Czechs Hit Back Against EU Crackdown on Legal Gun-Owners: ‘Free Countries Don’t Disarm Their Citizens’

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H/T Breitbart London.

Even Czechs see the folly of draconian gun laws.

Czech president Miloš Zeman has put his name to a petition opposing an EU diktat which would clamp down on legal gun-owners and backed a constitutional amendment which would guarantee citizens’ right to keep arms for self-defence and protection of the homeland.

The directive on tightening control of firearms under the guise of counter-terrorism was approved by the European Parliament in mid-March, and would see the Czech Republic — which combines comparatively liberal gun rights with low levels of crime and extremely low levels of terrorism — forced to impose new restrictions or face sanctions from Brussels.

Center for Civic Freedoms founder Václav Klaus Jr., son of former president Václav Klaus Sr., complained that the governments of non-democratic and fascist countries disarm their citizens, not free countries.

The petition urges the Czech government and parliament to “reconsider and endorse and approve an amendment to the constitutional law on the security of the Czech Republic, enshrining into our constitutional order the right to legal possession of weapons for defence and internal and external security of our state “, and has already acquired some 170,000 signatures.

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Czech Prez Calls for a European ‘Second Amendment’ for Self-Defence Against Terrorists 

Czech Prez Calls for a European ‘Second Amendment’ For Self-Defence Against Terrorists

Czech president Miloš Zeman has said Europeans should “have the courage to invest in our own guns” in order to guard against terrorism.

President Zeman — a eurosceptic critical of mass migration and a veteran of the Prague Spring uprising against the Soviet puppet government under Communism — has previously called for a European ‘Second Amendment’ along American lines, to deter terrorists.

“The level of international crime is growing because of Islamic terrorism,” he told the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in late 2017.

“I am open and frank, and I do not use the phrase ‘Islamic terrorism’ lightly but, in the overwhelming majority of cases, it has Islamic origin. It is connected with genocide in Armenia.”

President Zeman added: “What can we do against international criminality? Invest in the police, invest in the army, and have the courage to invest in our own guns.

“My wife has a pistol. Of course, she passed all necessary tests, but now I am guarded by my wife, and not only by bodyguards,” he smiled.

“The Second Amendment to the American constitution says that everybody has the right to have a weapon — of course they must fulfil the necessary conditions and tests.

“We Europeans are a little more careful than the Americans, but after Barcelona and many assassinations, I think that the difference between Europeans and Americans is not so great.”

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Migrants Who Threw Man on Train Tracks Released Same Day

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H/T Breitbart London. 

This is what happens with open borders you get all kinds of scum.

Politicians have slammed a prosecutor’s decision to almost immediately free migrants who hurled a man onto the railway tracks at Dresden-Zschachwitz S-Bahn station as the train approached.

Just before 5 am on Friday, a Moroccan man and a Libyan followed a 40-year-old after he disembarked a train, and asked him to light their cigarettes. When he declined, telling the migrants he was in a hurry to get to work, the duo tore the Dresden local’s bicycle away and threw it at him, causing the man to fall onto the tracks.

According to local media, the North Africans then kicked the victim and used their feet to prevent him from getting back onto the platform — even as the S-Bahn train rolled into the station.

The driver was able to stop the train only a few yards from where the German man was stranded on the tracks, who got away with just an injured hand.

S-Bahn staff alerted police, who were able to arrest the suspects on another train shortly after the incident. Both men were under the influence of alcohol and already known to the police. Also, neither had bought a ticket for the S-Bahn, and the Libyan was found in possession of hashish.

The Dresden prosecutor’s office is investigating the men for grievous bodily harm and dangerous interference in railway traffic. But despite this, officials released the asylum seekers on the same day.

Christian Democratic Union’s (CDU) deputy head in the Landtag, Christian Piwarz, slammed the decision, asking how prosecutors had not taken into account the attempt to kill a man — a consideration he said would “make the charges stick”.

Jens Maier, a judge of the regional court and a candidate for the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, took to Facebook to write: “I don’t understand why the perpetrators have been set loose.”

Since Chancellor Angela Merkel launched the country’s ‘open borders’ policy in 2015, there have been a number of allegations insisting that police and prosecutors in Germany have been too lenient towards criminals with foreign backgrounds.

