General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Has A New ISIS Quote — And It’s Perfect

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H/T Clash Daily.

General Mad Dog Mattis is a man I greatly admire.

Happy warrior that he is, he breaks things down in a matter-of-fact (and hilarious) way.

General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis is known for pithy and memorable quotes.

“The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.”

“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

“Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.”

“The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears.” —Free Beacon

What did he say about ISIS?

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Leandra Bernstein@LeandraBrnstein

SecSef Mattis leaving House briefing on ISIS.
Me: Progress against ISIS?
Mattis: “We’re winning. They’re losing.”

Short and sweet.

Here’s another one:

Don’t you just love this guy?


Epic Flop: Major City ‘Bans’ Bump Stocks – The Citizens Aren’t Complying

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H/T Clash Daily.

Bravo to the people of Denver for say screw you to this feel good yet mostly symbolic law banning bump stocks.

Somebody forward this to those wizards of Parkland High. Maybe they can answer why making another rule didn’t solve the problem.

Before that moron shot up Vegas, nobody even knew what a bump stock was. As of October, everyone was suddenly an expert and demanded legislators ‘do something’.

Pressure was put on legislators to put forward some ‘common sense gun control’ — that’s the phrase they always couch their terms in when they come to erode your rights, in case you haven’t noticed.

Build into the name how ‘reasonable’ and ‘widely accepted’ they are, and suddenly the burden of proof is put on the person whose rights are being stripped away… not the person trying to erode them.

There’s a fatal flaw in their logic…

How do we know it doesn’t work in this case?

Because they tried to make it work… and it failed spectacularly.

It didn’t fail ‘a little bit’. It failed SPECTACULARLY.

It wound up with Zero Percent compliance.

Denver Police police last month invited city residents to turn in any bump stocks in their possession but Denverite reports that none have been handed over.

The ban on bump stocks approved by the city council in January was considered largely symbolic. Denver had previously banned the types of semi-automatic rifles that can be modified with bump stocks.
[…] The council also made it illegal in most situations to possess magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition.
Fines under the new Denver law could be as much as $1,000 and up to 180 days in jail.
Source: KDVR

The article also said that the laws were ‘largely symbolic’.

So… why even pass them, then? Oh, that’s right. They’ve got to pay thier dues and virtue signal how ‘progressive’ they are.

Do you really think that the good citizens of Denver are unusually rebellious?

Not so much. Have a look at the results in some other, VERY blue states…

There was some discussion of [banning bump stocks] at a federal level, but like every other potential gun control measure, it ended up going nowhere. Instead, a few States have decided to ban them on their own. New Jersey and Massachusetts are among them, banning bump stock purchases, and requiring all outstanding bump stocks to be turned in. The gun accessory isn’t all too common, and there are only 8,500 bump stocks in Massachusetts, and 5,600 in New Jersey.

The problem for regulators is that there isn’t a record of who owns them, so they’ve had to rely on citizens voluntarily turning in their bump stocks to comply with the law. Massachusetts and New Jersey are both heavily liberals States, and yet virtually nobody turned in their bump stocks. Only three people did in Massachusetts, while a total of zero did in New Jersey.
Source: ThePoliticalInsider


It’s just a good old-fashioned stubbornness.

I Don’t Think This Anti-Gun Teenager Understands The Shirt She’s Wearing

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H/T Clash Daily.

The ignorance of history by this young lass is mind numbing.

This wasn’t the best wardrobe choice to get her ‘anti-gun’ message across…

During the National Walkout Day, thousands of students at the urging of the Women’s March Youth Empower (#Resist ✊), walked out of class for 17 minutes to push for gun control legislation.

Some pro-Second Amendment students also tried to balance the support for ending school shootings and their firm belief in the right to bear arms.

Which brings us to this chick that seems… well, confused.

