Attorney For Kate Steinle’s Murderer Blames Stolen Gun for her Death

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A thug with this stolen gun is to blame for Kate’s death not the gun.

Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, the illegal alien charged with the 2015 murder of Kate Steinle, is being represented by attorneys with the public defender’s office who are proving their team has one hell of a set of cajones.

The Chief Attorney in the San Francisco Public Defender’s office, Attorney Matt Gonzalez, has launched a very public attempt to blame the stolen Sig Sauer pistol for the 32-year-old woman’s death.

The wild allegation is part of his defense strategy as he openly pleads the case in the court of public opinion. In an Op-Ed published by the San Francisco Examiner, Gonzalez suggested the shooting itself was an accident and declared Sig Sauer guns are known to accidentally discharge.

Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez is accused of firing a gun at Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s Pier 14, two years ago. A semi-automatic handgun owned by a Bureau of Land Management employee and made by a German manufacturer, SIG Sauer, is at the center of the upcoming trial.

Some gun enthusiasts have objected to the Lopez Sanchez defense team’s assertion that the SIG Sauer is known for accidental discharges. They invoke its reputation for quality when fired under ideal conditions. Yet, claims the gun is accident-prone cannot be brushed aside — that’s because the SIG Sauer operates exactly as designed. It’s an elite handgun intended for law enforcement and military personnel who may need to fire it with split second notice. Hence, it has a hair trigger in single-action mode. Even among well-trained users, it has a lengthy history of accidental discharges.

Those opposing gun restrictions can obfuscate any individual case, but the evidence is overwhelming: Accidental discharges of guns (most with heavier trigger pulls than the SIG Sauer) occur with frequency. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control estimates more than 10,000 unintentional firearm deaths in the United States since 2000. The number of nonfatal shootings is undoubtedly higher.

In yet another Chronicle article, Gonzalez implores readers to believe his client is “more a homeless victim of lifelong poverty than a murderous monster.”

At the preliminary hearing, Gonzalez argued the shooting was an accident, telling the court that because the bullet was damaged on one side, indicating it had ricocheted off the ground, Lopez-Sanchez was not pointing the firearm at Steinle when the bullet pierced her back, traveling through her heart, and ultimately ended her life.

James Steinle, who advocated for Kate’s Law after his daughter’s death, has reported her last words were, “Dad, help me, help me.”

According to Gonzalez, Lopez-Sanchez claimed he “threw the gun into the bay so it would stop firing” after the fatal shooting.

What do you think of this defense strategy?


New Legislation Aims to Put Firearms Education in Wisconsin High Schools

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H/T Bearing Arms.

Every state needs to have a law promoting firearms safety in schools.

Well, hallelujah, what wonders never cease!

On June 30, 2017, 18 Wisconsin Representatives and 5 State Senators introduced Assembly Bill 427, common sense legislation aimed at putting firearms education into high schools across the Dairy State.

The bill would require the state superintendent of public instruction to work with the Department of Natural Resources, a law enforcement agency, or an organization that specializes in firearms safety to develop a curriculum for a comprehensive firearm education course to be offered as an elective to high school pupils. It would not require any school district to offer the course and would prohibit the presence or use of live ammunition.

Lead author of the bill, Representative Ken Skowronski (R-Waukesha) has been participating in shooting sports since the age or 12 and was inspired to draft the bill after seeing a rise in trap shooting clubs throughout Wisconsin.

“What we’re doing is allowing the high schools to offer an elective as a choice,” Skowronski said. “It can be yearlong, a quarter or a semester. It’s up to the school.”

The legislation drew quick criticism from hoplophobes like State Rep. Sondy Pope (D-Mt. Horeb), who thinks students should learn about gun safety somewhere other than in schools “because it is not the responsibility of the school district.”

“I know Wisconsin is a hunting state, I grew up in a hunting family, but I think it denotes something completely different, especially with handguns, in an urban setting,” Pope said.

