H/T Clash Daily.

Bill Clinton was busy getting Lewinsky’s and playing with a cigar to get Bin Laden or stop North Korea.

You see, it’s because he was so very busy doing so much good in the world.

He’s only one guy, you see?

(We notice he left out that part about letting Osama Bin Laden go free.)

Watch Bill tell Craig Melvin that he could have denuclearized North Korea at the 12-minute mark:

Given the choice between stopping North Korea from going nuclear, and getting stood up by the Palestinian side for Middle-East Peace talks… he chose being stood up.

He ‘kind of’ regrets it. But he would have made the same decision.

It’s a typical Clinton non-apology.

Is there ANYTHING he will actually take credit for?

The fact that America was stuck with Hillary’s political career, for example?

We’re not holding our breath.