Don’t Be Fooled: Here’s What Gun Grabbers Really Want

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H/T Clash Daily.

It is time for gun owners to draw a line in the sand and say “We will not stand for anymore restrictions on gun ownership.”

To begin, I have a definite stance on the Second Amendment, and it’s this: Don’t weaken it in any way. Far too many people in this country do not, or cannot, understand the reason for the Second Amendment (2A). At the time when the British Crown was the law in the colonies, its representatives did pretty much whatever they wanted to, and in, the colonies. Aside from the taxation, without proper representation, there were other irksome things that the colonists were forced to endure. One of the most irritating was the fact that British soldiers could be housed (they called it quartered) in private homes and the owners of those homes had no say-so in the matter.

Another item that might have contributed to the 2A was the fact that the colonists were virtual slaves to the Crown. They had no freedom to express their beliefs, no way to get redress from the Crown and with no voice in the matter they had to yield the majority of whatever goods or services to the Crown. Times were tough…but the Founding Fathers were just as tough. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” See? It wasn’t JUST the “stamps” or the “Tea Tax” …it was a lot of things that eventually grew to the point where the colonists decided enough was too much.

2A is short and to the point. There are people that will tell you that you don’t need, and shouldn’t have, certain kinds of firearms. They will tell you all sorts of dumb reasons for you not to have them…but, in reality, they are blowing smoke up your you-know-where because they have an agenda that does not include an armed population. There are SO many people that are so eager to tell you that they’re not coming after your guns that they probably could fill a hundred stadiums. Whatever they tell you, it’s a lie. They ARE coming for your guns. Their reasons, their groups, their emotional dissertations are all for one reason…to disarm you.

The beginning of this month, April 2018, a suburb of Chicago, Deerfield Village, issued an ordinance that is in direct contradiction of 2A. It gave the gun-owners of that village 60 days to get rid of “assault” weapons and “high” capacity magazines. Empowering the police chief to confiscate them from those who refuse to give them up. Deerfield previously allowed ownership of such firearms and magazines but had strict storage requirements in place for them. Now, the firearms and magazines will be illegal to possess in one’s home, even if properly stored.

The ordinance warns that stock “assault weapons” are “customizable to become even more dangerous weapons of mass casualties and destruction.” Section 15-91 of the ordinance states, “The Chief of Police or his or her designee shall have the power to confiscate any assault weapon of any person charged with a violation under this article. The Chief of Police shall cause to be destroyed each Assault Weapon or Large Capacity Magazine surrendered or confiscated pursuant to this Article.”

The ordinance does not state whether police will regularly knock on doors and enter homes to check in closets and under beds for “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines. If you want to know what it covers, here’s the link to it:

Now, here’s “Part 2” of “We’re Not Taking Your Guns” — From the Crime Prevention Research Center, March 27th, and the question is: Do states with stricter gun control laws have fewer gun deaths? No. Do they have fewer homicides and suicides? Definitely not.One of the classic comparisons is the homicide rates between the US and the UK. People will point out that the UK has strict gun control laws, few legally owned guns, and a low homicide rate. But the homicide rate in the UK has always been low, even before they had any gun control law. Indeed, when they banned handguns in January 1997 their homicide rates rose dramatically, up 45% over the next eight years and only came back down after a large increase in the number of police.

Lumping all the different gun control numbers into one number is pretty arbitrary. Not only is there the issue of what gun control laws to include, there is also the issue of how to weight them. Is a three-day waiting period on buying guns the same as background checks on private transfers or a ban on open carrying of guns? Just adding up the number of laws in a state assumes that all the laws have the same importance. There is also the question of how many different ways that one divides up an existing law. For example, the Boston University dataset separately counts whether there is a background required to get a concealed handgun permit and also separately whether a background check is needed to renew the permit, but not whether training is required to get a permit (or the varying lengths of training) or the large differences in permit fees.

Parting shot: 2A was written to protect the people from the government, that’s a fact. “Scary” when applied to a firearm is just plain BS, and you KNOW that.

Image: Excerpted from: John Trumbull – Courtesy of Yale University Art Gallery [1], Public Domain,



Generation Screwed: They Are Now Smoking Insect Repellant – No, This Isn’t Satire


H/T Clash Daily.

I heard also they are taking metal screen wire hooking it to a car battery to heat the wire then they spray Raid on the wire then smoke the crystals that form on the wire.