In August last year, a German mother said she was reduced to tears when she learned the public prosecutor’s office in Offenburg had discontinued proceedings against a 30-year-old Afghan who molested six children between the ages of five and 12 in an indoor swimming pool.

Despite the fact that the migrant pinched the children’s thighs and pulled a girl’s bikini top off and exposed her chest, whilst a companion of the accused stood at the edge of the pool “with a clear erection”, the public prosecutor declared that “no criminal act” had taken place.

According to Baden Online, the prosecutor said: “The fact that the [accused] touched the children’s naked skin doesn’t necessarily imply any sexual motive since children in the swimming pool are, of course, only poorly clothed.”

Stating that “the same is true with regards to his pulling off the bikini top and exposing the breast”, the prosecutor added: ‘There can be no connection between the actions of the accused, and any possible erection of a companion.”


James Lovelock, Godfather of Green: Climate Change Religion is Bunk

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H/T Breitbart London. 

How long before a mysterious accident befalls Mr Locklove?



James Lovelock, inventor of Gaia Theory and godfather of the modern environmental movement, has finally renounced the green religion.

Climate alarmism, he says, is not “remotely scientific”; one volcano could make more difference to global warming than humans ever could; the computer models are “unreliable”; greens have behaved “deplorably”; and anyone who tries to “predict more than five to ten years is a bit of an idiot.”

Though this is not the first time Lovelock has rowed back on his earlier climate catastrophism – in 2012 he was already admitting “I made a mistake” – it’s his most emphatic rejection yet of the green litany.

Lovelock, 97, ascribes the dramatic change in his once fervently alarmist beliefs to the fact that he has “grown up.”

Only ten years ago – when the inventor, scientist and environmentalist was a mere spring chicken of 87 – Lovelock argued in his book The Revenge of Gaia that mankind was doomed.

Because of global warming, he predicted, “billions will die” and the few survivors would have to retreat to the Arctic which would be one of the few habitable places left on earth.

But now he admits to being “laid back about climate change.”

“CO2 is going up, but nowhere near as fast as they thought it would. The computer models just weren’t reliable. In fact I’m not sure the whole thing isn’t crazy, this climate change. You’ve only got to look at Singapore. It’s two-and-a-half times higher than the worst-case scenario for climate change, and it’s one of the most desirable cities in the world to live in.”

Besides, he says, nature is more powerful than the computer models:

It’s only got to take one sizable volcano to erupt and all the models, everything else, is right off the board.

Lovelock was speaking in an interview with the fervently alarmist Guardian whose interviewer Decca Aitkenhead was naturally somewhat taken aback by his views which she ascribed in part to his temperament as an “incorrigible subversive.”

But Lovelock himself insists that it is simply a question of looking at the evidence.

One experience that has sharply concentrated his thoughts is the cost of heating his home, an old mill in Devon. When the heating bills rose to £6,000 for just six months, he realised that he would have to downsize and has now moved to a smaller cottage on Chesil Beach in Dorset. This claim has brought him into conflict with another green guru, the chunky knit Guardianista George Monbiot.

“I remember George Monbiot took me up on it and wrote that it was impossible, that I had to be lying. But I wasn’t lying, I’ve got the figures.” Monbiot doesn’t quite accuse him of lying, in fairness; just of “talking rubbish” and “making wild statements”. In any case, he says that in the US he found he could heat a house for six months, in temperatures of -20C (-4F), for just £60. As a result, he has withering contempt for environmentalists’ opposition to fracking. “You see, gas in America is incredibly cheap, because of fracking,” he says. But what about the risk of triggering earthquakes? He rolls his eyes.

“Sure enough, that’s true, there will be an increase. But they’re tiny little tremors, they would be imperceptible. The only trouble is that you can detect them. The curse of my life has been that I’ve spent a lot of time inventing devices that are exceedingly sensitive. And the moment somebody can detect something, they’re going to attach a number to it, and then they make a fuss about it.” He chuckles, then pauses. “I’m not anti-green in the sense that I’m in favour of polluting the world with every damn thing we make. I think we’ve got to be careful. But I’m afraid, human nature being what it is, the thing gets exaggerated out of all proportion, and the greens have behaved deplorably instead of being reasonably sensible.”

