Female Trooper Verbally Attacked By McDonald’s Employee At Drive-Thru

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H/T Blue Lives Matter.

Bathhouse Barry Obama is responsible for stirring up this hatred of the police.

An Illinois state trooper was verbally attacked at a McDonald’s drive-thru on Tuesday.

​Normal, IL – A McDonald’s employee who vulgarly berated an on-duty Illinois State Police (ISP) trooper in the restaurant’s drive-thru was fired within hours of the verbal attack, the franchise owner said on Tuesday.

“We support men and women in blue, first responders, and our troops,” Mikel Petro told Blue Lives Matter. “As soon as we found out about it, we reacted.”

According to a Facebook post made by the unnamed ISP trooper’s sister, the incident occurred at approximately 11 a.m. on Monday, when the trooper ordered her lunch at the McDonald’s drive-thru.

When the uniformed trooper pulled up in her marked patrol car to pay for her meal, she received an unexpected greeting from the female employee at the window.

“The girl said to her, ‘I just have to say this to [you]. F**k the police!’” the trooper’s sister wrote.

Instead of responding, the trooper pulled forward to the next window. But when that window opened, a male employee was laughing at her.

“Wow, that’s a female trooper she said that to,” the employee said, while other workers laughed, according to the post.

Given the situation, the trooper opted to throw her meal away, and later contacted the business’s corporate office, the post said.

Petro told Blue Lives Matter that he was notified of the incident through a representative of the trooper, and that he immediately “took her statement” and began investigating what had occurred.

“I have no reason to distrust an officer,” he said. “We have friends and family who are first responders, and I would hope any of our customers would feel comfortable enough to bring something like this to our attention.”

Petro said that he relied on the trooper’s statement and security camera footage from inside the restaurant to identify the employee, and that the trooper confirmed that they had located the correct individual.

“She was terminated within hours,” Petro said of the employee. “[She] not only violated our own personal beliefs and code of conduct, but also violated the stores harassment code.”

Co-owner Jack Millan agreed with Petro’s decision to terminate the woman.

“We were absolutely appalled,” Millan told the Herald & Review. “Our discussion wasn’t about what to do, but rather about verifying who, and terminating that person immediately.”

Petro told Blue Lives Matter that the restaurant has apologized to the trooper and the ISP through the trooper’s representatives, and that he provided them with his personal contact information in case the trooper wanted to speak with him directly.

“We take pride in our business and our community,” he said. “And we appreciate our customers.”

Blue Lives Matter reached out to the ISP trooper, but had not received a response at publication time.



FL Court To Decide If Cops Get Same Self-Defense Rights As Non-Sworn

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H/T Blue Lives Matter.

Just because you put on a badge and become a LEO you should not lose your right to self defense.

The Florida Supreme Court will determine whether police will be allowed to invoke the stand your ground law.

​Tallahassee, FL – The Florida Supreme Court will determine whether or not law enforcement officers will be able to invoke the “stand your ground” law if they are accused of using excessive force in the line of duty.

The court announced on Friday that it will review the case against Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Peter Peraza, after a lower court dismissed a manslaughter charge against him in 2016 when the deputy invoked stand your ground, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

“As far as I’m aware, the Peraza case was the first time that stand your ground was asserted and used successfully for an officer charged in an on-duty shooting in Florida,” Broward Police Benevolent Association attorney Eric Schwartzreich, who represents Deputy Peraza, told the Sun-Sentinel.

Enacted by the Florida legislature in 2005, the stand your ground law eliminated “duty to retreat” rules with regard to self-defense or defense of others, and thereby granted prosecutorial immunity to those who use force to defend themselves or others.

On July 31, 2013, Deputy Peraza and other officers were dispatched to a report of a man carrying a .22 caliber rifle in Oakland Park, near a swimming pool where youth were playing, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Police arrived to find 33-year-old Jermain McBean, who was walking with the weapon propped on his shoulder. When officers ordered him to put the gun down, McBean did not comply.

Deputy Peraza testified that McBean appeared to raise the weapon as if he was going to fire it, prompting the deputy to shoot at the threat.

