White House Adviser Leo: Trump Likely Two More Supreme Court Picks

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

The thought of President Trump possibly getting two more Supreme Court picks is beyond a doubt giving DemocRats nightmares.


WASHINGTON, DC – Fox News Sunday this week profiled Leonard Leo, who assists President Donald Trump and White House Counsel Don McGahn in the historic task of filling a record number of judicial vacancies. Leo predicts that President Trump will have at least two more opportunities to appoint originalists to the U.S. Supreme Court, which could define his presidency as a lasting legacy for the nation.

President Trump makes his own decisions picking federal judges, and McGahn is the senior adviser most involved in presenting those choices. But the president must fill almost 170 judicial vacancies — a historic high number — and McGahn has countless duties as the president’s top lawyer, daily engaged in top-level decisions on the full range of domestic and foreign policies. He puts out the innumerable fires that any leading lawyer in the White House confronts as he helps manage the activities of 2.7 million federal employees spending a budget of $4 trillion leading a nation of 326 million citizens.

With all those demands, who advises McGahn on judges? While he has deputies and associates in the White House Counsel’s Office and works with a team in the Office of Legal Policy at the Department of Justice, no one plays a larger role in equipping McGahn to advise the president on judges than Leo, the executive vice president of the Federalist Society.

Headquartered in the nation’s capital, the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy is the nation’s flagship organization for advancing and restoring an originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, comprised of almost 70,000 lawyers, law students, and supporters.

Originalism is “the idea that the words of the Constitution should be interpreted as they were commonly understood when they were written,” FNS host Chris Wallace explained in a voice-over during the interview, summing up this philosophy of studying the Constitution’s text, structure, and history to determine its original meaning.

“The job of a judge is to enforce the Constitution as it is written,” Leo told Wallace, explaining that appointing originalists to the federal bench is what converts originalism from an ivory-tower theory to a governing philosophy, as judges apply an originalist understanding of the Constitution to each case before their courts.

Originalism “advances the cause of limited constitutional government,” Wallace continues with the audience. The Constitution established a federal government of strictly limited powers, leaving all other matters to the states or to the people directly.

This debate over originalism is hardly academic, as Wallace makes clear that the reason Fox News is airing this interview segment is because there might be an imminent vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, possibly Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has served since 1988.

Brushing aside Wallace’s mention of the D.C. chatter that Leo is President Trump’s “Supreme Court whisperer,” Leo quipped, “I don’t remember ever whispering, and I know he’s never whispered.”

Leo is always quick to affirm that McGahn is President Trump’s primary adviser on judges, both by virtue of the high position that the White House counsel holds and also because McGahn has worked for decades as a lawyer and a government official on advancing originalism and textualism in American law, as discussed at the annual CPAC convention this year.

But Leo plays an essential role assisting the president and McGahn identify the right judicial candidates and navigating the process of nomination and confirmation, running a gauntlet fraught with political perils where an extra pair of skilled hands are enormously helpful.

That was certainly the case with Justice Neil Gorsuch, who proclaimed at the Scalia Memorial Dinner at the Federalist Society’s national convention in November 2017, “Tonight, I can report that a person can be both a publicly committed originalist and textualist and be confirmed to the Supreme Court,” to thunderous applause from Leo’s organization.

McGahn was also an honored guest at that dinner and a marquee speaker at the convention, giving the Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture in 2017.

There is a significant chance that McGahn’s and Leo’s skills will again be put to the test on developing options for President Trump.

“The odds are high that over the next … several years you’re going to see a couple more vacancies” on the Supreme Court, Leo explained, affirming Wallace’s question that there is “over 50-50” odds of at least two vacancies.

“If President Trump gets to nominate another justice, that will move a Court that is often split over to solidly conservative,” Wallace editorializes.

Touring the Federalist Society’s offices in Washington, DC, Wallace notes that hanging outside Leo’s office is an enormous picture of Justice Antonin Scalia’s chambers, the famous originalist justice who was a good friend of Leo, and whose sudden death in 2016 made the Supreme Court a central issue in the presidential race, culminating with Gorsuch’s nomination after President Trump’s inauguration.

“This is the originalist temple,” Leo explained to Wallace, gazing at the oversized photo of Scalia’s chambers, richly adorned with law books and hunting trophies.

