Leftist Magazine: CO2 ‘Far More Deadly’ than Assad Chemical Weapons to Syrian Children

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The ignorance of this so-called professor is mind-boggling.

A University of Michigan professor penned a piece forThe Nation website arguing that Syrian children face a “far more deadly gas” in carbon dioxide than the chemical weapons used by dictator Bashar al-Assad against them.

If President Donald Trump really cared about Syrian children “killed by noxious gases,” Juan Cole argues, he would protect them from global warming and carbon dioxide – a “far more deadly gas.”

“The gas attack in Syria on April 4 consumed the world’s attention and galvanized the Trump White House, leading to the launch of 59 cruise missiles on a small airport from which the regime of Bashar al-Assad has been bombing the fundamentalist rebels in Idlib province,” Cole wrote in the article, which was posted on Tuesday.

“The pictures of suffering children, Trump said, had touched him,” Cole wrote. “Yet the president and most of his party are committed to increasing the daily release of hundreds of thousands of tons of a far more deadly gas—carbon dioxide.”

Cole cited the claim of climate scientist James Hansen, who said CO2 emissions from the United States are like “setting off 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs each day, every day of the year.”

Cole also claims that the civil war in Syria between the barbaric Assad regime, opposition rebels, and radical Islamic terrorists that has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of people was, in part, caused by global warming or climate change.

“The severest drought in recorded modern Syrian history in 2007–10, however, made its contribution,” Cole said.

Cole also cites a paper by Professor Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University, which blames extreme weather — and coal miners — for the flood in 2010 in Pakistan that killed 2,000 people.

“If Trump is tenderhearted about dead children, perhaps he should consider those his beloved coal industry helped to drown at that time,” Cole said.

Cole also blamed climate change for the death of a young Syrian boy who died fleeing the country with his family by boat.

“Aylan was a Syrian refugee, not only from war, but from climate change,” Cole said, adding that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt are motivated by “profits for themselves and their cronies.”

CO2 emissions have been beneficial to the planet and its inhabitants, according to the federal National Aeronautics and Space Administration in an April 2016 post on its website:

From a quarter to half of Earth’s vegetated lands has shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change on April 25.

An international team of 32 authors from 24 institutions in eight countries led the effort, which involved using satellite data from NASA’s Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer instruments to help determine the leaf area index, or amount of leaf cover, over the planet’s vegetated regions. The greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees equivalent in area to two times the continental United States.

In a 2015 paper produced for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, Indur Goklany, a science and technology policy analyst who has previously represented the United States on the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said that the rising level of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere “is currently net beneficial for both humanity and the biosphere generally”.

“Carbon dioxide fertilizes plants, and emissions from fossil fuels have already had a hugely beneficial effect on crops, increasing yields by at least 10-15 percent,” Golkany said in the paper.

“This has not only been good for humankind but for the natural world too, because an acre of land that is not used for crops is an acre of land that is left for nature,” Golkany said.

Increasing crops yields has helped reduce hunger and improved human well-being, Golkany said.


Rush Limbaugh: O’Reilly Departure Was Not ‘Natural’ — It was a ‘Campaign’



There is no doubt this smear campaign has been going on for years now Bill O’Reilly has been ousted.

Who will they try to screw over next?

Thursday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh called Bill O’Reilly’s departure from the Fox News Channel a “campaign,” and not a “natural” event.

Limbaugh pointed to the origin of the story, which was first published in The New York Times and how it may have something to do with an internal struggle of “corporate intrigue” within Fox News.

Partial transcript as follows:

Why do The New York Times break the story? Out of the blue, they want to do a story on O’Reilly and Fox with whatever number of payouts to women. Where’d this come from? Nothing just comes out of the ether folks. They are not sitting there over at the New York Times waiting for ideas to pop into their head and then one second some reporter,  ‘You know what I think I’m going to do a story on what a sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly is.’ That is not how it happens.

