California Democrats fear losing congressional seat over census proposal to only count Americans

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H/T BizPac Review.

This is why Smuckie Schumer and company want amnesty for the DACA crowd so they will get on welfare and vote DemocRat. 

California Democrats are increasingly worried over losing a Congressional seat if proposed changes to the U.S. Census are implemented.

AP Jerry Brown

California Gov. Jerry Brown speaks in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)

Paul Mitchell of Political Data Inc. told Politico “there’s a lot of fear” about the upcoming 2020 Census count.

California Dem’s new-found fear is only exasperated by President Trump’s hardline stance on illegal immigration. The current Department of Justice sent a letter in December to the Census Bureau requesting that the citizenship question that was eliminated under the Obama administration be reinstated.

Fed-up! Trump’s DHS Secretary takes steps to put officials in jail for ‘sanctuary city’ policies 

Democrats are worried if questions about citizenship are added back into the Census, thousands of immigrants will be too afraid to participate, resulting in an undercount that could cost the state billions of federal funding, Politico reported.

“The state is starting to get together resources, because it does have an actual direct impact … on state revenues if we have a severe undercount,” Mitchell added.

Even worse for Dems, it could cost the state one its 53 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. That seat was already in jeopardy according to a data study conducted last month that concluded California was coming “very close” to losing a seat, regardless of immigrant participation, Politico reported.

As middle-class families continue to flee crime and crushing taxes, California’s population growth has become stagnant, according to the data study.

Footage of California’s once scenic landscape has been making the rounds on social media for weeks. Large swaths of homeless “communities” and litter covered streets are becoming a familiar sight. It’s not exactly what many Americans would call “progressive” by definition of the term. The following footage was taken from Orange County, Calif, Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire, reported.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration’s Census request has Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown and his allies seeing red.

On Wednesday, Brown proposed spending 40 million on the state’s own Census related outreach, and Calif. Sec. of State Alex Padilla told Politico proposed changes could have a “devastating effect.”

“The citizenship question is just the latest red flag — maybe one of the biggest — but just the latest red flag,” Padilla said.

California has been under national scrutiny for its new “sanctuary state” law that offers protected refuge to illegal aliens who enter the U.S. unvetted. Radical policies, high taxes, and a disappearing middle-class has rural communities organizing to secede from the state in order to form a “New California.”

Many people living outside of California’s cities and high-density coastal communities feel they are not being represented by their state’s legislators. Map of proposed, “New California” state.

But Daniel Zingale from the California Endowment advocacy group, blames the state’s woes on Trump, of course.

“It’s already a toxic environment coming forward from D.C.,” Zingale told Politico.

“When you add up all of these things — the abandonment of competent leadership, the proposed citizenship question, the hostile environment toward a state like ours and our diverse population, it is perceived here as a less than act of good faith coming from Washington, D.C.,” Zingale said.

“I think Californians have never felt less represented in the national capital than we’re feeling right now.”

Really? Perhaps Zingale should speak to the growing numbers Californians who feel they aren’t represented by lawmakers from their own state.



Trump declares Obama’s special deal with NY and New Jersey ‘non-existent’ – saves taxpayers a load

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H/T BizPac Review.

The taxpayer support of the whole Amtrak boondoggle needs to end now.


The Trump administration has put the brakes on a $13 billion rail tunnel project first proposed in 2015 under President Barack Obama.

The plan calls for the federal government to fund half of the cost to fix a deteriorating Amtrak tunnel between New Jersey to New York City, repair damage to a dual-tunnel conduit and reconstruct the New Jersey railroad network’s aging Portal Bridge, Fox News reported, citing a Crane’s New York Business article.

Amtrak says the existing tunnel is damaged and could fail within 10 to 15 years.

The costs for the project were to be split among New York, New Jersey and the federal government, but the Trump White House is saying the deal was now “non-existent.”

The reason given was that the states recently requested that their portions be covered by loans from the federal government, leaving Washington to pony up all of the initial funding for what the Trump White House is calling “a local project,” according to Fox News.

As a social media users aptly noted, “Why should taxpayers in South Dakota or South Carolina have to chip in for a rail tunnel for Jersey commuters who work in New York?”

Why should taxpayers in South Dakota or South Carolina have to chip in for a rail tunnel for Jersey commuters who work in New York? Pay for the damn project out of the fare box or forget it. 

K. Jane Williams, deputy administrator of the Federal Transit Administration, broke the news to New York and New Jersey in a letter Friday.

