6 Deadly Labor Disputes

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This is from Mental Floss.

A look back at the violent and bloody past during labor disputes.



Labor Day is upon us, a day to say goodbye to summer and enjoy a picnic with family and friends. But it’s also a day to remember the struggles of working people, and to recall the pioneers of the U.S. labor movement. These folks brought us the 8-hour work day, overtime pay, and collective bargaining. They also worked to eliminate paternalistic employer practices, child labor, and unsafe working conditions. The history of labor relations is littered with strikes that often cost lives. Here are just a few of those you should know about.


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Who: Chicago police vs. protesting laborers
Date: May 4, 1886
Dead: 11 (seven policemen, four protesters)

Workers in Illinois were mandated an 8-hour workday in 1867. But even afterward, if you wanted a job, you were often required to sign a waiver allowing more hours. State oversight was lax, so workers had little recourse until the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions called for a rally on May 1, 1886. Demonstrations were held in various cities, and 80,000 workers marched in Chicago. The demonstrations continued for several days. Chicago police killed a few striking workers on May 3, prompting a labor meeting on May 4 at Haymarket Square.

The mayor of Chicago had granted permission for the rally, but Chicago police showed up and tried to disperse the crowd anyway. The rally was almost over by that time, and only a couple of hundred workers remained. Someone from the rally threw a homemade bomb filled with dynamite at the police. The police began shooting, and when the smoke cleared, seven policemen and four rally attendees lay dead. Only one policeman was found to have been killed by the bomb. Dozens on both sides were injured.

Eight men among the labor activists were rounded up and charged with murder. Most weren’t even at the rally, but were labor organizers. They were all found guilty and sentenced to death, except for one who was sentenced to 15 years hard labor. Two of the death sentences were later commuted to life imprisonment, and one man was found dead in his cell a day before the execution. The other four were hanged on November 11, 1886. In 1893, the surviving three men were pardoned by the governor. May 1 was later declared International Labor Day to commemorate the demonstrations for the 8-hour workday.


Who: Carnegie Steel Corporation vs. Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers
Date: July 6, 1892
Dead: 12* (nine strikers, three Pinkerton agents*)

The Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers union members made up only about a fifth of the workers at the Homestead steel plant. When their contract was about to run out in 1892, Amalgamated tried to negotiate a raise for its workers. Carnegie Steel countered by offering a pay cut, take it or leave it. The company locked the doors of the plant on June 28.Henry Clay Frick, who oversaw operations for Carnegie Steel, had barbed wire and guards placed around the plant to keep workers out. A wall was built around it, which the workers dubbed “Fort Frick.”

The plan was to bring in non-union labor from cities far from Pittsburgh. But first, they brought in 300 men from the Pinkerton Detective Agency to keep Homestead workers out. The armed agents were brought in on barges traveling up the Monongahela River on the evening of July 5. Thousands of striking workers rushed to watch, bringing guns. At midnight, workers warned the agents not to step on land, but they did, and that was when the shooting began.

B.H.L. Dabbs via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

No one knows who shot first, but the gunfire raged on and off for 14 hours. Workers not only fired their rifles, but threw dynamite and tried to set the river on fire with oil. The Pinkerton detectives finally surrendered on the afternoon of July 6. They were removed under a gauntlet of abuse, and the barges were burned after they left.

The workers celebrated their victory, but it was only one battle in a longer war. The governor sent in the Pennsylvania National Guard to keep order, and to ensure safe passage for strikebreakers brought in to reopen the plant. Strike leaders were arrested for murder and treason. They weren’t convicted, but the union was broken in Homestead. Most of the striking employees were rehired within a year, at reduced wages.


Who: Pullman Palace Car Company vs. The American Railway Union
Date: July 7, 1894
Dead: 30

Workers at the Pullman Palace Car Company near Chicago, which manufactured railway cars,went on strike on May 11, 1894, to protest a 25 percent pay cut and 16-hour workdays. The American Railway Union, which represented a minority of the Pullman workers, only got involved after the beginning of the strike. The union instructed its railway worker members to refuse service to trains that used Pullman cars. By the end of June, over 125,000 workers had walked off the job nationwide.

