Islam And Cannibalism


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One more reason to wipe the vermin known as Muslims and Islam needs to be wiped from the face of the earth.

The video with Muhammad Hussein Ya’qub has been made private.


In the future, the Egyptian Islamists will not only be conducting systematic violence, but cannibalism against Christians and moderates.

In a recent video interview, one Egyptian scholar exposed the high school curriculum coming from Al-Azhar university, the most reputable of all Islamic schools, showing that it condoned cannibalizing non-Muslims:

We allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans… under necessary conditions. It [dead human flesh] must not be cooked or grilled to avoid Haram (wrongdoing) …and he can kill a murtadd (apostate) and eat him

The interviewer commented:

The book that is being taught to general high-school students mentions that those who don’t pray can be grilled & then eaten


Al-Azhar finds their support for cannibalism in Islamic authority. According to Al-Shafie, who is considered to be the founder of Islamic jurisprudence:

One may eat the flesh of a human body. It is not allowed to kill a Muslim nor a free non-Muslim under Muslim rule (because he is useful for the society), nor a prisoner because he belongs to other Muslims. But you may kill an enemy fighter or an adulterer and eat his body (716 in volume 1, Al-Kortoby)

And where did Obama give his 2009 speech in Egypt, which empowered the Muslim Brotherhood? Al-Azhar.

As we write in our book, For God or For Tyranny, Muhammad and his minions conducted themselves in the voodoo-like act of blood drinking in which

Malik ibn Sinan drank his [Muhammad’s] blood on the Day of Uhud and licked it up. The Prophet allowed him to do that and then said, “The [Hell] fire will not touch you.” …and “Abdullah ibn az Zubayr drank his cupped blood. The Prophet said, “Woe to you from the people and woe to the people from you.” But he did not object to what he had done.

Abu Saad Khodri who stated in a strong Hadith in Sharh Hayat al-Sahaba, regarding partaking in the blood of Mohammed:

When, at the battle of Uhud, the helmet-rings had been taken out of the Prophet’s cheek, blood flowed from the radiant face of that Lord of the pure, and my father Malik Ibn Sinan sucked the wounds with his mouth, swallowing the blood. When they said to my father, “Malik, is blood to be drunk?” my father replied, “Yes, the blood of the Prophet of God I drink like a beverage.” At that time his Excellency, the Prophet, said, “Whoever wishes to see one who has mixed my blood with his own, let him look at Malik Ibn Sinan: any one whose blood touches mine, him the fire of hell shall not desire.”

Bizarre and psychotic narrations like this are too many to quote. They speak of drinking Mohammed’s urine and eating his excrement. Christians would ask, “Would such abominations be chosen over the precious blood of the sinless Lamb of God?” No Bible believer drinks literal blood.

The Egyptian scholar also added that the support for cannibalism from Al-Azhar will give the justification for “the establishment of committees for Promotion of Virtue & Prevention of Vice that’ll carry out this stuff [i.e. cannibalism]

In Egypt there is an Islamic mafia called Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice Authority, which is the exact name of the moral police in Saudi Arabia. They roam the streets assaulting, or even killing, those whom they speculate to be apostates. On November of 2012 a number of these mobsters entered the shop of Ahmed Gharib to use the bathroom, and when the owner told them that they had to ask for permission before using the restroom, they responded with: “we do not ask for permission”.

A few minutes later thirty bearded men entered the shop to “discipline him for insulting a religious figure,” and attempted to cut off Gharib’s hand, but he escaped with deep wounds. Gharib’s brother, angered by what they had done, insulted the mob, and so he was then seized and ordered to have his tongue severed off. But he too fled.

Egypt’s new constitution already establishes that the nation will be having a Saudi style Sharia police which will be implementing not only this sort of violence, but the eating of human flesh. Morsi’s coming ‘moral’ mafia and mere Egyptian individuals will be given the power to partake in such barbarism.

