Watch As Lifelong Democrat Says She Will “Never Vote For Hillary”

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I thought Hillary was going to win over everybody and win.

A Bernie Sanders supporter and life-long Democrat says she may vote for Trump in November and here’s the main reason why.

Source: Watch As Lifelong Democrat Says She Will “Never Vote For Hillary”


Wassermann- Schultz to step down as DNC chairwoman, amid email fallout 

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Little Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s actions where part of Hillary’s plan to deny Bernie Sanders any possibility of winning the nomination.

Now she must fall on her sword to save Hillary.


Debbie Wassermann Schultz announced Sunday she will soon step down as Democratic National Committee chairwoman, amid the fallout over leaked emails indicating an anti-Bernie Sanders bias in her operation — a stunning development just hours before the start of her party’s convention.

Source: Wasserman Schultz to step down as DNC chairwoman, amid email fallout | Fox News

Gun Confiscation Begins in California » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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This will be happening nationwide if  Hillary or Bernie become president. the home of the #1 Internet News Show in the World.

Source: Gun Confiscation Begins in California » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Former Top Clinton Adviser Reveals Why Hillary May Not Be Dem Nominee

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This is from Western Journalism. 

The upcoming Dippy Crap Convention could be a free for all.

Might even be worth watching.

In the story below they are suggesting Slow Joe Biden and Princess Fauxcahontas Warren as the nominees .

Democratic strategist and former Bill Clinton adviser Doug Schoen laid out an increasingly plausible scenario whereby Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat Party nominee.

Schoen made the case during a Thursday morning appearance on Fox News Channel, and in an op-ed in the Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal.

Schoen told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, “Very simply, if she loses California, as is possible … if there is a finding of some culpability by the Justice Department in the email scandal, the super delegates may well move away from her, aided by what I’m sure will be a rule change proposal by Bernie Sanders.”

According to Bloomberg Politics, Clinton currently holds a 1,769-1,501 lead over Sanders in pledged delegates. The lead increases to 2,312-1,545 when super delegates are thrown in.

But as Clinton learned in her race with Barack Obama in 2008, those delegates can switch their vote at the convention. There are 854 delegates up for grabs in Tuesday’s seven primary races, including over 500 in California, where Clinton and Sanders are running neck-and-neck.

Fox News contributor Monica Crowley, who also appeared with Schoen during the Thursday Fox segment, predicted last August that Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., would be the Democrat ticket in lieu of Clinton.

In a Washington Times piece entitled Why Obama Is Torpedoing Hillary Clinton, Crowley argued that President Obama’s Justice Department holds Clinton’s entire candidacy in its hands. She chronicled the “bad blood” between that has existed between the former secretary of state and the president for a long time, and giving Biden the opening would, in effect, allow a third Obama term.

“The Democratic ticket will be Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren. That’s what Mr. Obama wants. And what Mr. Obama wants, Mr. Obama gets,” wrote Crowley.

Schoen gave a nod to Crowley for first identifying the scenario.

“I see Biden chomping at the bit. My sources tell me he wants to get in this race as Monica suggested eight, nine months ago. We could have a whole new race,” he told Hemmer.

Crowley chimed in saying, “Keep in mind, if Biden were to run, that [the Democrats] would need to take care of annoyed women if Hillary goes down in flames and the Bernie Sanders left, and they do that with Elizabeth Warren.”

“It’s June 2nd, that’s one hell of scenario,” Hemmer said. “California, the legal issues and the super delegates.”


Venezuela, where a hamburger is officially $170

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This is from Yahoo News.

This will be America under Bernie Sanders.

It will also be America under Hillary Clinton.

A sign reading “No Bread” is displayed at a bakery in Caracas on February 25, 2016 as record shortages of basic goods, runaway inflation and an escalating economic crisis cripple businesses (AFP Photo/Federico Parra)

Caracas (AFP) – If a visitor to Venezuela is unfortunate enough to pay for anything with a foreign credit card, the eye-watering cost might suggest they were in a city pricier than Tokyo or Zurich.

