Pussycat Doll Says, ‘Innocent Migrant Kids’ Look Like ‘MS-13 Soldiers’ – Do You Agree?

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H/T Clash Daily.

These immigrants could very well be MS-13 soldiers as they are hiding something under those long sleeves.

I mean long sleeves in june in McAllen,Texas.

Former Pussycat Doll is coming under fire from the Left because of her tweet. Here’s the 411.

Kaya Jones, former Pussycat Doll, and a current outspoken conservative commentator, and a bold Christian, shared a photo that was initially posted by Michael Avenatti, the fame-hungry lawyer for Stormy Daniels.

Avenatti posted the heartbreaking photo of the teens at McAllen Miller International Airport on Wednesday.

‘Here is a pic I just took at the McAllen airport of seven young boys of detained parents being transported out of the area by handlers via AA flt 5772 to DFW,’ he wrote.

‘Who knows where they are going from there. Sending children 1000 miles away from their parents is a disgrace. #Outraged,’ Avenatti added.

Jones retweeted the photo with a caption.

‘These look like soldiers to me MS13 soldiers,’ Jones tweeted in the caption of a photo initially shared by Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti.

‘But the left will have you believe they are babies being ripped from their mothers arms. Babies don’t have facial hair!’ she added, though none of the boys have facial hair in the photo she shared.

She’s now taking heat for her ‘racist’ tweet.

And she’s being mocked for her Christian faith.

Didn’t Nancy Pelosi say that we weren’t supposed to call people ‘animals’ because it denies that ‘spark of divinity’?

Or does that not apply to conservatives?

The awkward truth is that MS-13 is recruiting young people that cross the border illegally.

MS-13’s new push has been fueled by the recent influx of teenage immigrantslike Danny, who traveled to the United States without guardians to escape poverty and gang violence only to fall back into it here, according to a Washington Post investigation that included reviews of dozens of court cases as well as interviews with local and federal law enforcement, attorneys, families and immigration experts.

Among the youths, mostly from Central America, are MS-13 members who join cliques here, and newcomers — looking for a way to fit in amid a new culture and language — who are quickly recruited by the gang. In recent years, more than 150,000 such teens and children have been detained at the border, screened and placed in communities through the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). Many others are smuggled past immigration authorities…

In the Washington region alone, at least 42 young people who crossed into the United States by themselves have been involved in MS-13 violence over the past three years, The Post found. That includes 19 charged in connection with slayings or attempted slayings and four who were killed.

These MS-13 gang members are trying desperately to snuff out that ‘spark of divinity’ in themselves and others.

MS-13 is the only street gang that federal authorities have labeled a transnational criminal organization. Its motto: Kill, rape, control.

MS-13 was founded in Los Angeles in the 1980s by Salvadoran immigrants but spread back to El Salvador, where its leadership is incarcerated, and to the East Coast beginning in the ­mid-1990s. Today, the gang has 900 to 1,100 members in the D.C. region and roughly 10,000 across 40 states, according to law enforcement estimates. In El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, there are 85,000 MS-13 and 18th Street gang members, according to a 2012 State Department estimate.

The gang gives many youths in Central America a grim choice: Join or die. Many young people risk the journey to the United States to escape.

Source: Washington Post

Increasingly, as the gang continues to spread across the United States, many of those that try to escape to the United States get caught up in another branch of MS-13 here.

It’s a horrible situation.

And one that those ‘compassionate’ leftists refuse to acknowledge.

Kaya didn’t back down on her comment.

Is she right or is she being racist?


Watch: Goofball Asks Girlfriend To Shoot A Book He’s Holding – That Was A Bad Idea

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H/T Clash Daily.

  Pedro Ruiz III won a Darwin Award.   


Video has just been released of the moments right before the dangerous stunt went off the rails.

Wannabe YouTube star, Pedro Ruiz III, 22, had a subscriber base of just 218 and posted videos of pranks. But Ruiz had dreams of reaching 300,000 subscribers.

This young man and his girlfriend, Monalisa Perez, 20, wanted to be internet famous — and they were willing to do anything to get there.

On his last day, he and his pregnant girlfriend went to a fairground in Minnesota and he filmed himself on a ‘scary’ ride.


Ruiz didn’t want to keep his videos to just fairground rides and silly pranks like giving his girlfriend donuts covered in baby powder. He wanted to make a real prank video like the ones that get the clicks on YouTube. He decided he’d post a video of a death-defying stunt gone wrong where he could fake his death.