“You’re dealing with fundamental transformation of the federal bench,” Leo said when discussing President Trump’s resolute commitment to appointing originalists and textualists to the nation’s courts, advised by McGahn and his team.

“It is about as inspiring and motivating as anything has been in my professional life,” added Leo, reflecting on his role assisting President Trump, McGahn, and others involved in the appointment process. “It’s really incredible.”



9 Times MS-13 Gang Members Posed as Minors, Used Kids to Enter U.S. Illegally

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

These MS-13 gang members are a threat to society and must be stopped at the border by any means possible.

President Trump has repeatedly asked the Republican-controlled Congress to close immigration loopholes in order to end the trafficking and smuggling of children across the border by illegal aliens who hope to be released into the interior of the United States.

While Trump has enacted a “zero tolerance” policy at the border — where all adult border crossers, no matter if they are traveling with children, are criminally prosecuted — Democrats have rallied around ending all immigration enforcement.

As Breitbart News noted, every Senate Democrat has signed onto legislation that would end all border enforcement, a plan that Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said should be called the “Child Trafficking Encouragement Act,” as it sets free every adult border crosser so long as they smuggle a child across the border with them.

In detail, the White House provided Breitbart News with nine examples where MS-13 gang members — the murderous El Salvadorian gang that Democrats defended last month — used these immigration loopholes to try to enter the U.S. in hopes they would eventually be released.

Here are the nine times MS-13 gang members smuggled children across the border to try to eventually be released into the country:

1. MS-13 Gang Member Smuggles Himself and Child into U.S.

On May 2, 2018, Border Patrol apprehended an adult male who was traveling with his one-year-old son. He is a known MS-13 gang member who was previously removed from the country in 2012. The minor child was released to his uncle.

2. MS-13 Gang Member Who Posed as ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ Accused of Murder

On December 7, 2013, Border Patrol apprehended an unaccompanied alien child. He was given a Notice to Appear and released into the interior of the United States. On September 2016, the subject was one of 11 MS-13 gang members involved in the killing of teenage girls in Long Island, NY.

3. MS-13 Gang Member Uses Her Child to Try to Enter U.S. Illegally 

On May 1, 2018, Border Patrol apprehended a known female MS-13 gang member, who was traveling with her minor daughter. After being processed, both mother and child were released under their own recognizance on May 19, 2018.

4. MS-13 Gang Member Enters U.S. Illegally as ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ 

On December 31, 2014, Border Patrol apprehended an unaccompanied alien child. He was given a Notice to Appear and released into the interior of the United States. In July 2017, the subject was a known MS-13 gang member and was listed on the State of Texas’s ten most wanted fugitives list by the Texas Department of Public Safety. He was located and arrested in Virginia and is currently awaiting trial for the murder of two subjects in Houston.

5. MS-13 Gang Member Brings Child to Border, Gets Released 

On May 9, 2018, Border Patrol apprehended a known female MS-13 gang member who was traveling with her minor daughter. After being processed, both mother and child were released under their own recognizance on June 4, 2018.

6. ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ Arrested in MS-13 Gang Murder

On May 13, 2015, Border Patrol apprehended an unaccompanied alien child. He was given a Notice to Appear and released into the interior of the United States. On November 2017, the subject was arrested in connection to an MS-13 related killing of a man who was stabbed over 100 times and decapitated near a Maryland Park.

7. Previously Deported Illegal Alien Rapist Used Immigration Loophole to try to Re-enter U.S.

On June 15, 2018, Border Patrol apprehended an adult male from El Salvador who had previously been removed the country in 2009. The man had been charged and convicted of rape in the U.S. and was sentenced to 15 years in prison with five years suspended. He was accompanied by his 7-year-old daughter. Due to the father’s criminal history, the child is considered a UAC and was processed accordingly.

8. MS-13 Gang Member Uses Her Child to Try to Enter U.S. Illegally 

On March 22, 2018, Border Patrol apprehended a known MS-13 female with an active arrest warrant, who arrived at the border with her minor son claiming credible fear. There is currently an active arrest warrant for known association with a Terrorist Organization issued by the Justice of the Peace of Acajutla, El Salvador, Sonsonate on December 13, 2016. The known MS-13 member is currently in custody pending a hearing scheduled for 6/26/18.  The child remains in ORR custody.

