This is from Breitbarts Sports.

This is the biggest load of crap I have read in a long time.

I used to say my favorite baseball teams are the Atlanta Braves, the Texas Rangers and who ever by the Yankees now I will add the Mets to the list.


On June 2 the New York Mets announced that the team stands with Michael Bloomberg and Piers Morgan in the “Wear Orange” gun control push.

Breitbart News previously reported that a host of celebrities, HBO, MTV, Motown Records, and numerous Democrat mayors vowed to wear orange on June 2 for the sake of promoting and declaring Gun Violence Awareness Day.

The celebrities include Perez Hilton, Julianne Moore, Melissa Joan Hart, and Michael Stipe.

The Washington Examiner cited Everytown for Gun Safety’s confirmation that the New York Mets has now added its name to the list of supporters. The players posed in orange shirts—one of the team’s colors—in a photo posted on Facebook.

Everytown said:

The New York Mets became the first pro sports franchise to join the campaign and will today release a photo of the entire team wearing orange in support of efforts to reduce gun violence. The team will also release a photo of the Mets’ front office staff wearing orange in support of the campaign.

While the Mets are donning orange in New York, a “Wear Orange Party for Peace” is being hosted by Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) in Chicago, where gun control has correlated with a seemingly insurmountable wave of murder and mayhem.