Newtown Victims Push To Sue Remington

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It is my understanding that federal law takes precedence over state laws.

My question is if this is the case,”How can the Connecticut Supreme Court over rule the firearms manufacture protection law? 

Victims of the Newtown shooting are appealing a judges decision that Remington is shielded from lawsuits by a federal law that protects gun manufacturers. The Connecticut Supreme Court is being asked to review the case.

The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) passed in 2005 protects firearm manufacturers from lawsuits when their products are used to commit a crime.

Opponents claim the PLCAA allows gun manufacturers to produce a product that is designed to take a life. The reality of the situation, gun grabbers were hoping to use lawsuits to drive firearm manufacturers out of business. Congress stopped that nonsense with the PLCAA.

Devil’s Advocate

Let’s play the devil’s advocate and say the Connecticut Supreme Court allows the lawsuit to go through and Remington is sued. Then comes another lawsuit, and another, until every gun manufacturer is put out of business.

Who will make the small arms (handguns, rifles and shotguns) for our military? Everyone has been put of out business by trivial lawsuits, so who is going to supply our military with firearms?

Let’s say the government buys just enough arms to keep a small factory open with a few dozen employees. Then we go to war and the government needs 50,000 new rifles. Where are those rifles supposed to come from?

Factories have been dismantled because of trivial lawsuits.  Skilled craftsman have gone into other lines of work.

It would take years for the United States to retool and produce the small arms our military would need during a time of war.

Civilians Support The Military Complex

During times of peace, who pays for small arms research and development?

The civilian free market does.

Without the civilian market, the United States government could not buy enough arms to keep the factories open.

Without the factories, we have no way to retool for war.

In essence, it is a matter of national security that gun companies are protected for trivial lawsuits.


Expect Ammunition Prices to Rise

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By hook or crook the DemocRats want to disarm you and me.

They would love to be able to go house to house to grab our guns but they know what that would mean all out civil war.




My dad used to say growing up in Missouri that every time somebody strikes a match, the electricity goes out and the prices go up. Then it seemed like every turmoil in the world resulted in rising fuel prices at the pump. Ironically, the well pumps in the Middle East never ceased pumping except when Saddam torched his own oil fields during the Gulf War.

Then trends began. This incident or that caused gasoline to fluctuate wildly, almost always going up in price. What was one dollar a gallon went to over four in some locations. Summer blends cause price increases, demand for winter heating oil caused prices to go up, no Keystone pipeline, so prices go up. Seemingly any manufactured crisis causes gas prices to rise.

The same principle exists for rapidly changing ammunition prices, though the manufacturers claim their production facilities are running at full capacity. So, what really happens? A crisis happens. It could be blamed on wars using huge quantities of ammo, thus creating brass and powder shortages. Terrorist attacks are on the increase, etc., etc. All of these “excuses” cause ammo price increases.

I scanned a number of on line ammunition sources over the past week and found ammo prices up from 10-20 percent across the board. Naturally, the most popular rounds are the ones going up like .223/5.56, .308, 9mm, and .45 ACP. Rimfire ammo is up again. There are no dealer quotas yet, but this is coming again through this election cycle. Just the threat of new gun laws, ammo tracking, and such causes so-called shortages, thus producing ammo price increases.

Generally though ammo prices have been going up for years. One used to be able to buy a basic 20-round box of 30-30 hunting ammunition for under $10. Today it is approaching $30. High quality huntingammunition especially in magnum calibers is approaching $50 a box and more. Bought any Weatherbyammo lately?

Dealers tell me that much of the ammo price choking and gouging lies with the big supply wholesalers. When the water hose is running full blast, prices and supplies are good. Then the distributors start choking off deliveries. They put buying quotas on their dealers. Supply and demand they say.

Three months ago a 1000 round case of 5.56 was $325. This week it is generally $375. A friend bought some last week for $400 and thought it was a good deal. Pricing us out of the market is one sure way to keep us from shooting.


Obama Proposes Taking Away Constitutional Rights Based on Browser History

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While Obama tells his lapdog media allies the he is interested in stopping people that go to the ISIS page.

When in reality he is going to target people that go to The Drudge Report,Fox News or any Conservative webpage.


This is not a clickbait headline. This is an actual, real thing that the president just proposed in the second half of this PBS Newshour video:

Starting at the 1:57 mark, Obama says:

I just came from a meeting, today, in the situation room, in which I’ve got people who we know have been on ISIL websites living here in the United States — US citizens. And we’re allowed to put them on the no fly list when it comes to airlines, but because of the National Rifle Association I cannot prohibit those people from buying guns!

This is somebody who is a known ISIL sympathizer, and if he wants to walk into a gun store or a gun show right now, and buy as many weapons and ammo as he can, nothing’s prohibiting him from doing that, even though the FBI knows who that person is.