The reason that it starts in The New York Times is important is because the second aspect is the corporate intrigue that I mentioned that is also behind this.  It is — I don’t work there so there is no quicksand —but there is a battle for power going on there between sons of Rupert Murdoch and Rupert. And they are not conservatives my friends. In fact, they are — what is the generation before millennials? X? Their friends are all liberal, their wives. One of their wives works for the Clinton Global Initiative. One of the wives when this New York Times story, ‘You can’t keep the man on the air you just can’t this is embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to us, it’s embarrassing to dad company. You can’t do this.’ And the fact that the story ran on The New York Times was such a profound shock, sadness, and embarrassment that they felt that had to do something. That is why the fact that is started on The New York Times is crucial. There is two reason it is important. The Times is not just appearing out of nothing out of the ether.

Here’s the timeline, story New York Times. How long did it take before you started hearing about massive advertiser defections,  just a day, right? You think that was natural? No, this was a campaign, folks. That’s why this is so frustrating to me, even after all this time, these campaigns are not immediately spotted for what they are. Therefore, people are not able to deal with them. And this one should have been expected given what’s been going on the last two years there. Tey should have been ready for this. But see the bottom line is they were.

Fox is not going to be the way it is for long. There is a massive –shakeup coming, and it is generational. It is generational and political. It is like anything else, nothing ever is constantly the same, there is change everywhere. But it has been amazingly easy to sit from a distance and watch this, it’s amazing how easy it appears, at least to me, that this massive and rapid transformation is occurring.

(h/t RCP Video)

TX Gov Abbott: I Will Sign Legislation That Could Put Sheriffs of Sanctuary Cities in Jail

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These Sheriff’s swear to uphold the law that means all laws not just the ones you agree with.

On Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) said he will confront the issue of cities that refuse to comply with immigration law by signing legislation that could jail sheriffs of sanctuary cities.

Abbott said, “We have been pushing a piece of legislation in Texas that is going to pass that I will be signing into law that imposes even sterner penalties on counties. It will include things such as further defunding them. It will impose fines. And it could impose jail time for these sheriffs to enforce the laws. Oddly enough these sheriffs could wind up behind the very bars they are releasing these criminals from.”

Al Gore: Global Warming a ‘Principal’ Cause of the Syrian Civil War, Brexit

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The ManBearPig is trying to prove he is relevant when in reality he is just an irrelevant raving loon.

Al ManBearPig Gore

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Thursday in London at Advertising Week Europe 2017 during an interview with Empire Editor-in-Chief Terri White, former Vice-President Al Gore said climate change was a “principal” cause of the Syrian Civil War and Brexit.

Gore said, “I was just in the Persian Gulf region and the scientists for the lat couple of years, one of the lines of investigation they have been pursuing has led them to the conclusion that significant areas of the Middle East and North Africa are in danger of becoming uninhabitable. And, just a taste of this, to link it to some of the events that the UK and the European Union are going through and I know that’s another source of stress because we are now on the eve next week of the Brexit process – but think for a moment about what happened in Syria. You know we look at the gates of hell opening, they long since have opened, but before the gates of hell opened in Syria, what happened was a climate-related extreme drought.”

“The scientists have published these peer review studies for several years now showing exactly why it’s related to the climate crisis. From 2006 to 2010, 60 percent of the farms in Syria were destroyed and had to be abandoned and 80 per cent of the livestock were killed. The drought in the eastern Mediterranean is the worst ever on record – the records only go back 900 years, but it’s historic. And 1.5 million climate refugees were driven into the cities in Syria, where they collided with refugees from the Iraq War. And Wikileaks revealed the internal conversations in the Syrian government where they were saying to one another ‘we can’t handle this, there’s going to be a social explosion’. There are other causes of the Syrian civil war, but this was the principal one. And those in the region recognize that. And it has unleashed, with other factors an incredible flow of refugees into Europe which is creating political instability in Europe and which contributed in some ways to the desire of some in the UK to say ‘Whoa we’re not sure we want to be a part of that anymore.’ And you can go through the list of countries around the worlds where stability and political success of governance is really challenged. Some countries have a hard time even in the best of seasons but the additional stress this climate crisis is causing really poses the threat of some political disruption and chaos of a kind the world would find extremely difficult to deal with.”