As more union workers joined the railroad boycott, the public became angry about the interruption in service. Once a mail train was set on fire, President Grover Cleveland became angry as well, and he sent federal troops to Chicago. The head of the ARU, Eugene V. Debs, tried to urge restraint among workers, but an injunction from Washington prohibited the union administration from communicating with the rank-and-file. On July 4, workers rampaged through rail yards, setting fires and destroying equipment in response to the federal intervention.

Library of Congress // Public Domain

On July 7, thousands of police and federal troops clashed with thousands of protesters. National Guardsmen shot into the crowds, killing around 30 people. Debs, who was arrested on July 10, tried to end the strike by offering to send workers back to their jobs under company conditions, but the railroads instead hired non-union workers. The railroads inched back to regular service, and the boycott was broken.


Survey Associates, Inc. via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Who: Colorado Fuel and Iron Company vs. United Mine Workers of America
Date: April 20, 1914
Dead: Dozens (numbers vary by source)

In September 1913, 11,000 miners across southern Colorado went on strike against several mining companies, protesting low pay and unsafe conditions. The strike lasted over a year. The company responded by evicting miners and their families from company housing, which led to thousands of people living in tent colonies. The tent colony in Ludlow, near Trinidad, was particularly large. The mines in that area were operated by Colorado Fuel & Iron Corporation. CF&I hired agents from the Baldwin Felts Detective Agency to harass miners. The detectives brought an armored vehicle with a mounted machine gun called the “Death Special,” from which they fired on striking miners. There were occasional deaths on both sides.

The Rockefeller family, who owned the mining operation, called on the governor of Colorado to send in the National Guard. When they arrived, striking miners thought they were there to protect them from the hired agents, but soon saw that the National Guard was there to impose CF&I control.

On April 20, 1914, the shooting escalated into an all-out battle. Baldwin Felts agents and the militia set fire to the tent colony. Some women and children fled into the wilderness, while others took shelter in cellars they had dug under the tents. In the cellar of tent #58, two women and 11 children suffocated as their tent and its wooden floored blazed above. Two other women survived to tell the tale. Several other people were shot to death.

Bain News Service via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

The miners, outraged at the massacre, destroyed mining operations all around the area, and traded shots with the militia until federal troops were sent in. By the time the strike was over in December 1914, the union was out of funds and somewhere between 60 and 200 people had been killed. Hundreds of miners and a few militiamen were arrested for murder, but not convicted. Even though the union lost the strike, national publicity about the working conditions of Western miners led to new federal safety regulations for mines. The site of the Ludlow Massacre, on land owned by the UMWA, is a U.S. National Historic Landmark. The story was remembered in a folk song.


Who: Stone Mountain Coal Corporation vs. United Mine Workers
Date: May 19, 1920
Dead: 10 (seven detectives, two miners, one mayor)

At the Stone Mountain Coal Corporation’s mines in Matewan, W.V., the hours were long, the conditions unsafe, and the pay was low. The company even controlled commerce: It paid in script that could only be redeemed at the company store, and rented company houses to employees. Coal miners in West Virginia had heard about miners in Pennsylvania that had won a 27 percent raise through the United Mine Workers, so when the union came to organize West Virginia in the spring of 1920, miners signed up. Stone Mountain responded by firing union members, which meant they were to be evicted from company houses.

Matewan mayor Cabel Testerman and police chief Sid Hatfield refused to carry out evictions of the miners and their families, so Stone Mountain hired the Baldwin-Felts Detective Agency, operated by the three Felts brothers. They sent agents to evict miners throughout the spring. By May 19, tensions were high in the community, and hundreds of families were living in tents. That day, a group from the detective agency arrived by train in Matewan to evict six more miners. They worked through the afternoon, and returned to town to have dinner before the train left. Mayor Testerman confronted the agents (called “thugs” by the townspeople) about the evictions. Sid Hatfield threatened to arrest them. Albert Felts produced an arrest warrant for Hatfield. The group was surrounded by angry and armed miners. That’s when the shooting began.

Jimmy Emerson, DVM, Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Most accounts say that no one knows who shot first, while at least one states that Hatfield shot Albert Felts first. When the gunfire was done 10 minutes later, seven detectives—including both Albert and Lee Felts—two miners, and Mayor Testerman were dead; a number of townspeople were wounded.