Pope then inadvertently made a case to pass the legislation, saying, “I think we are all aware of the proliferation of death and injury because of the accessibility of guns in our society. I don’t see a reason to introduce guns to students in school,” before she concluded, “I think it’s inappropriate.”

If schools were to offer a firearm safety course which would greatly curtail “the proliferation of death and injury” from guns in our society, wouldn’t that be a good thing and an appropriate response to the issue?

Now if only we could get the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program in every school across the United States, then we’d really be taking a tremendous step toward gun safety in every town of America.

But that, of course, would make entirely too much sense.

Armed Florida Mom Ends Violent Attack on Neighbor


H/T Bearing Arms.

Once again a citizen with a firearms saves an others life.

Earlier this month, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Florida responded to a call at approximately 4 a.m. of a suspicious person knocking on doors.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found an 18-year-old who fit the description of the suspect. As deputies approached the condominium, they heard loud yelling and banging on the walls. Officers knocked on the door and announced their presence, at which time dispatchers alerted deputies to an armed individual.

The suspect, who was covered in blood, opened the door and began attacking deputies. The deputies attempted to use a taser gun to subdue the suspect. Eventually, he was taken into custody.

When deputies swept the apartment, they found 31-year-old Brittany Cheek and her 3-year-old child, locked in the bathroom.

According to Cheek, the suspect had attacked her neighbor, 52-year-old Susan Bass. Cheek grabbed her firearm and demanded the suspect leave Bass alone. Out of fear for her and her daughter’s life, Bass shot the suspect in the leg.

The suspect then forced his way into Cheek’s apartment, at which point he attacked her. When deputies arrived on the scene, Cheek and her daughter had time run into the bathroom until law enforcement found them.

According to Bass, the suspect initially knocked on her door with a bloody head. She thought he needed medical attention. He began making incoherent statements and wouldn’t allow her to shut her door. That’s when he attacked her.

The suspect was charged with two counts of Simple Battery, two counts of Burglary with Assault or Battery, one count of Battery on Law Enforcement Officer, and three counts of Resisting with Violence.

He was transported to the Pinellas County Jail after he was released from the hospital on Sunday. His bond was set at $301,000.

Watch WFLA’s coverage of the story:

Pinellas mom shoots intruder who attacked her and neighbor

Pastors Take On A New Roll In The Gun Control Agenda

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This pastor is a moron.


Pastors in Beaumont, Texas are doing something not many would have the courage to do: they’re offering a $100 gift card to people who turn over their guns to the Beaumont Police Department. The program, known as “Not in My City,” was started by a group of churches and community leaders who are working to end gun violence.

“We are aware of the fact that it will not eradicate gun violence in our city or county,” Pastor John Adolph, one of the organizers, told KFDM.“That’s not the aim or ambition. The aim is to erase the mindset that’s pushing it. To stand against it in unity to say ‘Wait a minute this is killing us, and hurting us, it’s not helping us.’”

The program’s organizers will set up shop somewhere in town for people to anonymously hand over their gun. The thought process? Criminals won’t willingly walk into a police station and turn over firearms. They’re more likely to give them to a group like Adolph’s.

“The impact that the program has on reducing violent crime is marginal but for the one unrealized victim that is in the margin, it will mean everything for them,” said Pastor Randy Feldschau, the other co-organizer.

The first setup is taking place at 10 a.m. today at Cathedral in the Pines Church, located off Eastex Fwy.

Wife of Hartford, CT Police Officer Destroys Anti-Gun Politician in Scathing Letter

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H/T Bearing Arms.

State Representative Minnie Gonzalez (D-Hartford) is an anti police moron.        

We’ve all heard ridiculous claims about law enforcement, but this one really takes the cake.

State Representative Minnie Gonzalez (D-Hartford) had quite a bit to say about HB 6663, a Police Accountability Bill she is passionately supporting. Discussing the bill in front of the Connecticut Legislature’s General Assembly, Gonzalez said:

 “This bill is to hold accountable and to stop those cowboys that, because they got a bat and a gun, they think they can go shooting especially young kids in our community. This is not the Wild Wild West. And no consequences. Those cowboys doesn’t belong in the police department. This abuse has got to stop.”