Besides Monbiot, Lovelock finds time for a little dig at yet another fervent green catastrophist the Prince of Wales:

He was once invited to Buckingham Palace, where he told Princess Anne: “Your brother nearly killed me.” Having read that Prince Charles had installed grass-burning boilers at Highgrove, Lovelock had tried one in his house. “It’s supposed to smoulder and keep the place warm; but it doesn’t, because it goes out, and clouds and clouds of smoke come out.” He giggles. “Princess Anne thought this was hilariously funny.”

His heretical stance on nuclear energy too is likely to alienate many of his former admirers in the green movement:

Even more heretical than his enthusiasm for fracking is Lovelock’s passionate support for nuclear power. But, like fracking, he says, it offers only “a stopgap” solution. “Because in the long term, they’ll use up all the uranium.” How long would that take? He pauses to do some quick mental arithmetic, as casually as I might tot up how many pints of milk to grab from Sainsburys.

“Let’s see … I think uranium that is affordable to extract would last about 50 years, something in that range. It might be 100. When you’ve used all that up, you go to thorium, and that would last you three times as long as uranium – so, shall we say, about 200 years?” The most sensible energy solution would be to cover 100 sq miles of the Sahara in solar panels. “It would supply the whole of Europe with all the energy they needed,” but it won’t happen “because it would be so easy for terrorists to go and bugger it up”. So for now, nuclear energy is the only viable option.

Not that any of this matters much anyway, Lovelock suggests, because by the end of the century robots will have taken over and they probably won’t find much use for us.

The implications for climate change are obvious. “The world that they’re going to be comfortable in is wildly different from the one that we feel comfortable in. So once they really get established, they will – with regret – start losing organic life.” Will they care about rising temperatures? “They won’t give a fourpenny fuck about the temperature, because to them the change will be slow, and they can stand quite a big change without any fuss. They could accommodate infinitely greater change through climate change than we can, before things get tricky for them. It’s what the world can stand that is the important thing. They’re going to have a safe platform to live in, so they don’t want Gaia messed about too much.”

Police Launch ‘Don’t Touch Me’ Wristbands to Stop Migrant Sex Attacks in Sweden

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H/T Breitbart London. 

How about arming your citizens and allowing them to shoot the Muslim scumbags?

Sweden’s police chief unveiled the force’s latest weapon in the fight against sexual assault: wristbands reading “Don’t touch me”.

A recent Swedish press release warns that groping is a crime. In it, the country’s national police chief Dan Eliasson said: “No one should have to accept sexual molestation. So do not grope. And if you are groped, report it to the police.

Mr. Eliasson mentioned a variety of actions such as “a hand tucked between the legs”, “a hug from behind in the crush at a club or festival”, and “one person holding somebody while another grabs their breasts”, describing them as “situations many young people recognise too well”.

The press release announced that police intend to equip young women with wristbands with the slogan “don’t touch me”. This will happen over the summer, at festivals and other events for young people. “By wearing these wristbands,” Sweden’s police chief said, “young women will be able to make a stand”.

It is unclear how effective the wristbands, which read “don’t touch me” in Swedish, will be in preventing attacks, as the majority of sex attack perpetrators are thought to be recent migrants who are unlikely to be able to read them.

Mr. Eliasson suggested that by wearing these accessories, women would also be able to “draw attention to the issue [of sexual assault], and urge those affected to report”.

A Swedish police report released last month noted that the country had the worst rates of sexual violence against women in Europe. The report acknowledged migrants were responsible for the bulk of the problem but the police were accused of making excuses for the perpetrators.

Although sexual harassment and assault are commonplace in many Muslim countries, the report blamed “Nordic alcohol culture” and “masculinity” for the wave of assaults that have terrorised Swedish women.

Migrant sex gangs are alleged to have been roaming the Sthlm music festival for 12 to 17-year-olds for the past two summers. One leaked police memo indicated that “unaccompanied youth” migrants, from the Middle East, were responsible for most of the attacks.

Sexual assaults were reported at Swedish music festivals Arvika in 2006 and 2010, Emmaboda in 2014 and Bråvalla in 2015. Police were accused of covering up the attacks.

Breitbart London reported that Stockholm Council and festival organisers in the country knew sex attacks by migrants were endangering women, but thought it would have been “irresponsible” to speak out about the trend.

Migrant Teen Caught Sending ‘Anonymous Hate Letters’ To Herself

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This is from Breitbart London.

