Sarah Palin Discovers a Big Problem With US Citizens Who Leave to Join Terrorist Groups

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This is from Independent Journal Review. 

I will go Gov. Palin one better if these people have any property and other assets they should be seized.

They should denied the ability to return to the United States or to any of our territories.


Sarah Palin has a pretty specific idea in mind of what she would like to see happen to any Americans that decide to join a terrorist organization like ISIS.

Palin posted the above video and following note to her Facebook page:

As crazy as it sounds, a U.S. citizen who leaves this country to join ISIS, al Qaeda, or any other terrorist organization does not immediately lose his or her citizenship. That needs to change!

Posted by Sarah Palin on Friday, March 27, 2015

In her post, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee suggests that traitors should be stripped of their U.S. citizenship immediately.

Palin’s comments come just one month after federal authorities arrested three New Yorkers on charges of conspiring to join the Islamic State in Syria:

“The message is clear: No place is safe from jihad,” she says. “The threat of radical Islam is real. It’s growing, and ignoring it won’t make it go away. How many more wake-up calls do we need?”

The former Alaska governor made note of this – and other recent terrorist attacks worldwide like January’s Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris – as justification for her proposal.


Sen. Cotton: ‘Rather Than Confront Our Adversaries, Our President Apologizes’

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This is from CNSNews.

The state of Arkansas should be very proud of their junior Senator.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is an example of what a Senator should be a leader.

We need more Tom Cotton’s Ted Cruz’s, and Mike Lee’s in the Senate just to name a few.


( – The freshman GOP senator who catapulted into the headlines this month with a controversial letter to Iran’s leaders delivered a stinging attack on the administration’s foreign policy Monday evening, charging that it was conducting an “experiment with retreat” that has emboldened America’s foes and is deeply troubling its friends.

Delivering his maiden speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) appealed for a defense budget that reflects “the threats we face.”

Opening with a quote from Winston Churchill warning of Western disarming and weakness even as the Nazis were rising in the 1930s, Cotton said the U.S. was today “again engaged in something of a grand experiment of the kind we saw in the 1930s.”

“As then, military strength is seen in many quarters as the cause of military adventurism. Strength and confidence in the defense of our interests, alliances, and liberty is not seen to deter aggression, but to provoke it,” he said.

“Rather than confront our adversaries, our president apologizes for our supposed transgressions. The administration is harsh and unyielding to our friends, soothing and supplicating to our enemies. The president minimizes the threats we confront, in the face of territory seized, weapons of mass destruction used and proliferated, and innocents murdered.”

Cotton went on to speak about the administration’s response to the threat posed by radical Islamists, primarily al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), whose precursor was al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq.

“During his last campaign, the president was fond of saying al-Qaeda was ‘on the run,’” he said. “In a fashion, I suppose this was true: al-Qaeda was and is running wild around the world, now in control of more territory than ever before.”

After Obama disregarded military advice and withdrew all U.S. forces from Iraq in 2011, Cotton charged, “al-Qaeda in Iraq was let off the mat.”

“Given a chance to regroup, it morphed into the Islamic State, which now controls much of Syria and Iraq.”

Cotton said Obama’s suggestions “that the war on terror is over or ending are far from true,” and cited recent testimony by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper that once the final accounting is complete, “2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism in the 45 years such data has been compiled.”

“Yet the president won’t even speak our enemy’s name.”

(Outgoing Attorney-General Eric Holder argued recently there was little to be gained by using terms like “radical Islam” or “Islamic extremism.”)

Cotton’s speech also touched on the nuclear negotiations with Iran; the administration’s failed “reset” with Russia and its response – a weak one, he said – to President Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine; and a rising China, whose military spending has increased by 600 percent over the last 15 years, as it seeks to deny the U.S. access and extend its hegemony in the region.

“While America has retreated, not only have our enemies been on the march. Our allies, anxious for years about American resolve, now worry increasingly about American capabilities,” he said. “With the enemy on their borders, many have begun to conclude they have no choice but to take matters into their own hands, sometimes in ways unhelpful to our interests.”

