expensive. Take my wife and me for example. We both have pre-existing conditions and the cheapest AFA plan we could find, (a bronze plan with a $4,000 deductible and then it will only cover 60% after reaching the deductible) would cost us $816 a month. There is no way we could pay that much a month, even for a plan with no deductible and 100% coverage. It will cost us less to pay the penalty at the end of the year than it would to pay so much for so little coverage and there are many others like us.

The second factor creating an abyss for the uninsured rests with the Supreme Court’s decision on Medicaid. They ruled that as written in Obamacare, Medicaid could not be forced upon the states. Consequently, twenty-one states opted not to accept the ACA expansion and there are two other states that are still debating the issue.

In those states that did not accept the federal expansion of Medicaid, a number of people have been left in the uninsured abyss. They make too much money to qualify for Medicaid but they don’t make enough money to afford the outrageous premiums of exchange purchased policies.

Garfield commented:

“Because the intention was that there would be this continuum, the way the law was written was so that those at the lowest income levels are not eligible for tax credits to purchase coverage in the marketplace. So, if they’re in a state that doesn’t expand Medicaid, they are left with no financial assistance for coverage under the ACA.”

Basically, the Affordable Care Act has and still is a broken and failed attempt to force Americans into socialized medicine. Instead of having more Americans covered by healthcare insurance today there are less and the gap seems to be widening at every turn. Hopefully the new GOP Congress will be able to do something to fix or replace Obamacare before it bankrupts us and the country.


Chuck Schumer: We Shouldn’t Have Passed Obamacare In 2010 [VIDEO]

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This is from The Daily Caller.

I find myself in an unusual position of agreeing with Little Chuckie Schumer about Obamacare.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer threw Obamacare under the bus Tuesday, charging that Democrats should not have passed the law in 2010.

Schumer, the third-ranking Senate Democrat, spoke Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington about the Democrats’ losses in this year’s elections. He encouraged Democrats to embrace government despite their electoral crash but also admitted that the Democratic House and Senate should not have passed Obamacare.

Democrats should have focused on directly helping the middle class, Schumer argued.

“Unfortunately, Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them” by electing President Obama and a Democratic-controlled Congress in 2008. “We took their mandate and put all our focus on the wrong problem.”

“The plight of uninsured Americans and the hardships created by unfair insurance company practices certainly needed to be addressed,” Schumer said. “But it wasn’t the change we were hired to make” in the 2008 election. ”Americans were crying out for the end to the recession, for better wages and more jobs — not changes in health care.”

“The Affordable Care Act was aimed at the 36 million Americans who were not covered,” Schumer continued. “It’s been reported that only a third of the uninsured are even registered to vote,” making Obamacare unlikely to win the Democrats any votes at all.

“Even if the uninsured kept with the rate, which they likely didn’t, you would still only be talking about five percent of the electorate,” Schumer said. It made “no political sense” and left the middle class thinking the “Democrats are not paying enough attention to me.”

Schumer repeatedly slammed tea party forces and business, while promoting a “strong government.” He claimed that many Americans aren’t actually anti-government, but only want government to be “on their side.”

“Even though health care had very real benefits, it did for a small slice of the country,” Schumer admitted. “There were even some policies that would help constituencies in the middle class, but not a great deal of people. Those policies should be considered, but shouldn’t be the core of the Democratic platform.”

Schumer also said the new Republican Senate majority’s goal of repealing the medical device tax a focus on the “short term needs of a few, narrow special interests.”

Repeal “might create a few jobs in a certain and small industry. But funding [the National Institutes of Health] would create hundreds of thousands of jobs, not only with medical devices, but pharmaceuticals, biotech and a host of other spin-off industries,” Schumer argued, although he noted even he supports its repeal.

30,000 Indiana Residents To Lose Their Insurance Due To Obamacare [VIDEO]

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This is from The Daily Caller.

I hope every one of them is a Obama supporter.