McBean died at the scene. Investigators later learned that the weapon was a realistic-looking air rifle, which McBean had purchased at a local pawn shop shortly before the encounter.

“I really thought that I could be killed,” Deputy Peraza said during a 2016 pretrial hearing, according to the Sun-Sentinel. “I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

The 14-year veteran of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said he was also concerned for others in the area.

“My sergeant could have been killed,” Deputy Peraza said, according to WPLG. “He could have shot somebody in the pool area.”

The deputy was arrested on Dec. 11, 2015, following a grand jury indictment, and charged with manslaughter with a firearm, WPLG reported.

After Deputy Peraza invoked stand your ground, Broward Circuit Judge Michael Usan dismissed the charge against him, prompting prosecutors to appeal to the Fourth District Court of Appeal, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

In August of 2017, the appeals court upheld Usan’s decision.

But Usan’s ruling conflicted with a 2012 decision in another Florida appeals case, which determined that police are bound by another statute with regard to use of force.

“Stand your ground is not consistent with the training for police officers, who are supposed to use the least force necessary,” Former federal prosecutor and current Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber told the Sun-Sentinel in January. “You don’t want to take away their rights as citizens, but can they be a police officer if they are not going to follow their rules of engagement? It’s a fascinating question.”

Broward prosecutors and the Florida Attorney General argued that police are held to a different standard than civilians, and that the stand your ground law is not intended to protect officers.

“The Legislature limited the immunity available to officers acting with violence in their official capacity when it enacted” rules that govern officers’ of force, Attorney General Pam Bondi and two assistants wrote in an appeal.

If police are allowed to invoke stand your ground, the use of force laws are essentially “meaningless,” they said.

“The original intent is for all law abiding people to have the protection of their self-protection rights,” one of the stand your ground law’s original sponsors, Sen. Dennis Boxley, said in an e-mail to the Sun-Sentinel. “But in the performance of official duties as a professional, other training, policy, and protocols would apply.”

Deputy Peraza continues to work for the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Stand your ground has previously been successfully invoked to protect officers from civil liability in shooting cases, but it has not been tested in the criminal case of a law enforcement officer before Deputy Peraza.

The decision in his case was expected to impact the case of ex-Palm Beach Gardens cop Nouman Raja, who was charged with manslaughter in the fatal 2015 shooting of stranded motorist Corey Jones.

A Palm Beach judge is scheduled to hear stand-your-ground arguments from Raja’s attorney in March, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Death Row Cop Killer Deemed Not Competent Enough To Be Executed

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H/T Blue Lives Matter.

This murdering scumbag knew what he was doing thirty years ago he should have died thirty years ago.

A cop killer, who has been on death row for 30 years, was granted a reprieve.

Atmore, AL – A cop killer, who is one of the longest serving inmates on Alabama’s death row, was granted a reprieve by the U.S. Supreme Court on Jan. 25 because he suffers from dementia, and claims he can’t remember murdering the police officer.

Vernon Madison, 67, has been convicted three times of murdering Mobile Police Department (MPD) Corporal Julius Schulte on April 18, 1985.

On the night he was fatally shot, Cpl. Schulte was responding to a call for a domestic disturbance involving a missing child on Etta Avenue, reported.

Cheryl Ann Green’s 10-year-old daughter had been located by the time he arrived, but as Cpl. Schulte waited for another officer to arrive, Greene and Madison, her live-in boyfriend, got into an argument.

In court, Greene testified that Cpl. Schulte calmly advised Madison to leave.

He told Madison, “Son, just get your things and go. Don’t create a disturbance in the street,” she said, according to

Cpl. Schulte didn’t leave right away, but instead, sat in his police car in front of the residence.

“The night he got shot, he was not going to leave,” Cpl. Schulte’s son, Michael Schulte, told “It was like he sensed that there was something underlying there, an aggravation between these two adults, not the child, but the child was just what tipped the scales that one time.”

A few minutes later, Madison returned and approached Cpl. Schulte’s parked police car from the rear.

Madison fired a handgun twice at the officer through the driver’s window of the police cruiser before turning the gun his girlfriend. Greene was shot in the back as she tried to get away.