Cotton did not go into detail about his objections to a proposed Iran nuclear deal, saying they were “well-known.”

But he listed the Iranian regime’s conduct in the region, including the killing of Americans from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia to Iraq; its support for the Assad regime; its domination of Lebanon and Yemen; and its ballistic missilebuildup.

“Iran does all these things without the bomb. Just imagine what it will do with the bomb,” he said. “And imagine a United States, further down the road of appeasement, largely defenseless against this tyranny.”

Cotton has come under fire from the administration, Democratic lawmakers and other critics for spearheading an open letter, signed by 47 GOP senators, informing the Iranian regime that they will consider any nuclear agreement resulting from negotiations now underway which is not approved by Congress to be “nothing more than an executive agreement between President Obama and [supreme leader] Ayatollah Khamenei.”

The administration has called the initiative “ill-informed and ill-advised,” and a “distraction” in the talks now underway in Switzerland. Secretary of State John Kerry on CBS’ Face the Nation this week took a dig at the 37 year-old senator’s rank, calling the letter “an unconstitutional and unthought out action by somebody who has been in the United States Senate for 60 some days.”

Cotton, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013-2015, is a U.S. Army veteran, with combat service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wrapping up his hawkish speech, he declared, “I will now yield the floor, but I will never yield in the defense of America’s national security – on any front, or at any time.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said afterwards that Cotton had given an “extraordinary” speech on America’s national security requirements, “and as someone who’s served in the military himself in recent conflicts, speaks with extra authority.”

Obama Blames Bush For Rise Of ISIS [VIDEO]

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This is from The Daily Caller.

From Obama’s first day in office, he has blamed George W. Bush for everything.


President Obama pinned the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on former President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq while calling for more investment in diplomacy and education to stop terrorism.

“Two things: one is, ISIL is a direct outgrowth of al Qaeda in Iraq that grew out of our invasion,”Obama said in an interview with VICE News. “Which is an example of unintended consequences. Which is why we should generally aim before we shoot.”

Obama’s direct shot at Bush comes despite the fulfillment of his own campaign promises to pull troops out of Iraq. Obama completed the troop draw down in 2011 — an achievement the administration touted as a major victory but which left a power vacuum which ISIS is attempting to fill.

Obama also appeared to not have taken ISIS seriously when it first began conquering land in Syria and western Iraq. He famously compared the terrorist group to a “JV” basketball team in an interview last January. Since then, ISIS has taken over more territory in those two nations while establishing branches in Libya and reportedly forming alliances with other terrorist groups, such as Nigeria’s Boko Haram.

Obama did say that he is confident that the U.S. and its 60 nation coalition will “slowly push back ISIL out of Iraq.” But he said he is worried about “the underlying problem of disaffected Sunnis around the world.”

He said that in places like Libya and Yemen, young men with no education and no prospects are gravitating towards groups like ISIS.

“And now you’re giving me a religious rationale for doing this — that’s a problem we’re going to have generally,” said Obama.

He said that to combat terrorism, the U.S. will have to take a more comprehensive approach.

“And we can’t keep on thinking about counter-terrorism and security as entirely separate from diplomacy, development, education — all these things that are considered soft, but in fact are vital to our national security,” Obama said, adding “and we do not fund those.”

The U.S. currently spends just over 1 percent of its budget on those diplomatic measures, Obama said.

“We should be thinking about making investments there that ultimately save us from having to send our young men and women to fight or having folks come here and doing great harm.”


CIA Director John Brennan: ISIS Islamic Jihadists Aren’t Muslims, They Are “Psychopathic Thugs”


This is from Freedom OutPost.

I need to correct CIA Director John Brennan’s statement they are psychopathic murdering Muslim thugs.    

Call them psychopathic thugs or murderers, but don’t call the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) ‘Muslims.’ CIA Director John Brennan, reportedly a convert to Islam himself, at an event Friday warned against ascribing ‘Islamic legitimacy’ to the overseas terrorist group, saying that allowing them to identify themselves with Islam does a disservice to Muslims around the world.