Muslims,the LGBT thugs along with the Black Lives Matter thugs are learning well the tactics of Saul Alinsky.

Anonymous hate letters sent to a Senegalese migrant teen living in Italy turns out to have been sent by…herself.

A tale of envy, racism and mystery had the Italian media hooked last May when a series of hate-filled letters sent to the daughter of Senegalese migrants brought about a nationwide conversation about racism and roused high-profile figures such as national politicians to pledge solidarity with the girl. The case received so much attention that it prompted one of the country’s Cabinet ministers to visit her school.

A year on from that whirlwind of publicity, the investigation has concluded quietly with the revelation that the girl made the whole thing up.

La Repubblica, an Italian newspaper, reported that the fourteen year old girl’s father alerted the police after the “model student” received six letters filled with racist slurs. The letters told her that she would never realise her dream of becoming a lawyer because she is black, one going on to say: “You are beautiful but unfortunately you were born dirty. You have to go back to your country with your family unlike me, who is purebred.”

The girl’s father said he believed the hate campaign, which also saw torn exercise books and textbooks sent to his daughter, was motivated half by racism and half by envy because she had recently excelled in her exams.

For over a week news outlets pored over the racist letters, some even analysing the grammatical structure to speculate what sort of person could have sent the hateful missives. It was reported that the girl’s school held investigatory interviews with her classmates, compared the letters’ handwriting with that of all the other pupils, and the headteacher promised “exemplary punishment” as excuses “would not be enough”.

A few days after the initial report, la Repubblica published an open letter by the young Muslim, who wears a hijab. In it, the fourteen year old conveys enthusiasm for her studies and pledges to work even harder in order to one day achieve her goal of becoming a lawyer.

Speaking out against prejudice, the girl writes that whilst Italians denounce racism, racist behaviour can “eventually jump out of people”. She expresses hope that the culprits of the hate campaign will be identified so she can “look them in the eye” and they can be punished.

There was further intrigue a few days later when the press reported that a new letter had been found, this one mocking the girl for going to the press and declaring that neither she nor the police would ever learn the sender’s identity.

It repeated claims that the Senegalese teenager would never be able to become a lawyer, this time saying “no one is willing to be defended by a black woman”. This seventh letter in the series stated that newspapers covering the episode do not don’t care about the girl’s plight and taunted that “they just want the pennies”.

The mayor of Pisa soon weighed in on the controversy, calling it “unbearable”, andannouncing that the whole city is “mobilising for the student”.

Other high profile figures added their voices of support, too, with trade union leader Gianfranco Francese condemning the letters as the “poisoned fruit of racist and xenophobic propaganda”.

But one year on from all of this the furore, the centre-right newspaper Secolo d’Italia has revealed the investigation, conducted by the juvenile justice prosecutor, closed with no one held responsible for the letters.

The girl’s’ classmates’ mobile phone records and social media profiles were examined, and the police even conducted a raid on the school, but what eventually emerged from the investigation is that no third parties were responsible. Experiencing relationship difficulties, the Senegalese girl had apparently orchestrated the hoax for attention, and is now being seen by social services in the municipality to help her “overcome” these issues.

Police Warning: Summer Of Criminal ‘Chaos’, As Migrant Crisis ‘Boils Over’

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This is from Breitbart London. 

This will be America when these savages make to America under Obama’s plan.


Ordinary crimes are going uninvestigated in Sweden because police resources are so tied up in dealing with serious migrant crime, and the worst is yet to come according to a whistle-blower.

A beat cop from Sweden’s Gothenburg city has broken ranks and given an in-depth assessment of the migrant crime situation in Sweden and had admitted that while things have been calm during the cold weather, he expects things to get bad when the warm weather returns.

Comparing Sweden today to a “pressure cooker”, policeman Peter Larsson said a deep frustration and a sense of resignation over the situation among police combined with violent criminality by migrant gangs was going to lead to the country “boiling over” in the Summer. He said the “chaotic summer” would start “soon”, as the “Moroccan youths” that have been terrorising Sweden’s largest cities tart to venture outside again.

Speaking to Norway’s best selling daily newspaper the Aften Posten, Officer Larsson said the Moroccan youths — “street children” — had entered the European Union through Spain and had headed directly to Sweden, with most residing in Gothenburg and capital Stockholm. These youths fear no authority, he said, and the area he patrols is now suffering from young girls being harassed.