We need to have bug spray control and raise the age to buy bug spray to 21.Snark

What is wrong with people?

How desperate do you have to be to smoke bug spray?

People aren’t just turning to crack, meth, or ‘standard’ illicit drugs to get high.

A new disturbing trend is that people are using insect repellant in conjunction with other drugs to get high.

The bug repellant is sprayed on marijuana, tobacco, or even banana leaves and the spray is left to dry when it can then smoked.

It goes without saying that this is unbelievably stupid and dangerous.

The people that take these drug mixes can have massive mood swings where they are extremely violent, then they act as though everything is normal, then swing right back to aggressive again which makes interaction with them extremely dangerous.

The ingredients for this chemical cocktail are legal, cheap, and easily accessible.

Indianapolis has noticed a spike in use amongst their homeless population.

The drug is known by names like “KD” and “Katie.” The vernacular really depends on what part of the country you’re in. This wild-eyed concoction is manufactured by simply putting household bug sprays, like RAID, on a variety of substances, including tobacco, marijuana, and even banana leaves. Consumed by smoking, this inexpensive drug puts the user in a catatonic, almost “zombie-like” state. But this insecticidal inebriant also carries a significant risk for a veritable madhouse of less than desirable side effects. Difficulty breathing, convulsions, coma and psychotic behavior have all been reported.

It was just earlier this year that an emergency crew in Indianapolis, Indiana responded to reports of dozens of overdoses in and around a local men’s shelter. Somewhere around 20 homeless men and women were treated for overdoses on a bizarre drug combination that was thought to have been a “mix of spice and an unknown chemical or drug,” according to the Indianapolis Star. Although most of the overdose victims recovered, one was rushed to a nearby hospital and put on life support.

Source: Bro Bible

Watch the ABC Action News report:

To create the high, people are using “heavy duty” bug sprays like RAID and Wasp which have high concentrations of Pyrethroids. They are spraying them on other drugs like marijuana, spice and tobacco before smoking them. 

Indianapolis Fire Department Captain Chris Major said it does not take much for a person to have a severe reaction after smoking bug sprayed drugs.

Some of the symptoms of KD include:

  • Catatonic State
  • Unable to Walk
  • Unable to Breathe
  • Barely Able to Speak
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Severe Headache

“Kind of like a zombie,” said Captain Major. “We started describing it like zombielike, where they might be eating the grass that they’re lying in or they are tearing at their clothes.”

The Director of Indiana Poison Center at IU Health Dr. Daniel Rusyniak says the biggest problem is how easily accessible bug spray is to anyone of any age.

Source: ABC Action News

If this is what people are doing now, what are they going to turn to next?

Dear America: Here’s A Republican Civil Rights Hero Your Kids Will Never Hear About

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H/T Clash Daily.

Sadly the reason Ida B. Wells story goes untold is because she was a Black Republican Woman.

This lady was a great civil rights leader and every American should know who she is.

Ida B. Wells was an abolitionist, an activist, a journalist, an equal rights feminist, and a proponent of equal rights for African Americans.

She was one of the founding members of the NAACP and a leader in the anti-lynching campaign.

She was also a Republican.

When Wells was just 16 she had to drop out of school and get a job as a teacher when tragedy struck her family. Her parents and one of her siblings died from a yellow fever outbreak and Wells took on the caretaker role for her other five siblings.

Watch: gives some insight into her life and her legacy.

Early Life

Ida Bell Wells was born to slaves James and Lizzie Wells in Holly Springs, MO on July 16, 1862. She and her parents were emancipated when Ida was just 6 months old.

Ida B. Wells’ parents were active in the Republican Party during Reconstruction. Her father, James, was involved with the Freedman’s Aid Society and helped start Shaw University, a school for the newly freed slaves (now Rust College), and served on the first board of trustees.

It was at Shaw University that Ida B. Wells received her early schooling. However at the age of 16 she had to drop out when tragedy struck her family. Both of her parents and one of her siblings died in a yellow fever outbreak, leaving Wells to care for her other siblings. Ever resourceful, she convinced a nearby country school administrator that she was 18, and landed a job as a teacher.