(h/t Grabien)

Illinois Bill Would Authorize Gun Confiscation Without Owner’s Input



If this law passes someone can say you are a danger to yourself or others and you can lose your guns.

This is one of many reasons liberalism is a threat to the Second Amendment and freedom.

Illinois Senator Julie A. Morrison (D-29) is pushing a bill that allows judges to confiscate guns without input from the firearm owner.

This is part of the continuing effort to fight gun crime that gun control has failed to stop in Chicago and the rest of the state.

SB 1291 would create a “Lethal Order of Protection” whereby the firearms of Illinois residents could be confiscated if a family member or “law officer” files a petition stating the gun owner “poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having … [a firearm] in his or her custody or control.”

SB 1291’s summary states:

[The bill] provides that the petition shall also describe the type, and location of any firearm or firearms presently believed by the petitioner to be possessed or controlled by the respondent. Provides that the petitioner may be a family member of the respondent or a law enforcement officer, who files a petition alleging that the respondent poses a danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself, or another by having in his or her custody or control, owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm. Establishes factors that the court must consider before issuing a lethal violence order of protection. Provides for the issuance of ex parte orders and one year orders.

The inclusion of “ex parte” orders means an order to take the guns of an Illinois resident could be issued without that resident’s presence during the process in which the order was issued.

The NRA-ILA states, “An ex parte order would be issued by a judge based solely on a brief, unsubstantiated affidavit made by a petitioner and absent any input made by the individual on which the order is targeted.”

Once an order is issued, the firearm owner must “(1) refrain from having in his or her custody or control, owning, purchasing, possessing, or receiving additional firearms for the duration of the order; and (2) turn over to the local law enforcement agency any firearm, Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, or concealed carry license in his or her possession.”

Son of Civil Rights Activist Tried by Jeff Sessions Endorses Him for Attorney General

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This comment by the son of the civil rights activist sums up the left and their illogical attitudes.

“They don’t use facts,” Blackwell said separately on Breitbart News Daily. “They don’t use measurable, observable behavior and activity. They, in fact, create this false image of a guy who they would like to bring down because they see him as the tip of the spear of moving us back to a system that respects the rule of law … that respects the Constitution … This is an all-out political attack. This is an effort to misdefine Jeff Sessions in a way that they can destroy him.”

Albert Turner, Jr.

Albert Turner, Jr.

The far-left’s smear campaignagainst Donald Trump’s candidate for Attorney General was further crippled on Wednesday when Albert Turner Jr., the commissioner of Perry County, endorsed Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for the job.

Turner’s endorsement is significant because he is the son of civil rights activists Albert and Evelyn Turner, whom Sessions prosecuted in a 1980s voter fraud case during his time as Southern Alabama’s U.S. Attorney.

Albert Turner Jr. said in a written statement endorsing Sessions:

I believe that he is someone with whom I, and others in the civil rights community can work if given the opportunity. I believe that he will listen, as he has in the past, to the concerns of my community. More than most I am very familiar with him. I believe he will be fair in his application of the law and the Constitution; as such I support his nomination to be the next Attorney General of the United States.

I have known Senator Sessions for many years, beginning with the voter fraud case in Perry County in which my parents were defendants. My differences in policy and ideology with him do not translate to personal malice. He is not a racist. As I have said before, at no time then or now has Jeff Sessions said anything derogatory about my family. He was a prosecutor at the Federal level with a job to do.  He was presented with evidence by a local District Attorney that he relied on, and his office presented the case.  That’s what a prosecutor does.  I believe him when he says that he was simply doing his job.

Indeed, evidence shows that Sessions prosecuted the 1985 voter fraud case in order to ensure a fair election for black citizens of Perry County. Yet because the Turners were civil rights advocates, the U.S. attorney’s office— and Sessions by extension— was accused of having prosecuted the case out of racial motivations. The case played a significant role in Ted Kennedy’s successful “Borking” of Sessions before such a term even existed during his 1986 confirmation hearing for a federal judgeship position. While several civil rights leaders and black Democrats from Perry County testified on Sessions’ behalf in 1986 to refute the allegations, to this day a handful of the populist Senator’s partisan opponents, and their allies in the corporate media, have sought to use that long-ago prosecution to impugn Sessions’ good name ahead of his 2016 confirmation hearing.

