DR. BEN CARSON: Under Attack For Compassionately Speaking TRUTH About Black Poverty

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H/T Clash Daily.

Ben Carson is telling the truth about the ghetto mentality.

I remember when I was about 12 or 14 the government built these low-income apartments about five miles from where we lived.

As I passed them daily on the way to school I watched those apartments being trashed it took about 6-8 months to turn them into a ghetto.

Dr. Ben Carson being under fire for saying “poverty is a state of mind” during an interview is a prime reason why black Americans should end their insane loyalty to Democrats.

In essence, Dr. Carson compassionately gave his fellow blacks a crucial key to personal success and overcoming poverty. And yet, Democrat and Leftist self-proclaimed advocates for black empowerment rushed to silence him; beating the crap out of him in the media. As a black man, I am so frustrated.

Up until around age 9, I was raised in the Baltimore projects. My mom, dad, four younger siblings and I were so excited moving from our leaky roof ghetto into a brand new 11 story government high-rise.

In a very short time, the new building became a huge ghetto; elevators out-of-order much of the time due to vandalism. The stairwells smelled of urine and were dark due to busted light bulbs, perfect for muggings. After school walking up to our 6B apartment, the sound of me walking on broken wine bottles echoed off the concrete walls. A few residents kept their apartment nice. The majority had no pride in keeping their no-skin-in-the-game free housing nice.

At a very young age, I realized taking the poor out of the ghetto was not enough when their ghetto mindset was alive and well.

 Despite free housing, food and health-care, the vibe of the projects was angry and violent. Thank God in 1952, my dad broke the color barrier to become a Baltimore City firefighter. Our family moved out of the projects into a black suburban community in Pumphrey, MD. Sadly, my cousins who lived in fatherless households stayed in the projects, enslaved to government. Government is a poor substitute for real daddies. And yes, I felt my cousin’s daddy-envy. Their tragic lives were filled with drug and alcohol abuse, out-of-wedlock births, more poverty and AIDS.

Incredibly, most of my cousins died extremely young; never experiencing the joy of personal achievement or pursuing a dream. Insidiously, government provided just enough to get by and keep them voting for Democrats.

In major cities controlled by Democrats like Chicago, Baltimore and Washington, DC, I see the same cycle of government dependency and poverty I witnessed while growing up, but far worse.

Meanwhile, Democrats and Leftists are doing the same thing to Dr. Carson that they do to anyone who dares to compassionately offer real solutions to ending black poverty. Democrats and Leftists seek to silence and destroy this extraordinary black role model and advocate of real black empowerment.

Democrats and Leftists despise blacks who have achieved extraordinary success the old- fashioned way: by earning it; businessman extraordinaire Herman Cain, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, world renowned retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and former secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to name a few.

These successful blacks expose the Democrats’ and Leftist’s lying narrative that America will always be a hellhole of racism for blacks in which blacks’ only hope is to continuously vote for Democrats to keep evil white racist Republicans and conservatives at bay. The Democrats’ and Leftist’s scheme is extremely destructive and evil.

Please, please, please Dr. Carson, continue telling the truth.



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H/T Clash Daily.

It is way past time to be monitoring Mosques.

It is time to start monitoring Mosques and raiding them as needed then closing them down.

With attacks occurring worldwide in the name of Islam, and more ‘lone wolf’ incidents, should we know what’s going on in there?

Are we too late?

What do you think?

Now, in general, many of us on the Right are more freedom-loving, ‘live and let live’ folks.

But the giant elephant in the room is that there seems to be something in Islam that makes people think it’s ok to slaughter innocents in the name of Allah.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have a really hard time with the ‘jihadi’ factions of Islam.

And you can’t just say, ‘Not all Muslims’, because, DUH. We know.

But Islam is the second largest religion in the world.

According to PEW Research, the most accurate information that we have is from 2010, and the number of Muslims worldwide is estimated to be 1.6 billion.

Now, even if only one percent of that had been radicalized, that’s still 1.6 million people.

Should we be looking into that?

We’ve seen numerous times that it takes just one person to wreak havoc.

WRONG ON GUNS: Congressman John Lewis Puts Lives at RISK By Pushing Anti-Gun Agenda


H/T Clash Daily.

John Lewis getting whacked in the head during the Civil Rights Era did more damage to his brain than we ever knew.


Bigotry works for politicians. After the civil war, white Democrats promoted fear of newly freed blacks. Today, black Democrats promote fear of free blacks who will defend themselves and the people they love. Politicians always wrap themselves in the cloak of public safety. In fact, that cloak is usually the white sheet of bigotry directed against minorities and the poor.

Democrat Congressman John Lewis said we need him so we can be safe. Lewis also said that honest gun owners are not welcome in Atlanta. “I must say to the NRA that you are not welcome here in the 5th district, you are not welcome here in Atlanta.” That would have come as quite a shock to gun owner Martin Luther King Junior who was born in Atlanta. Last month Congressman Lewis said, “We need to make our cities, our states, our neighborhoods free of gun violence.”

