WHERE’S BARACK OBAMA’S OUTRAGE? Slain NYPD Police Officer Brian Moore?

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This is from Clash Daily.

Obama will never be outraged over the death of  NYPD Police Officer Brian Moore, because Brain Moore is white.  


 The overwhelming anguish being felt all along the Thin Blue Line of law enforcement is nearly immeasurable with the recent murder of slain 25-year-old NYPD cop Brian Moore. Yet, the calls for justice for the slain police officer have never been uttered for him or in large measure for the countless others who defended the innocent and lost their lives in doing so.

According to the NY Daily News, NYPD Officer Brian Moore’s suspected killer, 35-year-old Demitrius Blackwell, is charged with the shooting of Moore. He shot the police officer in the face which resulted in the death of Moore days later. But only the sound of crickets can be heard from President Obama, who is quick to respond to all imagined wrongs that have been enacted by police officers against poor defenseless individuals like Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri.

The very fact that Obama has decided to place a verbal target on the back of law enforcement in urban areas of America is more than obvious. In fact, those actions by the president and his former Justice Department Attorney General Eric Holder to convict police officers like Darren Wilson of Ferguson in the media first, before any evidence was even collected, was and is morally outrageous.

Having worked with police officers, and having law enforcement in my family, has given me, like many others, a unique perch to observe the true emotion and passion for justice police have. They fully embrace the oath to protect and serve literally and in far too many instances they are injured or die in the line of duty as a result.

The fact that Al Sharpton and all of the others who are bred from the same morally corrupt sinkhole continue to blame the majority of police for the actions of a microscopic few is dangerous. Why not spend time with the police officers in the community that each detractor lives in and ride along with them as they do their job?

Wouldn’t it be better for them to have a true perspective of what life is like when your life is actually on the line instead of fictionalizing what police conduct is largely like? Would it not make more sense for Sharpton to go to Chicago and actually stay there for a month and experience the horrendous anguish and pain that a mother or a family experiences when the so-called innocent thugs – yes, thugs — attack and murder innocent loved ones? Perhaps his view which is spurred by leeching off of lies and fictions would be changed to compassion and understanding and action to end the carnage. Don’t bet on it happening.

Yet for the family of NYPD Officer Brian Moore, the words of compassion and understanding which will never be uttered for this fallen hero by an insensitive Obama or a race-baiting Al Sharpton are of no true importance. In reality if they had mentioned the murdered officer, it would be framed in some way to pin a medal on the alleged murderer Blackwell for growing up black and risking his life in taking the life of one of New York’s finest.


OBAMA FORGOT THIS IN HIS SELMA LECTURE: ‘Blacks Are 8X More Likely to Commit Crime than Whites’

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This is from Clash Daily.

This will piss lots of people off.


The lies just keep on piling up.  Largely because a drugged-out, giant black thug robbed a store and tried to murder a white police officer, losing his own life in the process instead, the full force of our modern black-supremacist government has descended on an already beleaguered police department in America’s heartland.

The gestapo agents of Eric Holder and Barack Obama have formally concocted an official, bogus narrative which is obviously designed to help Black Grievance Industry attorneys win huge civil settlements on behalf of Michael Brown’s family, seeing as they completely failed to turn their shameless race-hoax into a criminal case against officer Darren Wilson.

Fresh from their federal witch-hunt in Ferguson, the anti-white shakedown scam enforcers want you to believe the predominantly white police department there is exceptionally racist and corrupt because of a few emailed jokes, and because blacks are stopped, cited, and arrested in higher numbers, slightly disproportionate to their local representation, compared to whites.

What they purposely fail to include in their dishonest report is that according to Eric Holder’s own Justice Department/FBI statistics, minimally mentioned even on CNN, blacks are actually 8 times more likely to commit crime than whites.

So the real tale of the Ferguson police department, and of law enforcement all over the country, is that blacks are, in reality, stopped, cited, and arrested nowhere near as much as they really should be!

Yet of course the official lies continue, and apparently continue to be believed by gullible dupes comprising the majority of our society.  Lies, especially from the grievance-hustler-in-chief, Obama.

Obama spoke in Selma, Alabama, at the 50th anniversary observance of the 1965 civil rights protest march there this pastSunday.  He depicted our present-day society as one where blacks are often still oppressed by whites.

What a load of garbage.  Blacks pretty much do whatever the hell they want in all aspects of our society, with nothing remotely resembling the accountability and consequences faced by whites.

Author Colin Flaherty (not to be confused with the disgraced, pathetic racial opportunist Colin Powell) has thoroughly debunked lie-bertarian GOP senator Rand Paul’s pandering nonsense, and the lies of countless others, about how blacks are supposedly unfairly treated by our criminal justice system, in a brave and explosively well-researched article here.