Here’s a closeup of her shirt:

David Baker posted this ironic photo on Facebook with a fantastic commentary:

Here is the full Facebook post:

In 480 BC, the Persian king Xerxes demanded that the Spartans give up their weapons. King Leonidas responded with the phrase ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (molon labe) which meant “Come and take them.” This led to the Battle of Thermopylae, in which a small group of Greek warriors held off a far superior group of Persians for three days.

Similarly, in 1831, the Mexican army gave a small piece of field artillery to settlers in Gonzales, Texas, to help them fend off Indian attacks. At the onset of the Texas Revolution, the Mexican army asked for the cannon back. In response, the settlers raised a homemade flag with an image of the weapon and the words “Come and Take It” emblazoned across it.

The twin phrases “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ/molon labe” and “Come and Take It” have become synonymous with the promotion of the Second Amendment and other fundamental liberties. They are antithetical to the idea of unilateral disarmament.

Today, snowflakes across the country walked out of class to protest “gun violence” and demand new confiscatory gun laws. The poorly informed young woman in the photo was part of today’s Tide Pod Walkout. Note the slogan (and date) on her shirt, and the protest sign in her hands.

Seriously–this is the most ironic photo I’ve seen in a long time.

This just goes to show you that we need to be teaching our kids history instead of activism.

We need to do better — for the sake of our kids.


#Winning: Congress Dispenses With Dodd-Frank – Obama’s Legacy Gets Crushed Again

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H/T Clash Daily.

President  Trump is keeping his promises by getting the boot of government off the neck of small businesses.

Obama may have had a ‘pen and a phone’, but President Trump has Congress.

Congress is busy hammering nails into the coffin of the ‘big government’ legacy of Obama.

President Trump hasn’t shied away from using a ‘pen and a phone’ to repeal the executive orders that Obama put in place to bypass Congress.

As Barry has been learning, ‘What can be enacted by a pen and a phone can be dismantled by a pen and a phone‘.

In other words, ‘Don’t legislate in pencil‘.

Matt’s Idea Shop@MattsIdeaShop

PRO TIP: Don’t legislate in pencil.

But, unlike Obama, the use of Executive Order is not the only tool in the President’s toolbelt.

The latest erasing of the Obama administration is a rollback of the Dodd-Frank law that was passed in the Senate in March but has received approval from the House on Tuesday.

You remember Dodd-Frank, right?

Here’s a quick summary of the problems with Dodd-Frank from a 2015 article in the Wall Street Journal written by Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX,) chairman of the House Financial Services Committee:

Dodd-Frank was based on the premise that the financial crisis was the result of deregulation. Yet George Mason University’s Mercatus Center reports that regulatory restrictions on financial services grew every year between 1999-2008. It wasn’t deregulation that caused the crisis, it was dumb regulation …

Before Dodd-Frank, 75% of banks offered free checking. Two years after it passed, only 39% did so … Bank fees have also increased due to Dodd-Frank, leading to a riseof the unbanked and underbanked among low- and moderate-income Americans.

Dodd-Frank’s Volcker rule banning proprietary trading by banks, and other postcrisis regulatory mandates, has drastically reduced liquidity for making markets in fixed-income assets … Because of Dodd-Frank, financial markets will have less capacity to deal with shocks and are more likely to seize up in a panic. Many economists believe this could be the source of the next financial crisis.

The new bill means that fewer than 10 big banks in the U.S. would be subject to stricter federal oversight, and only banks with $250 billion in assets would be considered systemically important to the financial system and therefore subject to more regulation.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said the bill would lead to “freeing our economy from overregulation … Our smaller banks are engines of growth. By lending to small businesses and offering banking services for consumers, these institutions are and will remain vital for millions of Americans who participate in our economy.”

House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) disagreed:

Nancy Pelosi


The would open the doors to banks once again discriminating in how they lend to home buyers. We should be taking steps to move forward, not making the situation worse.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was Tweeting that this was just a way for Congress to favor ‘Big Banks’.