9. MS-13 Gang Member Brings Child to Border, Gets Released 

On December 29, 2017, Border Patrol apprehended a known female MS-13 gang member, who was traveling with her minor son. After being processed, both mother and child were released under their own recognizance on January 19, 2018.

Currently, the U.S. admits more than 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants every year, with more than 70 percent coming to the country through the process known as “chain migration,” whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country. In the next 20 years, the current U.S. legal immigration system is on track to import roughly 15 million new foreign-born voters. Between seven and eight million of those foreign-born voters will arrive in the U.S. through chain migration.

Jeff Sessions Delivers: DOJ Nails Senate Intel Committee’s Security Chief as Deep State Leaker

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

It is time Jeff Sessions steps up to do his job and go after the leakers.

Senior Justice Department officials announced late Thursday criminal charges against Senate Intelligence Committee’s long-time director of security James Wolfe.

The indictment charges Wolfe with making false statements to the FBI and details how Wolfe passed classified information, including presumably information related to one-time Trump campaign aide Carter Page, to a series of media outlets, confirming long-standing suspicions of the career intelligence community’s complicity in leaks. The three-count indictment charges Wolfe with separate instances of making false statements to the FBI, not directly charging him for leaking classified information, but appearing to detail how he did allegedly leaked classified information to reporters and then allegedly lied about it to the FBI.

The 11-page indictment does not name the reporters and does not name the person about whom classified information was leaked, but labels them as “Reporter #1,” “Reporter #2,” “Reporter #3,” and “Reporter #4” as well as “MALE-1” respectively. It is presumed that “MALE-1” is Page, the ex-Trump aide, and “Reporter #2” is then-Buzzfeed News now New York Times reporter Ali Watkins.

Watkins broke the Carter Page angle of the “Russia investigation” back in April 2017 with a story called “A Former Trump Adviser Met With A Russian Spy.” In it, Watkins claimed, “The revelation of Page’s connection to Russian intelligence — which occurred more than three years before his association with Trump — is the most clearly documented contact to date between Russian intelligence and someone in Trump’s orbit.”

Brad Heath


Pretty clear from the indictment that DOJ was investigating some of @AliWatkins‘ reporting when it secretly obtained her phone and email records:

Brad Heath


The Wolfe indictment makes clear that the government was investigating a leak about Carter Page meeting with a Russian intel operative in 2013 when it seized @aliwatkins‘ email and phone records. Here’s the story:

View image on Twitter

Based on accusations in the Wolfe indictment, it appears this scoop, that Page had been in contact with a Russian intelligence operative back in 2013, was based entirely on classified information Wolfe was privy to as a result of his position and which he allegedly leaked to Watkins.

After her explosive Buzzfeed scoop about Page, Watkins secured a job at the prestigious New York Times — where she is currently employed. The Times, earlier on Thursday, before the indictment was unveiled, reported that Watkins and Wolfe were “in a romantic relationship” at the time Wolfe leaked the Carter Page documents. Texts included in the indictment appear indicative not only of Wolfe’s willingness to leak to Watkins, but his personal connection to her as well. One particularly telling text from Wolfe to Watkins reads:

I always tried to give you as much information that I could and to do the right thing with it so you could get that scoop before anyone else . . . . I always enjoyed the way that you would pursue a story,like nobody else was doing in my hal1way. I felt like I was part of your excitement and was always very supportive of your career and the tenacity that you exhibited to chase down a good story.

When interviewed by FBI agents in December 2017, Wolfe allegedly denied any contact with Watkins and at least two other journalists to whom he is accused of leaking classified information. Confronted with photographs of he and Watkins together, he relented, admitting he had lied, but denying discussing or passing Senate Intelligence Committee information to her. It is these alleged false statements with which Wolfe was charged Thursday.

The Times story earlier Thursday about Watkins and Wolfe detailed that as part of this investigation, “prosecutors also secretly seized years’ worth of a New York Times reporter’s phone and email records.”

The indictment contains no charges related to the classified information itself, but the investigation is reportedly continuing with left-leaning news outlets apparently outragedthat Watkins’s phone records have been seized as part of the probe:

Ben Smith


This story concerns a reporter’s work @BuzzFeedNews. We are deeply troubled by what looks like a case of law enforcement interfering with a reporter’s constitutional right to gather information about her own government. 