While thousands of Connecticutians have spoken out against Gonzalaz’s ignorant and irresponsible remarks, but one response has gone viral. Marissa Cullen, the wife of a Hartford Police Officer, took the anti-gun liberal to task in an epic smackdown.

In an open letter, Cullen wrote:

To State Representative Minnie Gonzalez:

I am the proud wife of a Hartford Police Officer and Air Force Veteran. The men and women of the Hartford Police Department are some of the finest people I know and have more integrity than you could ever wish to have. They serve their communities with pride, dedication, and distinction. These officers put their lives on the line every single day, for little pay, little recognition, and with very little support from elected politicians. These men and women go into their neighborhoods every day truly trying to make a difference, something you know nothing about.

The comments made by you on June 5, 2017, in defense of Bill HB6663 were appalling, ignorant, and unnecessary. While you stated that you support the HPD and its officers, your statements were a direct contradiction to that. Let me address them one by one.

You stated that the officers were cowboys with guns and bats. I’m not sure I have ever seen them wear cowboy hats or boots to work. I have seen officers on horseback, however, they were not herding cattle. I have seen my husband come home with blood on his boots and tears in his eyes as he has faced some of the most horrific acts humans can do to one another. I’ve watched him on phone calls with other officers, consoling them as they attempted to come to terms with the suicide call, or child abuse case, or the senseless murders that occur all too frequently.

You stated that there are good and bad cops, you are correct. There are far more good ones than bad, which is more than I can say for politicians. The vast majority of police officers joined the force to do good, to make a change, and to be positive influences in their communities.

You stated that HPD officers have good pay, good benefits, and a good pension. What you fail to mention is that their good pay comes from countless hours of overtime, or road jobs (which are not paid for by the city, and the city actually makes money off of), you fail to mention the missed birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and special occasions they have missed in order to protect your ignorance. From my understanding, you get paid a hefty stipend for being an elected official, receive benefits, and will receive a pension.

You stated that “you” pay for the officers’ lunch and dinner. I’m not sure how you determined that, as I send my husband with his meals daily, while he works his 16-hour shifts. He frequently comes home with his meals still in his bag, as they do not get a lunch break, and is often lucky if he can even get a bite in between calls.

You stated that these “cowboys” are killing young kids in our community with no consequences, and this abuse needs to stop. Since 2005 there have been 20 Officer Involved Shootings according to HPD data. That’s one shooting every 219 days by an officer. Considering the amount of public interaction, and the calls for service, this equates to a less than 1% chance of being shot by a police officer in Hartford. The last time a person was killed by a police officer in Hartford was in 2013, a whole 4 years ago, and it was entirely justified. Again, your ignorance is glaring, and your abuse of police officers needs to be stopped.

You stated that you pass laws frequently to protect and train police officers. The training is mandated by the State of CT, and you have done nothing to indemnify or protect officers of your community. In fact, based on your history, I am not even sure how you can remain in office. Your family has been called a “crime syndicate.” You have been found guilty of elections violations, you have the “Minnie Gonzalez Little League,” which receives over $75,000 a year in taxpayer money, and is managed by your husband. In fact, it seems as if you have a significant conflict of interest in presenting or debating any type of law enforcement bill, as taking power away from the police directly benefits you and your family.

It is very easy to sit in your safe office and make ignorant, untrue statements towards our officers. They need your support, not your condemnation. You lack integrity, honesty, and decency. You should take a ride along with a Hartford Police Officer on a Saturday night during the summer, and see what they are exposed to. Have you ever taken simulation training?  I’m sure you would not make accurate split-second decisions that you expect from our officers. You truly should be ashamed of your statements against HPD and in fact, should issue a very public apology for condemning them in the way you did.


