Bill Seeks To Stop BATFE Abuse Against Gun Owners By Removing Vague Language Exploited By Agency

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Hat Tip To Bullets First.

I emailed my Represenative and asked him to support H.R. 2710 he is a Republican so the odds are good he will support this bill.

Use this link to find your House member.


The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting and it sure as hell doesn’t have anything to do with “sporting purposes.”

The 2nd Amendment is in the Bill of Rights because it is the right of all Americans to defend themselves from tyranny.

That is what the Founding Fathers believed, that is what I believe and that is what the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled.

Yet, leave it to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) to ignore all of that and focus on an vague, undefined term in some gun control legislation passed decades ago.

The term is “sporting purposes.”

The term “sporting purposes” is undefined by federal statute and has been subject to several reinterpretations by the BATFE and its predecessor agency.  BATFE and anti-gun administrations have exploited the lack of a clear definition of “sporting purposes” to bypass Congress and impose gun control through executive fiat. The most recent (and perhaps most infamous) example of this was the Obama administration’s attempt to ban a highly popular form of ammunition for the AR-15, America’s most popular rifle.

Yesterday, Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources Rob Bishop (R-UT) introduced H.R. 2710, the “Lawful Purpose and Self Defense Act of 2015” in order to cut the legs out from the BATFE’s mockery of Constitutional Law.

HR 2710 would do the following:

Eliminate ATF’s authority to reclassify popular rifle ammunition as “armor piercing ammunition.” The federal law governing armor piercing ammunition was passed by Congress to target handgun projectiles, but BATFE has used the law to ban common and popular rifle ammunition, as it recently attempted with M855/SS109 5.56×45 ammunition.

Provide for the lawful importation of any non-NFA firearm or ammunition that may otherwise be lawfully possessed and sold within the United States. BATFE has used the current discretionary “sporting purposes” standard to deny the importation of firearms that would be perfectly legal to manufacture, sell, and possess in the United States.

Protect shotguns, shotgun shells, and certain rifles from arbitrary classification as “destructive devices.”

Broaden the temporary interstate transfer provision to allow temporary transfers for all lawful purposes rather than just for “sporting purposes.”

So long as agencies like the BATFE can use vague and undefinable language to undermine the 2nd Amendment and weasel around common sense the right itself is in danger.

This is an example of how the fight for the 2nd Amendment must not only be won in the courts but also in the halls of Congress.

Gun Controllers hate freedom and they will use any sneaky, underhanded and unethical tactics and means available to gut liberty wherever they find it.

HR 2710 shines a light on the rat nest that is the BATFE and we should all contact our representatives in order to ensure that it goes forward.



New York City, Citadel of Gun Control Beset By Muggings and Random Acts of Violence

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Hat Tip to Bullets First.

Gun control allows the feral thugs run wild at the expense of the unarmed people.

  “An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.”    

New York City, home of some of the most stringent gun control policies in the nation and of gun control gestapo head Michael Bloomberg has seen a sharp uptick of the victimization of its citizens by roves of thugs and criminals.

Over the past weekend the disarmed citizens of New York who frequent Central Park were prey to at least 3 unrelated and violent muggings.

The first mugging occurred at 9:30pm on Saturday when a gang of 12 teenagers descended upon a couple walking through the park.  The group was armed with knives and tasers and stole the couples cell phones.  For good measure this gang of hoodlums punched the woman in the face.

When gun controllers rage on and on about magazine limits they should take a look at this couple who would need more than 7 rounds to stop a gang of 12 who very well could have gone from beating the woman to killing her boyfriend and raping her.

Of course, being New York City the couple was all ready at a disadvantage being disarmed by the policies of gun hating hoplophobes like Bloomberg and his ilk.

The second mugging occurred on Sunday morning where a 45 year old man was choked and robbed of his wallet and backpack by a gun wielding mugger.

I wonder how that can be though.  I mean, gun control is supposed to stop bad guys from having guns.  Oh wait, no, its meant to stop law abiding citizens from defending themselves and ensuring that criminals don’t get hurt in their commission of crimes.

In the third mugging a woman was overpowered and had her purse stolen at 8:30pm on Sunday.

In an ideal gun controller city like New  York, the stronger can run roughshod over the weaker.

And not to think that crime is only limited to muggings in Central Park, at Union Square on Tuesday night between 7:30 and 7:a man went on a hammer wielding mini-rampage attacking two women.

Once again the women had little recourse but to hope that their deranged attacker didn’t beat them to death with a hammer.

This is what gun control looks like.  The weak, the outnumbered, the unarmed falling victim and prey to roving gangs, armed thugs and hammer wielding maniacs.

New York City…it’s a hell of a town…where devils run wild and the innocent suffer.

After 3 Years Gun Owning Senior Wins Lawsuit Against Crooked Cops Who Stole His Firearms


Hat Tip Bullets First.