“Your letter also references a non-existent ’50/50′ agreement between USDOT, New York, and New Jersey. There is no such agreement,” Williams wrote.

“We consider it unhelpful to reference a non-existent ‘agreement’ rather than directly address the responsibility for funding a local project where nine out of 10 passengers are local transit riders.”

With President Donald Trump expected to unveil a $1 trillion national infrastructure plan in January, Fox News noted that the letter leaves in doubt whether the Gateway project, as the tunnel revitalization plan is called, will be included.

Paul explains ‘automatic’ vs. ‘semi-automatic’ for Whoopi in embarrassing on-air gun lesson

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This is from BizPac Review.

Whoopi embarrasses herself every time she opens her uninformed mouth.

Ronald Reagan’s famous quote about Liberals knowing “so much that isn’t so” comes to mind when “The View” hosts recently discussed the topic of gun control.

Blindly praising President Obama’s latest executive overreach, Whoopi Goldberg told Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul on Wednesday, that she couldn’t understand any objection to “getting rid of automatic weapons.”

“Automatic weapons, they’re not for hunting. They do nothing. They’re only there to kill. And you’ll notice that a lot of things that have happened, have happened with automatic weapons,” Goldberg said.

The adoring crowd cheered before Paul had a chance to explain a few facts.

First, “automatic” weapons have been heavily regulated by the National Firearms Act since 1934.

What Goldberg was referring to was most likely semi-automatic weapons, which Paul was quick to point out.

“What we have is not automatic weapons,” Paul said. “It’s semi-automatic. So they fire in a fairly fast sequence, but you can’t pull the trigger and they come like a machine gun. Those are no longer out there.”

Paul, touted his Kentucky roots and said plenty of people use semi-automatics to hunt as well as for target shooting.

“But the other problem is,” Paul continued “if we take ownership away of specific types of guns, you really have to modify. Something that big has to be either legislation or possibly a Constitutional amendment.”

It certainly shouldn’t be unilaterally decided, with the authoritarian power of a king.

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Gun-waving ‘kill cops and white people’ activist thought a black woman judge would let her off easy – WRONG!

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This is from BizPac Review. 

It is refreshing  a judge that is not willing to look the other way because the defendant is black.

The defendant, though she would get a pass from a black judge.

Image Source WSB-TV

Image Source WSB-TV


A Georgia #BlackLivesMatter activist, who posted video threats against police, didn’t get any special treatment just because her judge was also a black woman.

Clayton County Magistrate Judge Wanda Dallas didn’t buy Latausha Nedd‘s  argument that she was just exercising her First Amendment rights by waving a gun and a machete at the camera in her videos, and calling for “blacks to take police officer’s guns, take over a police station, and kill white people.”

Dallas slapped Nedd with $70,000 bail, and declared that charges of criminal solicitation and terroristic threats should go forward.

Atlanta’s WSB-TV showed parts of the nearly 14 minutes of video that prosecutors played in court.

In her remarks, the judge slammed  the defendant, who was arrested on September 24 after her videos were emailed to authorities, telling her that “more violence to protest violence gets us nowhere.” She also imposed strict conditions, including that Nedd cannot post videos online while awaiting trial.

Nedd’s lawyers argued that the videos were “hacked from an online video chat room” and not intended to go viral all over the web.  Her father, who works for police department in Long Island, New York, also testified on his daughter’s behalf.

“My daughter is no way a threat to—especially police officers,” he told the station.



Fellow activists have flocked to Nedd’s defense.

Project South, a “bottom-up movement building for social and economic justice,” according to its website, wrote on its Facebook page that “Latausha is a well-loved and committed community activist who has worked with several local organizations over the last eight to ten years. She is an artist, a musician, a singer, and an organizer.”

The statement continued, “if her words and expressions of rage are allowed to be understood as criminal or terroristic, not only is her life and well-being threatened, the future of our collective liberation faces deep, complicated challenges.”

Judge Dallas disagreed: “collective liberation” doesn’t justify waving guns into a camera while making threats to kill white people.  And that’s good news for the rest of us whose lives also matter.

Watch the video below, courtesy of WSB-TV.

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What if shooter had targeted Muslims, not Christians? Obama would have mentioned THAT in his speech

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This is from BizPac Review.