Wolfe’s arrest comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified, in November 2017, that the Justice Department had numerous ongoing leaks investigations, including presumably this one. “Members of the committee, we had about nine open investigations of classified leaks in the last three years,” Sessions testified to a House committee. “We have 27 investigations open today. We intend to get to the bottom of these leaks.”

Even earlier, in August 2017, Sessions delivered a stern warning to would-be leakers, “Don’t do it.”


Reiner: First Time Ever President Supported by Mainstream Media — Because Fox News, Breitbart

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

The Meathead is stupider than he looks.

Backfire: David Hogg’s Publix Boycott Diminishes Same-Sex Marriage, Abortion Funding

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

The Law of Unintended Consequences has bitten David Camera Hogg in the ass. 

Gun control activist David Hogg’s boycott and protests against Publix grocers hurts funding for same-sex marriage and abortion.

He targeted Publix because they gave nearly $700,000 to pro-gun gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam (R).

Hogg’s protest included a “die in” in the aisles of a Publix store and chalk outlines of 17 persons on a Publix parking lot:

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Emilee McGovern@EmileeRose

Early this morning @davidhogg111 teamed up with @ChangeTheRef to create an art instillation outside of @publix in protest of the corporation and their support of Adam Putnam. 17 chalk outlines in multiple parking spots were drawn and wrapped in caution tape.

Publix agreed to cease donations to Putnam following the protests. However, so as to be fair to all customers, they also announced they would cease donations to more liberal-leaning causes too. These include donations that would go toward same-sex marriage and abortion.

IJR’s Caleb Hull reported:

Caleb Hull


Because David Hogg convinced Publix to pull political funding from an NRA supporting candidate, they also backed out of funding for same-sex marriage and abortion advocacy…


Mick Mulvaney Backs Plan to Oust Paul Ryan, Force Dems to Vote for Nancy Pelosi

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

Make Nancy Pelosi the albatross around the necks of the DemocRats during the midterm elections.

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney on Sunday endorsed the idea of making Democrats vote for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) before the November midterm elections.

At a conference sponsored by the Weekly Standard, Fox News host Bret Baier asked Mulvaney what he thought of the idea of making Speaker Paul Ryan step down and make Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy the next speaker before the midterm election.

Mulvaney said:

I’ve talked with Kevin about this privately but not as much publicly. Wouldn’t it be great to force a Democrat running in a tight race to have to put up or shut up about voting for Nancy Pelosi eight weeks before an election? That’s a really, really good vote for us to force if we can figure out how to do it.

House Minority Leader Pelosi suggested in May that she intends to serve as the next Speaker if Democrats take the House after the November elections.

“We will win. I will run for speaker. I feel confident about it. And my members do, too,” Pelosi said.

Senior House Democrats, however, told reporters in March that if Democrats took the House in November, then Pelosi would not necessarily become Speaker.

Mike Allen of Axios wrote:

Top Democrats tell me that if they take back the House in November, a restoration of Speaker Nancy Pelosi is no longer guaranteed. In fact, some well-wired House Democrats predict she will be forced aside after the election and replaced by a younger, less divisive Dem.

Even in her home state of California, the San Jose Mercury News found that “only two” of the 34 Democrats running for Congress in competitive Republican-held seats in California publicly committed to voting for Pelosi as the next Speaker.

A February poll found that only 29 percent of Americans approve of Pelosi.

Pelosi suggested that if Democrats were to win the House, they will push to raise taxes, pass gun control legislation, and push for amnesty for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) illegal aliens.

“Certainly that will be among the things we will do right away,” the California Democrat said.

Eric Holder: ‘No Basis’ for Trump to Investigate FBI Election Meddling

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

This makes me wonder what Eric “I won’t prosecute my people” Holder is worried but being uncovered?

Former Attorney General Eric Holder blasted President Donald Trump’s demand to investigate possible federal meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign as “dangerous” and “democracy threatening” in a message posted Monday afternoon.

“Trump demand for DOJ investigation is dangerous/democracy threatening. DOJ response is disappointing,” Holder lamented on Twitter. “There is no basis/no predicate for an inquiry. It’s time to stand for time-honored DOJ independence. That separation from White House is a critical part of our system.”