Marissa Cullen
The Wife Of A Hartford Police Officer

P.S.: Here is the link to your inaccurate, cowardly statements, to refresh your memory:


Judge Reaches Decision In Katie Couric Anti-Gun Documentary Debacle

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H/T Bearing Arms.

The decision handed down by  U.S. District Court Judge John Gibney Jr does not surprise me as he is a Obama appointee.      

Back in September, Katie Couric was facing defamation charges for her anti-gun documentary, Under the Gun. The documentary was cut in a way that made the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) look as though they were unsure of their answers to Couric’s questions.

The lawsuit arose from one particular part of the documentary, where Couric poses the following question:

“If there are no background checks how do you prevent – I know you all are going to answer this, but I’m asking anyway – if there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from walking into say a licensed gun dealer and purchasing a gun?”

Her attorneys attempted to have the case thrown out but the lawsuit stuck.

A judge finally ruled in the case and found there were no harmful implications resulting in the editing.

U.S. District Court Judge John Gibney, Jr. dismissed the case, with the following written ruling:

The plaintiffs’ defamation claims fail because the interview scene is not false. Under the Gun portrays members of the VCDL not answering the question posed by Couric. In reality, members of the VCDL did not answer the question posed by Couric. They talked about background checks and gun laws generally, but did not answer the question of how to prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing guns without background checks. The editing simply dramatizes the sophistry of the VCDL members.

The first two alleged defamatory implications do not arise from the film,” he concludes. “The film does not suggest that they do not have a basis to oppose background checks or are ignorant about gun regulations and rights. Rather, the film makes a different point about the effect of existing regulations on how to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

Not having an answer to a specific question about effective alternatives to background checks does not imply anything about fitness to own a gun store and to sell guns,” responds the judge. “Webb argues that the footage falsely conveys that ‘she lacks knowledge regarding integral aspects of her business,’ specifically, knowledge about ‘background checks and the rights of individuals to purchase firearms.’ This argument fails because it seeks to introduce new matter, which innuendo in the defamation context cannot do. Couric did not ask ‘Under the current law, can felons purchase firearms?’ Falsely stating that Webb did not have an answer to that question would certainly imply unfitness in her trade. This, however, was not Couric’s question.

The judge’s full opinion can be found here.

It appears Couric’s ‘under the gun’ is above the law.


15-Year-Old Armed Robber Shot by Intended Victim, an Off-Duty Customs Agent

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H/T Bearing Arms.

These punk pick on the wrong man to try to rob and one ends up with a Darwin Award.

With California’s tough gun control laws how could a fifteen year old have a gun?

A 15-year-old armed robber picked the wrong ‘victim’ when he and two 14-year-old accomplices attempted to rob an off-duty U.S. Customs and Border Protection Friday night.

The incident happened shortly before 8:15 p.m. in the area of First Avenue and Colorado Boulevard in Arcadia, California.

The customs agent was walking on a sidewalk when he was attacked from behind by three suspects – two 14-year-olds and an armed 15-year-old identified as Pasadena resident Darius Smith, authorities said.

One of the assailants allegedly repeatedly struck the agent in the head as another pointed a gun at him and demanded his property.

“The victim thought the subjects were going to rob and shoot him so he retrieved his department-issued handgun,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Caroline Rodriguez said. “The victim shot at the subjects in an effort to defend himself.”

Two of the suspects were hit with gunfire, the third suspect fled the scene. The 15-year-old suspect was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The two 14-year-old suspects were apprehended; one was hospitalized with non-life threatening gunshot wounds, the other, who fled the scene of the crime on foot, was booked at Central Juvenile Hall in Boyle Heights on suspicion of robbery.

Arcadia police officers confirmed the handgun Smith allegedly used in the crime was recovered at the scene.

The agent suffered bruising to his face but did not require medical attention.

14- and 15-year old armed robbers… this is who has guns in California. Looks like those gun laws are really working in the Golden State!

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