Tell that to the leader of ISIS who has a Masters degree and PhD in Islamic studies.

CBS News  “They are terrorists, they’re criminals,” Brennan asserted during the audience Q&A portion of an interview at the Council on Foreign Relations. “Most–many–of them are psychopathic thugs, murderers who use a religious concept and masquerade and mask themselves in that religious construct.”

“Let’s make it very clear that the people who carry out acts of terrorism – whether it be al-Qaeda or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – are doing it because they believe it is consistent with what their view of Islam is,” the intelligence agency director continued. “It is totally inconsistent with what the overwhelming majority of Muslims throughout the world.”

Brennan, who gave a speech earlier at the event on the structural changes facing the CIA, also slammed a popular conservative talking point about the White House’s reluctance to describe ISIS as Islamists.

“Quite frankly, I’m amused about the debate that goes on about, you know, unless you call it by what it is, you don’t know what you’re fighting,” Brennan said. “I think we have to be very careful also in the characterization because the words that we use can have resonance.”

President Obama has spoken extensively about the administration’s decision to deny ISIS a religious name.

The notion that the West is at war with Islam is an ugly lie,” the president said last month at a White House summit on countering terrorism. “And all of us, regardless of our faith, have a responsibility to reject it.”

Like the president, Brennan cautioned against the unilateral lumping of terrorists with a religion that has over a billion followers worldwide.



Video: Robert Spencer on why the Islamic State is Islamic


This is from Jihad Watch.

I wonder how many lists Robert Spencer is on?

I wonder how many lists I am on?

The Islamic State: Is It Islamic? And Why It Matters

Robert Spencer, author of 13 books on Islam and Director of Jihad Watch spoke to a local gathering of ACT! for America, to give his thoughts on Why ISIS is Islamic.

Al Qaeda has been replaced with the “JV” team, ISIS, as the world’s leading terrorist organization. Our government seems incapable of identifying the growing threat of radical Islamists and is unwilling even to name it. Robert shows, using the Quran, why ISIS is Islamic, and why so many other seemingly benign Islamic groups fail to live up to the true nature of the Quran and life of Muhammad. He lays out this growing threat and what we need to know about their doctrine, goals, and strategies, if we are to have any hope in destroying them!


“Moderate” Muslim Leader Says ALL Muslims are Radicals (video)


This is from Victoria

This is a fact is known by every informed American.

The only ones that are clueless about Muslims are the leftist liberals.

This video is of Fahad Qureshi, the leader of the “moderate Muslims” in Europe and founder of Islam Net, speaking to a group of Sunni Muslims at a conference in November of 2013. He says there is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim, all Muslims believe the same thing.

Link here.

Onan Coca writes, “The “radical” beliefs of the monsters in ISIS or al Qaeda aren’t really all that radical. They are the mainstream beliefs of most of the world’s Muslim communities – whether in Syria or Norway or even the good ol’ US of A… This is what we’ve been saying for quite some time and what our leaders in Washington seem so reticent to understand. There really is no such thing as a “moderate” Muslim. I’m not saying this to denigrate nice, law-abiding American Muslims… I’m saying this because of the overwhelming amount of evidence that orthodox Islamic teachings are in line with what we call “radical Islam.”

**Related Story: Sharia Adherent Muslims are Not “Extremists.” Link here.

**Related Story: Is Violence a Core Teaching of Islam? Link here.


Ohio Man Arrested for Alleged ISIS-Inspired Plot on US Capitol, FBI Says

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This is from ABC

It is time to start raiding and shutting down mosgues around America.

Then take any people with the attitude of this little turd out and shoot them.

Christopher Lee Cornell  has the pedophile goat humper look going .

<iframe src=’′ width=’640′ height=’360′ scrolling=’no’ style=’border:none;’


The FBI today arrested an Ohio man for allegedly plotting an ISIS-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol, where he hoped to set off a series of bombs aimed at lawmakers, whom he allegedly considered enemies.

Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, of Green Township, was arrested on charges of attempting to kill a U.S. government official, authorities said.

According to government documents, he allegedly planned to detonate pipe bombs at the national landmark and open fire on any employees and officials fleeing after the explosions.

The FBI first noticed Cornell several months ago after an informant notified the agency that Cornell was allegedly voicing support for violent “jihad” on Twitter accounts under the alias “Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah,” according to charging documents. In addition, Cornell allegedly posted statements, videos and other content expressing support for ISIS — the brutal terrorist group also known as ISIL — that is wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria.

PHOTO: Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, of Green Township, Ohio, was arrested on charges of attempting to kill a U.S. government official in an alleged plot to attack the U.S. Capitol.

Butler County Sheriffs Office PHOTO: Christopher Lee Cornell, 20, of Green Township, Ohio, was arrested on charges of attempting to kill a U.S. government official in an alleged plot to attack the U.S. Capitol.

“I believe that we should just wage jihad under our own orders and plan attacks and everything,” Cornell allegedly wrote in an online message to the informant in August, according to the FBI. “I believe we should meet up and make our own group in alliance with the Islamic State here and plan operations ourselves.”

In the message, Cornell said that such attacks “already got a thumbs up” from radical cleric Anwar Awlaki “before his martyrdom.”

Awlaki was killed in a U.S. drone strike in 2011, but his online messages calling for attacks on the West live on.

U.S. officials considered Awlaki an operational leader within al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Yemen-based terror group tied to the deadly assault on a satirical magazine in Paris last week.

PHOTO: A flag of the Islamic State is seen on the other side of a bridge at the front line of fighting between Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Islamist militants in Rashad, on the road between Kirkuk and Tikrit, Sept. 11, 2014.

JM Lopez/AFP/Getty Images PHOTO: A flag of the Islamic State is seen on the other side of a bridge at the front line of fighting between Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Islamist militants in Rashad, on the road between Kirkuk and Tikrit, Sept. 11, 2014.

Cornell and the informant met in Cincinnati over two days in October, and then another two days in November. During the last meeting, Cornell told an FBI informant that members of Congress were enemies and that he wanted to launch an attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., according to charging documents.

Cornell then allegedly saved money to finance the attack and researched how to build bombs, the FBI said.

Earlier today, while also taking “final steps” to travel to Washington for the attack, Cornell allegedly bought two semi-automatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition from a store in Ohio, authorities said.

Within hours of Cornell’s arrest, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin to law enforcement agencies across the country notifying them of the case.

“The alleged activities of Cornell highlight the continued interest of US-based violent extremists to support designated foreign terrorist organizations overseas, such as ISIL, by committing terrorist acts in the United States,” the bulletin read. “Terrorist group members and supporters will almost certainly continue to use social media platforms to disseminate English language violent extremist messages.”

Look Who’s on Al Qaeda’s Most-Wanted List

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This is from The Wire.

Al Qaeda likes Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan.

yes we can


Al Qaeda has published the latest issue of its jihadist recruitment magazineInspire, which includes a handy, up-to-date list of all the people they hate the most. Published under the heading, “Wanted: Dead Or Alive for Crimes Against Islam,” the magazine includes the nine men and two people they’ve targeted as their biggest enemies. In case you’re not clear on what they want, exactly, the list also includes an image of one of the wanted, Koran-hating pastor Terry Jones, being shot in the head. Beneath that is the caption, “Yes We Can: A Bullet A Day Keeps the Infidel Away.”

Not subtle.

More than half the names on the list (a couple of which are misspelled) are related to various cartoon controversies that date back to 2005, when the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed. It also include two famous Dutch politicians who have been openly critical of Islam, the man who spread the notorious “Innocence of Islam” video, Jones, and of course, Salman Rushdie.