Eric Holder


Trump demand for DOJ investigation is dangerous/democracy threatening. DOJ response is disappointing.There is no basis/no predicate for an http://inquiry.It ’s time to stand for time honored DOJ independence.That separation from White House is a critical part of our system.

On Sunday, President Trump took to Twitter to demand that the Justice Department probe politically-motivated spying on his campaign.

“I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes – and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!” the President said Sunday.

“If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action,” Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein said after ordering the Justice Department watchdog to probe whether the FBI’s counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign was tainted by political bias.

Trump is meeting with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and DNI Head Dan Coats at the White House on Monday to discuss the Justice Department’s request.

Holder himself benefited from a breach of “time-honored DOJ independence” while Barack Obama was in the Oval Office. President Obama asserted executive privilege to shield an investigation into then-Attorney General Holder and “Fast & Furious,” a DOJ operation which supplied firearms to Mexican cartels — one of which was used to murderBord Patrol agent Brian Terry. The president’s claim of executive privilege, after lawmakers voted to hold Holder in both civil and criminal contempt of Congress, extended as far as emails between Holder and his wife and mother.

Report: Trump Rosenstein Wray Meet at White House over 2016 Spying

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

It will be interesting to see just how deep the FBI is involved with the spying on then candidate Trump.

It will be interesting to see how deep the swamp brothers Wray and Rosenstien are involved in the spying also.

Donald Trump will meet with FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at the White House on Monday. 

UPDATE: After the meeting, the White House said the Justice Department Inspector General has officially been asked to expand his probe into the FBI’s counterintelligence operation against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

A statement reads: “Based on the meeting with the President, the Department of Justice has asked the Inspector General to expand its current investigation to include any irregularities with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s or the Department of Justice’s tactics concerning the Trump Campaign. It was also agreed that White House Chief of Staff Kelly will immediately set up a meeting with the FBI, DOJ, and DNI together with Congressional Leaders to review highly classified and other information they have requested.” 

“ABC News has learned President Trump will meet today at the White House with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. The meeting is scheduled for 3pm. I’m told this “demand” will be a topic of discussion,” ABC’s Jon Karl tweeted, referencing Trump’s demand that the Justice Department probe possible surveillance of his 2016 campaign ordered by federal law enforcement officials.

Jonathan Karl


ABC News has learned President Trump will meet today at the White House with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. The meeting is scheduled for 3pm. I’m told this “demand” will be a topic of discussion … 

Reuters adds DNI chief Dan Coats will also attend the meeting.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters the meeting was scheduled last week.

Mark Knoller


Pres Trump to meet this afternoon with Deputy AG Rosenstein, FBI Director Wray and DNI Coats. @PressSec says focus is on Congressional request for documents. Says meeting was scheduled last week before @POTUS demand for probe of FBI informant in his 2016 campaign.

“I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes – and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!” Trump tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

Donald J. Trump


I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes – and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!

Hours later, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein called on the Justice Department Inspector General to expand his investigation to include possible politically motivated acts regarding how the FBI “conducted its counterintelligence investigation of persons suspected of involvement with the Russian agents who interfered in the 2016 presidential election.”

“If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action,” Deputy Attorney General said Sunday evening.

The announcement follows multiple reports indicating foreign policy scholar Stefan Halper acted as an FBI informant who interacted with Trump campaign aides, Carter Page, Sam Clovis and George Papadopoulos.


Climate Alarmists: 50 Percent of Insect Species to Lose Half Their Habitat by 2100

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

It seems every disaster predicted by the Climate Alarmists happen between 50-100 years in the future.

They do that so no one will be alive to call them out on their lies.

Half of all insect species are on track to lose more than half their geographical range by the year 2100 thanks to global warming, a new study prophesies.

A team of five climate researchers from the University of East Anglia in Norfolk, UK, and James Cook University in Australia set out to explore how a rise of 3.2ºC in mean global temperature could affect 31,000 insect species, 8,000 bird species, 1,700 mammal species, 1,800 reptile species, 1,000 amphibian species, and 71,000 species of plants.

The team published its predictions Friday in the journal Science in a highly political articleseemingly aimed at persuading readers of the benefits of the Paris Climate Accord.