I am glad to see the judge made the correct ruling and the corrupt cops not the taxpayers must pay.


It took three long years, but 75 year old Arthur Lovi finally had his day in court and the police department of Arlington Heights, Illinois were on the losing end of an $80,000 ruling.

The story began back in 2012 when Lovi was diagnosed with high blood pressure linked to stress.  His doctor suggested he talk to a therapist to try a lower his blood pressure.

Lovi, who was a helicopter pilot for the Air Force during the ’60s  talked to the therapist about his recent losses that he was dealing with.

From the Daily Herald:

Lovi told her about the loss that had been all around him the past few years: his mother, a 3-year-old granddaughter who drowned, a son-in-law lost to a drug overdose, and worst of all, his wife of 33 years.

Cindy had died nine years ago, but to Lovi it was still raw. She was always tired and bruised easily. When he finally persuaded her to get checked out, she was told she had a cold, probably caught from one of her students at Forest View Alternative Center.

Unsatisfied, the next day Lovi made her see another doctor who gave her the correct, but heartbreaking, diagnosis: leukemia. Cindy died a few weeks later. She was 53.

Lovi told the therapist about Cindy’s death and his bitterness over the incorrect diagnosis.

Apparently, being a veteran who is grieving over the loss of loved ones is enough for some gun hating therapist to order in some jackbooted thugs to ransack and steal Lovi’s entire firearm collection.

The therapist would later admit that she didn’t think Lovi was a danger to anyone but was “just doing her job” when she reported him to the police.


What did this therapists reckless actions lead to?

From Freedom Outpost:

Following his return home that day, Lovi got a call from the Arlington Heights Police Department and they asked if he had weapons in his home. According to Lovi, who is retired and lives with his son, he told them that he did have three antique firearms, including a double barreled musket that was over 100 years old. Apparently Lovi decorates his home with old antiques, including old teakettles, ancient telephones and kerosene lamps. He claims he has never fired any of the weapons and doesn’t even know how to load the musket.

Mind you, Lovi has all the legal (if unconstitutional) licenses and permits for the weapons.

Even so, at 11pm 5 police officers raided his home and seized his antique firearm collection.  The cops of this Chicago suburb would spin a story in which Lovi just willingly handed over his antique firearms without a WARRANT, PROBABLE CAUSE or anything that would satisfy the 4th Amendment.

It would take over 2 months and multiple attempts for Lovi to get his firearms back, one of which was damaged and needed an expensive repair.

What was Lovi’s side of the incident?

From the lawsuit that Lovi would file:

The lawsuit claims police officers asked Lovi questions about his wife. Lovi became upset and told police officers that he did not want to talk about his wife. The police officers radioed for an ambulance to the scene.

The officers told Lovi that he needed to get in the ambulance and go to the hospital. Lovi told police that he did not want to go to the hospital.

The officers told Lovi that if he did not go into the ambulance willingly, they would handcuff him and physically put him in the ambulance. Lovi was transported to Northwest Community Hospital, where he was evaluated and it was determined that he did not need to be committed as there were no signs that he would be a harm to himself or others. Lovi was released from the hospital the same day.

So lets see, on top of the theft, the police are also guilty of abuse of power, elder abuse and threatening false arrest.

These thugs with badges are the ones who deserve to be locked up.

According to the lawsuit, Lovi suffered damages including loss of property and pecuniary damages include medical expenses, attorneys’ fees, and property damage. It also claims “Unreasonable Seizure of Property, Failure to Intervene with police officers’ indifference to Lovi’s right to be free from unreasonable seizures of property, Unreasonable Search of Home, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Willful and Wanton Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress in the scope of employment, and that the Village of Arlington Heights is liable for any judgments for compensatory damages arising out of the police officers’ actions.”

Finally, good news for Arthur Lovi.

Earlier this week the judgment in this lawsuit was given.

The jury found Arlington Heights police Sgt. Charles Buczynski guilty of illegal entry into a home and unreasonable seizure of property for leading the charge into Lovi’s home. The jury ordered him to pay Lovi $45,000, Kiss said.

The jury found Arlington Heights Cmdr. Richard Gausselin guilty of unreasonable seizure of person for coercing Lovi into the ambulance two days later, and ordered him to pay $25,000.

An additional $10,000 was awarded to Lovi to pay his medical bills and to fix damage done to his antique guns during their seizure, Kiss said.

Three other officers named in the suit were not found guilty.

It seems like we had two bad cops and three others who just stood around and let the constitution be violated in front of them.  A banner day for Arlington Heights police.

What I like most about this story is that the jury has ordered the INDIVIDUAL officers to pay Arthur Lovi.  Not the village of Arlington Heights taxpayers which is how it should be.