State police were sent to Matewan to keep peace. Hatfield and 22 others were indicted for murder, but those whose charges weren’t dismissed were acquitted by a sympathetic jury. Hatfield married Testerman’s widow a couple of weeks after the mayor’s death, leading to some speculation that Hatfield actually shot Testerman. In 1921, the surviving Felts brother, Thomas Felts, arranged for his agents to assassinate Sid Hatfield and his deputy Edward Chambers. There were no charges leveled against the detectives.


Milwaukee Sentinel via Milwaukee Notebook

Who: The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company vs. The American Federation of Labor
Date: June 26-28, 1934
Dead: 1

The employees of the Milwaukee Electric Rail & Light Company were represented by a union called the Employees’ Mutual Benefit Association. But the workers felt that this in-house union wasn’t on their side, especially when the rail engineers, bus drivers, streetcar drivers, and mechanics had to take a pay cutin 1932. The American Federation of Labor wanted to move in and unionize the utility and restore wages. Company president S.B. Way opposed the AFL, and fired eight workers for union recruiting. A strike was called on June 26, 1934, in which laborers from other unions, many unemployed, joined the strikers and blocked streetcars from moving. Twelve were injured on the first night, 16 on the second night, and dozens were arrested.

On the third night, June 28, thousands of striking workers descended on the utilities’ various facilities, bent on destruction. At the Lakeside Power Plant in St. Francis, rioters broke through windows to get in and destroy the building. One group rammed a steel post through a window, and it connected with a high-voltage control panel. Eugene Domagalski, a 24-year-old strike sympathizer, was electrocuted. On the same night, a bomb ruptured a major power line.

The next day, Way met with AFL officials of three unions and a priest as a negotiator. He gave in to the unions’ demands: a small wage increase and reinstatement of union organizers who had been fired. The trains and streetcars were running again on June 30th.

There are many other labor disputes in U.S. history that turned deadly. Look for more in a future post.


Authorities: Military service member with concealed carry permit shoots attacker

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This is from The Chicago Tribune.

How did Denzel A. Mickiel get a gun with all of the gun control Chicago has? Snark.

Concealed weapon permit holder 1 thug with a gun 0.


A Gresham man fired on a group of people leaving a party, only to be shot himself by one of the victims, a military service member with a concealed carry permit, authorities said.

The military member and three others were leaving a party Friday night in the 11700 block of South Union Avenue in West Pullman, Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Hain said during a court hearing Sunday.

One of the victims had noticed a cup of liquor on top of her vehicle and asked attendees of a party next door who it belonged to, Hain said.

When she removed it, Denzel A. Mickiel approached her, shouting obscenities and threatening her and her friends, according to Hain and court records.

Mickiel, 22, went into the residence, returned with a gun and began firing at the group, she said.

As Mickiel fired at the victims’ vehicle, the military member retrieved his gun and took cover near the vehicle’s front fender, according to Hain. Two unidentified people also shot at the group, she said.

The military service member fired two shots and struck Mickiel twice, she said.
A 22-year-old woman in the group was injured by Mickiel in the shooting, suffering wounds to the arm and back, according to court records and Hain.

The four victims escaped the melee in two vehicles as two unidentified people continued to shoot at them, Hain said.

Mickiel was identified as the gunman by witnesses, she said.

The injured woman was stabilized and taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center, police said.

Mickiel, of the 7600 block of South Honore Street, was transported to Advocate Christ in critical condition, according to police.

He remained hospitalized Sunday and did not appear in court but was ordered held on $950,000 bail. He is charged with attempted murder.

Crime Wave: Murders Skyrocket Across The Country in St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City


This is from Town Hall. 

In case you missed it all of the cities on this list are being controlled by DemocRats.





Anti-police sentiment in big cities across the country comes at a cost and we’re seeing it now with skyrocketing crime statistics from St. Louis to New York City.

Baltimore – Murders have doubled with 43 homicides last month alone

Chicago – 900+ shootings this year

St. Louis – 55 murders this year

Dallas – Violent crime up 10 percent

Atlanta – Homicides up 32 percent

Milwaukee – Homicides up by 180 percent

New York City – Murders up 20 percent

Heather Mac Donald at the Wall Street Journal has a detailed piece about the increase in crime that’s worth a full read. Reporters from different cities broke down the numbers last night with Greta Van Susteren.