If you’re noticing a common theme, it’s that these are not people who have killed Muslims or even waged war on al Qaeda directly. No, the greatest crime imaginable is insulting the Prophet Mohammed, which most—if not all—of these people would gladly admit to being guilty of. Presidents Obama and Bush will have to wait their turn.

Here’s the full list, with background.

yes we can 2

Geert Wilders: Founder of the Dutch “Party for Freedom”; has been quoted as saying “I don’t hate Muslims, I hate Islam.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Somali-born Dutch activist and politician; has written that “We are at war with Islam,” not just “radical Islam” and it must be defeated; married to British historian Niall Ferguson (though that’s probably not related)

Morris Sadek: Egyptian-American Coptic Christian; he spread the anti-Islam video “Innocence of Muslims” that sparked violent protests in several Muslim countries.

Carsten Juste & Flemming Rose: Editor-in-chief and cultural editors atJyllands-Posten when the paper chose to publish cartoons mocking Mohammed.

Kurt Westergaard: Cartoonist who contributed to the Jyllands-Posten controversy; his turban-as-bomb drawing became the most famous of the cartoons.

Lars Vilks: Dutch cartoonist who published his own Mohammed drawings more than a year after the Jyllands-Posten incident.

Molly Norris: American cartoonist who proposed “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” as a protest against both censorship and the idea that images of Mohtammed should be forbidden.

Stephane Charbonnier: Editor of Charlie Hedbo, a French satirical magazinethat has published several mocking images of Mohammed on its cover (andgot its office firebombed as a result.)

Terry Jones: Florida preacher who has burned Korans in protest of Islam.

Salman Rushdie: The Satanic Verses, etc.



This is from Joe For America.

This is the face of Islam this is the true Islam.

IF westerners believe that they have seen the worst that Islamic barbarism has on tap, well, good luck with your pipe dreams. In fact, what has already been executed in the name of Islam should simply be viewed as a foretaste.

SORRY to be the bearer of so much horrific news, but it is always better to be forewarned. Forearmed.

Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

{re-blogged at Islam Exposed}

IT is nigh impossible for a civilized society to wrap its conscience around continuous Islamic barbarism; whether it involves mass executions, hangings, beheading or related tortures of innocent…after innocent….and sans ANY let up!

BUT let’s cut to the chase: Muhammad, Islam’s messenger and prophet, was not exactly a good role model. You think? A wild and dangerous understatement.

NOW, whichever way Muslims attempt to Allah-wash his barbarism and criminality, rest assured, those who know better aren’t buying their pig-in-a-poke fairy tale. Yes, Muslims have zero interest in hearing the truth from anyone, let alone from a despised Jew, a female AND a Zionist to boot. A triple whammy. Too bad. Regardless, don’t blame the (truthful) messenger!

To know why Islam is a mortal danger one must not only consider the Koran but also the character of Muhammad, who conceived the Koran and the entirety of Islam.

The Koran is not just a book. Muslims believe that Allah himself wrote it and that it was dictated to Muhammad in the original version, the Umm al-Kitab, which is kept on a table in heaven. Consequently one cannot argue with the contents. Who would dare to disagree with what Allah himself has written? This explains much of Muhammadan behaviour, from the violence of jihad to the hatred and persecution of Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims and apostates. What we in the West regard as abnormal, is perfectly normal for Islam.

A second insuperable problem with Islam is the figure of Muhammad. He is not just anyone. He is al-insan al-kamil, the perfect man. To become a Muslim one must pronounce the Shahada (the Muslim creed). By pronouncing the Shahada one testifies that there is no god that can be worshipped except Allah, and one testifies that Muhammad is his servant and messenger.

The Koran, and hence Allah, lays down that Muhammad’s life must be imitated. The consequences of this are horrendous and can be witnessed on a daily basis.

There has been much analysis of Muhammad’s mental sanity. In spite of all the available research, it is rarely mentioned or debated. It is a taboo to discuss the true nature of the man whom one and a half billion Muslims around the world regard as a holy prophet and example to be followed. That taboo must be breached in the West, and here in the Netherlands.