A major turning point

On one fateful train ride from Memphis to Nashville, in May 1884, Wells reached a personal turning point. Having bought a first-class train ticket to Nashville, she was outraged when the train crew ordered her to move to the car for African Americans, and refused on principle. As she was forcibly removed from the train, she bit one of the men on the hand. Wells sued the railroad, winning a $500 settlement in a circuit court case. However, the decision was later overturned by the Tennessee Supreme Court.

This injustice led Ida B. Wells to pick up a pen to write about issues of race and politics in the South. Using the moniker “Iola,” a number of her articles were published in black newspapers and periodicals. Wells eventually became an owner of the Memphis Free Speech and Headlight, and, later, of the Free Speech.

While working as a journalist and publisher, Wells also held a position as a teacher in a segregated public school in Memphis. She became a vocal critic of the condition of blacks only schools in the city. In 1891, she was fired from her job for these attacks. She championed another cause after the murder of a friend and his two business associates.

On her anti-lynching campaign

A lynching in Memphis incensed Ida B. Wells and led to her to begin an anti-lynching campaign in 1892. Three African-American men — Tom Moss, Calvin McDowell and Will Stewart — set up a grocery store. Their new business drew customers away from a white-owned store in the neighborhood, and the white store owner and his supporters clashed with the three men on a few occasions. One night, Moss and the others guarded their store against attack and ended up shooting several of the white vandals. They were arrested and brought to jail, but they didn’t have a chance to defend themselves against the charges. A lynch mob took them from their cells and murdered them.

Wells wrote articles decrying the lynching of her friend and the wrongful deaths of other African Americans. Putting her own life at risk, she spent two months traveling in the South, gathering information on other lynching incidents.

One editorial seemed to push some of the city’s whites over the edge. A mob stormed the office of her newspaper, destroying all of her equipment. Fortunately, Wells had been traveling to New York City at the time. She was warned that she would be killed if she ever returned to Memphis.

Her efforts went all the way to the White House and in 1898, she called on President McKinley to make reforms.


Ida B. Wells established several civil rights organizations. In 1896, she formed the National Association of Colored Women.

After brutal assaults on the African-American community in Springfield, Illinois, in 1908, Wells sought to take action: The following year, she attended a special conference for the organization that would later become known as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Though she is considered a founding member of the NAACP, Wells later cut ties with the organization; she explained her decision thereafter, stating that she felt the organization, in its infancy at the time she left, lacked action-based initiatives.

Wells also called on President Wilson to stop discriminatory hiring practices for government jobs. She worked for the rights of all women with the National Equal Rights League and fought for women’s suffrage.

She was quite the lady.

Now share this so that others can see what an amazing woman Ida B. Wells was.


Stable Genius: Trump Just Made China Blink – This Is Big

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H/T Clash Daily.

President Donald J Trump 1 The Chicoms 0.

You can add this to the ‘promises kept’ pile Trump keeps stacking up.

Just days ago, the gloom-and-doomers were predicting disaster in global trade, and that Trump just gave back all the gains we’ve made so far.

While the rest of the world was busy fixating on the horrors we’ve seen in Syria in recent days, and tensions ramp up there, while the Beltway is scrambling to keep up with the latest developments in the shocking raid by Mueller on the President’s personal lawyer, some of us have not stopped paying attention to other developments.

Ari Fleischer


Meanwhile…in the not Syria, not Cohen world.

China’s president promises to cut auto import tariff

BEIJING (AP) — President Xi Jinping has promised to cut China’s auto import tariffs and ease restrictions on foreign ownership in its auto industry amid an escalating tariff spat

Succinctly put, Mr. Fleisher.

President Xi Jinping promised Tuesday to cut China’s auto tariffs and improve intellectual property protection in possible concessions aimed at defusing a worsening dispute with Washington over trade and technology that investors worry could set back the global economic recovery.

Speaking at a business conference, Xi made no direct mention of his American counterpart, Donald Trump, or the dispute. He promised progress on areas that are U.S. priorities including opening China’s banking industry and boosting imports but didn’t address key irritants for Washington such as a requirement for foreign companies to work through joint ventures that require them to give technology to potential local competitors.
Private sector analysts saw Xi’s speech as an overture to help end the biggest trade dispute since World War II. It has fueled fears of a global economic chill if other nations respond with their own import barriers.

Markets surged in response in Asia, Europe and also in the U.S., where the Dow jumped 300 points before the opening bell Tuesday.
Source: APNews

President Trump TOLD us he was a strong negotiator. But many of the pundits didn’t really believe him — or at least thought that our President was in over his head when it came to international trade.