But it will be sadly the average mom and dad that will take the hit.



Notifications have been sent out to 30,000 residents of Indiana informing them their health insurance plans no longer meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, and will be cancelled at the end of this year.

Indiana joins Virginia (the hardest hit with 250,000 cancellations),Kentucky, Colorado, North Carolina, New Mexico, Tennessee and Maine, among the more than dozen states and the District of Columbia that are experiencing another round of health insurance cancellations this year.

Democrat Says Obama Knowingly Lied to People about Obamacare


This is from Godfather Politics.

Please be advised Please do not eat or drink anything while reading this article.

I was drinking tea when I got to the part where Barney Frank said he always tells the truth.

I blew tea all over my monitor.


In 2013, Barack Obama was awarded Lie of the Year by PolitiFact for telling the American people that they could keep their existing healthcare policies and doctors.

When Obamacare kicked in last October, nearly 10 million people receive cancellation notices from their healthcare providers. They were informed that their existing policies failed to meet the minimum requirements established by the Affordable Care Act.

Obama reacted to the news of the massive cancellations by declaring that existing policies should not be cancelled and that the insurance companies had to work to keep the policies in existence for another year. His actions presented three huge problems.

First, it was illegal as only Congress can make changes to a law that they passed. Secondly, over 4 million people’s policies had already been cancelled and third, insurance companies had already changed their entire systems at great expense and could not easily change back to keep the cancelled policies.

Obama apologized and acted like he was completely unaware that this would all happen. But according to former Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), a staunch Obama supporter, Obama knew in advance that millions of policies were going to be cancelled and that Obama just handled the matter poorly.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Frank said:

The rollout was so bad, and I was appalled – I don’t understand how the president could have sat there and not been checking on that on a weekly basis, but frankly, he should never have said as much as he did, that if you like your current health care plan, you can keep it. That wasn’t true. And you shouldn’t lie to people. And they just lied to people.”

“He should have said, ‘Look, in some cases the health care plans that you’ve got are really inadequate, and in your own interests, we’re going to change them,’ but that’s not what he said.”

“Any smart political adviser would have said, ‘Don’t lie to people, because you’re gonna get caught up in it and it’s gonna have this tsunami that you now have.’ My political motto, very simple. I have always told the truth, and nothing but the truth. But I don’t volunteer the whole truth in every situation.”

I almost choked over Frank’s statement about telling the truth all of time. That’s not exactly his track record in Congress.

I was surprised to see Frank speak out so negatively about his hero Obama. However, I disagree with his statement that Obama should have told the American people that their health plans were inadequate and that it was in their best interest to change them. In the vast majority of cases, the changes imposed by Obamacare meant that people had to take coverage they didn’t need or want, have a higher deductible, less access to their preferred doctors and all at a higher cost. Not exactly what I would describe as being in the best interest of the people.

Frank is just another in the growing list of Democrats that have spoken out against him and Obamacare. Many are doing so in hopes of winning votes from dissatisfied voters. They believe if they speak out against Obama and Obamacare that they just might be able to win in November, but hopefully the uninformed and gullible American people will wake up and see through their ruse.

Dem Congressman Gets Creepy, Sings to Himself to Avoid Obamacare Questions

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This is from The Daily Surge.

It is amazing the things DemocRats do to avoid answering questions about Obamacare.


Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez really didn’t want to answer questions about President Obama repeatedly changing major portions of Obamacare without congressional authorization. In fact, rather than give his take on the myriad delays issued to the health-care law, Gutierrez instead whistled strange melodies to himself and scurried to his vehicle.


“If the Affordable Care Act is so affordable, why does the White House keep delaying it without congressional approval?” Daily Surge publisher Jason Mattera asked the Illinois Congressman.

The usually verbose Gutierrez had nothing substantive to say: “Call the office” and “I don’t have time” were his initial responses. Gutierrez was also asked if individuals, not just the business community, should be granted relief from Obamacare’s onerous mandates.