Cpl. Schulte was shot twice in the head, and died of his wounds a week later.

Madison received a death sentence for murdering the much-beloved police officer, who was known for his contributions to children in the community.

The killer utilized every possible tactic for delaying his execution, and has been on death row for 30 years.

He was finally going to be executed on Jan. 25, but 30 minutes before he was scheduled to be given a lethal injection, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas called a halt to the execution, CNNreported.

The stay was in response to a request from Madison’s attorneys at the Equal Justice Initiative, who argued their client was not competent to be executed.

It will remain in place until the court determines whether it will review Madison’s case. If they decline to review it, his execution will be rescheduled.

Family and friends were outraged that Madison’s execution had been delayed yet again.

“I’ve seen news accounts from different news sources … ‘Vernon Morris, dementia patient, stroke patient, set to die for murder of a cop …’ Yes he’s got dementia, but that will not take way from what he did at 34 years old,” Mobile Police Detective Raymond Grissett told “He was a violent criminal, a career criminal as far as I’m concerned, and he executed a police officer and tried to kill his girlfriend.”

Detective Grissett, 59, first met Cpl. Schulte while spending time with his own father, who was a homicide detective.

“He was just a big ol’ teddy bear,” Det. Grissett told Inside Edition. “He put that big gruff look on his face, but he was a kind, gentle guy. He’d always speak to you when he saw you.”

He said Cpl. Schulte had the “patience and compassion” required for serving MPD’s juvenile division.

“He was a step-in parent to many children who were wayward in life,” Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran, who worked in the juvenile division alongside Schulte, told “He’d help round up kids, runaways and investigate those cases where maybe a runaway had a good reason to be running away. He’d see all aspects of it and help in any way he could. He was in community policing before community policing was a thing.”

Betty Schulte, Cpl. Schulte’s widow, has accepted numerous posthumous awards on her husband’s behalf including a proclamation from both houses of the Alabama Legislature, a flag and Medal of Honor bestowed by the American Police Hall of Fame, the Exchange Club of Mobile’s Medal of Valor, and a plaque at the city’s youth center where he was a popular figure.

Cpl. Schulte’s friends and family had looked forward to Madison’s execution as a means to have closure on a wound that has been bleeding for 30 years.

“Every time it comes up … [his son] has to relive everything,” Det. Grissett told “Officers that remember Julius have to relive everything.”

The court planned to further review claims that Madison is mentally incompetent in the context of its previous determination that inmates must have a “rational understanding” that they are going to be executed and of the reason for the execution.

“[Madison] has fought it so long, it’s his own actions that have delayed it,” Sheriff Cochran said. “To me, it’s just been a mockery of the justice through the years.”

VIDEO: Woman Shoots Cop In Face With BB, Cop Shoots Back With Bullets

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H/T Blue Lives Matter.

When you are stuck on stupid and point a gun at the police you get killed.

A 72-year-old woman who opened fire on officers with a BB gun was fatally shot by police on Jan. 17.

Bartlesville, OK – A 72-year-old woman who opened fire on officers with a BB gun was fatally shot by police on Jan. 17.

Much of the incident was captured by a Bartlesville Police Department (BPD) officer’s cell phone, which he affixed to his uniform prior to conducting a drug raid at the residence, KJRH reported.

The incident occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m., when four BPD officers went to the home of Geraldine Townsend to arrest her son, 50-year-old Michael Livingston, on an outstanding illegal drug sales warrant, Tulsa World reported.

The video showed the officers as they approached the home and knocked. They announced themselves three times before they made entry.

“Get on the ground!” the officers immediately began yelling.

A quick popping sound was heard in the video.

“Put that f*****g gun down!” one officer shouted. “Put the f*****g gun down!”

“It’s a BB gun!” Livingston said, as a louder pop was heard. “That’s my mother, man! That’s a BB gun – you killed my mother.”

“We have an officer down, shots fired,” an officer said over his radio.

“You good man?” an officer asked. “Where you shot at?”

“My face,” the other officer replied.

The officer with the camera then exited the home with the officer who was shot in the face, as he attempted to determine the severity of his injuries.