Elizabeth Warren


For years, armies of bank lobbyists & executives have groaned about how financial rules are hurting them. But there’s a big problem with their story – banks are making record profits. Congress has done enough favors for big banks – the House should reject the . 

Despite the hew and cry from Pelosi and Warren, 33 Democrats voted for the bill in the House.

It appears that there’s something that those 33 Democrats know that Pelosi and Warren don’t know — good policy.

Environmentalist Warns Of Next Big Eco-Threat — Toxic Solar Panels?

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H/T Clash Daily.

Solar Panels were supposed to help preserve the environment when in reality they are destroying the environment.

Why do so many Leftist solutions to pressing problems tend to backfire?

We don’t just mean the economic solutions, the kind that has oil-rich Venezuela eating stray cats off the streets.

We don’t just mean social problems like schools in Democrat strongholds failing those who have the misfortune of living there:

nly 5 percent of Detroit public-school eighth graders were proficient or better in math. Only 7 percent were proficient or better in reading.

In the Cleveland public schools, only 11 percent of eight graders were proficient or better in math and only 10 percent were proficient or better in reading.

In the Baltimore public schools, only 11 percent were proficient or better in math and only 13 percent were proficient or better in reading. — Source CNS

One of their biggest crisis-event causes is Environmentalism.

That’s a big word that used to mean people who wanted clean air, clean water, and no litter.

Now it means “carbon footprints” and global cooling Wait, no… Global warming No, that’s not it either.

Climate Change. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

The solution? Green energy.

Oh, wait.

Michael Shellenberger — the president of Environmental Progress, a nonprofit organization working to promote clean energy — detailed the real life impacts of discarded solar installation. Solar technology typically contains cadmium, lead and other toxic chemicals that can’t be extracted without taking apart the whole panel, resulting in entire solar panels being considered hazardous, Shellenberger noted in a Wednesday Forbes article.

More specifically, these toxic chemicals become an environmental threat when solar panels reach their end-of-life stage and need to be disposed. Panels left in landfills may break apart and release toxic waste into the ground or even enter bodies of water. Solar panel disposal in “regular landfills [is] not recommended in case modules break and toxic materials leach into the soil,” Electric Power Research Institute determined in a 2016 study.

There is growing concern over the possibility of rainwater washing cadmium out of panels and into the environment. In Virginia, for example, a group of locals are pushing back against a proposal to construct a 6,350 acre solar farm in Spotsylvania County.

Why should that surprise us? The tried to force those stupid toxic, mercury-filled spiral ‘compact fluorescent’ bulbs down our throats.

And besides that there’s the small matter of the batteries such energy are stored in. They tend to use the rare earth, Lithium.

If the solar panels weren’t enough to make you rethink the environmental claims of ‘green energy’, maybe the mining of Lithium will. Look it up. The pictures alone are devastating.

It might make for an interesting conversation the next time a sanctimonious hybrid driver tries to chew you out for driving a real car or even (gasp!) a truck.

One thing that increasingly unites men and women? We can both agree that Liberals are losing their ever-loving minds. Now there’s a shirt that says just that.

Right Or Ridiculous? Judge Rules Trump Can’t Block Twitter Followers

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H/T Clash Daily.

This ruling by this judge is ridiculous as the First Amendment guarantees the right to free speech but it does not guarantee you the right to be heard.

The First Amendment… is this what it was for, really?

Does the First Amendment protect the right to speak, or does it obligate someone to listen to you?

Because those are two very different things.

If someone walks up to you, they’re free to say whatever they like, so long as they’re not uttering threats. But that doesn’t mean you forfeit the right to turn your back and walk away.

How do you turn your back and walk away when someone on Twitter is getting obnoxious or trying to get famous by hijacking your platform? Simple — you block them.

In this age of ‘Resistance’, there is no shortage of obnoxious and people willing to harass and detract the President.