On top of paying for their crimes financially, Sgt. Buczynski and Cmdr Gausselin should be fired from their positions.  How can two officers, found guilty of constitutional violations against a senior citizen ever be credible again?  The answer is they cannot and I hope to hear of their imminent termination soon.

Of course, the “officers” are going to appeal the verdict, because how DARE they be held accountable for their actions.  They still hold the blue line that they acted appropriately and said their civil rights violating actions were “pursuant to protocol.”

Really? Warrant-less searches and brow beating an old man into an ambulance is protocol for Arlington Heights PD is it?  Hmmmm.

Arthur Lovi’s message makes a lot more sense:

“It’s important that the public know the police don’t have a right to come in your house without a warrant. They don’t have a right to bully you.”

Bullies with badges and thugs who hide behind the shield in order to violate the constitution have no right to be cops.  I hope more people like Arthur Lovi have the courage to stand up to corrupt cops and shine the light of truth on the crime that festers under the thin blue line.

SHOCKER: Democrats in New York reject Ethics Reform Measures

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Hat Tip Bullets First. 

Surprise DemocRats in Albany vote to keep corruption intact in the state of New York.



So anyone who has read Bullets First with any regularity knows how I feel about the Empire State, it’s corrupt bottom feeding politicians and it’s rules for thee not for thee mentality of the intelligentsia therein.

It therefore comes as no surprise to me that the Democrats, the same ones who changed the rules and allowed the SAFE Act to be shoved through without public review LITERALLY in the middle of night has rejected a set of measures to limit the unethical, unlawful and unseemly actions by elected officials.

You know, the ones like Sheldon Silver who has been arrested for taking $4 MILLION in bribes.

From Mental Recession:

Republicans in the New York State Assembly presented 13 rule changes designed to improve transparency, ethics, and the rules of the chamber yesterday, and the Democrat opposition, long the main target of such reforms based on a vast history of corruption shot them down one by one.

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco said the rule reforms would “stop major legislation like pension reform, teacher evaluations, the SAFE Act and state budgets from being passed in the middle of the night away from public viewing.”

Via Capital New York:

The Democrat-controlled State Assembly on Monday voted down 13 rules changes introduced by Republicans.

The votes were mostly along party lines. Democratic Assemblyman Michael Kearns supported most of them and his colleague James Skoufis supported some, but other members of their conference were consistent in their opposition.

The proposals included measures such as the posting of committee votes online and term limits for legislative leaders.

McLaughlin took to Facebook and railed against his Democrat colleagues for voting against the reform measures:

If anyone out there needs to show their kids a lesson in what glaring hypocrisy looks like, please tune in to the Assembly live feed immediately.

The Assembly GOP put forth 13 rules changes that would improve transparency, ethics, and the rules of the chamber. The Democrats are in the process of voting down every single one of them. Remember that when they talk about ethics and honesty.

They seek to perpetuate a system that had turned NY into a swamp of corruption. If 8 years is good enough for a President it’s Damn sure more than enough for any “leader” of this Assembly.

To read the full article go to Democrats Reject Ethics Reform Measures

So the rats of Albany have decided to stay scurrying in the night so the “citizens” of the Empire (though in truth they are treated more like servants) can remain unaware of their midnight machinations.

What would you expect from the SAFE Act State?


Stop Donating To The Wounded Warrior Project – They’re A Fraud


Hat Tip To Bullets First.

I stopped donating to the Wounded Warrior Project after their stance on the Second Amendment can to light.


During this Christmas and New Year’s season the gift of charity swells in the hearts of many.  And who better to benefit from that charity than those who have literally given life and limb for the freedom and liberty we possess today than the veterans who stood tall when their nation called on them.

When people donate money they expect that the majority of it will go to the actual cause and not line the pockets of some corporate hack or grease the wheels to enable extravagant parties.  Unforunately, when it comes to the Wounded Warrior Project the people who have been so generous with their donations have been bamboozled and the veterans in need have been, as one veteran put into a “dog and pony show.”

For full disclosure, I have been against the Wounded Warrior Project ever since they came out as being against the 2nd Amendment.  That is not some perceived imagined slight, WWP has stated that as a fact.  Via their director of public relations Leslie Coleman, the Wounded Warrior Project staked their position with regards to the 2nd Amendment thus after refusing to go on the Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk national radio show:

“While we appreciate the interest in having a WWP representative on your show on Veterans Day we are not able to participate in interviews or activities with media/organizations that are related to firearms.”

So basically, if you have anything to do with firearms, the Wounded Warrior Project doesn’t want anything to do with you.

Every since then I have told beleivers in the 2nd Amendment to take their donations elsewhere.

But now, I have discovered that on top of being against the 2nd Amendment, the Wounded Warrior Project is a legal scam in which the vast chunk of donations made them go to executive salaries and lavish parties and the veterans they claim to help, by and large, are given trivial trinkets and used as fodder for photo ops.