Then things got weird. And by weird we mean that Congressman Gutierrez started blurting out tunes to himself after Mattera questioned him on how many more Obamacare delays Americans could expect.

In 2010, Gutierrez argued that the law would make coverage “more accessible and affordable.” While those claims have turned out to be false, the Congressman wasn’t concerned that the President has usurped, well, Congress by unilaterally rewriting a law passed by Gutierrez and his colleagues.

All told, the terribly misnamed “Affordable Care Act”  has been suspended more than 15 times in the past year alone, according to the New York Times, actions that have been called unconstitutional by constitutional lawyers who are generally supportive of the President. Unlike businesses — now enjoying their second delay to the employer mandate — the vast majority of individuals who do not comply with the law’s edicts by March 31 face penalties.

How’s that for fair?

Oh, and be sure to watch Gutierrez try to play “Bumper Cars” with Mattera in the beginning of the video, and even touch his face like a creeper.  And there was also the part where Gutierrez’s perplexed staffer tries (unsuccessfully) to block the camera.

Alabama Mom’s Obamacare Horror Story and Open Letter

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This is from Eagle Rising.

A mom from Alabama has been railroaded by the Obama administrations implementation of Obamacare, and now she’s taken pen to paper to tell everyone her story. Here’s her open letter to anyone who will listen.

December 22, 2013
The Affordable Care Act is leaving my children uninsured as of January – so how can this law have the word Care in it?
An Open Letter to the Obama Administration and American Citizens:
          My family’s journey with securing our new insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) started on October 1, 2013.   I have decided to write this letter to let the American people know what it has been like for us.   We are a family of four, with two little boys’ ages seven years old and three years old.   My husband and I have had full time jobs for 6 years and 13 years respectively.  We have been with the same two companies for those years.  We are a middle class family; we own our three bedroom two bath house, we own two cars, and previously provided our own insurance for the four of us.  We have coverage through Individual Blue from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama until 12/31/13. Our premiums have been $380.00 a month, which also included dental coverage for all four of us. 
On October, 1, 2013 we received our letters like other Alabamians about our new premiums and plans for 2014 from Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Alabama.  When I opened our letter to say I had sticker shock was an understatement.   Our premiums for the Blue Saver Silver would now be $753.26. This included the ACA tax but did not include the additional $75.00 we would need to pay in order to keep dental for me and my husband.  So we would need to pay total $828.26 to keep health and dental insurance for the four of us. This payment is roughly $64.00 less than what we pay for our mortgage each month.  I was outraged that anyone thought we could afford this.  Sure we have some savings, but with that price tag we would whittle it down to almost nothing very quickly.  I consider savings as a rainy day fund, a start to saving for the kid’s college, our retirement, etc.  I never dreamed in a million years we would need to use it to pay our insurance premiums each month – how in the world could this help the economy too? 
Throughout the month of October we read everything we could on what our plan would cover, and tried to get the information we needed about the ACA.  I was also blown away when I realized that my son’s medical care, he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), would cost us so much more out of pocket than it was currently costing us.  My son has to go to his doctor every other month for his care.  If we need to see a therapist we do that monthly, so you see on top of the premiums there are other out of pocket cost we have to factor in.  He is also on medication that he takes daily.  His medicine is a life saver for him and helps him function like a normal seven year old, without it he can’t focus, his grades slip and his mind literally goes back to the mind of a three or four year old.  When he was first put on his medicine his reading went up 20 points and he went from writing one to two sentences to paragraphs, all in the course of a week.  He is a straight A student and very bright, but without the proper medical care that could slip away from him.   Under our new plan for 2014 we would need to pay a $55.00 co-pay, and then it would be covered at 80 percent once we reached his deductible, which would be $2,000 individual $4,000 family.  Out of pocket max numbers are $6,350 individual and $12,700 family.  All of this is enough to make anyone’s head spin.  We were then forced to look at other options as none of this was affordable for our family.
             I started to dig deeper into  I was hearing all the horror stories through the news about the subpar website.  I was reading right off their Facebook page about other people’s terrible experiences trying to get coverage.   Then the government announces that they are going to be working on the site and making it a better experience as well as making it more secure.  They had already had three years to make this happen but they said would need the month of November to get it running right.  So I waited patiently for them to get the site running so I could see if we would qualify for the subsidy and continue our health insurance through that route.