Turner’s son, however, explains that the false narrative pushed by Sessions’ opponents “distorts” Sessions’ record on issues related to race, and he says that he felt compelled to come forward to correct the record:

A lot has been said about Senator Jeff Sessions and his record on issues related to race – some of it distorted and unfair.  Some of these statements have included references to matters with which I have a very personal connection.  My family and I have literally been on the front line of the fight for civil rights my whole life.  And while I respect the deeply held positions of other civil rights advocates who oppose Senator Sessions, I believe it is important for me to speak out with regard to Senator Sessions personally.

First, let me be clear: Senator Sessions and I respectfully disagree on some issues.  That won’t change when he is the Attorney General of the United States.  And I expect that there will be times as it is with all politicians when we will legitimately disagree and I will be required by my conscience to speak out.  I look forward to those constructive debates if necessary. However, despite our political differences, the Senator and I share certain Alabama and American values, including a love for our State, its people and our Country.

“I stand ready to work with Senator Sessions as he becomes our Country’s Attorney General, and offer to him my willingness to help him in any way I might be of service,” Turner concluded.

During Sessions’ 1986 “Borking,” the Senate Judiciary Committee heard from LaVon Phillips — a 26-year-old African American legal assistant to the Perry County district attorney with intimate knowledge of the Perry County case — who testified on Sessions’ behalf.

Phillips testified that a “black-on-black power struggle” was unfolding in Perry County in which black voters began “voting more of their convictions, their interests, rather than relying on the, per se, black civil rights leadership.” Phillips testified that the established “black power base” seemed to be struggling to hold on to that power as it was becoming increasingly “neutralized.”

Phillips explained that in 1982 the Perry County’s district attorney’s office had “received several complaints from incumbent black candidates and black voters that absentee ballot applications were being mailed to citizens’ homes without their request.” Phillips said that their office performed an investigation and sought an indictment against Turner — empaneling a grand jury whose racial makeup was eleven blacks and seven whites.

While the majority-black grand jury returned no indictments against Turner in the 1982 election, it did find that a fair election was “being denied the citizens of Perry County, both black and white,” and “encourage[d] vigorous prosecutions of all voting laws”— even requesting that an outside agency monitor the election.

Sessions took no action at the time, hoping that the problems would resolve themselves after the actions of the Grand Jury. Yet the problems apparently persisted, and a week before the 1984 primary election, Sessions said he received a call from the district attorney informing him that two black Democratic officials, Reese Billingslea and Warren Kinard, whose candidacies were opposed by Albert Turner, “were very concerned that a concerted effort was being made to deny a fair election” through the use of absentee ballots.

Billingslea wrote a letter on Sessions’ behalf for the 1986 confirmation hearing in which he expressed his appreciation for Sessions’ “professionalism” and role in the investigation. Billingslea wrote:

I was one of the first black candidates elected in Perry County Alabama. During the [1984 primary] campaign I was approached by many of my supporters who informed me… that my opposition had stated publically that they would do anything to get rid of me…. I became convinced that there was concerted, well-organized effort was being made to steal the election from me through the absentee ballot box…. I spoke with him [Sessions] and requested his assistance…. From everything that I was aware, Mr. Sessions and the United States Attorney’s office handled the investigation with the highest professionalism.

After receiving the call, Sessions took limited action, requesting visual surveillance of the post office building the day before the election.

An examination of the absentee ballots deposited revealed that some had been visibly altered, Sessions said. The altered absentee ballots collected and deposited by Turner had all been “changed in the same manner,” Sessions explained, from “non-Turner-supported candidates to Turner-supported candidates.”

Turner apparently even admitted to having changed the ballots — claiming that he had their permission to do so. However, several black voters ardently denied ever having given Turner permission to do so.

Even though all of these facts about the case are a matter of public record and emerged during Sessions’ 1986 confirmation hearing, members of corporate media seem loath to report them. For instance, USA Today’s Mary Troyan and Brian Lyman wrote an entire article about the Perry County case and the accusations of the prosecution’s racial motivations without once mentioning that both the complainants and the victims in the case were also black Democrats. Troyan and Lyman similarly made no mention of the significant testimony of LaVon Phillips nor the testimony of Reese Billingslea on Sessions’ behalf.