“I’m alright,” the injured officer said.

“F**k dude, you’re shot in the face,” the other officer said.

“It was something, I don’t know what I got shot with,” the injured officer replied.

“Did you see her have the gun?” the officer with the camera asked as he examined his colleague’s injury.

“Yeah I saw her pointing that f*****g gun,” the officer confirmed, adding that he also saw Townsend shoot another officer.

“And then I come back around to cover him, and she pointed it at me again – blam,” he continued. “And then I f*****g shot.”

“Did you shoot her?” the officer asked.

“Yeah, I think so, man, yeah,” the injured officer said.

As they reentered the residence, Livingston begged to see his mother. An injured officer immediately pointed medical personnel in the direction of Townsend.

“Her first,” he said. “I shot her.”

Livingston continued to declare that his mother had been asleep in the home, and that officers had killed her.

“She shot me! Shut up!” one officer finally told him.

“F**k you man, you killed my mother!” Livingston said. “Why did you do that?”

Townsend was transported to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead, Tulsa World reported.

During the altercation, she shot another officer in the leg with the pellet gun. The officer who was shot in the face underwent surgery to remove the projectile, police said.

It’s not clear if she knew that the gun only shot pellets.

“It happened rather quickly, and I’m not so sure that all of the officers on the scene realized the extent of what had happened,” BPD Captain Jay Hastings told CBS News. “They didn’t know right away if they had shot her, if she was hit. He was yelling and screaming in the house, and I think their main point was to get him outside of the house and get him secured and put into a car, because it is a crime scene at that point.”

Livingston was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute, keeping a house where controlled substances are sold, unlawful possession of surveillance equipment, possession of a listening device, and threatening to perform an act of violence.

At the jail, he vowed to kill task force officers and their children.

His bond was set at $500,000.

Due to the number of threats the BPD received following the shooting, the officers’ names are being withheld, Capt. Hastings told CBS News.

The officer who shot Townsend was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, he said.

You can watch footage from the officer’s cell phone video below:


1/3 Baltimore Recruits Fail Final Academy Tests, So They Get Rid Of It

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H/T Blue Lives Matter.

I am sure that the one third of the recruits that are failing this test are minorities because if the recruits were white the test would stay in place.


The Baltimore Police Training Academy’s head of legal instruction said many recruits haven’t met basic standards.

Baltimore, MD – The Baltimore Police Training Academy’s head of legal instruction said that a third of the recruits who will graduate from the academy on Saturday have not demonstrated sufficient understanding of practical legal standards.

“We’re giving them a badge and a gun tomorrow, the right to take someone’s liberty, ultimately the right to take someone’s life if it calls for it, and they have not demonstrated they can meet [basic] constitutional and legal standards,” Sergeant Josh Rosenblatt told The Baltimore Sunon Friday. “Don’t illegally arrest people. Don’t illegally search people. These are not high standards.”

Sgt. Rosenblatt, who is also an attorney, said that he turned to the media after academy leaders refused to address the concerns raised by him and others.

He explained that 17 of the 50 recruits who are being pushed through to graduation by the department were unable to pass basic scenario-based practical tests on legal standards, such as the need to establish probable cause before affecting an arrest.

Four of the recruits were attending the academy for the second time, but were still unable to understand and apply many basic legal concepts after spending 18 months in training, he said.

The testing model wasn’t the problem, Sgt. Rosenblatt explained. He said that he personally implemented the measure two or three years ago, and that there were no problems with prior classes.

But after some recruits failed the legal tests repeatedly, academy administrators reverted to an old, less difficult multiple-choice test, and decided to have the tests administrated by police officers, instead of trainers like Sgt. Rosenblatt.

Every recruit passed the antiquated, less-rigorous test, he said.

“When I said that police officers are not more qualified to test on the law than lawyers are, I was forcefully told that I was wrong,” Sgt. Rosenblatt said.

Acting Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa told The Baltimore Sun that he will be examining the academy’s curriculum, as well as the concerns raised by Sgt. Rosenblatt.

“Under my watch, there isn’t going to be a single police officer who does not satisfactorily pass any Maryland police training requirements,” Commissioner De Sousa vowed. “They won’t be allowed to go on the streets. It’s plain and simple.”