 December 6, 2013 I went to and started our application.  The process took me over two hours to complete.   Once it was completed it came back with our results.  The results were that my husband and I qualified.  That my three year old qualified for All Kids and that my seven year old did not qualify for anything through the exchange (ACA).  I was so confused, how could a seven year old not qualify for a subsidy?  I was also confused on why they wanted me to enroll one of my children in All Kids?  So, I called the number they provided to speak to a representative.  I was on hold for 20 minutes when a woman answered and offered to help me with the results.  She told me that it is coming back that my seven year old son did not qualify and the only thing I could do was to file an appeal.  I asked her a few more questions about how this could have happened, and I was told “she does not know and that all I can do is file an appeal”.  She was reading her responses to me right off of a chart that I am sure they are given.  So, I ended my conversation with her and proceeded to try to wrap my head around what was happening.  
Obamacare-this-is-going-to-hurtI decided to call back, this time I waited 15 minutes and spoke to a very nice gentleman who seemed to have an understanding for how the system was working.   He looked up the results and said “this can’t be right, let’s start over and do an application over the phone”.  So again I went through the application process.  The results came back the exact same, we all qualified for something except my seven year old son.  The gentleman could not understand how this could be happening and assured me it had to be a “glitch” in the system.   He placed me on hold so he could speak with his supervisor on how to fix this error.  I waited several minutes and when he came back he said “there was nothing more they could do tonight”.  He said “we are sending your application to two different departments and that one of the departments would get back to me through a phone call with a fix to this problem”.  He also told me “it could take 2-5 days but that I would receive a phone call when they had closed my case”. 
So I waited until Tuesday December 10, 2013, which was day four and called them back.  I was then told it would be 2-5 business days and if I had not heard from them at that time to call back.  So that is what I did, I waited till 9:00 pm on that Friday December 13, 2013 with no phone call.  I called Sunday December 15th, 2013 and spoke with my 3rdsupervisor who told me “they were very sorry that I had not received a phone call and they were messaging the two departments to give me a call the following day”. He also said to go ahead and file with All Kids in my state because even though they send that information to them, they have no idea when they will receive it. So Monday I went and applied for All Kids for my children, it was a similar application to the site. I called them to verify that they received my application and was told they cannot access it till sometime in January. They said once they could access it that they would be in touch and if the kids qualified the coverage would retro act to January 1, 2014. So that was a little bit of good news. 
              So here we are December 22, 2013, the day before the December 23rd deadline to sign up through the Health Insurance Marketplace’s Exchange.   I decide I will call one last time to see what they can tell me about coverage, since I never received a phone call after my last conversation with a supervisor.  I waited on hold for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I asked to speak with a supervisor and I was transferred.  The supervisor pulled my file and was talking to me when she must have accidentally pressed a button and we got disconnected.  I thought for sure she would call me back.  That is one of the first things they ask for is your phone number.  I did not receive a call back, so I call back and have to be placed on hold again to speak to someone.  I waited another hour and a half before I get connected with a supervisor.   She pulls up my file and tells me “there is nothing they can do and I have to wait the 90 days they have to contact me through the appeals process”.  The supervisor tells me “that this whole time I have been told wrong by numerous people and that I should have been called back but that the two departments could do nothing for me”.   I just have to wait the 90 days.  I asked her, “so yet again an error, due to no fault of my own, has occurred all these times I have been calling and speaking with people and no one can really do anything”?  She said “yes that is correct, I am sorry you have been told something different but that is all I can tell you”. 
            I have never been treated so poorly by any insurance company in my whole life.  I have never experienced such terrible customer service in all my years on this earth.  I can’t imagine how long a company would last in this country if they followed the same protocol as the ACA/Health Insurance Marketplace does.   Most companies can fix a glitch in their systems pretty easily, or can connect you to someone who can.  Not the ACA/ Health Insurance Marketplace, you spend all that time on hold to just be told, so sorry but you have to wait for someone to get back to you in a 90 day time span.
             What is the most sickening thing to me is that we have been forced into the Health Insurance Marketplace’s Exchange.  We wanted to continue our coverage through BSBC and pay as we always had been.  But, we found out that option would not be affordable under the new Act, which is how we were forced into the Exchange.  Furthermore, not only were we forced into the Exchange, but then forced again to submit an application to ALL Kids for our children.   I just don’t understand how we go from being hard working middle class family who provides everything for our family to where we are today.  I feel like everything that my husband and I have worked hard for is for nothing.  I pray each night that we will get something resolved with our “glitch” in the system so our children will have health insurance coverage in January and by the time I have to purchase my son’s $400 a month ADHD medicine. 
I really don’t know how our government can allow this to be taking place.  What if something happens and one of my boys breaks an arm, or God forbid something worse? They don’t have insurance, so I guess we will then be paying the hospital monthly if that happens.  We are almost completely debit free currently and now all I see is very large medical bills in our future until the government can fix the issues with the ACA/Exchange.  I would really like them to rename the Affordable Care Act, because from where I am sitting it is anything but affordable or caring for my family.