Ali Sina is an Iranian ex-Muslim who established the organisation for apostates of Islam Faith Freedom International. In his latest book he posits that Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter.  Sina has offered 50,000 dollars for the one who can prove otherwise. Nobody has claimed the reward as yet. And no wonder, as the description is based on the Islamic texts themselves, such as the hadiths, the descriptions of Muhammad’s life from testimonies of contemporaries.

The historical Muhammad was the savage leader of a gang of robbers from Medina. Without scruples they looted, raped and murdered. The sources describe orgies of savagery where hundreds of people’s throats were cut, hands and feet chopped off, eyes cut out, entire tribes massacred. An example is the extinction of the Jewish Kurayza tribe in Medina in 627. One of those who chopped off their heads was Muhammad. The women and children were sold as slaves. Confronted with the lunacy of Islamic terrorists today, it is not hard to find out where the lunacy comes from.

In Vienna the women’s rights activist Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was recently sentenced to paying a fine for insulting a religion by calling Muhammad a pedophile. However, that is the truth. Numerous hadiths contain testimonies by Muhammad’s favorite wife, the child wife Aisha. Aisha literally says: “The prophet married me when I was six years old, and had intercourse with me when I was nine.”{read the whole thing}

AND for added context (read it a while back…highly recommend readers do the same) the following text is a very useful primer by Dr. Ali Sina – ‘Understanding Muhammad: The Psychobiography of Allah’s Prophet.’

NO sugar coating.
YET, it is imperative to stick to the truth meter, as discomfiting as it may be. As such, you all need to understand where the situation lies, particularly in relation to the kiddies. Did you know there are many across the Islamic world – but coming to a western venue, sooner than later – who are being groomed as “beheaders”? Pray tell, what parent(s) wouldn’t be proud to have a son/daughter capable of executing the “art” of decapitation? Alas, so stop obsessing…dreaming about your little ones growing up to become doctors, lawyers, accountants or (a personal favorite) engineers…there’s a new “vocation” to add to your parental wish list – head chopper! Moreover, think of all the tuition you will save, if you just switch your priorities eastward.

Amid cries of ‘Allah o Akbar’ (god is great), a young boy, barely 12 years old, lifts his machete and strikes at his victim who is lying on the ground, all tied up for the kill.

Waving a ‘V’ for victory sign with his right hand, the boy picks up the severed head and shows it around to the chants of applause from an audience gathered in a remote part of the region straddling the mountainous range which divides Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The performance in this chilling episode which may simply shock most people around the world, is the case of militant justice meted out to supposed traitors. It involves Al Qaeda and the Taliban slapping exemplary punishment to an individual suspected to be a spy for the government.

“This (boy) is a killing machine who has been indoctrinated from age nine and prepared for his act by the time he is 12″ says a Pakistani intelligence official who showed the video clip to CBS News as just one piece of evidence of Al Qaeda and the Taliban training young boys to become accomplished killers, even before they become teen-agers.

Photos of the 12-year-old beheader trainee:












ADDING heft to the above, along comes a former ISIS monster (who knows why he gave this interview…who cares…) and he backed up the aforementioned:

A former Islamic State [IS] bodyguard of a notorious militant has revealed the depravity of the group’s actions in their battle to expand their self-proclaimed caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

The bodyguard of Saddam Jamal, named only as Abu Abdullah, told The Daily Telegraph about his time guarding Jamal in an exclusive interview.

The IS militant was formerly a drug dealer before joining the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and then defecting to IS.

His bodyguard spoke of a series of shocking incidents, including when Jamal forced a mother and father to watch as a fellow jihadist killed their children one at a time.

“Starting with a thirteen-year-old boy, they lined up the sons according to their height and beheaded them in that order,” said the bodyguard.

“Afterwards, they hung the boys’ heads on the door of the school the family had been hiding in.”

Abdullah was clear that, for Jamal, being a militant of IS was not about a higher calling but to obtain more power.