A hamburger sold for 1,700 Venezuelan bolivares is $170, or a 69,000-bolivar hotel room is $6,900 a night, based on the official rate of 10 bolivares for $1.

But of course no merchant is pricing at the official rate imposed under currency controls. It’s the black market rate of 1,000 bolivares per dollar that’s applied.

But for Venezuelans paid in hyperinflation-hit bolivares, and living in an economy relying on mostly imported goods or raw materials, conditions are unthinkably expensive.

Even for the middle class, most of it sliding into poverty, hamburgers and hotels are out-of-reach excesses.

“Everybody is knocked low,” Michael Leal, a 34-year-old manager of an eyewear store in Caracas, told AFP. “We can’t breathe.”

– Shuttered stores –

In Chacao, a middle-class neighborhood in the capital, office workers lined up outside a nut store to buy the cheapest lunch they could afford. Nearby restaurants were all but empty.

Superficially it looked like the center of any other major Latin American city: skyscrapers, dense traffic, pedestrians in short sleeves bustling along the sidewalks.

But look closely and you can see the economic malaise. Many stores, particularly those that sold electronics, were shuttered.

“It’s horrible now,” said Marta Gonzalez, the 69-year-old manager of a corner beauty products store.

“Nobody is buying anything really. Just food,” she said as a male customer used a debit card to pay for a couple of razor blades.

A sign above the register said “We don’t accept credit cards.”

– Lines for necessities –

An upmarket shopping center nearby boasted a leafy rooftop terrace, a spacious Hard Rock cafe, chain stores for Zara, Swarovski and Armani Exchange.

They were all virtually deserted except for bored sales staff.

Instead a line of around 200 people was waiting patiently in front of a pharmacy.

They didn’t know what for, exactly, just that the routine now was to line up for daily deliveries of one subsidized personal hygiene product or another — toothpaste, for instance — and grab their rationed amount before it ran out, usually within a couple of minutes.

“We do this every week. And we don’t know what we’re trying to buy,” said Kevin Jaimes, a 21-year-old auto parts salesman waiting with his family.

“What’s frustrating is when you get into a gigantic line but they run out before you get any.”

The alternative then is to turn to black market merchants who sell goods at grossly inflated rates, often 100 times more than the subsidized price tag.

Jaimes lives with his family of seven, and tries to get by on a monthly salary of 35,000 bolivares — in reality, around $35.

That sum is too paltry for him to even think about dropping into the cinema upstairs in the center, where tickets are 8,800 bolivares.

If somehow he could, he’d find the same sort of entertainment being shown in American multiplexes: “The Jungle Book,” “Captain America: Civil War,” and “Angry Birds.”

But motion pictures and popcorn, while maybe an enticing diversion, are luxuries Venezuelans these days can ill afford.

BRINGING THE BERN: Convention Tensions Come to BOILING POINT for Democrats–It’s Getting UGLY

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This is from Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

I may watch the DippyCraps convention just to see the fireworks.

It’s quite interesting to see how both the Democrats and Republicans are seeing a huge change in ‘establishment’ rule. It’s very clear the people of this nation are sick of seeing business as usual. It’s just more entertaining when the dems attack each other.

Gabriel McArthur is heading to the Democratic National Convention in July to serve as a delegate for Bernie Sanders. Screaming and shouting are a distinct possibility from the Sanders camp at the event, he says.

McArthur and other Sanders supporters are approaching the gathering with the enthusiasm that has powered the effort from the start — holding garage sales, delivering pizza and raising money online to pay for their travel to Philadelphia.

But their nerves are raw now over the Democratic Party’s perceived slights against the insurgent candidate and they are clinging to a bygone hope that Sanders can wrest the nomination from Hillary Clinton despite her overpowering lead in delegates.

As these super-fans chant “Bernie or bust,” Democratic officials are growing increasingly worried about dissent, especially after a recent state convention in Nevada turned raucous. Some of the Sanders backers who are going to the convention as delegates for him — and there are more than 1,400 — give party officials little reason for comfort.