The Federal Judge has ruled on the lawsuit by those who took Trump to court for blocking them from his Twitter account.

The lawsuit, brought by Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute, argued that Twitter users blocked by @realdonaldtrump had their First Amendment rights violated. In a decision released today, a federal judge hearing the case ruled that Twitter’s “interactive space,” where users can interact with Trump’s tweets, qualifies as a public forum, and that blocking users unconstitutionally restricts their speech. The decision rejected arguments from the president’s team that President Trump’s own First Amendment rights would be violated if he could not block users.

“This case requires us to consider whether a public official may, consistent with the First Amendment, ‘block’ a person from his Twitter account in response to the political views that person has expressed, and whether the analysis differs because that public official is the President of the United States,” the decision begins. “The answer to both questions is no.”

The court, while not going so far as to enter an order against the president and social media director Dan Scavino specifically, ruled more generally that public officials violated users’ rights when blocking them on the platform. The decision says such action is “viewpoint discrimination,” and that “no government official — including the President — is above the law, and all government officials are presumed to follow the law as has been declared.”

“We respectfully disagree with the court’s decision and are considering our next steps,” a spokesperson for the Justice Department said in a statement.
Source: The Verge

It’s funny that this went forward. After all, it’s well-documented that the Left is far more likely to ‘unfriend’ and to ‘block’ people for merely disagreeing with them.

So, will the thought leaders on the Left start the long task of ‘unblocking’ everyone they had added to their swelling blocked lists?

This College Embraced Anti-White Protests – Look What Happened To Their Enrollment

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H/T Clash Daily.

 Evergreen State is learning a hard lesson on caving in to SJW and screwing over white people.

You know how they do those ‘where are they now’ specials? What about this school that caved to the race-baiting rioters?

Spoiler alert: it didn’t work out well. Having learned nothing from the lessons set out by Mizzou, Evergreen State decided to give it a go themselves.

You may remember the professor the riots were centered around, — despite his being politically Liberal, and an evolutionary biologist.

Interestingly, his wife was in another featured story today, where SJW’s freaked out and busted the place up when she said men are statistically taller than women).

Ultimately, Prof. Weinstein was forced to resign.

These are the ‘dangerous Nazis’ that social justice warriors are taking a stand against. There was a racialized protest in the school, and white students and teachers were told they should stay away that day, something-something white privilege.

Flash forward a year. How are things going there?

Just like Mizzou, enrollment is plummeting.

After besieging Weinstein in his classroom, student protesters proceeded to hold Bridges and several other administrators hostage in the president’s office, temporarily refusing even to let Bridges use the bathroom unless he agreed to adopt their demands for additional diversity-related initiatives.

According to a report released by an “Independent External Review Panel” in April, the college is expecting a decline in applications for the Fall 2018 semester of up to 20 percent, compounding the 4.5 percent decrease in Fall 2017, compared to Fall 2016.

“Further declines in applications (possibly by as much as 20%) and enrollments are expected for the Fall of 2018 based on current year-to-year data,” the report noted. “This condition, and the revenue shortfall it will create, will present Evergreen with significant financial challenges that will not be short-lived.”
Source: Campus Reform

Translation, they got hit in the wallet over this.

But guess who IS enrolling? More of the very same kind of ‘social justice warrior’ who created this problem in the first place. Despite an overall drop in enrollment, we’ve seen an increase of first-year enrollment from two groups.

Those who identify as ‘POC’ (persons of color).

And those who identify with the sexual expression alphabet soup that used to be written “LGBT”.

One former Provost, Michael Zimmerman, was asked to comment on the shift in enrollment:

“While it is all but impossible to determine why any one student opts not to apply or to attend Evergreen, when hundreds of them make the same decision, it’s difficult not to form an opinion,” Zimmerman said.