Perez posted about the upcoming video on Twitter. ‘Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. HIS idea not MINE,’ read the tweet.

Ruiz had Perez shoot at an encyclopedia he was holding in front of his chest with a .50-caliber Desert Eagle handgun.

Revealing that neither of them understood a single thing about guns, they went ahead with the so-called prank video.

Prosecutors in Norman County, Minnesota on Friday released video and transcripts from the fateful final video of Pedro Ruiz, 22, and his then-pregnant girlfriend Monalisa Perez, 20.

I can’t do it, babe. I’m so scared,’ Perez told her boyfriend in the transcript from the June 2017 video, as she wielded a .50-caliber Desert Eagle – one of the most powerful handguns in the world.

As long as you hit the book, you’ll be fine. Come on,‘ Ruiz responded, holding a hardcover encyclopedia to his chest.

While cameras were rolling, she fired and the bullet went through the book, killing Ruiz.

It ended up not being a prank video at all.

During the filming, Perez says that she can’t do it. Is it real concern for Ruiz’s safety or acting for the camera because she believes it’s just a stunt? Who knows.

Babe, if I kill you what’s gonna happen to my life. Like, no this isn’t okay,’ the transcript reads…

…Perez, was pregnant with her second child at the time of Ruiz’s death and their son was born in September.

In the released portion of the video from the stunt, Ruiz addresses the camera and says: ‘So if I’m going to die, I’m pretty much ready to go to heaven right now. If I die, I’ll be ready for Jesus.

‘He probably won’t accept me into the pearly gates because of how stupid this is, but I have confidence that my girlfriend will hit the book and not me.’

Perez was convicted of second-degree manslaughter and sentenced to 180 days in jail.

The mother-of-two took a plea deal in December that will allow her to serve out half of her jail term in increments of 30 days per year for the next three years.

She is also banned from ever possessing firearms.

The young couple filmed the video with their preschooler present.

Their three-year-old daughter, Aaliyah, was present when the shooting occurred.

We were doing a YouTube video and it went wrong. Please hurry up,’ Perez told the 911 dispatcher in June 2017…

…If the 20-year-old had gone to trial and was found guilty, she could have been looking at up to 10 years behind bars.

The prosecutor handling Perez’s case said Ruiz’s family members signed off on the plea deal.
Source: Daily Mail

This is ultimately a sad story about our instant-fame culture. People are determined to do literally anything to get their names out there.

This young man lost his life for a stupid YouTube stunt, and his girlfriend was convicted of killing him.

He never even got to meet his son.

Where does this leave his two kids?

Watch his last moments before the stunt:


It’s incredibly sad that this young couple thought that the way to get ahead was by resorting to dangerous stunts and filming them for a bunch of kids and people that still live in their parents’ basements to watch.

Our culture has taken a nose-dive and we need to bring it back from the brink or we’ll be seeing more tragedies like this.

Busted: McCain’s Office Conspired With Lois Lerner To Weaponize The IRS Against Tea Party Orgs

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H/T Clash Daily.

I am not surprised that John Songbird McCain did this.

Now we know why those FOIA requests were stonewalled for FIVE years! Whatever happened to ‘against all enemies, foreign AND domestic’?

McCain publicly denied these allegations years ago.

Judicial Watch has been ruthlessly exposing government corruption. This one hits ‘swamp dwellers’ from both parties.

McCain’s staff weren’t just complicit… it was their idea!

Lerner and other IRS officials met with select top staffers from the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee in a “marathon” meeting to discuss concerns raised by both Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) that the IRS was not reining in political advocacy groups in response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Senator McCain had been the chief sponsor of the McCain-Feingold Act and called the Citizens United decision, which overturned portions of the Act, one of the “worst decisions I have ever seen.”

In the full notes of an April 30 meeting, McCain’s high-ranking staffer Kerner recommends harassing non-profit groups until they are unable to continue operating. Kerner tells Lerner, Steve Miller, then chief of staff to IRS commissioner, Nikole Flax, and other IRS officials, “Maybe the solution is to audit so many that it is financially ruinous.” In response, Lerner responded that “it is her job to oversee it all:”

Henry Kerner asked how to get to the abuse of organizations claiming section 501 (c)(4) but designed to be primarily political. Lois Lerner said the system works, but not in real time. Henry Kerner noted that these organizations don’t disclose donors. Lois Lerner said that if they don’t meet the requirements, we can come in and revoke, but it doesn’t happen timely. Nan Marks said if the concern is that organizations engaging in this activity don’t disclose donors, then the system doesn’t work. Henry Kerner said that maybe the solution is to audit so many that it is financially ruinous. Nikole noted that we have budget constraints. Elise Bean suggested using the list of organizations that made independent expenditures. Lois Lerner said that it is her job to oversee it all, not just political campaign activity.