5 Things Obamacare Teaches You About Liberals

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This is from Town Hall.

Enough said.


1) It’s inherently dishonest: In many ways, Obamacare is a typical liberal program. Unfortunately for Barack Obama, there are two key differences. The first is that the Affordable Care Act was implemented on a short enough timetable for people to remember the promises that were made about it. Furthermore, because it is such an enormous program, it impacts a lot more lives. Otherwise, it’s a standard liberal program that makes promises it never intends to keep and does more damage than good. Liberal programs usually have huge, yet very predictable downsides that are systematically hidden, ignored and downplayed because liberal ideas can’t survive an educated, honest debate about whether they work or not.

2) Results are irrelevant: Barack Obama promised that if you like your insurance, you can keep it. He said the same thing about your doctor. He claimed Obamacare would REDUCE the cost of health care, save the average person money and provide universal coverage. Not only are all of those promises untrue, it’s hard to miss the fact that no one on the Left SEEMS TO CARE. That’s because whether Obamacare actually works or not is secondary to left-wing goals like centralizing government power, gaining more control over the American people and making liberals feel good about themselves. This is the rule, not the exception when it comes to liberals. Put another way, whether a liberal supports a program doesn’t have anything to do with whether it works or not.

3) It penalizes success: Contrary to what you’d believe if you listen to the Left,85% of Americans were perfectly happy with their insurance before the Affordable Care Act came along. Yet because of Obamacare, tens of millions of those people are going to lose their health insurance and most of them will pay more. In other words, our health care system was working just fine for the vast majority of Americans until Barack Obama took a wrecking ball to it. So, in order to help a relatively small number of people, liberals are perfectly willing to penalize Americans — who worked hard, played by the rules and took care of themselves — with much higher costs and lost plans. This is standard operating procedure for liberals who act as if doing well enough to live your life free of welfare, food stamps and government nannies is “cheating.”

4) It doesn’t work: A hammer is a good tool to use for pounding nails. It’s not such a great tool to use in place of a screwdriver, saw or wrench. Government can be a good tool as well when it’s used for the limited purposes for which it’s designed — such as putting up street signs, building roads and forming a military to protect us from other nations. The problem with liberals is that they want to use their government hammer for every task imaginable instead of letting the free market provide the right tool for the job. You think a billing dispute with an insurance company is unpleasant? Wait until you’re hashing it out with the IRS. You don’t like to deal with your insurance company? Wait until you have a problem with your insurance and can’t get it corrected until you get approval from a government agent. Our government is slow, stupid, arrogant and generally unfriendly to consumers. The more government you have in your life, the more unpleasant your life is likely to be.