Insects are not the only class of creature to be decimated in the authors’ apocalyptic climate scenario. They suggest that some 44 percent of plants would lose half their overall geographic range, with 26 percent of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish facing the same fate. These catastrophic losses of habitat are predicated upon a rise of 3.2ºC above pre-industrial levels.

The study spawned a series of fawning articles touting its important findings, with titles such as “The World Is Becoming Uninhabitable for Animals” and “Keeping warming to 1.5°C instead of 2°C would save most animals from climate change.”

In a rare moment of modesty, however, the authors of the study acknowledge that, in fact, scientists “have little information” about the fate of insects in a changing climate since “data are scant for insects compared with other groups of organisms.”

This confessed ignorance proved to be no deterrent to the researchers. The class of creature that scientists claim to know the least about turned out to be the ones predicted to suffer the greatest losses if global temperatures rise.

Enter the Paris Climate Accord.

If the Paris goal of keeping global temperatures from rising above 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels is met, the authors suggest, then only 16 percent of plants, and 8 percent of insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish would lose more than 50 percent of their range by 2100.

As any student of statistics is aware, predictions with such a high degree of precision are difficult in experiments involving few variables and a significant level of control. In scenarios such as the present one—with hundreds of thousands of variables and zero control—such predictions are all but worthless.

To be able to say with any degree of certitude that 8 percent of reptiles would lose more than half their habitat because of a 2ºC rise in global temperature over an 80-year period would require an enormous volume of verifiable data that these scientists simply do not possess. In the end, their estimates are based on extrapolations from climate models with little if any real scientific value.

But reading the report between the lines, one realizes that the authors’ goal is not to produce a reliable estimate of how many acres of land will be available to host mosquitos in the year 2100.

It is rather to convince people to willingly subject themselves to onerous political programs designed to phase out affordable fossil fuels in favor of “renewables,” which are in turn dependent upon taxpayer-funded government subsidies.

As a recent study showed, however, people most favorable to such government programs are actually the least likely to behave themselves in an environmentally friendly way.

The jury is still out on the future of insects. In the meantime, radically altering human behavior based on the wild predictions of climate forecasters seems, to say the least, a bit premature.

Dems Positioning for 2020 Presidential Run: Sen. Warren Wins First Round for Anti-Trump Message

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H/T Breitbarts Big Government.

The DemocRats are hoping Princess Fauxcahontas can take the nomination away from Slow Joe Biden. 

A handful of Democratic lawmakers gathered at the left-wing Center for American Progress on Wednesday in Washington, DC, to test the political waters for a possible presidential run in 2020.

The plans each offered for getting President Donald Trump to vacate the White House ranged from winning back the American workers who voted for him to installing socialism.

But they all shared an anti-Trump message, with a reporter at the Hill declaring one of them the winner because she best articulated that message.

“It was Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who ultimately won the day with a full-throated assertion of the need for Democrats to hew closely to a base she characterized as “angry and scared” about President Trump’s impact on the nation,” the Hill reported.

Warren called the Democratic Party “the party of ideas,” according to the Hill:

“But she added, ‘The sad truth is, most of these ideas won’t go anywhere unless we deal with the defining crisis of this moment in our history … Democracy is crumbling around us,’” the Hill reported.

Warren appeared better able to synthesize anti-Trump anger with a more positive policy platform than any other speaker.

Each speaker at the Ideas Conference got the chance to pitch their plan for taking out Trump, including having a message that’s more than villainizing the president.

“I don’t have time to wallow,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), said in the Hill report, which noted she faces a re-election bid in the midterm election. “He’s there, and we need to provide an alternative.”

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), who also faces re-election, said workers are key to a Democrat win.

“Trump won communities in my state that he had no business winning,” Brown said in the Hill report. “I think workers in my state are looking for somebody in elected office to talk about the dignity of work.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “was enthusiastically received, especially in his calls to ‘dismantle the oligarchy’ of ‘multibillionaires,’” the Hill reported.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) tried to present a social justice platform, saying improving the plight of poor whites and poor blacks is something that would resonate with social justice voters.

“We have in this country a common pain, but we are lacking a sense of common purpose,” Booker said in the Hill report.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY.), who has proudly promoted her feminist credentials, said she was a champion of women, while Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called himself a “bold progressive” at the event.

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