Source: Judicial Watch

Although this oddity suddenly makes much more sense. Why would McCain’s Presidential bid have gotten Soros backing? Why did some of the unspent funds from his bid, which went into McCain’s charity come from Soros proxy groups?

Critics worry that the institute’s donors and McCain’s personal leadership in the organization’s exclusive “Sedona Forum” bear an uncanny resemblance to the glitzy Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) that annually co-mingled special interests and powerful political players in alleged pay-to-play schemes.

The institute has accepted contributions of as much as $100,000 from billionaire liberal activist-funder George Soros and from Teneo, a for-profit company co-founded by Doug Band, former President Bill Clinton’s “bag man.” Teneo has long helped enrich Clinton through lucrative speaking and business deals.
Source: DailyCaller.

McCain’s infamous thumbs-down of the ObamaCare repeal (An issue McCain explicitly ran on) was the climax of a back-and-forth battle between the Senator and President Trump.

The President was broadly criticized for his “I prefer heroes who…” statement.

Do you know what kind of heroes WE prefer here at ClashDaiy?

We prefer heroes who don’t set fire to the Constitution.

Texan Erects Billboard Telling Libs To Keep Driving Until They Leave The State

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H/T Clash Daily.

God Bless Texas.

In Texas, people are big-hearted, honest, and… will let you know EXACTLY what they’re thinking.

This sign is no exception. It invites Liberals to continue their lovely drive through Texas… all the way to the other side of it.

In other words, “Hi. Welcome. When are you leaving?”

“A photo of the sign was posted to Facebook by Kyle Mccallie, of Fritch. He wrote the billboard was six miles east of Vega, a city roughly 35 miles west of Amarillo, on the eastbound side of the highway.” — FoxNews

Their ideology, waste and taxes have ruined California. Now they’re fleeing to Red States that are better to live in, but won’t change their voting patterns. Is there any wonder they want Liberals to keep right on driving?

Sarah Sanders Just Zapped The Crap Out Of Self Righteous Laura Bush

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H/T Clash Daily.

There is a Hank Williams Sr. song titled “Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw” maybe Laura Bush should have listened to before casting stones at President Trump.

Former First Lady Laura Bush penned an Op-Ed in the Washington Post criticizing the Trump Administration for their handling of minors crossing the border illegally. The Press Secretary takes her to task beautifully…

In Sunday’s edition of the Washington Post, Former First Lady Laura Bush published an Opinion piece saying that in 2018 ‘we can do better’ than housing illegal alien children in converted warehouses.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Our government should not be in the business of warehousing children in converted box stores or making plans to place them in tent cities in the desert outside of El Paso. These images are eerily reminiscent of the internment camps for U.S. citizens and noncitizens of Japanese descent during World War II, now considered to have been one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. history. We also know that this treatment inflicts trauma; those who have been interned have been twice as likely to suffer cardiovascular disease or die prematurely than those who were not interned.

Americans pride ourselves on being a moral nation, on being the nation that sends humanitarian relief to places devastated by natural disasters or famine or war. We pride ourselves on believing that people should be seen for the content of their character, not the color of their skin. We pride ourselves on acceptance. If we are truly that country, then it is our obligation to reunite these detained children with their parents — and to stop separating parents and children in the first place.

People on all sides agree that our immigration system isn’t working, but the injustice of zero tolerance is not the answer. I moved away from Washington almost a decade ago, but I know there are good people at all levels of government who can do better to fix this.

Yeah, about that.

It’as all coming to a head now, but is this the wrong time to ask why there are housing facilities like this at all? Perhaps enforcing immigration law would reduce the number of illegal entries into the country in the first place, which would reduce the numbers of kids separated from their families — just sayin’.

And as was mentioned by Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), this was happening under Barry’s admin and kept hidden.

But let’s not confuse things with facts.

Unless you’re the Press Secretary.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders takes Laura to Truthtown:

“Frankly, this law was actually signed into effect in 2008 under her husband’s leadership, not under this administration,” Sanders said at the White House press briefing on Monday.