“I don’t think we’re going to see a lot of violence, but we are going to see some screaming and shouting if the DNC doesn’t humanize itself,” McArthur, a 24-year-old administrative assistant in suburban Denver, said of the Democratic National Committee. “A little civil disobedience is OK. It’s part of being an American.”

Sanders delegates, in more than a half-dozen interviews, say that while violence is not their goal for Philadelphia, party unity isn’t their priority, either. They don’t believe he has been treated fairly by the party establishment.

“Anything can happen,” said Jesica Marie Butler, 25, a Sanders delegate from Hawarden, Iowa, who volunteers for the campaign and is raising money on for her trip to Philadelphia. “This is a movement. This is a political revolution. It’s getting people involved in the process. We’re going to stick to it.”


Fury builds among Sanders supporters over stonewalling by Dem establishment

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This is from the American Thinker.

It sounds like the 2016 Democrat Convention will be more hectic than the 1968 Democrat Convention.

The biggest political story that the media wants to ignore is the bitter split in the Democratic Party, as Sanders supporters refuse to capitulate to Hillary Clinton’s purported inevitability, while the party establishment steamrollers the Big Fix in Philadelphia.  The ingredients for a repeat of the disastrous 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago are being assembled, as the media pilot fish at the New York Times and Washington Post prefer to use their resources to deliver the shocking news that Donald Trump likes beautiful women.

Did you know that Hillary supporter Barney Frank “was booed and shouted at as a “sellout” who should “go back to Massachusetts” by Sanders supporters at the Maine State Democratic Convention on Saturday? Somehow, the mainstream media managed to overlook this sign of the divisive passions rending the Democratic Party as its establishment strong-arms Hillary Clinton. Along with the incredible story of the Nevada State Convention where DNC officials fled, violence erupted and John Law had to be called in, signs are that the party is falling apart.

At issue right now is fixing of the standing committees at the Philadelphia convention, especially the rules committee that will shape who is allowed to speak and what is allowed to happen. Daniel Strauss of Politico reports:

The most recent flare-up occurred last week, when Sanders publicly released a letter to Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz accusing her of stacking the deck against him on the convention’s standing committees. “[W]e are prepared to mobilize our delegates to force as many votes as necessary to amend the platform and rules on the floor of the convention,” wrote Sanders, several days after a tense phone conversation with the chairwoman.

According to a Sanders official with knowledge of the call, the senator demanded more representation on the committees but Wasserman Schultz would only assure him that he would have representation. A DNC spokesman declined to characterize the conversation and would only confirm that it took place.

Foolishly, the DNC is virtually freezing out the Sanders faction in the committees that will govern the convention.

Both the Hillary Clinton and Sanders campaigns had submitted names for consideration on the convention’s standing committees, but in January when Wasserman Schultz handed down her final list of 75 nominations — all of whom were approved by the DNC’s Executive Committee — nearly all of Sanders’ choices had been disregarded.

Wasserman Schultz has demonstrated many times her detachment from reality and ability to stick with fantasy, and her current vision, that Sanders supporters will just fall in line and behave themselves on the floor of the convention and outside the venue on the streets is dangerously deluded.

But of course, she answers to Hillary, who is panicking over her inability to close the deal.

The GOP is supposed to be the party that is hopelessly divided. The MSM has told us so many times.  But as the GOP begins to unite, the leadership of the Democrats is behaving like the aristocrats at Versailles as the Parisian mobs gathered in front of the Bastille.

The Philadelphia convention will be must-see TV. I expect Hillary to employ her customary level of finesse, so we could be in for quite a spectacle.

Read more:
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Never Trump Cry-Babies


In the beginning, when the RNC was trying to steal the nomination and give it to “Little Jebbie” or Mitt “The Loser” Romney, I said that I would not vote for President in 2016.

Then I got to thinking about the men and women that fought and died to give me the right to vote. And because of that, I have not missed voting in the last 44 years.

Conservatives not voting in 2012 gave us four more years of Barack Obama, and it will elect either Hillary or Bernie.