The experts flinched when China threatened retaliation. They told him he needed to stand down before he ‘broke’ the economy, so to speak.

But — to coin a phrase — #NeverthelessTrumpPersisted.

Nearly 100 MS-13 Gang Members Busted – They Came Here As ‘Unaccompanied Minors’

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H/T Clash Daily.

We should have never allowed unaccompanied minors to cross our borders.

President Trump is correct when he spoke about Mexico sending the worst of their people to America.


How dare anyone stand in the way of these young ‘Dreamers’ having a better tomorrow? Something something something.

Unaccompanied minors. They have no business entering the country without an adult in the first place.

Gangs are happy to recruit teens to their service.

It’s not so different from what we read about child soldiers elsewhere in the world:

“Everybody always asks why do they go after children? Because you can easily manipulate them,” he says.
“They also want to belong to something, especially if they live in a society that has collapsed completely. Their communities are broken down, they want to belong to anything slightly organized and these groups become that.”
Source: CNN

And they are impressionable at that age, too. Which is really bad news if gang members are doing the ‘impressing’.

Child soldiers and boy soldiers have in common the fact they are still children, products of their societies. Conscience being a learned and not an inherited characteristic, a child’s beliefs and attitudes are imprinted on its brain by its parents, guardians, teachers, both secular and religious. With a short memory and an embryonic intellect, a child cannot form a developed, rational judgment. Deprived of conscience, a child is easily led to accept, and exercise, brutality as normal. This is a sinister and frightening aspect of child soldiers as anyone who has been among them will testify.
Source: Richard Gilbert

What would those ‘imprinted beliefs and attitudes’ look like in a gang model instead of a child soldier model? Maybe something like this:

Can you guess, out of 475 ICE arrests, how many were unaccompanied minors?

Nearly 100 members of the notoriously violent MS-13 street gang were among the young immigrants admitted into the U.S. under the classification of “unaccompanied minor” during the past 11 months, according to recent government data.

As CNS News reported, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement study found 99 gang members had received the status, including nearly two-thirds who were also granted “Special Immigrant Juvenile” status.
[…] As of the most recent updates available, the operation has netted 475 arrests for federal immigration authorities.

“Ninety-nine individuals arrested during this operation crossed the border as unaccompanied minors, all of which were confirmed as MS-13 gang members,” the ICE statement read.

The agency went on to confirm that “64 individuals arrested during this operation obtained Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJ) after entering the country, all of which were confirmed as MS-13 gang members.”

According to ICE, receiving the additional designation “provides certain children who have been subject to state juvenile court proceedings related to abuse, neglect, abandonment, or a similar basis under state law the ability to seek lawful permanent residence in the United States.”
Source: Western Journal

Of course, MS-13 wasn’t the only gang represented in these arrests. But there were a large number of ICE arrests that were gang-affiliated, or otherwise criminal.


London Declares New Stringent ‘Knife Control’ Standards To Stop Stabbing Craze

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H/T Clash Daily.

The stupidity of this statement from the Mayor of Londastain shows why Britain is no longer Great.

If you’re wondering why Brits suddenly stopped with their smug digs at American gun control, here’s why.

It wasn’t long ago that they were piling on the ‘March For Our Lives’ issue, mocking Americans and the Second Amendment. You probably saw some of that yourself, if you spend any time on social media.

Piers Morgan got in on it, for instance.

Mockingly, he asked where Britain would be without ‘you and your massive guns’?

Heh. Oops.

Then there was that embarrassing news about London having a higher murder rate than New York.

Surge in knife crime pushes London’s murder rate beyond New York’s

Did we say ‘knife’ crime? That doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Despite what they’re telling us about how safe UK is now that all the guns are gone, there still seem to be people getting SHOT! Here’s another headline: UK Struggles to Combat Gun and Knife Crime as London Murder Rate Tops New York City

You will notice that stat doesn’t mention the acid attacks, which ‘only’ disfigure their victims. 2017 was the worst year for acid attacks in London

What is the London mayor’s big plan now?

He plans to further disarm the population.

Mayor of London


No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife. Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law. 

The Met Police has stepped up stop and search in worst-affected areas

Here’s what the Mayor is doing to tackle violent crime

City Hall and the Met Police are taking action to tackle the scourge of violent crime in London.