He also defended the use of the multiple-choice test, and said that it met state standards. Commissioner De Sousa did say that he planned to review how testing was conducted on the current class of recruits, however.

“I’ll take a look and that, and we’re doing it really rapidly,” he told The Baltimore Sun.

In the recent past, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh acknowledged that the city was struggling to fill hundreds of police positions. She said that under her administration, officers were being trained and put to work more quickly.

“I was in a position that I had to step up hiring police officers for our city,” Pugh said, adding that her administration had been able dramatically reduce the time needed to “become a police officer.”

The academy’s training concerns came at a particularly instrumental time for the department, which had promised to improve constitutional policing as part of a consent decree following a U.S. Department of Justice investigation.

That investigation determined that officers had made illegitimate stops, searches and seizures, and that a lack of adequate police training was a major concern.

Following Saturday’s graduation, the new recruits will complete eight weeks of training in the field before they officially become Baltimore Police Department officers, the department said.

Social Worker Took Food Stamp Bribe To Ignore Abuse Before Boy Died

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H/T Blue Lives Matter.

Both this social worker and the so called mother need to be locked away forever.

An Ohio social worker allegedly agreed to ignore the abuse of a 5-year-old special needs boy.

Cleveland, OH – In exchange for $10,000 in food stamps, a social worker is accused of agreeing to ignore the abuse of a 5-year-old special needs boy, whose body was later found buried behind a house, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

Nancy Caraballo, 45, allegedly bought thousands of dollars in food stamps for 50 cents on the dollar from the boy’s mother, Larissa Rodriguez, 34, beginning in July, 2015, until December, 2017, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley told WJW.

She has been charged with trafficking in food stamps.

Larissa, who has nine children and is currently pregnant, has been charged with trafficking in food stamps, murder, felonious assault, endangering children, and offenses against a human corpse, WJW reported.

Her boyfriend, Christopher Rodriguez, 36, was already in jail for an unrelated offense when he was charged with murder, felonious assault, endangering children and gross abuse of a corpse.

Caraballo was employed as a parent educator for Catholic Charities, which was contracted by Bright Beginnings to provide in-home services as part of the county’s Educational Services Department, The Plain Dealer reported.

The social worker was assigned to Larissa’s family, and was required to visit the home to teach the children once per month since at least 2014, O’Malley said.

According to the prosecutor, Caraballo, who was required by law to report abuse or neglect, filed false reports to conceal the fact that she had skipped at least 11 home visits.

The body of 5-year-old Jordan Rodriguez was found buried in the back yard of a residence on Dec. 19, after Christopher’s brother, Scott Rodriguez called police from Pakistan, WOIO reported.

Scott told investigators that Jordan, who had special needs and was unable to speak, had been found unresponsive two months prior, and that he was buried in the back yard.

He had not been seen alive since September of 2017, WJW reported.

Cleveland police officers searched for the boy’s body for two days. His battered body showed multiple signs of abuse, to include broken ribs.

Investigators believe he died around Sept. 22, 2017, The Plain Dealerreported.

Prosecutors said that Jordan suffered from multiple ailments and Larissa had failed to get him medical attention.

Police said they discovered “deplorable and unsanitary conditions” at the family’s home, which was infested with rats, bedbugs, and cockroaches.

Social workers found one of the children eating a cockroach-filled sandwich when they entered the home, court documents said.

Four children who were living at the residence were taken into emergency custody.

Child welfare case workers first began working with Larissa in 1999, and the agency has opened 13 abuse or neglect investigations involving her since that time, the Plain Dealer reported.

Because Caraballo deprived the little boy of food stamps intended for his meals, she could face additional charges if the medical examiner determines that malnourishment played a role in his death, O’Malley told The Plain Dealer.

“Selfish criminal acts such as these, take the food from the children who cannot provide for themselves, making them the true victims of these crimes,” Ohio Department of Public Safety Investigative Unit Agent Greg Croft told WJW.