“In this case, the most likely explanation, indeed, the only viable explanation to my mind, is that the impact of last year’s events are playing out in the enrollment numbers,” he continued, noting that “any web search for Evergreen brings up scores of pieces dealing with last year’s riots and the handling of them by the administration.”
Source: Campus Reform

Now that we’re seeing the eventual after-effects of schools that yield to student demands, what do you think other schools should do when students decide to stage a coup?

Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly.

J.J. Watt Offers To Cover The Costs For The Funerals For Santa Fe HS Victims

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H/T Clash Daily.

J.J.Watt is beginning to restore my faith in some of the players in the NFL.

The Defensive end for the Houston Texans is doing something incredible. Again.

JJ Watt raised a spectacular amount of money for Hurricane Harvey Relief — over $37M, which blew way past his initial goal of $200, 000 and his later goal of $10 million.

He was also named the Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year as well as the Walter Payton Man Of The Year for his hurricane relief efforts.

And now Watt is stepping up in a whole new way. He is going to personally cover the costs of the funerals for those killed at Santa Fe High School after the horrific shooting on May 18.


SANTA FE, Texas (FOX 26) – Santa Fe High School administrators have been notified that Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt will personally pay for the funerals of all the victims of the shooting.

Source: Fox News 26

On Twitter, Watt posted a two-word tweet when he heard about the shooting.

That’s pretty much how we all felt when the reports started flooding in.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

John McClain


JJ Watt has told Santa Fe High School that he’ll pay for the funerals for the victims of today;s shooting.

John McClain


JJ Watt has told Santa Fe High School that he’ll pay for the funerals for the victims of today;s shooting.

Spartan Hounds@CLE_Spartans

Someday President Watt is going to restore our faith in the American political system.

John McClain


JJ Watt has told Santa Fe High School that he’ll pay for the funerals for the victims of today;s shooting.

Don Rast@donrast

JJ Watt is just good people. His parents should be extremely proud of the man he is!

Don Rast@donrast

JJ Watt is just good people. His parents should be extremely proud of the man he is!


His mom has 3 boys in the NFL at the same time…
Amazing family and an amazing man

Young Geezy..@MsMyaG

JJ Watt is covering funeral expenses for the 10 kids who died in the school shooting today. Bless him..

Adrienne Bell


Thank you @JJWatt for having a big heart. JJ Watt to pay funeral expenses for Santa Fe High School shooting victims  via @usatoday

J.J. Watt willing to pay funeral expenses for Santa Fe High School shooting victims

Houston Texans star J.J. Watt is willing to pay for the funeral expenses for the 10 people killed in the mass shooting Friday morning at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

Hargrove 🇺🇸@Mikeh1725

JJ Watt stating he will pay the funeral cost of all victims in Santa Fe TX, wonder if the mainstream will even mention it?

Tyler Thomas@t_thomas731

JJ watt is a gift from above man. Not just on the field. With all he was able to do for Houston with Harvey and now offering to pay for funeral services for the people who lost their lives in the school shooting. A man with power trying to make a difference in any way. Respect 💯

Call me PT@PittsburghTodd

While I would never, ever change my loyalty to my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, I am very much a JJ Watt fan. Total class act.

J.J. Watt willing to pay funeral expenses for Santa Fe High School shooting victims 

J.J. Watt willing to pay funeral expenses for Santa Fe High School shooting victims

Houston Texans star J.J. Watt is willing to pay for the funeral expenses for the 10 people killed in the mass shooting Friday morning at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

Casey Musella@Casey1113

@JJWatt announced he is paying for the funeral of those poor kids and teacher who lost their lives for going to school. No one classier then you! When is it going to stop? As a parent during the day do I have to fear hearing my kid’s schools are next?

Slick Sanders@rickylmassa

Can @JJWatt be anymore of an awesome human being?! Paying for all the victims’ funeral costs of the Sante Fe shooting..People need to take note, THIS IS HUMANITY.

JJ Watt


Absolutely horrific.