In fact, the constitution also mandates that any Islamic edict coming from the government must first go through Al-Azhar university scholars. This means that the okay for cannibalism will be observed in Egypt.

Last year, I wrote an article on how Egyptian society is becoming more and more savage, and how the Egyptian people are becoming like zombies. I wrote on how a butcher in Egypt killed his wife, flayed her flesh off the bone, and put it for sale as lamb in his market.

Now with Al-Azhar’s blessing, we are going to be seeing more of this type of violence. But why is this happening? While many people see Islam as a morally conservative religion, akin to Christianity and Judaism, they don’t understand that Islam is Satanic, and of no different spirit than any other pagan religion.

Egypt is merely going back to its heathen roots. In Ancient Egypt human sacrifice was followed by ritual cannibalism. On the temple of Edifu, all lands foreign to Egypt are pictured as being under the feet of the pharaoh, as four men, their arms bounded, are about to be ritually sacrificed. As the sacrificial victims are awaiting their deaths, a person hovers over them, reciting the “Book of the Subduing of the Nobility”. This rite was a part of an annual fertility ritual, the depictions of which have netted birds, fish, and mortals, as representing the enemies of the pharaoh–Asiatics, Beduin, Nubians, and others–which were to be eaten for “breakfast, lunch, and supper.” By consuming the flesh of their enemies, the Egyptians believed that they would absorb their desired qualities. (1)

Cannibalism continued on in Egypt even after the Christian Era, and regardless of Islam prevailing over the country, it was still prevalently practiced. In 1148, as Rudwan, a criminal, was fleeing for his freedom from the authorities, he was slain in front of the palace of the Khalifa. His head was cut off, and his body mutilated into little pieces only for them to be eaten by Egyptian soldiers in their infernal belief that they would absorb the courage of the victim. (2)

Cannibalism was practiced throughout the ancient Near East. In the Christian era the heathens of pre-Islamic Lebanon seized Cyril, a deacon of Heliopolis who despised heathenism, killed him, teared open his stomach and ate his liver. (3) These pagans did this because Cyril was Christian, and so will we see this being done by the Muslims toward the Copts.

And if one thinks that the Muslim have evolved into a modern mindset, one must remember what took place in Ramallah in which two Israeli soldiers were beaten and tortured to death, their bodies thrown down a window to the sounds of “Allahu Akbar”, and their flesh then chewed by the crowd.

Arabs waving entrails of butchered Israelis in Ramallah

Muslims in Ramallah held body parts of Israeli while they cried out “I eat the flesh of my occupier!”

The spirit of cannibalism is alive an well in Egypt. Just look at what the Egyptian cleric Muhammad Hussein Ya’qub said in this video:


This savagery will be taking place in Egypt, but his time at a much wider scale.

Walid and Theodore Shoebat are the authors of the book, For God or For Tyranny

(1) See Alberto R.W. Green, The Role of Human Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East, ch. viii, p. 138.

(2) Budge, Osiris, vol. i, ch. v, p. 177.

(3) Theodoret. Eccles. Hist. 3.8


Why Jews, Who Take Their Faith & Land Seriously, Shouldn’t Back Obama

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This is by Doug Giles over at Clash Daily.


Obama has proven over and over he is anti-Semitic.

Obama thinks of the Palestinians as victims of the Jews.

When it is the Jews that are victims of the Palestinians violence.


The following bullet points are from a Jewish friend of mine. I asked him to hammer out several reasons Jews, who take their land and faith seriously, should not vote for Obama.  Here’s just a smattering of the many reasons…