“We are shocked and disappointed that this former employee violated our policies and failed to adhere to the standards required of all employees at Catholic Charities,” Catholic Charities said in a statement, adding that they had fired Caraballo when they learned of the charges against her.

The formal social worker pleaded not guilty on Friday. The court ordered that she be held on $100,000 bond. If convicted, she faces up to 50 years in prison for her current charge.


FB Launches More Changes To Stop You From Seeing Blue Lives Matter

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H/T Blue Lives Matter.

More censorship coming from the leftist on Facebook.

Facebook cut Blue Lives Matter articles even more this week, here’s what you need to know.

On Monday, Facebook made another change in a series of changes to your Facebook news feed which prevents you from seeing as much content from Blue Lives Matter.

The latest change targets nation-wide pages, and increases distribution for pages with users condensed in a small area.

The idea is that you will see more local broadcast news station and newspaper news, and less national-level news.

It also means that you will see less from Blue Lives Matter, which is a nationwide movement. The the primary way to combat this change is to go to your “News Feed Preferences” in Facebook and set Blue Lives Matter as “see first.”

This latest change comes on top of a change a week ago where Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that they were cutting distribution to partisan pages (including pro-police and anti-police.)

Zuckerberg explained that as a move to reduce the spread of fake news on Facebook, the company would be cutting distribution to news sources that rank low in an algorithm which will be based on customer surveys.

He explained:

Here’s how this will work. As part of our ongoing quality surveys, we will now ask people whether they’re familiar with a news source and, if so, whether they trust that source. The idea is that some news organizations are only trusted by their readers or watchers, and others are broadly trusted across society even by those who don’t follow them directly.

This is exactly like telling users, “Because you aren’t smart enough to figure out what content is real, we’re going to ask you what content you think is real.” Their solution doesn’t make any sense until you consider that they already know how people are going to respond.

All partisan content will presumably be affected negatively by surveys. Blue Lives Matter will be voted against by anti-police crowds, and anti-police content will be voted against by pro-police people. Conservative content will be voted against, and liberal content will be voted against. Each side will downvote an opposing side until the last news sources left standing are sources with the least appearance of bias: newspapers and local broadcast news.

Facebook has been courting local news for a while now, and it seems clear that they’ve already picked them as the winners. The surveys are just a way for Facebook to claim that they don’t have responsibility for making the decision.

It’s not clear at this point what the change will mean for Blue Lives Matter. We started our website to counter the misleading, if not outright false, information coming from mainstream media. We couldn’t stand seeing Michael Brown continually be referred to as an “unarmed black teen shot by a white police officer” with no mention of the fact that Brown was actively trying to murder that officer after committing a robbery.

Facebook wants to control what news you see, and it’s not the sort of news that’s fair to police officers.

But you can take action to counter Facebook’s changes. Here’s how:

1) Tell Facebook you want to see Blue Lives Matter first on your newsfeed. You can do this on the mobile Facebook app by going to the menu button in the upper right, then scrolling down to “News Feed Preferences.”

Then click on “Prioritize Who To See First” and select Blue Lives Matter.

On desktop, you can select who you see first by clicking the dropdown arrow in the upper-right and clicking on news feed preferences from there.

2) The next thing you can do is to like/comment/share an article after you read it. This will tell Facebook to show our content to more people and counteract anti-police people flagging the page.

3) Follow our other social media pages on Twitter and LinkedIn

4) Even if you follow us, Facebook may still not show you all of our articles, so the best thing you can do is come to our site directly each day. Blue Lives Matter’s Website has the best criminal justice news on the internet. Visit each day so you don’t miss out.

Please help spread the word about what Facebook is doing to not just pro-police sites, but all sites with an opposing political opinion. Thank you for your support.

Juror Refuses To Consider Evidence, Says She Won’t ‘Put A Black Man In Jail’


H/T Blue Lives Matter.

This is horse shit.

Art Curator Victoria Nicodemus was killed when Marlon Sewell’s vehicle drove into pedestrians.

Mistrial Declared In Marlon Sewell Trial After Juror Won’t Consider Evidence

New York City – A mistrial was declared in the manslaughter case of Marlon Sewell on Thursday, September 28, when one juror said that she couldn’t put a black man in jail.