If the scumbag from Oregon had targeted Muslim or blacks, Obama would have screamed this from the rooftops.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee observed that President Barack Obama “conveniently just ignores it” when victims of a violent act, such as Thursday’s mass shooting at an Oregon community college, are Christian.

Multiple witnesses said that the Umpqua Community College shooter targeted Christians, shooting them in the head while shooting non-Christians in the leg.

In an interview with Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg Friday, Malzberg asked Huckabee, “What if the shooter had said, ‘Are you a Muslim?’ And shot those in the head who were Muslim. Do you think the president would have mentioned that?”

There was no hesitation from Huckabee

“Of course he would,” he said. “The president always wants to be defensive and tell us there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. These aren’t religious people even though we all know they are. But it seems when the target is a Christian he conveniently just ignores it, denies it or just moves on to something else. I do think that it is incredibly significant that there was a religious intent and motive in this shooter’s attitude.”

Watch the full interview below. The Muslim question begins at the 4:30 mark.

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Rush knows why the media are hyping Carly Fiorina — and it’s NOT because they love her

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This is from BizPac Review.

The Obama Media wants to nominate Carly Fiorina because they know, like in 08,12 the Conservative Base will stay home.

So Hillary or Slow Joe will become president.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has a theory about why the liberal media are “hyping” Carly Fiorina as the presidential choice for Republicans.

They want to use her to get rid of front-runner Donald Trump.

A caller to the radio program Friday complained that the media were hiding all the dirt on Fiorina, calling her a “political insider” who will do “anything she can to get ahead.”

“Because they want to get rid of Trump,” Limbaugh said. “This is the mistake people are making. It’s not that they like Fiorina. They never liked McCain. They just made him think they did and everybody else. They don’t like any Republican.

“Do not mistake this. Look, this is very, very important for everybody to understand. And the reason it’s very, very important is this is how they choose our nominees for us. This is how they choose our candidates for us, by making us think they like them,” Limbaugh said.

He said the reason the media are pushing Fiorina after CNN’s GOP debate Wednesday, just as they pushed McCain, is that they are afraid Trump can win.

“After this performance they’re hyping Fiorina, for a whole host of reasons, primarily to get rid of Trump. But the media is not ever going to like any of our nominees, and they’re never going to support any of them in a presidential election,” Limbaugh said.

“So, it’s important to understand when you watch this, it’s not that they love Carly Fiorina. They love what supporting her now might enable them to accomplish, and that is get rid of a Republican who can win. That’s what’s going on here. Not hard to see.”

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Starbucks denies Philly police officer use of bathroom; cops are steaming mad

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This is from BizPac Review.

Anyone care to bet the clerk was a Son or Daughter of Obama.

A downtown Philadelphia Starbucks has become the latest business to find itself in trouble because of a rude employee who apparently doesn’t like cops.

The incident occurred Friday, when a woman behind the Starbucks counter allegedly refused to allow a city police officer to use the restroom because he wasn’t a paying customer.

The sergeant’s Facebook post of the incident went viral, according to local NBC affiliate News 10, which reported:

The post, which does not identify the sergeant involved, says he walked into the Starbucks at 13th and Chestnut streets and asked to use the restroom, for which a key code is required. The employee, according to the post, “State[d] in a loud voice … that the bathroom is for paying customers only.” The post goes on to say that the sergeant asked politely to use the restroom anyway, and that the Starbucks employee declined to grant access.

Starbucks wrote an apology on its page.

“We are aware of this situation, and it is certainly not in line with the experience we want any of our customers to have in our stores,” Starbucks wrote. “We are taking all necessary steps to ensure this doesn’t happen in the future.”

Here’s the full post:

FB post

A Starbucks customer registered his disgust with the coffee shop:

“Thought you world like to know this happened at your 1301 Chestnut St in Philadelphia. In a time when police are being made the enemy, Your clerk pulls this nonsense. And might I point out, this store is a frequent caller to police for some sort of service.”

The incident is similar to one at an Arby’s franchise in Pembroke Pines, Florida, where an employee refused to wait on a uniformed police officer. In that case, the chain’s CEO and its senior vice president issued an apology, but officers were still furious.

“Not a paying customer” was the Philadelphia clerk’s excuse? Police officers pay every day they don their uniforms, put on their badges and strap their guns to their hips, putting their lives in danger to protect the citizenry.

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Sheriff Clarke furious at deputy’s murder; who really started the ‘war on police?’

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This is from BizPac Review.

I can answer  Sheriff  Clarke’s question the people who are responsible for the war on the police are as follows.