Marc Freer@MarcFreer

You’re an absolute hero to not only that community, but the rest of the country. Assuming the funeral costs for the victims families is an act of kindness that shouldn’t go unnoticed or be forgotten. You’re the man @JJWatt! Keep making the world a better place one day at a time.

Slick Sanders@rickylmassa

Can @JJWatt be anymore of an awesome human being?! Paying for all the victims’ funeral costs of the Sante Fe shooting..People need to take note, THIS IS HUMANITY.

That it is.

I’m not much of an NFL fan, but man, I am a huge fan of JJ Watt.

Dain Bramaged: Look Who Crooner John Legend Blames For MS-13 And Try Not To LYAO

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H/T Clash Daily.

One thing that is quite obvious that John Legend does not have any active brain cells.

Check out this ‘legendary’ series of tweets.

To be clear, that’s ‘legendary’ in the ‘collection of stories that aren’t true’ sense, rather than the ‘heroic’ or ‘epic’ sense.

Remember, this is an elite member of the Hollywood ‘Brain Trust’.

Sanctimonious John Legend was advising Kanye West after West openly supported President Trump on Twitter and started confusing conservatives by tweeting out a quote by Thomas Sowell. Legend said that West should ‘think freely’ but there’s a social responsibility as someone with a huge following to not ‘align himself’ with President Trump and his ‘harmful policies to people of color’ — though he doesn’t say what those policies actually are.

John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, have been avowed Trump-haters for years.

She’s rather proud of it, too:

She was finally blocked by the President after years of harassing him over every single tweet.

But this isn’t about Chrissy Teigen’s profanity-laden tweets to Donald J. Trump, this is about John Legend’s erudite ruminations on the news.

We know you’re just waiting with bated breath to see what wisdom Legend has to dish out.

Well, after President Trump dared call brutal MS-13 gang members ‘animals’, Legend tweeted his disapproval.

As a refresher, here’s who MS-13 are:

Street gang MS-13, infamous for vicious machete killings, is first to be declared an international criminal group.” That’s a headline from the Daily Mailin 2012.

“The gratuitous acts of violence these now-convicted gang members committed were intended to spread fear.” That’s a description from acting U.S. Attorney John Horn about a 2015 murder conviction in Georgia.

Video of the mutilated bodies was sent to a girlfriend of one of the victims.” “She was walking home one evening with Nisa, a basketball teammate one day shy of her 16th birthday, when MS-13 members spotted them and attacked with a machete and baseball bats.” “A large butcher knife, a bloodstained baseball hat and three 9mm handguns were also found in the car.”

Those are all different incidents. All MS-13.

Source: USA Today

Those gang members are the ones that President Trump (rightly) called ‘animals’. [Not that the Media (D) is reporting it that way.]

MS-13 gang members have smiled and laughed at their crimes in court — in front of the families of their victims.

In Leftist La-la-land, there’s no such thing as personal responsibility, and people turning to crime is probably America’s fault for being so gosh-darned racist. Or something.

Legend posted this completely asinine Twitter thread that makes soft excuses for MS-13 and how it’s ‘American policy’ that fosters the gang’s growth.

John Legend


Even human beings who commit heinous acts are the same species as us, not “animals”. I’m in the hospital with our new son. Any of these babies here could end up committing terrible crimes in the future. It’s easy, once they’ve done so, to distance ourselves from their humanity

John Legend


But it’s much more honest and challenging to realize they were all babies once and think about what in society, their home life, etc took them from baby to violent gang member. And then to think about collective action we could take to mitigate these conditions

John Legend


And we should particularly interrogate the role of American policy in helping to make MS-13 the organization it is now.

John Legend


Dehumanizing large groups of people is the demagogue’s precursor to visiting violence and pain upon them. It makes it easier to destroy their families and much worse.


What would we do without Legend’s brilliant take on this?

Did you know that any innocent child could grow up to become a member of a gang like MS-13?