“There are, of course, some who really believe that killing and whipping is the correctway to spread Islam,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“But for Jamal, he doesn’t really care if the mission spreads Islam. All he cares about is becoming more powerful. Now, if a stronger organisation emerges, he will join it. And there are lots of men in Isil just like him.”

Force, fear and hypocrisy

Abdullah said that Jamal would copy his fellow “emirs” in IS and control their territory through force, fear and hypocrisy.

“They kidnap and carry out assassinations,” he said. “They think nothing of bringing down a whole building with women and children inside, just to kill oneperson.

“A lot of their local and foreign fighters smoke but if they ever catch a civilian doing the same they lock him up, whip him and force them into community service. Why thedouble standards?”

It is now believed that Jamal is second in command for IS’ military affairs, only behind the Chechen “Ginger Jihadist” Abu Omar al-Shishani.

When Jamal was a member of the FSA and the Supreme Military Council that was receiving US funding in Syria, his base in the Deir al-Zour province was attacked by IS, which sent him into hiding.

He next appeared in a video where he pledged allegiance to IS and denounced the FSA fighters as “apostates”.

“Isil blew up Jamal’s house killing one of his brothers. They kidnapped another brother and killed him too. After that Jamal disappeared,” said Abdullah.

The bodyguard’s final, shocking tale was of another “emir”, named Abu Abdullah al-Qahtani, who used his eight-year-old son to slit the throat of a rival captured by the group.

“He [al-Qahtani] held his son’s hand with a knife in it and made him cut the head of an FSA fighter accused of organising attacks on Isil [another name for IS],” he said.

“It would take days to recount to you the violence I witnessed.”

EARTH shaking. Mind blowing. Numbing…and all the rest…

AGREED, there are Muslims who are horrified by the slaughters committed in the name of their religion, but they are hardly in the majority. At the very least, they are, for the most part, complicit in their silence. Not only that, but their end goal is the same; the resurrection of the Caliphate.

IN this regard, whether Sunni, Shia or another minority Islamic tribe/sect, the fact of the matter is that they will join hands (even though they historically war against each other for hegemony) when the Caliphate is “at the ready”. As such, Iran’s Shia, now battling ISIS, will lay down its arms for their Islamic dream to come true. Don’t ever doubt this.

SIMILARLY, as the Caliphate comes closer to fruition, the blood letting against the west will reach its apex, and this juncture in time will appear as a “tranquil” period. But if you don’t believe this investigative journalist, suit yourself. However, what should be considered more than food for thought is offered up from a recent speech given by Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ken Chrosniak, a former member of the USA Joint Chiefs of Staff. He noted that Iran already has nuclear capability – but not on a large scale – and went on to add:

In the future, Iran will be complicit with ISIS […] to establish, or re-establish, the Caliphate,” he added. “That’s their goal: to re-establish the Caliphate and take out all infidels.” 


AND not to rain on this patriot’s well-earned parade, but this same analysis – re the “joining of hands” between ISIS et al./Sunni and Shia/Iran – was addressed in an interview (Oct. 2013) ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki.’

Wolff Bachner: Adina, the Jewish people and Israel have been vilified as enemies of Islam for 1400 years. Since this is a centuries old conflict, why should Americans care about Israel’s problems, the Muslim Brotherhood or Adnan Oktar?

Adina Kutnicki: Readers, one and all, relating as an American-Israeli, as someone who loves her birth country as well as her Jewish homeland, there is NO greater danger to western civilization than the Muslim Brotherhood and all its attendant jihadi offshoots. Indeed, the Iranian menace, through its Hitlerite regime, looms very large overhead, and they too are arming for nothing more than complete Islamic hegemony. Yes, once either, heaven forbid, prevails, they will merge forces (Sunni and Shia, after which they will fight each other for ultimate hegemony, as they have done for centuries) and aim straight for the west’s jugular. But whatever shakes out, the Brotherhood’s umbrella – spanning all over the globe – is Allah-bent on bringing down America. Rest assured, they are well positioned to do so, having many friends ensconced within President Obama’s White House. The situation is dire. If America falls, so too does the free world. Ditto, if Israel is, G-d forbid, destroyed. There is no room for equivocating. Like it or not, the two are twin pillars. They are, in effect, holding up western civilization…..

