Liberals Hate Educational Competition and Use Taxpayer Money to Prove It


This is from Godfather Politics.

The teachers union does not want competition.

As charter and private schools would show how the education

the public schools are incompetent and incomplete.

So naturally the unions and the local departments of education

oppose the sale of empty school buildings.


Economic competition lowers prices, offers increased selections, and results in more features. Think of desk-top, lap-top, and tablet computers, automobiles, smart phones, televisions, and delivery of entertainment (cable, satellite, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.).

But when it comes to education, the State wants its monopoly and you and me to pay for it. Today’s government educators running the show can’t allow for competition. That’s why at every turn teacher unions fight hard against charter schools and school vouchers.

Here’s the latest education story that demonstrates that union and top education officials are not about what’s best for the education of children but what’s best for their control of education.

Wisconsin taxpayers have been forced to spend millions of dollars to take care of empty Milwaukee Public Schools buildings the district refuses to sell to choice school operators.

“MPS’ 15 vacant structures, some of which have been unused for close to a decade, are costing state and local taxpayers approximately $711,000 per year in utility and maintenance expenses.

Wisconsin Reporter did a study of the 10 largest school districts in the state and found that, compared to Milwaukee, the nine others have a combined total of just five idle buildings, costing taxpayers about $83,000 a year.”

These buildings could be sold but the Milwaukee Public School System “has been blocking several charter and private schools in the choice program from buying nearly every one of its unused facilities. . .”For-sale-buildings

Some MPS board members contend that selling the schools to private or charter school advocates would be competition for the government schools, therefore, “it doesn’t make sense to sell those buildings to choice schools, even if taxpayers are left on the hook for millions of dollars.”

Here’s the logic that’s being used: “It’s like asking the Coca-Cola Company to turn over its facilities to Pepsi so Pepsi can expand and compete with the Coca-Cola Company,” board president Michael Bonds told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Education is not about selling snacks and soft drinks. It’s about human beings. If selling these buildings could enhance the educational opportunities for more students, then it’s a winning proposition for everybody.

Competition makes for a better everything. If the unused schools were sold, and the new private schools offered a better education, one would think that it would force the government schools to work harder and produce a better product.

By selling the schools, taxpayers would not have to fund the maintenance of vacant buildings and the students would get a better education because of the competition.



Obama stuns teacher union friends with ‘National Charter Schools Week’

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This is from Joe For America.

While Obama is paying lip service to Charter Schools.

The Teachers Union thugs own Obama heart and soul.

The Union Thugs are not bothered in reality by this proclamation.

They know in the end they own Obama and they hvae

bought his support and allegiance.



WASHINGTON – If you run into Randi Weingarten, Dennis Van Roekel or any other teacher union leader this week, be kind and offer them an antacid.

obamacharterThey’re probably feeling a little queasy after President Barack Obama proclaimed May 5 – 11 as “National Charter Schools Week.”

In his written announcement of the week, the president praised charters as “learning laboratories [that] give educators the chance to try new models and methods that can encourage excellence in the classroom and prepare more of our children for college and careers.”

Obama also noted that “many charter schools choose to locate in communities with few high-quality educational options, making them an important partner in widening the circle of opportunity for students who need it most.”

“I commend our Nation’s charter schools, teachers, and administrators, and I call on States and communities to support charter schools and the students they serve,” Obama wrote.

The president’s public embrace of charter schools comes months after the nation’s teachers unions ponied up millions of dollars – and volunteered a countless number of hours – to assist his re-election campaign.

They can’t be happy with Obama’s decision.

Where the president sees charters as “learning laboratories,” the unions see them as leeches that are siphoning students (and money) away from America’s public education system.

The unions want local government schools to get all the K-12 funding so teachers can keep receiving their automatic step raises, free or low-cost health insurance and other generous benefits.

Union officials have long known Obama was a charter school supporter, but they couldn’t have imagined he’d be quite so blatant about it.

While union supporters spend the week guzzling Maalox, ordinary Americans should celebrate “National Charter Schools Week” – and give the president credit for taking such a public, and politically risky, stand.



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