The law she was referring to was the Trafficking Victims Prevention Reauthorization Act signed by Bush in 2008, which Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen said was in need of reform.

This law encourages families to put children in the hands of smugglers to bring them alone on this dangerous trek northward,” Nielsen said during the White House press briefing. “And make no mistake, we’ve talked about this before — this trek is dangerous and deadly.”

In 2014, President Barack Obama’s administration also blamed the Bush-era law for the sudden influx of unaccompanied minors at the border.

This has been status quo for a decade and it’s only gaining traction now.

Why is that, I wonder? 

“We’re not the ones responsible for creating this problem. We’ve inherited it,” she said. “But we’re actually the first administration stepping up and trying to fix it.”
Source: Breitbart

Y’all made this mess and now President Trump is going to clean it up




And that’s how it’s done, folks.

Impasse: The Emotional Gap Between Gun Owners and Gun Banners

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H/T Clash Daily.

President Ronald Reagan summed up the anti gun crowd and liberals.

 The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

Knowledge cures ignorance. False dogma, on the other hand, may be untreatable. As Twain said more politely, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.” If you’ve spent any time listening to the so called “gun debate”, then you’ve noticed that the debate isn’t about facts at all. So where do our beliefs and feelings come from? More importantly, what will change them?

Too often our “facts” are chosen to justify our emotions. Most of what gun-ban supporters think they know is what they’ve seen on TV. Hollywood violence feels “real”, while self-defense is merely theoretical or non-existent. The gun-prohibitionists has never seen what self-defense looks like, let alone touched it, trained for it, and lived with it. Nor have their friends. Instead, “the police” are there to protect them, and self-defense is seen as vigilantism. In contrast, the gun owner thinks he will have to stay alive until the police arrive.

Violence is the quintessential emotional topic, but the message matters. When we read about the mass murder of our children at school, we first have to assemble the words into meaningful descriptions. That takes work and understanding. Even then, the emotions are ugly when we read the news accounts and police reports.

There is a reason the networks show us pictures of injured students on the news. Those images speak directly to our emotions without requiring interpretation or thought. That is both good and bad. Emotional images can motivate us or they can desensitize us. Our emotions can cause us to think or to stop reasoning entirely.

The gun-control advocate blames the tool. He claims that violent criminals wouldn’t exist if it were not for firearms. It is emotionally easier to blame a lump of plastic and metal than to realize that another human being thinks we’re worthless. When reminded that murderers used rented trucks, knives, sticks, and even bare hands, the gun-ban advocate might reluctantly admit that violent predators are real.

Despite that grudging admission, the gun-hater still clings to the claim that self-defense is not the answer. Like the zebra in the herd, they assume a violent predator will attack someone else. The anti-gun advocate assumes they are safe as long as the herd is present…most of the time.

I find it odd that the advocates for gun control have armed bodyguards.

The advocates for gun-control can’t imagine defending themselves with violence. To the gun-prohibitionist, any person who wants a gun is a criminal by definition. Gun-ban advocates think they are saving the poor when they ban guns in our inner cities. For the anti-gun crowd, it is morally superior to be an unarmed victim rather than to stand out as a defender or a protector.

It is as if the disarmed herd would rather not know about the predators who hunt them, as if self-defense is the ultimate social gaff. Self-defense is far too inconvenient to be taken seriously. For them, the solution is to call the police…if you are still physically able to do so after you’ve been attacked.

Gun-ban supporters can’t imagine that people think and act in ways different than their own. For example, they think that violent criminals will obey the next firearms law we pass…even though these same criminals routinely violate the twenty-three thousand firearms regulations already on the books. People who choose to be disarmed can’t imagine that there is an unnoticed world of people around them who are entirely capable of violence, and who control themselves. They are the defenders and the protectors. They are gun owners.

Some gun owners and gun prohibitionists do share a common fault. Both sides may think the gun is magic. Some prohibitionists think a gun causes violence. Some gun owners think a gun will protect them. In the real world, a piece of plastic and steel is a mundane tool.

Reality is tedious and boring rather than magical. In fact, protecting your family requires frequent attention. Self-defense takes practice. Turning the gun into a fetish is easier for both sides. It is easy to understand why.

Our reaction to violence is complex. I find it emotionally uncomfortable to think about violence. Most people do. That discomfort drives some people to look away and pretend that violence doesn’t exist and that they are immune from violence. Repeated exposure to violence numbs the conscience of a criminal predator.