“There’s a war on cops. Not bad cops, not bad apples, but all cops and the police know it. The conduct of the suspects is never in question they’re always right, it’s usually drawn on racial lines. It’s a complete, toxic formula to actually do police work,” former Los Angeles Police Department Homicide Detective Mark Fuhrman said. “The police are simply scaling back, exactly what everybody’s chanting for in all of these protests. ‘Don’t be so aggressive. Don’t stop and frisk. Don’t stop and ask where people are going. Don’t make traffic stops.’ So, they are and now crime’s out of site.”

As I’ve said before, the criminals in these neighborhoods aren’t anti-law enforcement because the police engage in racial profiling or brutality, they’re anti-police because cops stop their criminality.

Ironically, some of the very same people in Baltimore who accused the police of racism and wanted them out of their neighborhoods, are begging them to come back.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017

On 9/11′s Eve, Four Firefighters Suspended for Refusing to Remove Tiny Displays They ‘Never Forget’

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This is from Independent Journal Review.

Political Correctness running wild.


Ahead of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, four firefighters from Chicago are being suspended for having American flags and pro-military stickers on their lockers and helmets. NBC Chicago reported:

The Maywood firefighters say they were ordered to go home for refusing to remove stickers of American flags after their fire chief implemented a ban on all stickers.

When the Maywood Chief was asked about disciplining the firemen, he claimed that it was due to a picture of a monkey and an American flag placed on a locker which equated to racism. However, the four firefighters (one of whom is an African American and another of Cuban descent) disagree and say that was a 10-year-old practical joke.

The firefighters explained that this was a personal attack and that it had nothing to do with racism. They decided to post American flag and pro-military stickers on their lockers, after the chief had ordered an American flag to be removed from the inside of the fire station without giving any reason why.

Here’s the thing: the firefighter uniform has an American flag embroidered on the shoulder, so the firemen couldn’t comprehend removing the ones they had on their lockers and helmets.

Fortunately, the four firemen’s voices have been heard. According to WGN-TV, the chief made the decision to put “department issued flags on every locker in every room.”

One of the reinstated firefighters, David Flowers, said, “For guys to have 9/11 memorials on their helmets, that means somethingIt’s burned into some guys helmetsit means a lot.”

Those who put their lives on the line for others should be given the freedom to express themselves and inspire others to follow their outstanding examples. When patriotism and pride in one’s job and nation are marginalized, it makes the country a less united place.


Poll: Chicago Residents Feel Less Safe with Concealed Carry Legal

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This is from The Truth About Guns.

This is the place that elected men for Mayor as “Big Bill Thompson,

Richard J. Daley,Richard M. Daley and Rahm “The Ballrenia” Emanuel.

Chicago also supported Barack Obama. Enough Said.


I’ve written before about the difference between feeling safe and actually being safe, but it’s a concept around which most in the anti-gun population will never be able to wrap their heads. Their entire argument is based on emotion, so asking them to think rationally about the issue is like asking a cat to recite a Shakespeare sonnet. A new poll was released on Monday reinforcing this disconnect between logic and emotion in the Windy City, as apparently 55% of Chicago residents feel “less safe” now that concealed carry is legal.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 55 percent of poll-takers said they felt “less safe” with the law permitting licensed gun owners to bear hidden weapons in public. Meanwhile, 15 percent said they felt “more safe” and 30 percent said they were indifferent.

The numbers coincide with a rise in Chicago shootings this summer — headline-making cases include the tragic death of 11-year-old Shamiya Adams — and a decline in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s job approval rating. The Trib reported last week that his rating slipped from 50 percent around this time last year to a current low of 35 percent, revealing significant dissatisfaction with how the incumbent Democrat — up for re-election this February — is handling the city’s myriad problems, crime being one of them. The mayor blames “economic stress” for his poor reviews.

There are two problems here.

First, despite Chicago residents having been conditioned over decades to fear “concealed carry killers” thanks to the civilian disarmament extremist crowd, people with a concealed carry permit are FAR less likely to commit a murder than even the police. In reality, Chicago citizens would be more justified in their lack of perceived safety if Rahm Emanuel put more cops on the streets as opposed to legalized concealed carry, but the population has been so well conditioned to think that all guns are evil and all gun owners are criminals that their perception of the situation in no way matches up with reality.