During an interview with the Daily Beast, a double amputee veteran of the Iraq war spoke candidly:

“They’re more worried about putting their label on everything than getting down to brass tacks. It’s really frustrating.”

“Everything they do is a dog-and-pony show, and I haven’t talked to one of my fellow veterans that were injured… actually getting any help from the Wounded Warrior Project. I’m not just talking about financial assistance; I’m talking about help, period.”

Another soldier, Sam, an active duty soldier with Special Forces gave voice to what he sees as the problem:

“In the beginning, with Wounded Warrior, it started as a small organization and evolved into a beast.  It’s become so large and such a massive money-maker…the organization cares about nothing more than raising money and “keeping up an appearance” for the public with superficial displays like wounded warrior parking spots at the Walmart.”

A veterans’ advocate spoke their concern stating:

“They’re laser-focused on making money to help vets, but forgetting to help vets.  It’s becoming one of the best known charities in America—and they’re not spending their money very well.”

A second veterans’ advocate echoed that concern:

“It’s more about the Wounded Warrior Project and less about the wounded warrior.”

Ken Davis, a veteran from Arizona says that he is considered a “alumni” of the WWP even though he doesn’t want to be associated with the organization and that the WWP uses him to bolster their numbers fraudulantly.  His questions the WWP:

“I receive more marketing stuff from them, [and see more of that] than the money they’ve put into the community here in Arizona.  It’s just about numbers and money to them. Never once did I get the feeling that it’s about veterans.”

He could have used a ride to a VA facility for health care, he said. But rather than receive practical assistance from the WWP, he got a branded fleece beanie.

“They’re marketing, they’re spending money—but on what?”

Speaking of how the WWP spends its money, how does that break down?

Only 48 to 58 cents of every dollar actually makes its way to wounded veterans and as you read above, that could be spent on trivial nonsense orchestrated to bolster the WWP and not necessarily help actual veterans who are in need.

Think about that though…for every dollar you give them as little as 48% of that goes to their overpaid executives in either salary (the CEO Steve Nardizzi makes $375,000 a year) or their corporate infrastructure that includes vacations, parties and events.

One would expect to find such excess and bloating in the Federal Government but not in a charity that says it is there to help.  More like they are there to help themselves and give only the meanest of help to those they claim to champion.

Let me make a comparison for you so to illustrate how little of your donation goes to the veterans when you give to the Wounded Warrior Project, because maybe you think that 58% (I’m being generous) is a good amount and that an organization needs 40 plus percent to operate with.

While the Wounded Warrior Project circles the drain at the mid fifties when it comes to percentage of donation going to cause another veterans charity,  Fisher House has 95% of their donations going directly to help veterans.  Fisher house receives top marks from charity watchdog organizations and is 25 times more efficient when it comes to fundraising than the Wounded Warrior Project.

Transparency, efficiency, nearly all the money going to veterans, no anti American sentiments…this is why, if the spirit of giving has touched your heart and you desire to donate to a charity that helps veterans, give to Fisher House.  You will get more bang for your buck and will help out those in need instead of helping buy Steve  Nardizzi buy another sports car.

So yeah…stop wasting your money by padding overpaid executives and give to organizations you know will spend the money on those in need.

I encourage you all to look into Fisher House and any money you were going to give to the Wounded Warrior Project, consider sending it them instead.

UPDATE: Apparently its not all about the money…its also about religious bigotry as the Wounded Warrior Project is against Christians who want to donate as Christians.

Wounded Warriors rejects donation from children at Christian school

Seems being a Christian is too partisan to help the troops.  Thanks to my readers for pointing out this story.

Washington State, Enforce New Gun Law Fully and Mercilessly…No Really


Hat Tip To Bullets First.

Liberal good intentions and the unintended consequences of the new law.

My regular readers my see the title to this article and think I’ve lost it.  Let me assure you it isn’t so.  And if you are a gun control zealot thinking I am going support your ideologywellhave fun with that.

Washington State recently, through a ballot initiative bankrolled by Billionaire freedom hater Michael Bloomberg, bamboozled the voters who were ignorant about what they were voting on and making them believe that ballot initiative I-594 would do anything to stop crime.  It won’t.

What it will do is drive up costs, hassle gun owners and businesses and be an all around pain in the ass.

That is why it must be enforced to the FULL extent of its power.  I want this law to be hammered home as it is written.

Ah yesas it is written.  You see, there’s the rub.

When gun controllers get together in their confabs to discuss stripping away rights they have no working knowledge of they tend to screw the pooch.  One need look no further than New York and the SAFE Act which, when initially past in the dead of night, hurried so the people couldn’t voice their oppostion, the law stripped police officers of their rifles.  Cuomo and his cronies went back to ensure that Two New Yorks would exist, one with the peons and one with the privileged ruling class.  Such is the Empire State.