Murder isn’t a racial problem. Murder isn’t a national problem. Murder is a local problem, and let’s see if Democrat politicians actually keep us safe. Research by the Crime Prevention Research Center found out that here in the US only a few counties produce most of our homicides. These are populous counties, to be sure, but there remain large areas of peace and quiet even within our most violent counties.

Los Angeles gives us a living example. California has strict statewide gun laws. In Los Angeles today, ordinary citizens cannot get a permit to carry a concealed weapon in public. Those are the restrictions Congressman Lewis asked for, yet Los Angeles County had over 500 murders and thousands of assaults last year.

Violence is concentrated into small areas. Even within Los Angeles County, the cities of Beverly Hills, Hawthorne, and Van Nuys had one murder each. Like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Georgia has areas that have very little crime, even though, taken as a whole, the city is four times more violent than the US average.

Congressman Lewis is wrong. Guns are not the problem. Eighty-one thousand NRA members flooded into Atlanta at the end of April. There were more than 20 thousand armed individuals in one room for days on end. There was no surge in “gun violence”, to use the Congressman’s phrase. When the statistics are made available, I predict that crime fell in Atlanta while the NRA was in town. That is the pattern we’ve seen year after year, in city after city.

It is worth noting that even in the most violent section of our deep blue cities, only a few percent of the population cause crime. The vast majority of us are law-abiding. That is true everywhere. Unfortunately, bad government policies have poisoned the life of our inner cities. Democrat politicians drove out industry and encouraged dependency. Local prosecutors refused to remove violent criminals from our streets.

Politicians also protect their donors. That is true in both a political sense, and in a literal sense. We’ve seen big-city mayors move police into elite enclaves while crime flourishes in the ghetto.

Poor minorities are disproportionately hurt by crime. Black women have the greatest need to defend themselves and their families. Marchelle Tigner is a black firearms instructor who teaches in the Atlanta area and helps fill that need. Tigner said, “My end game is to teach a million women how to shoot.” She’s taught hundreds of black women this year alone. Her students learn the safe and responsible use of firearms. And Tigner’s classes are full.

My end game is to teach a million women how to shoot. Marchelle Tigner

Tigner advocates self-defense for women. Maj Toure is a hip-hop artist who tours the US teaching that everyone has the right of self-defense. He says that black guns matter.

I don’t think there’s a black gun culture or white gun culture, I think there’s an informed gun culture and an ignorant gun culture.Maj Toure

That Tigner and Toure have eager audiences shouldn’t surprise us. This is not the 1960s. Today, our society embraces self-empowerment. That includes self-protection and self-defense. A poll taken in late 2014 by Pew Research showed that 54% of black people felt that owning guns did “more to protect people than endanger personal safety”. That attitude explains why we see more and more minorities taking firearms classes and learning to legally protect themselves.

Real feminism is about empowerment and taking our safety into our own hands.Antonia Okafor

Not everyone agrees. Congressman Lewis wants us disarmed. Shame on him. Condemning the innocent for the actions of a few is the very definition of bigotry. The answer is simple for young politicians and for old ones.

Protect all our rights…all the time, everywhere.

DISGUSTING & TRUE: 1950 Dems & 2017 Dems Have THIS In Common

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H/T Clash Daily.

It’s a dirty little secret the Democrats don’t want you to pick up on. But it’s demonstrably true.

Liberal Logic 101 nailed it with their SAVAGE meme:

To twist the knife a little more, they even attached a Scripture verse: (Ecclesiastes 1:9) which reminds us there is ‘nothing new under the sun’.

But if you step back and look at their tactics, isn’t it actually true?

Democrats are placing their bets on one group, hoping they can leverage the hatred and discontent of one group against another group.

The goal? To make America better? (Judging by the violence and ghettos that pop up like mushrooms everywhere liberals have become entrenched, better isn’t on the menu.)

The REAL goal is the perpetuation of Liberal power. To HELL with the special interest groups once they’ve achieved it.

Or have you forgotten the Clintons’ ‘super predator’ comment?

And what about their hiring practices?

Most notably, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer really doesn’t seem to like people of color. As far back as January, it was pointed out that Schumer’s office – and Democratic lawmakers in general – have a dismal record of hiring and promoting black and Hispanic employees, especially compared to Republicans.

“Get Our House In Order” “How can we as Democrats complain about Jeff Sessions being appointed attorney general when our party doesn’t hire minorities? It exposes us as hypocrites,” former New York State Democratic Party Director Charlie King said back then. “We have to get our own house in order.” —Federalist Papers

The Left, right now, thinks they can ride the racial animus they’ve been stoking to election wins.