The second issue is that the NBC article conveniently correlates the availability of concealed carry permits with a “rise in Chicago shootings this summer.” I’ll give you a hint: no one involved in those incidents had a concealed carry permit. If someone with a legal concealed handgun permit went on a shooting spree in Chicago we’d hear about it non-stop from the Moms Demand Action crowd, but they have been oddly radio silent on this issue. NBC, just like the gun control establishment, believes that guns cause crime, and if we could just remove all firearms from the world then we would have finally achieved that utopian ideal where everyone is naturally good and kind to each other.

There’s just one problem: life is indeed nasty, brutish, and short. There really is true evil in the world, and the availability of firearms (on balance) does vastly more to allow individuals to protect themselves than contributes to the commission of crimes. But, of course, NBC doesn’t see it that way. To NBC and their ilk, firearms are a talisman of evil — a magical item that forces the holder to commit crimes. Without that firearm, those same criminals would have been perfect law-abiding angels helping old ladies across the street. I think not.

Perception is reality. It doesn’t matter if the crime rate plummets and murders become few and far between — we still have our rights on the chopping block so long as the public perceives our ability to defend ourselves as a threat to their safety. There is one silver lining to this story, namely that the percentage of people in Chicago scared of concealed carry is only 55%. While it’s a solid majority, it’s not everyone. With some luck, hopefully they too will start to realize that law abiding citizens are not the issue and come around on the gun rights issue. A man can dream, anyway…


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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

If I remember correctly the draconian gun control laws in Chicago was supposed to keep the city safer.

But in reality they give the gang bangers and thugs the edge over law abiding citizens.



It was another bloody weekend in Obama’s hometown of Chicago as the city celebrated Fathers day. By the time the weekend drew to a close, two were dead and 25 wounded in violence across the city.

As the weekend began on Friday, June 13, a 15-year-old boy was among six wounded on the City’s South and West sides. Most of the victims were in their 20s and 30s but on Friday afternoon a 15-year-old was wounded in Avalon Park.

The boy was shot in the chest and is listed in serious condition.

Friday’s tally wouldn’t end the toll as the blood continued to flow on into the weekend. As Saturday rolled into Sunday morning, 12 more had been shot. One man died of his wounds.

Finally as Fathers Day Sunday wrapped up two had been killed and the grand total of those shot had climbed to 25. One of those shot was just 17. The second to die this weekend was a 28-year-old man.

All of this was preceded by a violent Thursday, as well. During the day on June 12, one was killed and eight more shot.

With Thursday’s carnage added to the weekend tally, that adds up to 33 shot and three dead.

There Is A Good Case For Reparations

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This is from Town Hall.

The author blows holes in the reparations case.


Progressives have long called for reparations—payments to blacks for the horrors of slavery. These were routinely dismissed because they’re absurd – those who suffered the injustice of slavery and those who perpetrated it are long dead, and most Americans of every national origin had nothing to do with it.

But the push for reparations truly never was about slavery, it’s about redistribution of wealth and perpetrating the victimhood mentality that keeps people voting for progressives. To think they’d ever stop would be like thinking a heroin addict wouldn’t steal your iPhone if you let them crash on your couch – it’s just not going to happen.

Enter The Atlantic. Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has brought the issue back to the forefront of progressives’ minds and set a debate raging on MSNBC. Well, as much of a “debate” that can happen when both participants agree on every point.

Coates’ article, “The Case for Reparations: Two hundred fifty years of slavery. Ninety years of Jim Crow. Sixty years of separate but equal. Thirty-five years of racist housing policy. Until we reckon with our compounding moral debts, America will never be whole,” lays out a series of damning government policies and actions that directly harmed, if not targeted, black Americans and held them back economically.

The specific claims of Coates have been refuted by people much smarter than I, and I suggest you read the original article and the rebuttals to form your own conclusion. But if progressives are interested in reparations for past wrongs, they should target those who perpetrated them – the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party was the party of slavery. It gained power from it, profited from it, and fought to keep it.

Jim Crow was the spawn of racist Democrats who, angry they could no longer own slaves, set about creating a series of laws, both on the books and off, to deny blacks the dignity they deserved and their rights as full citizens.

It was Democrats who pioneered “separate but equal,” standing in schoolhouse doors to keep out children who only wanted to learn without having to travel miles to an inferior “black school.”