In the Heller decision, the Supreme Court has recognized gun ownership as an individual constitutional right. You may not like it, but it’s settled case law at this point.

This means that Obama has just complained that he cannot restrict a citizen’s constitutional right based on the FBI’s (likely warrantless) knowledge of their browser history.

This means that Obama has just complained that he cannot restrict a citizen’s constitutional right based on the FBI’s (likely warrantless) knowledge of their browser history.

I could go on about the other problems with his reply to the gentleman who asked the question, like the fact that he opened with the oft-repeated falsehood that the same folks who have praised Australia’s gun confiscation as a model for the US nonetheless “don’t want to take away your guns.” But I’ll shut the rant down here because I can’t get over the cavalier attitude to civil liberties on the part of both the president and the public.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how Obama earned the title of World’s Greatest Gun Salesman.

Everyone who believes that their constitutional rights are under threat from a government that does not respect the rule of law will have that belief confirmed by this video.

Maryland’s 15 Year Old “Ballistic Fingerprinting” Database Ends in Failure

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Another Liberal feel good law fails.

9mm case

After 15 years and millions of dollars spent, the State of Maryland has abandoned its massive “ballistic fingerprinting” effort.

According to an article published Nov 7 in The Baltimore Sun, the state legislature has repealed the requirement that the Maryland State Police collect and keep a fired cartridge case from every handgun sold or rented in the state. The cases would then be photographed to create a searchable database for ballistic comparison. Since the law passed in 2000, over 300,000 cartridge cases have been collected and stored at a total program cost estimated at around $5 million.

After all the time and energy spent collecting, photographing, and storing the cases, the legislature has authorized the Maryland State Police to sell them for scrap.

Although the “ballistic fingerprinting” effort was touted as a crime fighting tool, in 15 years only 26 matches were made from the database to guns used in crime. And, in every case, the matches were so called “back door” hits. This means that the investigators already knew or suspected the specific gun that was used in the crime and merely used the database to confirm the identification of the crime gun. This is the opposite of the original intent that the database would help investigators by identifying unknown guns by comparing cartridge cases recovered at crime scenes with images in the database. The imaging database never worked correctly and was discontinued in 2007, although the cartridge cases were still collected.

The program has been under fire for most of its life with several earlier unsuccessful attempts to repeal it. “It’s not yielding any results,” Sgt. Rob Moroney, a state police spokesman was quoted as saying in a 2005 article in The Washington Post. “The program simply has not met expectations and does not aid in the mission statement of the department of police.”

The failure of Maryland’s program mirrors that of a similar program in New York state. The New York program started in 2000 and was ended in 2012 after only matching two firearms used in crimes.

In the end the death of Maryland’s ballistic fingerprinting database is another example of unrealistic expectations among the public and lawmakers for technological solutions. Shows like “CSI” are not real life and this is only the latest example of a “good idea” that was unworkable in the real world.

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California Schools Send “Firearm Safety Fact Sheet” Home With Kids

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It would never be political about guns in the Republic of Kalifornia. Snark!!


The goal is safety, not politics.






Toy AK-47 Rifle

Has something reasonable about guns come out of California? You decide.

The Sonoma County, California school board has created a “Firearm Safety Fact Sheet” intended to inform parents and student about guns and their safe handling. Created in the wake of last October’s police killing of a young boy wielding a toy AK, its creators hope to prevent similar incidents in the future.

In a local article about this, one school board member said, “We wanted to keep the politics out of it. This is all about information, safety for kids.” Another said, “We decided we have the resources, we have the ability to reach a lot of people, and if we can save one life, it’s so worth it.”

Strongly stressed in the sheet is the possible danger that fake guns can bring. It says that toy guns should only be used under adult supervision, should always be stored and carried in a case, and shouldn’t be modified. (The toy AK carried by last year’s victim was lacking the orange tip that often differentiates toy guns from actual firearms.)

Schools in the district aren’t required to distribute the sheet. Some will provide it in a back-to-school packet, while others plan to send it later in the year. At least one district posted it online.

Topics of the firearms facts sheet include:

  • Store Firearms Safely
  • Know the Legal Risks
  • Talk to Children About Firearms
  • Supervise Use of Imitation Firearms
  • Be a Good Role Model
  • Educate Yourself

Overall, I think this is a good idea, although I would have edited the sheet here and there.

I am 100% in favor of safe firearms storage, but I do not agree with the assertion that all guns in the house should be locked up and unloaded, with ammunition stored separately. There is nothing more worthless than an empty gun when a threat presents itself, and I believe I would rather have no gun than an empty gun. If someone starts shooting because they see a gun in your hand, you’d better be able to shoot back.

Talking to kids about guns is absolutely essential. My father taught us about guns early. He always made it clear that we could handle them ONLY under his supervision and that we could ask him to do so at any time. That took away the air of mystery that many people perceive regarding guns.