Jurors in the case sent a note to Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Vincent Del Giudice.which said that Juror No. 3, who is black, had refused to consider the evidence in the case since the first day of trial, according to the New York Daily News.

Sewell’s attorney formally requested the mistrial due to the ‘chaos’ in the jurors’ deliberation room.

 Juror No. 3 had expressed her reluctance to convict Sewell from the first day of trial. She said “I don’t want to put a black man in jail. That’s crazy.”

Two other jurors had complained about Juror No. 3 to Justice Del Giudice, and one juror had passed out from the chaos in the deliberation room during the three days of trial.

Sewell is charged in the death of Victoria Nicodemus. He was driving on a suspended license when he apparently passed out, causing his car ot jump a curb and go into pedestrians. His vehicle struck and killed the 30-year-old art curator.

 In response to the note, Justice Del Giudice said, “I feel that based on the juror misconduct during the entire proceedings we cannot go forward with deliberations and I’m going to grant the defense’s application of a mistrial.”

After the mistrial was declared, Juror No. 3 rushed out of the courtroom and the building, ahead of the other 11 jurors. When reporters tried to talk to her, she said, “Get away from me.  Leave me alone.”

After leaving the courtroom, one male juror who requested anonymity said, “From day one of the trial she made comments like that, but we thought she’d change her mind once we received all the evidence. But no, she refused to listen to anything and made comments like she wasn’t paying attention to the whole trial.”

Sewell’s new trial date is scheduled for November 29.

Latest ‘Hot Cop,’ Haley Drew Is Breaking, The Internet With Her Photos

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H/T Blue Lives Matter.

I would willing submit to a strip search by Tarrant County Detention Officer Haley Drew.

Tarrant County Detention Officer Haley Drew has people asking to go to jail.

Tarrant County Detention Officer Haley Drew Goes Viral In ‘Hot Cop’ Photos

Tarrant County, TX – A Tarrant County Sheriff’s Officer Detention Officer Haley Drew’s photos have been going viral since Maxim noticed her Instagram account.

The latest “hot cop” trend recently got kicked off after Gainesville police department posted photo of their police officers before going on patrol. Since then, the internet has been digging up “hot cop” photos which have been going viral to varying degrees.

It looks like Detention Officer Haley Drew may have them beat.

NOTE: Broadcast media outlets have been suggesting that Drew is a deputy on patrol in Fort Worth. However, through extensive examination of her appearance, I’ve been able to determine that she’s a Detention Officer. Her employment status has not been confirmed with the Sheriff’s Office.

Corrections officers don’t get anywhere near the credit that they deserve for their role in the law enforcement family. Patrol officers just have to deal with suspects until we can dump them on corrections, then corrections officers have to actually be locked up with the suspects.

Drew graduated from the sheriff’s academy in May, and has apparently been serving her community ever since.

Drew’s selflessness is even more apparent on her Facebook page where she posted about giving up her dog to help somebody in need. On Thursday she posted:

These past few days have been pretty emotional for me. As most people know, I do not have any children of my own (other than my step son who is everything to his daddy and I). The closest thing to children are my two Great Danes.

If you see many of my posts, you know that these two are my babies and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in this world. About a week ago, I came across a young lady named Liz (cont..)

Liz was in a very traumatic accident one year ago that has caused her to have some very special needs. She was hit in the head with a pick axe at A&M where she attends college.

A classmate and her were digging a hole for their yearly bon fire tradition and as they were trading hits with the axe, she was not able to pull her axe out of the ground quick enough before it was her partners turn to swing. He swung in the same rhythm not knowing that she was still standing there. This struck her in the head causing a subdural hematoma and exceptional brain damage (cont.)

Although doctors gave her a slight chance at living, a year later, she has come full circle. A few weeks ago Liz found out that her Great Dane, best friend, and also her service dog who she highly depends on has brain cancer. Knowing that she will have to put him down in the next few days, she has started her journey to finding a new service dog and best bud.

Although Grace is not a service dog, I know in my heart this is her calling. She is so sweet and so smart and so loyal. I have always thought that she would be the perfect fit for this kind of job. Yesterday I took Grace to meet Liz (cont.)