It was Democrats who, through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, instituted mortgage policies that led directly to the housing market crash and record foreclosures in black communities.

It was Democrats who, through a continual string of lies, promised to right the wrongs their policies caused, only to make them worse. Their legislative and regulatory actions created a permanence to government dependence, trapping generations in poverty and a feeling of hopelessness.

Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, and every major city with a large black population is in or on the verge of financial and social bankruptcy. Vacant lots, abandoned houses, rampant drug dealing and use, gang violence, massive job losses, astronomical crime rates, failed social and governmental services—all are staples of these cities, as is generations of Democratic political leadership. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

There’s a lot of power in telling people they’re powerless, but that you’ll help them. If you convince people they can’t get ahead, that the system, as progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., put it in her 2012 convention speech, “is rigged” against them, many will believe you. If you convince people they are victims of discrimination, be it from skin color or the economics in which they were born, then normal failures in life – such as not getting a job you want – are not chalked up to someone being a better fit or you simply not being the best candidate, but to that “rigged” system. That deflates the human spirit, kills aspiration, and perpetuates the cycle.

There is no power in empowering others. But there is a lot in the opposite. And it is the opposite in which the Democratic Party, led by progressives, lives, and has always lived. They couch their actions in the vernacular of liberty – freeing people from “job lock,” for example – but the results are always the same. Government can’t grant you liberty; you’re born with it, government can only infringe upon it. People who take the bait don’t realize they’ve swallowed the hook too.

Reparations are in order, but they should not be sought from the government—it was only the conduit through which oppression was carried out. They should be sought from the source of that oppression, its originators and perpetrators to this day—the Democratic Party.

Guns Don’t Cause Gang Violence – Democrats Do


This is from Town Hall.

The voters in Chicago made a deal with Lucifer and lost their souls.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Between Friday night, and Sunday evening, 28 people had been shot in Rahm Emanuel’s gun control utopia (Chicago). Which, unbelievably, shows an improvement over the previous weekend, which tacked on more than 40 gunshot victims to the city’s climbing statistics. And, heck, with the CPD’s recent scandal surrounding how they classify various crimes, it almost makes you wonder if these numbers are more “ballpark” figures than actual stats.

It would be easy to begin writing an article aimed at the abject failure of gun control. But, truthfully, Chicago’s failure goes far deeper than misguided (Bloomberg approved) regulation schemes. Since the days of Bill Thompson came to an end (nearly 80 years ago) the Democrats have had a monopoly on efforts to fix violence, gang activity, and inequality in the Windy City. And if you’re thinking, “It doesn’t seem to be working”… Well, you’d be right.

Even Chicago’s Police Superintendent seems to understand this (to an extent). Of course, being the good progressive that he is, he glossed right over the primary culprits for Chicago’s woes and instead focused on disarming the law-abiding citizens he has sworn to protect. Via WGN radio:

It’s going to take a while to fix poverty and the breakup of the family unit, and education and jobs. But we can do something about gun laws today and we’re just not doing it.

Right… Because that’s the problem with Chicago: Too little gun control. I mean, heck, it hasn’t exactly worked out that well so far, but why not double down? Right? The fact is, the failure of Liberalism has brought the city to its current state of deterioration. The Chicago model of unconstitutional restrictions on keeping and bearing arms has done little more than add fuel to the fire. Politicians, meanwhile, have been more than happy to ignore the easily identifiable, but politically tricky, origins of gang violence, and criminal activity.

Despite embracing the union-lead concept of public education, nearly 80 percent of the city’s 8th graders aren’t proficient in reading and writing. And while schools are going without heat, electricity, or (in some cases) adequate security, teachers make a salary that is more than $10,000 higher than the median Chicagohousehold’s income. Being one of the best funded education systems in America, it borders on audacious absurdity when the unions start crying about not having enough resources. Especially when you consider the way Democrats are on course to spend the city into being the next Detroit.

Of course, all that tax revenue and debt was being used for a good cause, right? Wasn’t that deficit spending, borrowing, and begging from the State and Federal Government (as well as the general public) supposed to help fund anti-poverty programs, and create “shovel ready” jobs? Because, if that was the case, it seems kinda curious that Chicago has some uncomfortably high poverty rates when compared to other large US Cities. This almost seems like a silly thing to ask, but:Hey Democrats, maybe we could try something new?