Parliament is also set to take up heavy “knife control” legislation when it resumes this week. The U.K. government is expected to introduce a ban on online knife sales and home knife deliveries, declare it “illegal to possess zombie knives and knuckledusters in private” — “zombie knives” are those defined as being manufactured for the purpose of being used as a person-to-person weapon — and ban sales of caustic materials to anyone under the age of 18, the Independent reports.
Source: DaiyWire

Zombie knives? Seriously, what is wrong with those people?

Are you allowed ANY knives? Yes — you can have a non-locking blade up to 3″ long in public places. So long as your are an adult. But nothing larger than that.

Well, the mayor is in for a surprise. He’s about to open up the personal defence debate, and he’s too obtuse to even realize it.

If the UK has never had a serious conversation about the Second Amendment, they’re about to.

Stats tell us that there are more than 100k Sikhs in London.

Sikh religion DEMANDS that they carry — at all times — a knife on their person. It’s called a Kirpan. And they range in size from 3″ blades to 3′ blades, but usually they are at least 3 1/2 inches. If you’ve been paying attention, that would contravene the law.

Manvir Singh, a Sikh minister of religion in the U.K., told CBC News that there is no size requirement but the kirpan cannot be so small that it is merely symbolic. And the blade must be iron or steel. — Source: CBC

NOT symbolic — it must be functional.

This just might kick off an honest conversation about why free people must not be forcibly disarmed.

Then again, looking around at the current state of the UK, that might be too much to hope.

Hogg’s Sister Also Thinks Teens Are Wiser When It Comes To Our Civil Liberties


H/T Clash Daily.

The thing Camera Hogg’s sister does not understand is the Second Amendment is the guardian of the other Nine Amendments.

These little skulls full of mush are just spouting words feed to them by their puppet masters like George Soros Michael Bloomberg and so on.

In a flurry of tweets and a video released by TMZ, David Hogg’s sister, Lauren, shared her thoughts on civil liberties. It’s rather informative.

The sweet, sweet gun-grabbing children are so very, very wise.

Parkland high school students have been featured by the Media (D) since the tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th.

Most are pushing a gun control agenda and seriously have no clue what they’re talking about.

Amazingly, these teens don’t want to point any of the blame at:

  • the shooter himself
  • the Broward Sheriff’s Office for doing nothing with the 45+ calls to the shooter’s home
  • the School Resource Officer that failed to enter the building once he heard that shots were fired
  • the Broward Sheriff’s Captain that gave a ‘stand down’ order to the responding deputies
  • the school policies that were ignored allowing the former student-turned-shooter on campus
  • the Broward County School District policies that would have ‘red flagged’ the shooter
  • the FBI ignoring two tips by people close to the shooter
  • the Media (D) for making these mass shooters famous


It’s the gun’s fault.

And the NRA.

The only thing that they want is gun control now.

The school, on the other hand, put in place some ‘security measures’ that began on Monday, including mandatory clear backpacks, visible I.D. badges, as well as armed police. The school board is still in discussion regarding the use of metal detectors and wands.

Whoa, Nelly! Those kids got angry because their ‘rights’ were being infringed because oneperson did a very bad thing…

Huh. Weird. Don’t people like that?

So, do you think these kids will understand that demanding to take guns away from law-abiding gun owners is the same thing?

Isn’t It Ironic? Parkland HS Students Hate The New Big Government Security Measures

They’re not going to see the irony there at all.

Lauren Hogg


Today when I walk into school I will be greeted with armed police, wand detectors and clear backpacks.

Is this what my high school experience is going to be like? 3 more years of this…

Someday when my kids ask me about my high school experience what am I going to tell them?


1984: Guess Who’s Scanned All Your Social Media Messages?

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H/T Clash Daily.

Everybody  in the lamestream media is loosing their minds about Cambridge Analytica getting peoples personal information yet they were silent when Obama was Hoovering up personal information.

Hell Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg practically had an office in the White House when Bathhouse Barry Obama was there.


Take a wild guess. After all, there are only a couple of options.

Is it the government?



Don’t be silly.


You betcha!

Big Tech is watching you.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg admitted as much in a podcast interview with Ezra Klein, the Editor at Large for Vox, that was released on Monday.