Barack Obama,Jessie Jackson,Al Sharpton,Eric Holder and Louis Farrakhan.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. laid it out for Judge Jeanine Pirro in an interview Saturday, and he wasn’t holding back.

Saying he was “too pissed off to be diplomatic” about Friday’s ambush and murder of a uniformed deputy sheriff in Houston, Clarke blamed the White House for the “war on police.”

On Saturday, authorities announced the arrest of Shannon J. Miles, 30, a man with a criminal record, in the shooting death of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth. Charged with capital murder, Miles could face the death penalty.

“I said last December that war had been declared against the American police officer, led by some high-profile people,” Clarke told Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on “Justice With Judge Jeanine” Saturday.

“One of them coming out of the White House, another one coming out of the United States Department of Justice. And it’s open season right now, there’s no doubt about it.”

Clarke referred to members of the Black Lives Matter movement who chant “No justice, no peace” as “black slime that needs to be eradicated from the American society.”

Pirro observed that “without leadership … people seem to be emboldened by this kind of thing.”

“Right,” Clarke said. “And that’s why I said the president of the United States started this war on police.”

Watch the interview, via Fox News.

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Cops’ dash-cam destroys police brutality charge; bystander’s video left out something key

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This is from BizPac Review.

The  drunken thug that was being arrested was a Son of Obama.

Anyone care to bet the people providing the video and claiming police brutality are Children of Obama?


This is one case where getting the whole picture made the difference.

A video recorded by a bystander of two Kansas police officers wrestling a man on the ground began to go viral for purportedly showing police engaging in excessive force — until the cops provided their own videos.

While footage of the “brutality,” shot by the bystander looked rough, it started when the suspect John Harrison, 30, was already on the ground and police were attempting to handcuff him. What it didn’t show was what initially caused the rough response from police.

Fortunately, dash-cam and personal body camera videos provided to KSHB by the Lenexa Police Department paint a complete picture, showing Harrison taking a swing at the officers before being slammed to the ground.

Harrison was ultimately charged with two counts of battery against a police officer, having an open container, driving on a suspended license and obstructing the legal process.

The incident is a good example of why police should be armed with body cameras.

Otherwise, their fate, and careers might rest in the hands of amateurs with cell phone cameras looking for their 15 minutes of fame and a public itching to blame the police and who generally don’t care about gathering all the facts before passing judgement.

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Meddling govt. gone wild: BBQ aroma leaving your property is ‘PROHIBITED’

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This is from BizPac Review.

Florida has become as loony as Kalifornia.

I guess the neighbor was mad because she did not get an invitation to the BBQ or maybe she is a radical vegan.

Are they coming after our barbecues now?

Before you fire up that grill next time, you may want to check for possible code violations.

A Pinellas County, Florida, man didn’t, and ended up being the one getting burned, according to The Free Thought Project.

When Scotty Jordan lit up his grill last week, he reportedly received a visit from Joe Graham, a Pinellas County Air Compliance officer, who promptly wrote Jordan up in a complaint.

The infraction? Creating a “nuisance odor.”

Pinellas County code provides, according to its website:

Commercial barbecue cookers are not exempt from causing a nuisance odor. If a sufficient number of complaints, representing different households, are reported and an Inspector witnesses the problem, they can issue a Warning Letter.

A woman living across the street from Jordan reportedly filed a complaint with Air Compliance, which sent Graham running with his complaint book in hand.

“I can smell it again right now, but I’m on your property,” Graham told Jordan and his guests, according to a video taken of the exchange and posted on Jordan’s Facebook page. “You’re allowed to have it smell on your property, so that doesn’t count, but when I’m on the street, that’s when it counts.”

“So we’re supposed to control the smoke and the wind and where it’s blowing it?” Jordan asks.

“What you’re doing looks like it may be counter to the rule as far as the objectionable odor,” Graham said. “You have smoke leaving … that’s prohibited. I saw smoke leaving your property.” Graham said he was  going to “write it up and send it to our department.”

Jordan’s Facebook post has been shared nearly 75,000 times.

If you think you’re safe because you live in a community that’s not run by nimrods, think again. The EPA is considering similar rules at the federal level.

In a statement published earlier this year, the EPA said:

We expect to limit the overall pollution PM [particulate matter] emissions from barbecuing and to alleviate some of the acute health hazards that a barbecue pit master can experience from inhaling.

Watch the video of the encounter via Sure News.

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