With an education system that has utterly failed inner city youth, and anti-poverty programs that have done little more than spur an exodus of private capital, it’s unsurprising to see violence sweep areas of Chicago like an epidemic… Especially when the “progressives” downtown have managed to disarm most of the remaining law-abiding citizens.

The lesson of Chicago is rather simple: Progressivism can’t provide for the poor. Progressivism can’t provide the masses with quality education, healthcare, or housing. And, Progressivism can’t keep its people safe. While Democrats have taxed, spent, and regulated with relative impunity, Chicago continues to suffer misery and inequality on scales rarely matched by other US cities.

Chicago Democrat politicians continue to repackage, and resell, to the city’s voters the very policy proposals that helped create their current plight. I often say that Progressives haven’t had a new idea in roughly 100 years (seriously: Healthcare, tax hikes, deficit spending… it’s all been tried), and Chicago is a prime example of progressive monopoly in government. Each new administration promised its citizens the same policies as the previous administration, with “new and improved” projected results.

The only thing closer to Einstein’s definition of insanity, was America’s decision to elect a politician from that city to be President of the United States… Twice.

Illinois readies to spend $100M for Obama museum in Chicago


This is from The Washington Times.

Illinois is broke the city of Chicago is broke.

The state and city can not pay the pensions extorted from them by the unions.

This 100 million dollars coming from where?

Possibly the magic money machine aka the taxpayers?



Illinois wants President Obama’s museum and library in Chicago so badly that lawmakers are set to devote as much as $100 million in state funds to securing the project.

An Illinois House committee on Thursday unanimously voted in favor of the $100 million expense, the Associated Press reported. The full legislature would still need to approve, and it’s not clear yet where the money would come from — or what effect using the funds for the museum and library would have on other items in the budget.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said $100 million is nothing compared to the revenue and tourist dollars the museum and library would generate, AP reported.

The investment would give back “well beyond” its price tag — and would also serve as a solid means of showing Mr. Obama just how much his hometown still reveres him, Mr. Emanuel said, according to AP.

Hawaii and New York are competing with several sites in Chicago — most on the South Side — to win the nod for the presidential sites.

Read more:
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llinois Attacks Freedom! Every Gun Maker & Gun Owner Should Leave Illinois Now!

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This is from United States Concealed Carry Association.

I think instead of moving out gun owners should ban together and elect Pro Second Amendment politicians.

Moving out only if the elections go against them.




That’s right. Every gun maker or gun owner should leave Illinois now! I know, the economy sucks and now is not the time to make a big move, but a recently introduced piece of legislation in the Illinois state house should prompt an exodus of Biblical proportions!

This bill, HB4715, proposes that EVERY SINGLE firearm in the state of Illinois be registered.

First came the Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card, which required all Illinois gun owners to carry their “papers” if they even wanted to touch a gun. We have all seen how well THAT restriction on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens worked to reduce crime.

Now comes the next step: full and complete registration of all firearms! Not only is this heinous bill directed only at law-abiding citizens, it goes beyond “simple” registration of firearms to include a provision that says Illinois residents cannot buy ammunition unless they can prove that they have registered a gun capable of firing that ammunition! Here is a direct quote from the bill: “Provides that a person shall not purchase or possess ammunition within this State without having first obtained a registration certificate identifying a firearm that is suitable for use with that ammunition…”

Does anyone really believe that inner city criminals sitting on a pile of drugs and money or people who are willing to kill for their street corner or crappy run-down crackhouse are going to be lining up to register their guns? Do you think there will be no black market for ammo? Does anyone remember the folly of Prohibition and what it did to Chicago? Is there no lawmaker in Illinois with a combination of brains and backbone to stand up to this?

In the past, I have suggested that people take action and work to defeat such idiotic laws. Now, I have changed my mind. I suggest gun owners move out of Illinois. If you are a gun maker or firearms accessory maker, move your business out of Illinois. South Dakota has a great deal for you in a gun-friendly state with a wonderful business climate.

I know that there will never be an exodus big enough to open the eyes of the most corrupt and inept lawmakers in the country, but maybe, just maybe, it will get someone’s attention.

Vacate the state. Vote with your U-Haul trailer. Leave Illinois behind.

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