The interview, including a discussion on the ambition of Mark Zuckerberg, is so unbelievably creepy — referencing the ‘Facebook Manifesto’ that would ‘alter the global community’ and is ‘beyond one country’.

In the podcast, Klein says that Facebook is more powerful than any government, but is still a private company run by a CEO.

This comes after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has all of the ‘elites’ up in arms because President Trump utilized social media better than his opponent in 2016.

Still, silence (other than the kudos in 2012) on the Obama 2012 App that was a much more invasive and insidious ‘data mining’ than Cambridge Analytica selling info from a quiz that people willingly participated in. Granted, they didn’t know that their data was being used this way.

FYI, if you choose to take a ‘Which Disney Princess Are You?‘ quiz and it asks you if it can access your Facebook profile, that is indeed an indicator that it is going to use that information somehow for their own profit — they’re selling your information.

[Editor’s Note: I got Belle from Beauty and the Beast.]

Oh, yes. There is Media (D) hypocrisy at play here.

By the way, a former FEC Commissioner believes that this may have been a violation of Federal Law.

The latest news is that Facebook scans all of your private messages — links, text, and photos — in their Messenger app and blocks the ones that ‘contravene’ the social media platform’s guidelines.

While the intentions behind the practice may be well-meaning, the news is likely to add to users’ concerns over what the social network knows about them

…Facebook is also facing criticism for collecting years of data on call and text histories from Android users.

It’s really disturbing what it is that Facebook knows about you.

Between Facebook, Google, and Apple, they know everything about you — heck, they probably know you better than your spouse.

President Trump is looking to have Facebook not be more powerful than any government.

Zuckerberg is set to testify before Congress on April 10 and 11.

There was a story making the rounds on April 1 that Elon Musk had offered to buy Facebook in order to delete it.

That’s just satire, but Musk did shut down the Tesla and SpaceX Facebook pages because the social network gives him ‘the willies’.

Tesla Motors Club@TeslaMotorsClub

Tesla and SpaceX Leave Facebook After Twitter Users Encourage Musk 

Elon Musk


It’s not a political statement and I didn’t do this because someone dared me to do it. Just don’t like Facebook. Gives me the willies. Sorry.

With all the stories about how much Facebook knows about you, most of us have now ‘got the willies’.

One guy’s entire call history to his partner’s mom was gathered by Facebook:

Dylan McKay@dylanmckaynz

Downloaded my facebook data as a ZIP file

Somehow it has my entire call history with my partner’s mum

Some of the checks are user-driven but the disturbing part is that some of them occur automatically.

Users are able to flag posts or messages that they feel are in violation of the site’s house rules.

This will either cause one of the social network’s community operations team to manually review the content, or automated systems can also make decisions.

Facebook is checking photos to make sure that it doesn’t contain child pornography or malware.

‘For example, on Messenger, when you send a photo, our automated systems scan it using photo matching technology to detect known child exploitation imagery or when you send a link, we scan it for malware or viruses,’ a Facebook Messenger spokeswoman said in a statement.

‘Facebook designed these automated tools so we can rapidly stop abusive behaviour on our platform.’

Source: Daily Mail

What if the platform itself is abusive?

It’s no secret that conservative publishers have been hit the hardest by Facebook’s ‘new rules’.

They use left-wing ‘fact checkers’ like Snopes.

They are now using Wikipedia — an ‘open’ encyclopedia that anyone can edit — to smear conservative websites.

The social network is now the largest publisher in the history of the world.



Dear CNN: Obama Sent Nat’l Guard To Southern Border – Was He A Racist Too?

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H/T Clash Daily.

According to CNN Bathhouse Barry Obama did nothing wrong ever.

Bathhouse Barry Obama’s list of scandals are too numerous to list here.

Securing our southern border is not racist.

Trump is taking a lot of heat for securing the Southern border… by ‘journalists’ with VERY short memories.

So-called ‘respectable’ news sources are running calumnious accusations about our supposedly-racist President.

Trump’s immigration policy plan was, is and always will be the same: to limit immigration from countries where the majority of the citizens are not white. He has said, plainly and over and over again, that he intends to send millions of people back to the countries from which they immigrated, regardless of the human toll, cost to the American economy or taxpayers, basic human compassion or logistical feasibility and to instill even more fear in immigrant communities, while justifying it over the fear of lost opportunities for white people.
Source NBC

That’s what’s motivating the immigration policy, is it?