5) There are no trade-offs: Liberals seem to be incapable of mentally comprehending trade-offs. So instead, they present Utopian visions of how life would look in a perfect world and offer that up as a political alternative to the messy, oftentimes unpleasant reality we live in. It would be fantastic if Santa Claus, Star Trek replicators, and genies were real, but when you seek heaven on earth, you’re more likely to start wandering towards hell.


Obama: We’re not repealing Obamacare ‘as long as I’m president’


This is from The Washington Examiner.

Well Mr. President if a Conservative Congress gets elected

in 2014 you will not be able to stop a repeal.

I am personally going to see to it Indiana sends Conservatives

to Congress.

President Obama, in his latest attempt to retool his messaging onObamacare, vowed to spend the rest of his time in office standing by the new health care law, fixing problems that arise and fighting efforts to repeal it.

“Look, I’ve always said I will work with anybody to improve this law and implement it effectively … but we’re not repealing it as long as I’m president,” Obama said Tuesday at the White House.

“We will make it work for all Americans,” Obama added, as the room erupted in applause.

The event was the first in a series of daily promotional events being organized by the White House through Dec. 23, the deadline to register for insurance coverage that will kick in on Jan. 1.

President Obama said the focus on the Affordable Care Act over the last two months has understandably focused on the problem-riddled rollout of the website and hurdles Americans have faced in signing up for the federal insurance exchanges.

But Obama said the administration is working through those problems and the website is far more functional today than it was on Oct. 1.

“Today the website is working well for the vast majority of users,” he said. “This law is working and will work in the future.”

Monica Weeks, a 26-year-old who suffers from Crone’s disease, introduced Obama and thanked him for fighting for passage of the health care law. She said she began having symptoms of the chronic stomach disorder in 2007 and thanks to Obamacare was able to stay on her parent’s health insurance plan to receive infusions and treatments that would have cost thousands of dollars without insurance.

During his remarks, Obama referenced a patient named Justine receiving cancer treatment at Cleveland‘s University Hospitals because of Obamacare.

“For all the day-to-day fights around the Affordable Care Act, it’s stories like hers that should remind us why we took on this reform in the first place,” he said.

The president’s latest promotion push comes a day after the problem-plagued website handled what the administration officials said was more than 1 million visitors, although the officials did not say how many of those users successfully enrolled.

Obama said just like with most new start-ups, the website is not glitch-free now and will encounter more problems, which he pledged to fix as quickly as possible. Some of those problems include back-end bugs that are still plaguing the website and garbling the application information or losing it for tens of thousands of people who have already signed up for coverage.

“Whatever comes up, we’re going to fix it because we know the ultimate aim is that people have basic security and the foundation for the good health that they need,” he said.

The president also announced that more than 1.46 million people have been added to Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program because of expanded services under the new health care law.

The Affordable Care Act offers states additional federal funding to provide Medicaid and CHIP coverage to additional low-income Americans. So far, 24 states and the District of Columbia have accepted the expansion funding while three others are still deciding and 23 have declined.

“We may never satisfy the law’s opponents,” he added. “Some of them are rooting for this law to fail and some are already convinced it has failed. I would advise them to check with the people here today and people all over this country whose lives are affected by this law.”

Hours earlier, critics led by conservative Republicans on Capitol Hill, said the law’s problems extend far beyond the website and the only solution is to repeal the entire law.

“It’s not just a broken website; this bill is fundamentally flawed,” House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday.

“When you look at Obamacare, what you see is a government-centered health care delivery system” and Americans don’t like what they see, he said.

“They want to be able to pick their own type of health insurance, they want to be able to pick their own doctor and they want to be able to pick their own hospital,” he added.

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