For most gun owners, their empathy with the innocent victim drives them to be a protector. The defender is driven to study violence.

This empathy felt by the protector also kindles an unnatural ability to commit violence. The protector wants to stop predatory violence and to protect the next victim. If the defender can’t be there, then they want the victim to defend themselves. Sure, call the police when you can and file a report, but only once you’ve defended yourself and are safe.

That reaction is more common than you might expect. Many people who claim to be non-violent will break their pledge when their children are threatened. That is a good thing and we should forgive their hypocrisy. It is good to protect the innocent from acts “too terrible to contemplate.” Armed America thinks it is better still to plan for defense and have the physical and mental tools you’ll need.

Once these protectors are aware of violence, then their belief in self-defense is confirmed by the news. Defenders see the futility of “Just giving the violent criminal what they want.” Hundreds of people have been injured while waiting for murderers to reach satiation. Gun owners believe different people are different. Gun owners don’t plan for mercy from the merciless.

This awareness of violence manifests itself in other ways as well. Gun owners notice the thousands of examples were innocent men and women defend themselves with a firearm every day. They notice that poor minorities are most often the victims of violence, and that poor minorities need tools of self-defense more than anyone else.

Gun prohibitionists never notice these examples. It is as if gun owners and gun prohibitionists live in different and largely separate worlds.

Gun owners shake their head at the way firearms are used in popular entertainment. Real gun owners have lived with guns. They know what firearms do and what they don’t do. They know the physical reality of living with lethal force, as well as they psychological reality. Gun owners don’t recognize themselves in today’s violent and stylized “entertainment”.

There is another emotional disconnect between the armed and the disarmed. The people who chose to defend themselves and their families can’t imagine leaving their safety up to the kindness of criminals. Yes, they may fail, but they will not be easy prey.

How do these two worlds meet? The gun-control advocate can discover what he doesn’t know on his own terms. Step into a dojo and take an empty-hand defense course. Take an emergency trauma care course and understand the lethal damage that a knife or a screwdriver can do.

The gun-owner should talk to people who don’t own gun and are not part of his tribe. Rediscover what they don’t know and accept their limitations. We have to live with both points of view. The secret is to respect all the other person’s rights as we do so.

Teacher Canned For Not Pretending Boys Can Be Girls

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H/T Clash Daily.

Sadly this travesty took place in my home state of Indiana.

 John Kluge is a Christian and he was not going to sacrifice his morals by calling these students by their immoral transgender names.

He was given three options: “Follow Policy, Resign, or be fired”

For anyone who thought there was room for ‘neutrality’ in the left’s latest culture war… read this.

Tolerance has a new definition. It looks an awful lot like ‘compliance’.

This is exactly the sort of insidious bullying Dr. Jordan Peterson warned us about in his latest Prager Video.

The teacher believes his First Amendment rights are being violated due to the school’s policy of compelled speech. And it’s all about the gender controversy.

A four-year teacher, who didn’t feel the school should have the right to compel him to describe people by any “gender” besides the sex the one that corresponds to what they were born with.

Local public officials have so far refused to publicly discuss the policies they put into place at the beginning of 2018 that John Kluge says led to his resignation in May. Brownsburg Community School Corporation, the district that employed Kluge, put out a transgender policy document in January instructing staff to call students by their chosen names and pronouns once they are so designated on school records. Kluge opted instead to address students by their last names to avoid either referring to his apparently several transgender students with pronouns and names of the opposite sex, or offending them by not doing as they wished despite its contradiction of reality.

That wasn’t good enough. At the school board meeting, students accused Kluge of saying that transgender persons “are not an actual human being” and “actively disrespect[ing]” them for not using opposite-sex pronouns to describe them.
Source: Federalist

Being “Neutral” (using their last names only) wasn’t good enough.

They insisted he use their FIRST names and preferred pronouns. Or else.

Then came the ultimatum.


Bill Clinton Says He Could’ve Ended N.Korea Missile Program – Here’s His Excuse

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H/T Clash Daily.

Bill Clinton was busy getting Lewinsky’s and playing with a cigar to get Bin Laden or stop North Korea.

You see, it’s because he was so very busy doing so much good in the world.

He’s only one guy, you see?

(We notice he left out that part about letting Osama Bin Laden go free.)

Watch Bill tell Craig Melvin that he could have denuclearized North Korea at the 12-minute mark:

Given the choice between stopping North Korea from going nuclear, and getting stood up by the Palestinian side for Middle-East Peace talks… he chose being stood up.