As for imitation guns, I certainly played with plenty of toy guns when I was a kid. How sad that we must now tell children to hide them so they won’t be shot by police?

What do you think? Is it a good or bad idea for schools to discuss guns with parents and students?

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Daisy 75th Anniversary Red Ryder BB Gun

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Back in the day I had a Red Ryder BB Gun.

The old fart in me says you need this new Red Ryder BB Gun.

Daisy Outdoor Products of Rogers, Arkansas just brought out their latest Red Ryder in the Daisy Red Ryder 75th Anniversary Edition BB Gun. Truly this has classic designed all over it. The Daisy BB Gun first came out in 1940 and has continued in “Made in the U.S.A.” production now for 75 years. This new BB gun model is a true Daisy in every way.

The standard features continue with lever-cocking, spring-powered action, adjustable rear ramp sight with a ramp front sight, crossbolt trigger block safety,  and a handsome maple hardwood stock and forearm.

The rifle has a smooth bore steel barrel and the gold band around the forearm stock. There is also the classic metal saddle ring and leather throng on the right side of the rifle’s action. This 75th Anniversary version also sports laser engraved markings on the stock and forearm to commemorate the rifle’s historic dating. It’s Red Ryder’s gun alright.

Though updated considerably from the original 1940 model and the one I got in 1955, most of the features and design specifications remain the same.

The rifle has a 650 BB capacity using .177 caliber BBs shooting at 350 feet per second. The rifle is 35.4 inches long and weighs only 2.2 pounds. The metal finish is bright gun blue.

The BB loading format has changed in the current design using a “door” at the muzzle of the rifle that slides open as opposed to the older versions with the side twist muzzle cover over the BB magazine tube.

Of course, there is now a trigger safety mechanism that was not on the original models, but on the bright side, this makes for a great firearm safe handling teaching opportunity for future young hunters to train on.

The 75th Daisy BB Gun Anniversary model also comes in special bright colored highlight packaging that needs to be saved with the rifle. I took a good amount of time to study the box and all the detailing on it.

Inside there is an owner’s use and safe handing manual with procedures on loading, shooting, and rifle care. If you buy one of these BB guns for a young child, be sure to sit down with them and read the owner’s manual from cover to cover. It’s a good idea to do for us old guys, too.

To shoot or not to shoot? That’s a good question for some and one I am still debating. I guess one could argue this unique 75th Anniversary Daisy model is a collector’s item to some extent. Otherwise it is just a neat new BB gun that demands to be shot. I’ll have to think on this one.

One option would be to buy two of them, one to shoot and one to put away. They are not that expensive. I found the Daisy 75th Anniversary BB Gun on two big box web sites, Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops.

The standard price is around $49, but Bass Pro Shops had them on a Black Friday special for $39. I visited my local store and was somewhat surprised they had probably two dozen in stock.

Makes me wonder if I am part of a dying breed of nostalgia freaks?

Anyway, if you want that personal reminder of good times past, then go buy one or more of these cool BB guns for yourself or to stick back in the closet for next Christmas.

Otherwise, if you have an aspiring hunter or shooter in the household, then this is a great way for him or her to spend any leftover Christmas money that was tucked into a card.

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Video: Home Invasion Victim Torn Between Death and Forgiveness

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I can see why the victim feels both ways wanting them to die and yet hoping they survive and can be reformed.

The only question is can these thugs be reformed or do they need to be put down like a rabid animal?


Tackled, duct-taped, choked, and threatened with death in his own home – but he fought back.


Two men in masks reportedly invaded a home in Katy, Texas, assaulted and restrained the two male occupants, and threatened one with death.

And then he shot them.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, was in his bedroom when his world was suddenly turned upside-down.

“Two masked men busted in the door, jumped on top of me, put their hands over my mouth, duct taped my wrists, duct taped my ankles, then flipped me over on my stomach, put me in a headlock, tried to choke me out. I faked fainting, and played dead.”

The bad guys went about ransacking the house as he lay there. In another room, his friend’s son was also restrained.

“I looked up once, fifteen minutes into it, and the guy said ‘if you look up again, we’ll kill ya.’”

The jerks tried to get into his gun safe, and failed. Then they left the room, and he quickly got his gun and waited.

“I had the gun pointed at the door. The door opened and I unloaded on ‘em.”

He fired every round of ammunition, hitting two of the thieves, who so richly deserved to be shot. A third one managed to escape unharmed.

The two miscreants that were hit underwent surgery and were expected to recover. The victim said he was of two minds regarding the welfare of the men who had brutalized him and his friend’s son.

“Part of me wishes I’d killed ‘em and part of me wishes to forgive ‘em and hopes they turn their lives around.”

In typical overreaction, authorities reportedly put three area schools on lockdown.

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