Really, John?

Then he insinuates that President Trump is a demagogue.

That’s pretty accusatory of John Legend.

I’m guessing that he had no trouble with President Obama’s weaponizing the IRS against Tea Party groups and jailing Dinesh D’Souza simply because they were political opponents, or fomenting violence against police by insisting that systemic racism was the cause for every cop shooting of a black person.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Legend is obviously referring to those pesky American policies like — national borders and enforcing immigration law.

So, John… you’re saying that America is responsible for MS-13?

Let’s fact-check that one:

MS-13 was started by Central American immigrants, mainly from El Salvador, in Los Angeles in the 1980s. It has expanded since to include Hondurans, Guatemalans, Mexicans and other Central and South Americans.

MS-13’s motto is “mata, viola, controla” – which means “kill, rape, control,” according to Robert Hur, an official with the Justice Department.

“They seek to live up to this motto through truly shocking acts of violence designed to instill fear: vicious machete attacks, execution-style gunshots, gang rape and human trafficking.”

Gang members perpetuate a number of various criminal acts, according to the FBI, including: murder, rape, home invasions, kidnapping, carjacking and robbery. The FBI said most of the crimes are carried out against members of rival gangs, but “often” innocent people are hurt as well.

Source: Fox News

Hmmm… seems like John Legend is very, very wrong.

Maybe playing Jesus onstage has gone to Legend’s head.

On second thought, can anything increase someone’s self-importance after they’ve named themselves ‘Legend’?

Probably not.

‘Famous’ Liberal Idiot Attacks BARRON TRUMP – Donald Jr Puts Dork On FULL BLAST

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H/T Clash Daily.

Just imagine the screaming the Lame Stream Media would be doing if a Conservative had attacked Obama’s daughters.

The Leftists think it’s a free-for-all to attack anyone that supports President Trump and/or his policies.

Many have weighed in on the Kathy Griffin career-imploding move, but it was former Jeopardy champion, Ken Jennings that really stepped in it.

President Trump’s tweet about Barron having a difficult time when he saw the image was enough to make Jennings’ claws come out.

Ken Jennings was made ‘famous’ by being the longest-running winner on the game show, Jeopardy. He won 74 times before being defeated and amassed $3,196,300.

Jennings, a children’s book author, decided to classlessly attack an 11-year old boy.

Well, you know outspoken Donald Trump Jr. wouldn’t let that attack on his Father and little brother go unchallenged.

Donald Trump, Jr. has slammed Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings for poking fun at his little brother Barron Trump.

The former game show contestant took to Twitter and responded to reports President Trump’s 11-year-old son thought the fake severed head Kathy Griffin was holding in the horrifying photo was really his father.

The 43-year-old wrote on Wednesday: ‘Barron Trump saw a very long necktie on a heap of expired deli meat in a dumpster. He thought it was his dad & his little heart is breaking.’

Barron’s older brother Don Jr quickly responded, saying: ‘It takes a real man to pick on an 11 year old.

‘Yet another low from the left, but they will rationalize this away with their usual excuses.’
Read more: Daily Mail

That’s it, Don Jr.!

Tell it like it is.

Call them out on their crap.

Bullies that pick on kids.

And this guy’s supposed to be a genius?

But it gets better.

Jennings responded to Don Jr.’s tweet.

And he’s not backing down.

Instead, he mocked Don Jr.’s love of hunting in a bizarre tweet.

Dear Kenny:

You bullied a child and you are supposed to be a children’s book author.

Do you think that proves your masculinity or that you’re a major douchebag?

It’s also what we’re calling ‘Pulling A Kathy Griffin’ — what was previously known as a ‘career limiting move’.

As for ‘killing white rhinos to prove your masculinity’…

Ken, Honey, there haven’t been enough white rhinos since the foundation of the world to prove that.

Besides, your 15 minutes of fame were up when you finished that stint on Jeopardy.


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