So what does Washington’s I-594 actually say?

It’s a series of infringements on people who own, buy, sell, borrow or trade guns or devices I’ll get back to that “device” part in a minute.  Basically the state requires that background checks be done every time a firearm is handed from one person to another, regardless of the amount of time.

Go to a shooting range and want to let your buddy take a few shots?  Law requires a background check.  Gran pappy giving his grandson his old  .22 bolt action rifle?  Law requires a background check.  Run a gun range?  Every time someone enters you must run a background check.  A museum with military rifles from WWII?  Need to run a background check every time they are touched by workers. And so on.

Background checks cost time and moneyso who is going to pay?  The people.

Now, if that were the end of it, perhaps hammering down on gun owners wouldn’t be enough to enact any change.  But the law doesn’t deal SOLEY with gun owners.

Here’s the juicy part:

 (9) “Firearm” means a weapon or device from which a projectile or
projectiles may be fired by an explosive such as gunpowder.

Here are some things that constitute a “firearm” thanks to the law (remember the explosive force need not be gunpowder):

Flare Gun

Nail Gun


Your car if it backfires (combustion engine)

A lawnmower if you don’t bag the grass

Lighters (flame is a projectile)

Anything that runs on combustible fuel and ejects something

IF taken as explosive force and not an explosion then T-Shirt cannons require background checks now.  Tough break Mariner Moose.

A straw used for spitballs.

And the list goes on.

All of these people sharing cars, passing T-shirt cannons about and moving lawns without a license need to be rounded up and arrested.  It’s the law.

If we actually FOLLOW the letter of the law, then maybe the voters of Washington will realize that they have been duped by a New York Billionaire and take steps to repair the damage their voting has done.

Even if they just enforced it on the first three, enough people may realize how much of a pointless joke that I-594 was.

That is why I am fully supportive of this gun control law being enforced as it is written.

Eventually the uninitiated public will learn that the gun controllers have been lying to them for years and hopefully that will be enough to wake the masses up.

Here’s to hoping.


Judge Rules Cops Can Now Break Fingers To Compel People To Open Cell Phones


This is from Bullets First.

What has happened to the fourth and fifth amendments?

This judge needs to have his law license revoked and removed from the bench.


broken finger

In another shocking display of jurist malfeasance, Virginia Circuit Judge Stephen Fucci has ruled that police can pry open your hands and force you to unlock your cell phone that has a fingerprint security feature.

Not only is Fucci’s ruling an affront to both the 4th and 5th Amendments but is also shockingly ignorant.


According to Judge Steven C. Fucci: while a criminal defendant can’t be compelled to hand over a passcode to police officers for the purpose of unlocking a cellular device, law enforcement officials can compel a defendant to give up a fingerprint.

Here’s the rub though, with the advancement of technology, more and more things are going the way of biometric scans.  The logical conclusion to Fucci’s ruling is that any biometric lock, be it fingerprint swipe or iris scan can be searched without a warrant or permission or consent from the owner.

This extends beyond a simple cell phone as cars, houses, safe boxes more and more are gravitating to the biometric defenses.  Judge Fucci has effectively ruled that while such locks may be a deterrent to criminals, it is actually a highway to infringement town when it comes to the police who no longer would need a warrant to search anything.

Think of the following scenario where a car is locked solely by a biometric fingerprint scan.

Cop: Please step out of the vehicle.

Innocent Person: (locks car upon exiting)

Cop: Unlock your car so I can search it?

Innocent Person: For what reason?

Cop: Doesn’t matter, I just want to search itI’m a suspicious person.

Innocent Person: That’s not good enough, i’m not unlocking my car.

The cop calls for back up. it shows up, his cop buddy throws a billy club around our innocent drivers neck starts to choke him out while our first cop pries a finger out of the fist (dislocating it so it couldn’t be balled up again) and then uses it to open the car.

According to Judge Fucci, that’s all fine and dandy.  Just like when a group of cops have another person on the floor holding him down while one cop grinds a heel into his wrist so his hand convulsively opens in order to get that all important cell phone information.

Let’s break it down even further, if police enter your house without a warrant (for some foolish reason you let them in) they are confined to “PLAIN VIEW DOCTRINE”, that is to say they can only investigate, touch, go through things that are in plain view.

With Judge Fucci’s ruling, are these officers now allowed to consider a biometric safe in plain view open?  As such can they now forcibly compel the homeowners to open the safe because apparently biometric locks, in this judges eyes, matter.  Think about gun safes that use this feature, apparently cops can go fiddling through your safes all willy nilly.

Let’s be real, will this help catch the occasional bad guy?  Maybe, but what it will MOST definitely do is to violate the civil rights of scores of innocent people and to those patriots who would stand up for their rights and say “no” they can look forward to government sanctioned torture as their fingers are broken and dislocated in the gleeful whim of some overzealous jackbooted thug.  That’s not a statement against cops in generalthat’s a statement of fact that such cops exist.  Those who will exploit and abuse any power they are given.