In a recent op-ed, Ken Blackwell, the former mayor of Cincinnati and the first African-American to be elected statewide in Ohio, addressed what he believes are corporate media’s motivations for running such distorted and “biased stories” against Sessions. Blackwell wrote:

The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times spent more than a month working on stories that were exclusively about Jeff Sessions and race, to run before Mr. Sessions’ Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Their aim was clear: to try to define Mr. Sessions as a caricature, stepping straight out of the segregated south and into the Department of Justice, ignoring his 20-year career as a United States senator. There’s only one reason why large news organizations invest so much time, energy and money — they sent reporters to Alabama, each of whom spent a week there — to do these biased stories, and it’s time someone said what it is. The reason is because someone, somewhere, deep down doesn’t believe a white man from Alabama should be the attorney general of the United States. That’s every bit as racist as saying a black man from Chicago shouldn’t be president of the United States. The anti-white, anti-southern racist obsession with which media organizations have pursued Mr. Sessions is a sign they have learned nothing from the presidential campaign, where we all witnessed their all-out opposition to Donald Trump. There has been no reflection in editorial board meetings, much less in the newsrooms. If there were any, these stories would provide the public with the full picture they deserve of the man who is likely going to be their next attorney general — the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the country.

“They don’t use facts,” Blackwell said separately on Breitbart News Daily. “They don’t use measurable, observable behavior and activity. They, in fact, create this false image of a guy who they would like to bring down because they see him as the tip of the spear of moving us back to a system that respects the rule of law … that respects the Constitution … This is an all-out political attack. This is an effort to misdefine Jeff Sessions in a way that they can destroy him.”

NYDN: Ft. Lauderdale Gun-Free Zone Attack No Justification for Arming Citizens to Shoot Back

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The folks at the New York Daily News are dumber than a box of rocks.

Five dead people in a gun free zone is plenty reason to have armed citizens to be able to shoot back.

Gun free zones make target rich environments.

You never hear of mass shootings at gun shows or shooting matches.

On January 6, the day that Esteban Santiago allegedly pulled a gun from checked baggage and opened fire on innocents in a Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International gun-free zone, the New York Daily News (NYDN) contended that “five … dead and even more … wounded” were not sufficient grounds for removing the gun-free policy so law-abiding citizens could be armed for self-defense.

In fact, the NYDN mocked Florida state Senator Greg Steube’s (R-23) ongoing efforts to let concealed carry permit holders have their guns on their persons in the unsecured parts of airports.

According to the NYND:

We are supposed to think it is perfectly normal that it is now legal in the state of Texas, thanks to a Republican-controlled legislature, to carry concealed weapons on a college campus. So why wouldn’t a state senator in Florida like Steube, whoever he is, be just fine with people carrying guns through his state’s airports? If the bill becomes law in Florida, even after what happened at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International on Friday, make sure you send up a flare — or send out a tweet — the next time some passenger carrying a gun in an airport like that saves a single life. It will be like the Second Amendment on steroids.

It appears the author of this NYND article, Mike Lupica, does not know that 44 states allow concealed carry permit holders to be armed in the unsecured portions of their airports. Or, to put it another way, he failed to note that Florida is one of only six states that mandates law-abiding citizens be disarmed in unsecured portions of airports.


Crime Prevention Research Center

NYND takes a swipe at the NRA for consistently fighting for Americans’ right to defend themselves, as well, deriding the idea of being armed for self-defense as something that “would expand the opportunities for a real good shootout between the baggage carousels the next time somebody like Santiago did what he reportedly did on Friday.”

The newspaper adds, “Mouth-breathers like Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association still insist that only good guys with guns can stop bad guys with guns, as if once the shooting starts, a whole squadron of Wyatt Earps will suddenly appear out of nowhere to save the day.”

Despite the fact that five innocent lives were taken in cold blood, and many others were shot and wounded, the NYDN criticizes those who want to change the law so innocents have a fighting chance should such an attack occur again.

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