There is no way I would let that happen.

I am now going to step on many toes either because I am going to get down to my rant about the Never Trump Cry-Babies:

You say you will not vote for Trump because your favorite did not win primaries and get the nomination, and you say you are a patriot and love America.

I am going to say you are a liar and you do not care about America or her freedom because if you are a patriot and love freedom you would not set on your rear at home and allow Hillary or that crazy Uncle Bernie get elected. They will finish off the murder of America that Obama started.

You say you are a gun owner and you support the Second Amendment.

Once again, Skippy, I am calling you a liar. By not voting you will allow more liberal justices to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Then. by executive orders you’ll see the Second Amendment and free speech destroyed.

You will see the Gestapo kick in your door, then shoot you and your family dead to get your gums.

True Patriots and Second Amendment Supporters would stand and fight to not let tyranny win.

So suck it up, Buttercup! Put on your big boy/big girl panties and support Donald Trump in November, 2016. 

I do not want my grandchildren to ask me to tell them what is was like when America was free.

I also do not want to explain why a bunch of Never Trump Cry-Babies did not vote and allowed the destroyers of freedom and America come to power.

Many of you Never Trump Cry-Babies want someone to run as a third-party candidate. Head cry-baby William Kristol wants Mitt “The Loser” Romney to run third-party.

Mitt “The Loser” could not get elected in 2012 and it will not happen in 2016 as a third-party candidate.

Many of you Never Trump Cry-Babies say you will vote for the Libertarian candidate. Well, Skippy, I am going to rain on your parade. The Libertarian does not stand a snowball’s chance.



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This is from Patriot UpDate.

It’s amazing how the millennial group is FLOCKING to Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.David Crowder, beloved Conservative comedian has published this open letter to the spoiled generation in hopes of enlightening them to the cold reality of the common sense that they lack!


Being an adult can be a major drag. We have to get jobs. Pay bills. Pay taxes. Make our own appointments. Go to bed early so we can get up early and shuffle on to work the next morning so we can pay for all the stuff we need to continue working. Also the refrigerator doesn’t magically fill itself. Someone should tell Whirlpool about that. Have you noticed that in order for food to be prepared… you have to prepare it? Ridiculous. I’m calling my mom.

Adulthood isn’t what we thought it would be.

My fellow millennials, for sure we have our challenges. Many of you were raised in broken homes. Many of you were exposed to divorce. It’s possible a lot of you didn’t live with your father or may not have known him at all. Combine home life with the rise of political correctness in school, taking its dangerous form of “self-esteem above all,” and no wonder you think life is unfair but you should have it all.

Look, I’m sorry life screwed you over in the early years. I’m sorry if you were shuffled to daycare day in and day out. I’m sorry if you don’t have memories of playing with your parents. But most of all, I’m sorry you were not instilled with the grand idea of personal responsibility. I’m sorry you were not empowered with the notion that YOU are the commander of your own life. If you take nothing else from this post, believe that no matter who you are, you can succeed. Without government.

Because guess what, my friends? You’re abject loyalty to socialism is going to tank our country. Your insistence on getting what you want and making other people pay for it, all under the guise of “fairness,” will lead to ruin. For everyone. Including you.

You were likely taught in school of the virtues of socialism. How a government looking after its people via taking over businesses would promote equality. To each according to his need. Sharing, you were told, is caring. Awww! It’s a better world where everyone has the same things. It’s a better world when we’re all equal! No one is rich, no one is poor. Utopia.

Well, the education system kind of screwed fooled you. They told some white lies here and there. Why shouldn’t they? A public school is just a state school. A government school. Why wouldn’t those schools promote the same system which would ensure they continue on regardless of the outcome?

The truth about socialism is much different. See, socialism removes human ambition from the equation. Actually it does more than that. Socialism punishes human ambition. Those who strive to be their best, to do their best, only highlight the masses of humans who do not strive. Who fail. And that’s just. Not. Fair. It’s not fair for a few people to succeed while others don’t.