With this ruling we have a lot more of this to look forward to:


“Oh no, you’re not in troubleI just really want to see that super cool selfie of yours”

It is ruling like these that chip away at the 2nd Amendment in round about ways.  The less we are protected against illegal searches and seizures, the less we are guaranteed the right not to incriminate ourselves the less secure we are against jackbooted thugs busting in at night without warrants, shooting our dog and then cutting off our fingers in order to open all our personal belongings.

My recommendation, stick with pass codes because apparently your fingers and your eyes aren’t yours anymore in this Obama Nation.


The Very Real Dangers of Lead Poisoning Involving Guns

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Hat Tip To Bullets First.

This matter of lead poisoning is something that gun owners should be concerned about.

Every indoor gun range owner should be concerned about protecting their staff and customers from being poisoned.

Sadly, many are only interested in making money with zero concern about anything or anyone.


Lead is a toxin and dangerous to humans.  It’s one of the reasons we don’t have lead paint anymore.

But unlike the liberal gun grabbers who use the notion of lead poisoning to hijack the legislative process in order to require “environmental studies” that force pro-gun bills to mire in bureaucratic BS, I’m talking about something real and of real impact.  Tragically, the danger springs from amongst our own and threatens the health of shooters.


Shooting ranges are dangerous places if one is not careful.  Yet beyond the danger of a negligent discharge getting someone shot, cases are springing up around the country of shady business owners who are not taking the proper steps to ensure that the lead vapor and dust produced in their ranges is properly contained and eliminated.

There are over 6000 shooting ranges in America yet the vast majority have never been inspected.  I’m not condoning government involvement but of the 201 that have been inspected, 86% of them have failed at least one lead related standard.  And it’s not like these were all in one area of the country, the most serious violations came from a myriad of regions in the US.  Places like Manchester Firing Line Range in New Hampshire, Target World in Ohio, Top Brass Sports in Tennessee and the Sharp Shooter in Texas each had more than 20 lead-related violations.

How do people get lead poisoning?

Every time someone pulls the trigger a chemical and physical reaction occurs within the chamber of the gun.  The amount of energy and heat release forces the chemicals that make up the power and that of the bullet to react and expel lead vapor as well as subsequent dust particles laden with lead.

On an outdoor range , nature minimizes the risk by carrying away and scattering the lead particles.  Despite what gun grabbing zealots like to have people believe, lead is a natural element in nature and so long as the concentration of lead bullets aren’t collected and dumped directly into the drinking water or slathered in honey to entice animals to eat it, the risk to nature is non-existent.

In an INDOOR range though, especially one run poorly, the danger is multiplied greatly.  If surfaces aren’t cleaned regularly, if ventilation isn’t properly working in order to remove lead particles from the air, the chance of lead poisoning is exponentially greater.

What does lead poisoning do to a person?

Lead poisoning effects every aspect of the human body.  Both soft tissue and bone can be compromised.  Organs fail, brain function decreases, muscles weaken, immune system is compromised, hearing loss, tooth decay, learning deficiancies, sterilization etc.

Suffice it to say that lead poisoning is bad.  And outside of work in a lead based setting, shooting ranges are the most likely place for the public to acquire lead poisoning, according to national statistics.

Those most at risk are range workers who inhale airborne lead as they instruct customers and clean up spent ammunition. They also then bring home the accumlated lead particles on their clothing and body and therefore pose a risk of contaminating their family as well.  With children being more susceptible to damage from less lead this is an especially important danger.

Here’s one story of a gun range manager (from whose life was dramatically changed because of a reckless owner who didn’t do what was right, either from greed or sloth:

For about a year starting in 2006, Maddox and his wife worked at Bluegrass Indoor Range in Louisville. Like many shooting-range workers, Maddox knew little about lead and its damaging capabilities. Daily, he inhaled airborne lead while managing the range and gun shop, earning $9 an hour. Nightly, he swept up casings from spent ammunition in the 12 firing lanes, pushing a broom and kicking up more lead dust.

He complained to owner Winfield Underwood that catch bins at the end of shooting lanes were overflowing with spent lead bullets, the ventilation system didn’t work and workers needed protective gear. Inspectors later discovered the air vents didn’t even have filters.

After working at the Louisville range about six months, Maddox, a hefty 38-year-old man, dropped 180 pounds. He also lost sensation in his fingers and toes, his thinking slowed, and he couldn’t remember birthdays. He had no sex drive.

“It just feels like someone unplugged me from the wall and I just lost all my power,” he said.

His doctor’s diagnosis: lead poisoning from the gun range. A February 2007 blood test showed he had a dangerous level of lead with 68 micrograms per deciliter — more than 56 times the average adult level.