LESSONS LEARNED: every time you hear Muslims and their apologists wax poetic, yes, Islam is a “religion of peace”, keep uppermost in mind two symbiotic factors: the barbarism they wage across the world (in the name of Islam) is endemic to the life and dictates of Muhammad; Muhammadanism. There is no betwixt and between. Muslims worship and emulate Muhammad as Islam’s prophet and role model. Only by understanding him can one know what makes them explode; as they rape, pillage, plunder and awash the world in oceans of blood to satiate Muhammad’s directives to “honor” Allah!




DoD renames ‘unlawful combatants’ as ‘unprivileged enemy belligerents’

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I have a better name for these underprivileged enemy belligerents the enemy that needs killed ASAP.


I swear, this does not come from The Onion. Via Glenn ReynoldsEd Morrssey, Steven Aftergood and Olivier Knox, we learn that the Federation of American Scientists noticed:

When it comes to Department of Defense doctrine on military treatment of detained persons, “unlawful enemy combatants” are a thing of the past. That term has been retired and replaced by “unprivileged enemy belligerents” in a new revision of Joint Publication 3-13 on Detainee Operations, dated November 13, 2014.

But Ed Morrissey looked into the origin of this change in nomenclature, and discovered the DoD is not to blame:

 If anyone’s to blame for the blandification of nomenclature it’s Congress. The new revision to the DoD manual brings the terminology in line with 10 U.S. Code § 948a, which provides definitions for detainee policies rewritten by Congress to refine the military-commission process. It provides a very precise definition of the two classes of belligerents:

(6) Privileged belligerent.— The term “privileged belligerent” means an individual belonging to one of the eight categories enumerated in Article 4 of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

(7) Unprivileged enemy belligerent.— The term “unprivileged enemy belligerent” means an individual (other than a privileged belligerent) who—

(A) has engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners;
(B) has purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners; or
(C) was a part of al Qaeda at the time of the alleged offense under this chapter.

This section goes back to the Military Commissions Act of 2006, sponsored by Mitch McConnell, but the new terms were introduced in the 111th Congress in the NDAA for 2009. It passed in October 2009 and was signed a few days later by President Obama. The only contemporaneous discussion of this change I could find in a quick search was by Joanne Mariner at Findlaw, who dismissed it as “cosmetic.” Another change was somewhat more substantial:

The new law begins by tweaking the definition of individuals eligible for trial before military commissions — most obviously by scrapping the phrase “unlawful enemy combatant,” and replacing it with “unprivileged enemy belligerent.” This is a cosmetic change, not a real improvement, which mirrors the administration’s decision to drop the enemy combatant formula in habeas litigation at Guantanamo Bay.

In addition, the new definition sets out three separate grounds on which a person might be deemed an “unprivileged enemy belligerent,” which vary somewhat from the grounds for eligibility included in the previous definition. The third ground, now separate from the previous two, is membership in Al Qaeda, whether or not the member has engaged in or supported hostilities against the US. (Under the previous definition, membership in “Al Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces” was relevant to the determination of whether a person had engaged in or supported hostilities, but was not itself a distinct ground for eligibility.)

Notably, the Taliban is no longer specifically named in the new definition. This suggests, perhaps, that the administration is acknowledging a meaningful difference between the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and wants to leave open, at least for the future, the possibility that the Taliban is not the enemy.

That might seem a little more notable in the wake of the Bowe Bergdahl swap. It’s possible that this could provide the White House a way to press for the release of more Taliban detainees from Guantanamo Bay, but it would be a tendentious and silly argument. Publicly, the administration has argued that the risk from their release has disappeared by now, which is their main and most effective argument, even if experience has clearly proven it to be untrue — which we’ve known for years.

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