He said: “The group is immune to punishment and don’t give a damn if they are arrested. Sweden is extremely naive, giving youngsters [asylum] approval at the wrong age so they can’t be punished [if they commit crimes]”.

“When we arrest them, they escape punishment… it is almost laughable. Sweden is not supposed to be responsible for Morocco’s criminal youth. They’re only here to commit crime, not to seek asylum — they abhor contact with the authorities”.

The criminal migrants were engaged in such serious crime, he said, that the police didn’t have time to investigate anything else. With “24 unsolved gang murders, shootings, aggravated assaults” and others to solve, the officer remarked: “countering common crime suffers under the constant high pressure of serious crime in Gothenbuirg. Common crimes are hardly investigated.

“This includes burglaries, and theft of all kinds”.

The bold statements by the officer to a foreign newspaper may land him in some hot water in Sweden, where police don’t even now identify criminal suspects for fear of being racist, but his experience appears to coincide with that of other European nations.

Breitbart London reported in March on a leaked paper from German police, which showed the force was expecting continued growth in many crimes in line with rising migration. The internal document showed the force expect that the continued mass migration of people from Africa, the Middle East and central Asia to Germany would lead to more offences against the person, criminal damage, theft, and drug offences.

Police Shocked By Scale Of Islamic State Network in Europe

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This is from Breitbart London. 

This will be America as the savages from Syria and other countries start flooding in.

Police have uncovered a large and growing network of Islamic State fighters, at least two of whom came to Europe as “refugees.”

French and Belgian authorities have found that the scale of the threat of terrorism could be much bigger than they had previously thought. They’ve found that the members of these terror cells are mostly young Muslim men from the Brussels suburbs of Molenbeek and Schaerbeek and many were former criminals often involved with petty thefts and assaults.

Among the jihadis is Paris attacker Abdelhamid Abaaoud. Islamic State fighters in Syria gave him the name Abu Omar al-Belgiki meaning that he was Abu Omar from Belgium. Abaaoud lived most of his live in the notorious Brussels suburb of Molenbeek along with many of the other terrorists who took part in the Paris and Brussels attacks.

The 28-year-old terrorist lived and fought for the Islamic State in Syria for at least two years, took part in various battles and sent video messages to sympathizers back home. Abaaoud, also like many ISIS fighters, is said to have committed atrocities toward prisoners such as dragging them behind his pick up truck through the Syrian desertreports Die Welt.

Fighting wasn’t Abaaoud’s major skill, rather he was a skilled recruiter for the Islamic state and was able to create and maintain networks of Islamist fighters, sympathizers and fundraisers. One of his specific skills was recruiting those who wished to become suicide bombers.

Last November in Paris Abdaaoud added himself to the list of those who wished to commit acts of terror when he participated in the Paris attacks that left more than 130 people dead at various locations across the city including the Bataclan nightclub. Many of the attackers in Paris committed suicide and blew themselves up. Abaaoud fled the scene of his crime and hid away with his cousin. He was killed in a police raid five days following the attack.

After the attacks police had a major question: How large was the network that participated in the attacks and were there more sleeper cells in Europe waiting to strike?

The authorities have uncovered a variety of men who have been tied to Abaaoud, either fighting with him in Syria and Iraq or having lived with him at some point. Many of these men are currently being sought by police, but unfortunately police often have no idea if they are in Europe or in Syria.

Two of those wanted by police are 28-year-old Syrian national Naim al-Hamed and his partner Sofia Ayari. Their names are assumed to be aliases as authorities are currently unsure of their true identities. The pair are said to have had a key role in the attacks on both Paris and Brussels. It is thought that they are involved in bomb making or may even be suicide bombers themselves. Both Al-Hamed and Ayari came to Europe on September 20th of last year where they posed as refugees crossing from Turkey to the Greek island of Leros.

They merged into the vast columns of migrants who walked the Balkan route up into central Europe. While in Austria, al-Hamed was able to receive money transfers worth 600 euros, likely from other members of the terrorist cell. The pair were registered in Germany as asylum seekers in October at Feldkirchen in Bavaria after crossing the border.