Viola, socialism. The idea that people who suck at life get to take from people who don’t suck at life, because it’s not fair that a few people who are either brilliant, hard-working, both brilliant and hardworking, should succeed more than people who are not brilliant or hard-working. BOO! Socialism promotes human mediocrity.

Question for you: Who are these angels in government who are going to make things fair? After you’ve answered that question, answer me this: why do you put more trust in these elected strangers, who address you while reading from a teleprompter, with YOUR LIFE than you trust your own self? Why do you put so much faith in Bernie Sanders’s plan to save you than you trust yourself to save you?

America was founded on the idea that human beings should be free to live their own lives. To be masters of their own destiny. That, by the way, is the definition of American Exceptionalism. People, not government, should be in charge of their own lives. They should be free. Free to succeed. Free to fail.

Which is why the blind embrace of socialism would systematically unwind what America is. Why? Because a lot of you just plain suck. Sorry for the tough love, but come on.
Interestingly, and I’m not using that word sarcastically, when you socialist millennials decide to pull on your big boy and big girl pants, go out into the world and fight for yourself, you leave socialism behind. After learning you can take care of yourself, it just requires a crap ton of work and less whining, your imaginary friend socialism loses its appeal.

From The Washington Post:
The expanded social welfare state Sanders thinks the United States should adopt requires everyday people to pay considerably more in taxes. Yet millennials become averse to social welfare spending if they foot the bill. As they reach the threshold of earning $40,000 to $60,000 a year, the majority of millennials come to oppose income redistribution, including raising taxes to increase financial assistance to the poor.

Lemme translate that for you: you’re totally cool with socialism… until you’re the one paying for it.

Welcome to the real world, kids. Where those of us who work don’t want to pay for those people who don’t. You know why? You had this one right earlier on. There is absolutely nothing fair about someone who works paying for someone who doesn’t. There is nothing fair about the government (made up of elected people) deciding who succeeds and who does not.

America. It gives you the freedom to be great. It gives you the opportunity to strive. What you need isn’t for the government to “make things fair.” What you need is for the government to get the hell out of your way, so you can be the best version of you.

Now, doesn’t that sound better than sameness?

Let’s hope that actually sinks in to some of them now!

Bloomberg Says He Won’t Run For President And ‘Risk’ Electing Trump Or Cruz


This is from NPR.

This announcement has made Hillary and Bernie very happy.

Yet it makes them sad because when Hillary or Bernie net the nomination and lose, they will not have Nanny Bloomberg to blame.

American gun owners win also.

Former three-term mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg said Monday he will not run for president, after months of speculation that he would jump in as in independent during a campaign in which it seems anything could happen.

In a column on his opinion site Bloomberg View, he said looking at the data made it “clear to me that if I entered the race, I could not win.” He added that he feared his running could split votes enough to give Donald Trump or Ted Cruz an advantage.

Bloomberg writes that he believes he could have won a number of states but that ultimately the race could come down to three people in the general election, none of whom would get enough electoral votes to win the presidency. That would put the onus on the Republican-controlled Congress and, as Bloomberg writes, “out of the hands of the American people.”

“As the race stands now, with Republicans in charge of both Houses, there is a good chance that my candidacy could lead to the election of Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz,” he said. “That is not a risk I can take in good conscience.”

Bloomberg wrote a searing critique of Trump, saying he has “run the most divisive and demagogic presidential campaign I can remember, preying on people’s prejudices and fears.” In particular, he hit Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the country, and called Sen. Cruz’s “pandering on immigration … no less extreme” than Trump’s.

Bloomberg said he had given “serious consideration” to running. The New York Timesreported that he had “quietly laid groundwork” for a campaign including a network of “several dozen strategists and staff members,” and had conducted polling and even produced TV ads and set up campaign offices.

He said the decision not to run comes despite the fact that he has “always been drawn to impossible challenges.”

“All of us have an obligation as voters to stand up on behalf of ideas and principles that, as Lincoln said, represent ‘the last best hope of Earth,'” he continued. “I hope and pray I’m doing that.”

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