He ‘kind of’ regrets it. But he would have made the same decision.

It’s a typical Clinton non-apology.

Is there ANYTHING he will actually take credit for?

The fact that America was stuck with Hillary’s political career, for example?

We’re not holding our breath.

Revoked: Gov’t SNAFU Means Hundreds Of CC Licences Get Recalled

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H/T Clash Daily.

The current background check system is majorly flawed it needs to be fixed.

With ‘human errors’ this big, all the background checks and gun laws in the world won’t matter a damn.

This is FLORIDA. Somebody notify David Hogg that there’s a glaring omission in the changes he’s pushing for.

To borrow a phrase from Jesus, the gun grabber policy is straining out gnats but swallowing a camel. (That’s a bad thing, in case you’re wondering.)

Florida revoked concealed weapons permits for nearly 300 people who got them after the state failed to do national background checks for more than a year.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam acknowledged that the state revoked the permits in a statement issued Friday evening.

The state failed to check applications against a national database set up by federal authorities. The lapse was revealed in an inspector general’s report sent to Putnam in 2017.

Putnam blamed the lapse on a negligent and “deceitful” employee. He said a total of 365 applications were reviewed after the problem was discovered. Ultimately, permits were revoked for 291 people.

Putnam is running for governor and has pushed to make it easier for people to get a concealed weapons permit. His office oversees the concealed weapons licensing program.
Source: The Independent

If all the checks and balances are in place, and they are STILL not made use of, what’s the point of anything more intrusive?

Unless the real goal is to chip away at gun rights more generally.

And that is looking more and more like it’s been their real goal all along.

Dear CNN: Here’s The Master List Of Trump’s Epic Accomplishments – ‘Is This News?’

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H/T Clash Daily.

President Trump has accomplished more in 500 days than Obama did in his entire eight years.

President Trump has accomplished more than any other President in their first 500 days.

You’re going to love this epic MAGA list!

To commemorate President Trump’s first 500 days in office, here is the list of all his amazing accomplishments.

The Economy

  • The stock market has been booming since President Trump was elected
  • The Dow broke the records for the fastest 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000 and 7,000 point increases between major milestones. The Dow today stands at 24,635.  It had more all-time closing highs in 2017 and the Dow increased more in 2017 than any year in history
  • Unemployment is way down. More people are working today than at any point in Ameican history. 155 million people are working in the US today and only 6 million Americans are unemployed
  • Black unemployment is at a historic low, the same is true for women
  • 3 million jobs have been created since President Trump took office and more than 600,000 in manufacturing.
  • GDP growth rate is expected to be 4.8% in the 2nd Quarter this year according to the Atlanta Fed.
  • the national GDP reached nearly $20 trillion for the highest recorded GDP in US history at the end of the 1st Quarter of this year
  • The Trump tax plan passed benefiting American companies as well as individuals
  • Millions of Americans have received bonuses due to the tax cuts and major companies have announced plans to move capital and operations to the US due to these cuts.
  • Consumer confidence is at a 17-year high

Foreign Policy

  • Both Syria and Iraq have declared victory over ISIS and due to President Trump’s resolve, less than 1,000 ISIS fighters are estimated remaining
  • The epic speech he gave to Muslim leaders to ‘drive out’ the ‘evil losers’ that are extremists
  • During his successful trip to Asia, he secured an estimated $300 billion in deals for the US.
  • He’s leading the charge to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and the on again/off again meeting with ‘Little Rocket Man’ is back on track
  • He kept his promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel thereby officially acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital
  • 17 Americans held overseas have been returned

Domestic Policy

The appointment of conservative judges, including the excellent appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Over 90 executive orders in the first 100 days alone include:

  • Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives and pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord
  • Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
  • Enforcing regulatory reform.
  • Protecting Law enforcement.
  • Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two
  • Defeating ISIS.
  • Rebuilding the military.
  • Building a border wall.
  • Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
  • Approving Keystone and Dakota pipelines.
  • Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
  • Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
  • Exiting the US from the TPP.

And the list keeps growing.

It’s been a successful first year, but you wouldn’t know that if you watched the mainstream Media (D) or late night talk shows.

It’s all anti-Trump all the time.

The worst of all is CNN that absolutely refuses to report on the tremendous success of the MAGA agenda.

They claim to be unbiased, but that’s not how they behave.

CNN — all the news that’s fit to flush.

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