Even after the Maddox’s diagnosis (and his wife also getting sick) the range’s owner, Winfield Underwood, did NOTHING to improve the safety conditions within his range.

Kentucky Labor Cabinet, the state’s workplace-safety agency, inspected Underwood’s range several times and determined he had overexposed his employees to lead. The agency cited the range with dozens of violations and fined it $461,400.  Yet in a Kentucky two step, the amount was later settled down to a paltry $7200 because of “financial difficulty.”

Financial difficulty?!?!?

Underwood was basically running an execution gas chamber that put not only his employees but every customer who walked in at risk.  And it was not out of ignorance, for a pair of his employees fell sick to lead poisoning, but out of greed.  Financial difficulty?  I would hope so.  I would hope it was so difficult that he would be driven out of business so that people aren’t enticed to enter his lair of lead poison.

Speaking of Gas Chambers:

From the moment the doors opened in October 2005 at the new Champion Arms indoor shooting range in suburban Seattle, co-owner Steve Wangsness knew airborne lead was going to be a problem, Washington state records show.

The ventilation system specifically designed for the custom-built, 10-lane range was supposed to push air containing lead dust and bullet fragments away from shooters as they fired at targets.

But the exhaust system instead blew toxic dust clouds back on unwitting shooters as well as into retail areas of the business, where workers spent most of their day.

Wangsness and co-owner Maria Geiss sparred with the building’s landlord over the faulty system, eventually filing a lawsuit. Still, they kept Champion Arms open for business, exposing their employees, customers and an on-site resident to the dirty gun range.

We, as gun owners, need to be better than this.  We need to hold gun ranges to hire standards.  Gun range owners need to hold themselves to higher standards.

We need to look out for each other because if we don’t, then the government is going to come goosestepping in and “look out for us” by closing down all the gun rangesyou knowfor the children.

Let’s make sure that the only lead poisoning going on is when bad guys pop up and we put them down.


Cuomo Campaign Throws Tantrum: Forces Factory Worker To Go Home Over NRA Shirt

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Hat Tip Bullets First.

Andrew Coumo is an Arrogant Facist Bastard.



In the film version of “1776″, when the vote on whether to open debate on Independence comes up the  resolution is tied.  The Representative from Rhode Island then saunters in, returning from the lavatory, and is questioned on how Rhode Island stands on the question of debate.

The response from Stephen Hopkins was as follows:

Well, in all my years I ain’t never heard, seen nor smelled an issue that was so dangerous it couldn’t be talked about. Hell yeah! I’m for debating anything. Rhode Island says yea!

Alas, in New York, apparently Mr. Cuomo says “NAY”.  And I’m not talking about him avoiding televised debates with his opponent Rob Astorino.

I’m talking about his recent trip to an alternative power company in upstate New York.

In an exclusive, a reader of Bullets First who works for the hydrogen fuel cell company, Plug Power, passed along the following email that was sent to the Plug employees prior to the Governor’s visit:


From: Vivacqua, Teal
Sent: Tuesday, October 7, 2014 9:05 AM
To: Plug Power Latham
Subject: Wednesday VIP guest

Good morning,

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday, 10/8, Plug Power will be hosting a VIP guest through our manufacturing facility from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Over the next 24 hours, we’ll be prepping the building for this tour. We ask that you contribute by straightening up your work space, specifically if your area is in B2.

While there is no dress code for Wednesday, please remember you will be representing Plug Power to a high-level guest. Please refrain from wearing:
shirts with any offensive comments/photos
ripped/torn clothing

In regards to parking, there will be spots outside B2 and B3 reserved. Please do not park in the reserved parking areas.

We will share more about this day as information becomes available. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please contact Teal Vivacqua, x1269.


Nothing out of the ordinary about putting on a good display for the Governor.  Sound business policy.

The issue is what happened when the work day started.  Apparently, Governor Cuomo finds the following clothing “offensive”

nra shirt

An employee on the manufacturing floor wore an NRA shirt and was sent home because the Governor, architect of the SAFE Act and SAFE Act 2 has such a weak constitution that he doesn’t even want to be seen in the same FACTORY as someone who believes in the 2nd Amendment.

Remember, this is the manufacturing floor; so no one is walking around in suits and button up shirts.  And as Plug Power states clearly, they were not enforcing a dress code for the Governor’s trip so the only people who could have made a fuss about the shirt were Governor Cuomo and his handlers.

Does Governor Cuomo hate your 2nd Amendment Rights so much that he is wanton in silencing your 1st Amendment Rights as well?

Apparently so.

But is that really surprising?  Cuomo has gone on the record stating that gun right supporters “have no place in New York.”

“Extreme conservatives who are pro-assault-weaponthey have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Apparently, Cuomo thinks New York should only be filled with people who are lock step with him.