Israel: Much has been said regarding Obama’s supposed support for Israel. Many Obama apologists argue that American financial support for Israel remains high and that the United States military continues to participate in joint exercises with the Israeli Defense Force. Also, the apologists point to American financial support for Israel’s defense. However, all three of these points are political overstatements and coverups of Obama’s continued attempts to undermine Israel. Roughly, the United States has continued to provide approximately $3 billion dollars per year to Israel in military economic aid; however under Obama, sales of military end items are now conditioned on various things, including supposed progress in the peace process with the Palestinians. In contrast, the Obama administrations has sent $4 billion to Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood), Libya (who knows), and Pakistan (nuclear power); all of whom are not friendly to Israel. Specifically in the case of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has said it intends to maintain the 1979 peace treaty, though that would be counter to their recent (2011) co-sponsorship of a demonstration at Al-Azhar University (Obama’s “beacon of learning”) where the primary chant was “kill the Jews.” Similarly, despite the anti-Israelrhetoric spouted by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, Obama exerts pressure on Israel to make peace without resorting to the same techniques on the Palestinians. 

The United States military participation with Israel has been decreased under Obama. For example, joint military exercises had mostly been put on hold since 2009 when Israeli forces intercepted the Turkish ship Mavimara, which was purportedly on a humanitarian mission to Gaza, but its passengers were armed and they attacked the Israeli soldiers who boarded the ship. Additionally, the US recently pulled approximately 2/3 of the forces it originally committed to a missile defense joint exercise. Finally, Israel has been excluded from such events as the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum where Undersecretary of State for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights, Maria Otero (Obama appointee) did not even acknowledge Israel as a victim of terror.

Religion: Obama and the Democrats’ pre-eminent achievement is Obamacare. Much has been reported about the Obama administration’s directive to the Catholic Church to violate its beliefs and provide health care coverage for abortifacients. Similarly, traditional Jewish law does not endorse abortion. However, the abortion debate does not usually involve interpretation of Jewish law. Nevertheless, where there is smoke regarding the subversion of religious beliefs to the secular State there is fire. In California, there have been many attempts to ban circumcision, including ritual circumcision. In 2011, in Gavin Newsom’s San Francisco, the circumcision ban actually made the ballot, at least until a federal judge forced some sense and the First Amendment into the conversation and removed the ballot measure.

Energy policy: Obama’s stark anti-energy independence directly affects Jewish interests, including Israel. The less oil we obtain from our own vast reserves, the more we must import from anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, anti-American countries, which include: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. Contrary to administration statements, Obama’s Department of the Interior has not authorized any new drilling, but instead is riding the coattails of Bush administration drilling authorizations. The earliest Obama might consider oil leases in the Arctic is 2016, after he’s out of office.

Tikkun Olam: Literally translated this phrase means “repair the world.” Mostly, this phrase is used by Reform movement as part of their platform for social justice. Tikkun Olam is used as the catch phrase to encourage charitable giving and to perform volunteer work. Mitt Romney’s recent release of his tax records show he likely the better Tikkun Olam candidate because he regularly gives approximately 30% of annual income to charity and his volunteer work is well-reported. In contrast, Obama has historically donated approximately 5%, though in recent years the Obama family has upped their giving to 14% in 2010 and 21% in 2011.

Also, Obama can hardly be said to be repairing the world when he continually advocates for division between Americans. Whether the subject is race, age, religion, gender, citizenship or any other category, Obama is on the forefront of promoting the differences between people instead of our common goals. People should be required to show identification to purchase a firearm or an alcoholic beverage, but not to vote. However, if you had no identification at the Democratic National Convention, you were not getting in. Americans are now being divided by their household income because the “rich” should pay their fair share, but 47% of taxpayers are not contributing funds to support the services that everyone draws upon. Obama cannot have a rational discussion about Medicare or Social Security, which both need to be revised, but instead portrays potential reformers as granny-killers. The entitlement discussion directly ties to the Ten Commandments because we are instructed to honor our father and mother, but how can we when the current system may support our grandparents, but will not be solvent to help our parents?

Nevertheless, many will point to Obama’s empty rhetorical statements such as equal opportunity, support for Israel, respect for religions, and independent energy. However, in practice, Obama has fostered class warfare, support for anti-Israel regimes, religious suppression, and a less oil, and more bankruptcies (Solyndra, Abound Solar). Look past the teleprompter and all will see the emptiness of Obama and his policies.

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