The very first thing Grace did was smell Liz’s head where she had been struck, then licked her face and started giving her kisses. Liz looked at me and smiled, I think we both knew what it meant. God talked to me that day, he gave me a sign.

He told me Liz needed Grace and she needed Liz. I know in my heart that this was the right thing to do. Nobody can break the bond between a person and their best friend, and nobody will ever take the bond from me and Grace (cont.)

Cainan and I raised her from 9 weeks old, to two years old. She has been through it all with us. Our first Christmas when he gave her to me, potty training, carnivals, cowboy games, road trips, day dates, nightly snuggles, you name it. We raised her from a puppy to an adult and she is now going to go on and do great thing for someone else.

She is being trained to be a mobility and psychiatric assistance dog now. She is going to attend class every day with Liz. She will be there when Liz experiences dizziness or cannot get out of bed. She will be there to lean on and to make her days a little brighter.

As sad as I am, my heart has so much joy knowing I am helping someone recover. Grace has found the right human to grow old with. She has found her purpose in life.

Hebrews 13:16. And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Good luck sweet Liz, God Bless you and your family. I know I am a complete stranger, but I am glad you are alive.

Fact Check: Good Samaritan Facing Charges For Saving Child From Burning Car

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H/T Blue Lives Matter.

I know the left coast is pretty screwed up but Tequila Isaacson is a hero not a criminal.

She pulled into a rest stop and a pickup pulling another vehicle drove in behind her. That truck then caught fire.

As the occupants of the vehicle worked to get a young boy out of the truck, Isaacson saw a fire extinguisher through a locked glass door at the rest stop’s coffee stand.

“I ran back around from where the glass door was and I pulled a post out of the bed of my truck and hit the door to get to the fire extinguisher,” Isaacson told KOMO News.

Isaacson used the fire extinguisher to put the fire out.

A Washington State Patrol trooper arrived and Isaacson says that he told her that she could be charged with burglary.

“He was telling me that using a fire extinguisher that doesn’t belong to me is theft and you’re not allowed to steal it, no matter how good your intentions,” she said.

No charges have been filed against Isaacson, nor will they be, because she didn’t commit a burglary.

There’s no need to question if Isaacson’s version of the story is correct. The Washington State Patrol is a highway patrol agency and it’s common for most troopers to go their entire career without handling a burglary investigation. Enforcement of crimes besides traffic or drug crimes is uncommon in WSP outside of specialized units.

I’m speculating here but I’d say that it’s likely that, through no fault of his own, this trooper was likely completely unfamiliar with criminal law surrounding burglaries.

First, the act of smashing the door could be the crime of malicious mischief, AKA vandalism. However, the state law requires that the actor have malicious intent, which Isaacson did not. Therefore, we can conclude that she did not commit the crime of malicious mischief.

Second, there’s the “theft” of the fire extinguisher. A theft would require that Isaacson had wrongfully obtained the fire extinguisher intent to deprive the owner of the fire extinguisher.

It would be tough to argue both the intent to deprive and “wrongfully obtained” as she obtained state’s fire extinguisher with the intent of putting out a fire (isn’t that what it’s there for?) and she then presumably returned it. Therefore, we can conclude that this was not a theft.

Burglary would have required that Isaacson enter the building unlawfully with intent to commit a crime. Since we determined that the taking of the fire extinguisher wasn’t a crime, Issacson didn’t have intent to commit a crime, and couldn’t be charged with burglary.

In the end, Isaacson did commit a crime of trespassing by unlawfully entering the building.

In order to be criminally charged for trespassing, the Washington State Patrol would need to investigate it as a criminal case and then forward the case to the prosecutor. A prosecutor would also likely require a statement from the Department of Transportation that Isaacson wasn’t authorized to enter the building. Then the prosecutor would have to believe that they could convince a jury to convict her, and decide that was something they actually wanted to pursue.

Conclusion: Isaacson will never be criminally charged. And according to KOMO news, the Washington State Patrol “will be reviewing the way this case was handled with the trooper, adding they are grateful for Isaacson’s courageous effort to help save the child.”

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