Assemblyman Stephen McLaughlin of Albany put it best:

“I think the Governor is a bully.  An elitist, arrogant bully.”

That he is, and more.  Apparently, according to the Governor, if you even believe in the 2nd Amendment and have the gall to wear a t-shirt to that effect in his presence, then you don’t even deserve to work.  No doubt the worker was sent home without pay and had to take a sick day if he wanted to be earn any money on Wednesday.


The only thing “sick” is the situation where a power hungry Governor has run roughshod over the state for so long that he will go out of his way to crush even the smallest of people in order to keep his fanciful delusion, that the people ubiquitously love and support him, intact.

I hope New York comes to it’s senses on November 4th and show Cuomo that it is HE who doesn’t have place in New Yorkor at least a place running it.

Kick Cuomo Out


The Duplicitous Nature of Requiring Good Cause In Order To Exercise 2nd Amendment Right

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Hat Tip Bullets First.

Just one more way for liberals to micromanage people’s lives.


DC has, because they were forced to by the courts, enacted legislation that allows people to get pistol permits in order to carry a firearm while in the citysort of.

Unfortunately the District looked to places like New York City and other rights infringing metropolitan areas to model there new program on.  And while they MAY be technically following the judges orders, it is akin to a childish tantrum in which a parent tells one child to stop touching the other so the belligerent child holds his fingers a hairs breath from the skin all while cackling “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you.”

As the Associated Press reports:


“Mayor Vincent Gray and other city officials said they plan to propose legislation that would make the District of Columbia similar to a half-dozen states, including Maryland, where residents can be denied a concealed-carry permit if they can’t show a need for one. … The District is seeking to let the police chief decide whether people have a reason to carry a concealed firearm, and officials said living in a high-crime neighborhood would not be a sufficient reason to obtain a permit.”

So basically, if the Police Chief doesn’t believe that citizens should have carry permits (which he doesn’t) he can just say ‘NO’ to all of them and have a de facto carry ban that the courts had just ruled unconstitutional.  Sure, he’ll give 4e DC Circuit Court of Appeals will follow the example of the 9th circuit, who ruled earlier this year in Peruta v San Diego that discretion on the issuing authority can not help but lead to instances where that authority denies the right of the people and as such is unconstitutional.  California is now a shall issue state (pending appeal) as is Hawaii that had a ruling overturned (Baker v Kealoha) by the 9th Circuit after the Peruta v San Diego verdict.

It seems that acutally being able to exercise a civil right is back in vogue.  But what if we applied the same type of mindset that DC and NYC place on the 2nd Amendment to others?  This is what an America run by DC and NYC looks like in regards to civil rights.

1st Amendment:  You cannot voice an opinion unless you take elocution lessons, are certified in speechgiving, and can display the “need” in which you feel it necessary to speak your mind.  The result of which will be determined by the issuing authority of the Vocal Speech Permit card.

3rd Amendment: Unless you can express a valid reason accetable to the authority why troops should not be quartered in your home, you will be forced to provide room and board for them for a time based on the authorities discretion.

4th Amendment: You must document every item, paper, and piece of property you own and submit it to the authority before they allow you to be safe from searches.

5th Amendment: You will be provided with due process of lawAFTER you prove your innocence to the authority.

6th Amendment: You will provide reasoning why you believe you require a speedy trial and may or may not be granted one based on the issuing authorities discretion.

13th Amendment: You must provide reasoning why you shouldn’t be made a slave or be placed in indentured servitude, you may or may not be enslaved based on the issuing authorities discretion.

15th, 19th, 24th, 26th Amendments: You must provide reasoning why you have a need to vote as well as providing the necessary proof that you are qualified to vote and disclose who you are voting for, as well as pay all fees and charges required in order to receive the permit to vote.  The permit to vote will be issued at the discretion of the authority.

The right to free speech, the freedom from illegal searches and seizures, the right of due process and a speedy trial, liberty, the right to vote and freedom from poll taxes…

If these rights were treated in the same manner that the 2nd Amendment is, the Amendment that specifically states that it “shall not be infringed” then we wouldn’t have much of an America left.  At least not one that the founders who want their names attached too.

We don’t allow our other rights to be determined by an issuing authoritywe don’t have to pay to vote or to speak or to not be a slave, why then do we have to go through the injustice of doing so just to exercise our God given right to keep and bear arms for the security of our lives, our family, our property and our country?

I answer you that we do not.  With luck the courts will continue to hold to their recent rulings and strike down the liberty crushing infringements that places like DC and NYC still have in place.

I would like it if we didn’t have to rely on the courts to do so, but some places like the aformentioned cities just aren’t going to free themselves, but it doesn’t mean that the rest of the country should follow their lead into being subjects of the authority.

We are Americans, so long as we are armed, we are free.
The only person’s discretion that should matter into whether we are armed or not is our own.

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