Judging by the last few elections? They may have bet the farm… and lost.

Will they ever learn?

Probably not.

BUH-BYE: Muslim Refugees FLEE From This State After Finding This Out On Arrival


H/T Clash Daily.

The other forty nine states need to follow the example of Arizona.

Where they’re going and why tells us everything we need to know about these ‘refugees’.

If you were going halfway around the world, from a tropical climate to America, and you were given a choice between life in the desert, or dealing with a Minnesota winter, would it even take you 20 seconds to decide?

Unless you had a romantic fondness for winter, the desert would be a better fit, right? Especially if you came from a ‘desert-y’ country to begin with.

But ‘refugees’ who landed in Arizona are packing up and heading NORTH. To Minnesota.

Why would a refugee from somewhere hot like Somalia pick a city like Fairfax Minnesota over, say, Phoenix Arizona?

To find out, look at the local legislation:

Two months after arriving in the Phoenix area, a Somali refugee and her seven kids were packing up their bags and heading to Minnesota where things would be much better for them in one big way they weren’t getting in Arizona. Bilad Yusuf, like thousands of others who recently arrived, found out that the welfare wasn’t free and they were going to have to work to earn it and were also expected to learn the language.

“We didn’t know how to get jobs here, and even if we did, we didn’t know how we’d get to them,” she complained in her native tongue which had to be interpreted by a translator. Yusuf has actually been in the U.S. for longer than her time in Arizona, as she and her kids were first dropped off in Houston before being transferred to Phoenix. With all that time on her hands in the state, she didn’t get a job or bother to learn English, which backfired on her and other refugees in the same boat who wound up in Arizona. — (source)

We need only look at Finland for a clue.

The headline read: Thousands of Iraqi refugees leave Finland voluntarily

Thousands of Iraqi refugees who arrived in Finland last year have decided to cancel their asylum applications and to return home voluntarily, citing family issues and disappointment with life in the frosty Nordic country.

…Almost two thirds of the asylum seekers last year were young Iraqi men, but some are now having second thoughts, so Finland will begin chartering flights to Baghdad from next week to take them home.

Echoing that comment, travel agent Hassan said: “Some say they don’t like the food here, it’s too cold or they don’t feel welcome in Finland. There are many reasons.”

Nearly 80 percent of the migrants returning home are Iraqis. Just 22 of the 877 Syrians – whose country is racked by civil war – and 35 of the 5,214 Afghans who sought asylum in Finland last year have asked to return to their home country.

Along with other Nordic states, Finland has recently tightened its immigration policies, for example requiring working-age asylum seekers to do some unpaid work. (for orignal article here)

What do you suppose would happen if ALL 50 States has a labor and language component to receiving any State assistance?

How long would it be before some of the less deserving among the new arrivals self-select and go elsewhere looking for governments dumb enough to give them free handouts with no strings attached?

VIDEO: Black Teen DESTROYS McDonalds When He Doesn’t Get HIS Way

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H/T Clash Daily.

A feral ghetto ape trashes his former employee because he knows he can get a pass because he is black.

PRO TIP: When you’re out in public, always be aware that smartphones are everywhere and if you behave badly, it WILL be recorded.

When things don’t go right at work, your first instinct is to trash the place, right?

Ummm, no.

That would be utterly ridiculous.

Though, with all due respect for those in the Fast Food Service Industry, I’m not so sure where you go downhill from McDonald’s.

Somebody should’ve told THIS teen that a tantrum is an inappropriate response to disappointment.

This teen got really upset that his cheque wasn’t ready for him, so he proceeds to give in to his rage, cause a scene by having a tantrum and destroying his soon-to-be-former place of employment.



What is that guy going to put on his resumé?

Does he expect his manager to give him a good recommendation?

As a culture, we’ve coddled kids, given them participation trophies, and colleges are now sheltering them from opposing ideas that might make them uncomfortable.

Race-baiting has become the norm, where many now believe every slight — intentional or not — is a ‘microaggression’ and the result of ‘white privilege’.

Liberals for years have attempted to ‘turn the tide’ of discrimination by enforcing quotas of minorities and preferential hiring practices that just flips who is discriminated against, rather than the ‘color-blind’ model of merit-based hiring.

What this does is create an entitlement attitude and doesn’t promote work ethic or proper behavior.

Patriots, we need to fix this.

WATCH: Entire Family SHOOTS Armed Home Invader – This Ain’t The Brady Bunch!

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H/T Clash Daily.

Picking this house to rob was his last mistake.

He made the WORST mistake an intruder could make. He picked the WRONG house.

The whole point of breaking in is that it is relatively low-risk effort for high potential gain. Easier than putting in a day of honest work. Right?

Guess again.

The family went above and beyond, even gave him a warning shot.

He kept coming. That was the last mistake he’d ever make.

The three family members in the home were armed and prepared to defend their homes.

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