Not the opioid crisis, or unlawful entry, or violations of various laws by people who had been kicked out of the country, and shouldn’t have been here in the first place?


So let’s get this straight… only a racist would secure the southern border?

That must mean they’re calling Barack Obama a racist, too.

Operation Phalanx
In 2010, President Obama sent around 1,200 National Guard members to the southern border as a continuation of Operation Jump Start. Operation Phalanx wasn’t shut down until November of 2016.

From the U.S. Army:

The Army National Guard (ARNG) established Operation Phalanx in July 2010, based on an Executive Order from President Obama authorizing up to 1,200 Soldiers and Airmen along the 1,933-mile southwest border in support of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. Operation Phalanx is the successor operation to Operation Jump Start, which was declared by former President Bush authorizing up to 6,000 National Guard Soldiers and Airmen from 2006 through 2008. Operation Phalanx, scheduled to end in June 2011, provides support primarily from the Southwest Border States of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

The National Guard Soldiers and Airmen assigned to Operation Phalanx have been serving as a force multiplier for the U.S. Border Patrol by spotting border intrusions and providing technical support. The National Guard has performed tasks such as ground surveillance, criminal investigative analysis, command and control, mobile communications, transportation, logistics, and training support.

According to, Phalanx was credited with intercepting some 110,000 would-be border crossers.
Source: LegalInsurrection


Female Judge Scams Our System When She Get’s Busted She Cries, ‘Racism!’

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H/T Clash Daily.

In spite of what Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio says it is not because of racism because she got busted.

It is because Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio is a boozer and is stuck on stupid.                                     


This one is just unreal. Brace yourselves!

If this had been a Hollywood script, it would’ve been rejected for being too unbelievable.

Judge Leticia Astacio of Rocherster, New York that worked one day out of 214 received a $12,000 raise.

Her salary is now a comfortable $187,200.

She actually reported to work on February 27, 2018. Prior to that, her privious day of work had been August 31, 2017.

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio has received a pay raise, increasing her compensation to $187,200.

An agreement issued by the Commission on Legislative, Judicial and Executive Compensation Board is responsible for the pay increase. It is the final of four installments agreed upon for all judges working in New York. This process began in 2015.

Chief Administrative Judge Craig Doran confirmed Monday that Astacio is still not showing up for work as directed.

All judges in New York have received a pay hike, but it’s unreal that Astacio is also receiving this because she hasn’t gone to work despite being ordered to do so.

Astacio was assigned to handle legal work that did not put her on the bench. She subsequently provided Doran with a doctor’s note, stating that she could not work.

Source: ABC 13 WHAM

That’s not even the most unbelievable part of this story.

She was assigned ‘desk duty because she had been convicted of a DWI in 2016, plead guilty and was given 3 years probation.

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio had been assigned to the equivalent of desk duty while finishing a three-year probation sentence stemming from a 2016 DWI arrest. However, aside from reporting to work for one day on February 27, the judge has been absent since August 31.

She was sentenced to 60 days in jail for violating parole including drinking while wearing an alcohol ankle monitor that she says that she cannot afford to pay for on her then-$175,500 salary.

Watch her press conference when she was released from jail:

She was elected in 2014 and has 6 more years in her term.

Since her arrest, Astacio has violated her probation multiple times, including an incident where she refused to pay for, and subsequently wear, her ankle monitor and was temporarily remanded back to custody. She was elected to a 10-year term which runs through 2024. Her boss, New York State Supreme Court Justice Craig Doran, said she is still required to show up for work.

“Our administrative view is that she continues to be under an obligation to appear for her assigned work duty,” Doran told Newsweek on Wednesday. Doran added that it was not under his purview to terminate Astacio or investigate claims against her.

On her social media account, she says she’s a target because of ‘racism’.

In a statement posted to her social media accounts, Astacio said local outrage regarding her pay hike stems from racism.

You’re mad because I’m a young minority getting paid. I don’t want to hear about it,” she said, noting that news media appear to be treating her differently than other judges who have broken the law…

…”Can you get in your lane, get back in your pocket, and be quiet?” she told harassers in a 14-minute Facebook live post.

She continued, “What makes you feel so entitled to say these things that you would never ever say to another elected official, or about any another elected official publicly, without fear of retribution, arrest, you know, horrible things happening to you?

Source: Newsweek

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