The day after being registered at the asylum home they appeared in a hotel in Ulm where Salah Abdeslam picked up al-Hamed and Ayari and drove him directly to Belgium. Ayari was later arrested alongside Abdeslam in the raid that preceded the Brussels attacks. Al-Hamed was able to escape and is currently on the run. French police are considering him “armed and dangerous.”


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This is from Breitbart London. 

These attacks and worse will happen in America when we start taking in more Muslim scum from Syria.

Image Credit: Facebook

Image Credit: FaceBook

Billal Kidd­ Mujahideen and his brother briefly became the most wanted men in the UK last week, following a gruesome acid attack on a mother of six. More than a week after Billal’s religious affiliations were exposed, however, the BBC and most of the mainstream media are continuing to report only his Christian name, with no mention of the fact that he appears to be a Muslim convert.

Just yesterday, the BBC reported the latest in the case of brothers “Billy” and “Geoffrey Midmore,” 22 and 26; two twisted men who have now been apprehended and charged with grievous bodily harm with intent and conspiracy respectively.

Acid Attack 2They allegedly threw acid in the face of mother Carla Whitlock outside a Southampton bar on the 18th of September, melting the skin on her face, arms and neck and potentially blinding her in the right eye.

The BBC – along with The Telegraph, Sky News, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, The Independent and most of the mainstream media – thought that the fact the main suspect was an Islamic convert was completely irrelevant in the reporting of him allegedly committing a distinctly Islamic crime, according to what looks like typically hard-line, Islamist motive (Whitlock was a woman, out drinking, alone, in a skirt).

Billal’s Facebook page is still live and easy find with a quick Google search. His URL is “billy.midmore” but his screen name is “Billal Kidd Mujahideen,” suggesting he has changed his name since setting up his Facebook page.

So, from a quick Internet search one can ascertain he has recently Islamised his name, confirming religious conversion. He is also bearded in his profile picture [above], with his index finger raised in a typical Islamist/Islamic State pose.

The Mirror published the fact he had changed his name as well as reporting that he was indeed an Islamic convert on the 26th of last month. However, not a single news outfit appears to have followed them at the time of writing.

Billal was on the run after fleeing his home in South London, as he was already wanted by the police for other crimes when the acid attack occurred, The Mirror reports. Speculation online suggests Billal fled his home because of his conversion to Islam.

According to data from the Health and Social Care Information Centre, hospital admissions in the UK from attacks with acid and other corrosive substances have almost doubled in a decade.

Ramadan: Islam’s Insanity Uncorked


This is from Clash Daily.

I do not think these animals really need much of an excuse to go on a rampage.

Muslims get pissed off and loot and murder over a cartoon of the pedophile mohammed.



It’s that time of year, again. No, it’s not “the most wonderful time of the year”, that isnot if you happen to be in the crosshairs of the celebrants of Islam’s “holy” season…

For an ideology that trumpets their “peacefulness” to the gullible of the globe, their actions during their supposed season of fasting, prayer and self-sacrificebegs to differ…

According to Breitbart London, there’s a new phenomenon known as “Ramadan rage,” which affects not merely Muslim countries, but cities with high populations of Muslims. At this magical time of the year, followers of Muhammed are expected to demonstrate self-control, humility and submission to Allah’s will. But what is being revealed is the true nature of those who devoutly follow their prophet: Violence!

Ramadan Rage has become an annual crime wave. One of the most extensive studies of this yearly criminal epidemic in Algeria, for instance, revealed that during Ramadan:

– Petty crime increased by a staggering 220%.
– Fights, disputes and assaults rose by 320%.
– Women and children being beaten at home increased by 120%.
– Accidents of various kinds rose 410%.
– Deaths increased 80%.

In case you’re wondering from what source these little miscreants are getting their inspirationit’s unequivocally: The Quran.

Islam’s holy book contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers (infidels, kafir) for the sake of Islam. Some are extremely graphic, commanding the chopping off of heads and fingers and the killing of infidels wherever they may be found. And Muslims who do not join the fight (who are many) are referred to as “hypocrites” and warned that Allah will send them to Hell, if they continue to refuse to join the slaughter-fest.

So for all those Muslims who don’t participate in Ramadan Rage: Why not help your brethren with their lack of self-control. Because what’s exploding forth from within their Quranic studiesneeds one mother of a cork shoved in it!

Shalom through strength…

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