While we’re on the topic of racial disparities and law enforcement, let’s take a look at just one nearby jurisdiction to Ferguson, the city of Pine Lawn, Missouri.

Showing, by comparison, also that Ferguson is being singled out because it has whites in key government positions, Kevin Jackson of reports on data analysis taken directly from the website of the Attorney General of the State of Missouri.

The municipal government of Pine Lawn has a black city council and mayor.  Both municipalities have black-majority populations.  In Ferguson, blacks are 63% of the population, yet 86% of all police traffic stops are of black motorists. In Pine Lawn, whites are a tiny 1.42% of residents, yet are represented in 27.5% of all traffic stops by police.  That’s a “Disparity Index” of a whopping 19.32 against whites in Pine Lawn, whereas blacks in Ferguson have a mere “Disparity Index” of only 1.37.  Pine Lawn’s D.I. against whites is 14 times that of Ferguson’s against blacks.  Furthermore, Ferguson’s D.I. against blacks is below the statewide average of 1.59.

There are countless other case studies and withering aggregate analysis which rebut the crap being shoveled by the Obama/Holder propagandists, but not enough space here to belabor the point.

What’s the point?  It’s that instead of falsely depicting modern-day blacks in America as frequent victims of white racism, we desperately need leadership which instead more accurately sounds the alarm to the masses of gullible, vulnerable innocents about blacks’ more likely propensity to be violent criminal predators.  When over half the violent crime including murder in our society is done by such a terroristic (less than 3%) minority — young black males — to deliberately (for a political agenda) mislead the country about such a life-and-death matter is no less than high treason.

Finally, we need a president which, instead of telling discouraging lies about race, encourages our society to recognize and appreciate that it is mainly whites who envisioned and created an advanced society so prosperous and inclusive that non-whites eagerly clamor to reach our shores — including a Kenyan communist who arrived in Hawaii (where the skies are not cloudy all day) in 1959, thanks to the generosity of our then-white president, and whose alleged bastard spawn, the current occupier of the Oval Office, opportunistically lies about the Selma of 1965 having supposedly inspired his own birth circumstances in 1961.

Someone has to tell the truth.

Why Should The NYPD Stand Up, If Almost Nobody Else Will?

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This is from Clash Daily.

If the NYPD cannot get anyone in power in New York to stand up for them, why should they risk their necks?


A few days ago I found myself arguing with some idiot about the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson case.

“Have you even looked at the mountain of eyewitness testimony and other evidence showing that Wilson acted legally, in self-defense?” I asked the nutjob.

“I don’t have to. I just know Wilson lied,” was his reply.

What are we supposed to do with the endless mobs of people like this?  They’re smashing property, attacking and murdering random police officers and civilians, burning down buildings, storming police stations, clogging up our roads, shutting down commerce, keeping people from getting to work or home from work, and generally doing the same type of thing the current top law enforcement officer in the land, Eric Holder, did himself while a student at Columbia University.

That’s right, The Daily Caller reported that in 1970, Holder was a member of a militant group of armed black radicals who not only took over the Dean’s office, but also campus ROTC headquarters, demanding that the space be renamed “The Malcolm X Lounge.”

Back then, the authorities were terrified of the consequences of standing up to the black mob, and the space was renamed.

Eric Holder the militant black terrorist got his way.

That was then.  This is now.  Now, we learn that Eric Holder’s DOJ has doled out at least 1.5 million of our tax dollars to a group which used some of the funding to make a rap video urging the murder of white police officers.

But wait!  There’s more!  If all that isn’t bad enough, the black Muslim who recently executed the two NYPD officers in cold blood worked for one of Barack Obama’s key Islamic advisors.

I could go on and on and on, with countless examples of other horrors in high places and on the ground across this country.  But what’s the point?  Neither you, nor anyone with the power to do so are really going to do anything about it all, and the mobs know it.  That’s why they do it.

Or am I wrong?  Are you going to do something?

I happen to know exactly what we should do with these lawless scum.  I also know what my chances of getting elected to any kind of political office look like.

But if I’m wrong, tell me.  I’m at my post seven days a week, including holidays

Django In Charge

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This is from Clash Daily.

When will the good people of America reach their tipping point and say “No Damned More?

When that day finally comes there will be blood in the streets as thugs like Trayvon Martin, Micheal Brown and their ilk get taken down and order gets restored.


I kill all the white people in the movie — how great is that?!”  ~  actor Jamie Foxx, hosting the TV show Saturday Night Live on 12/8/2012

First of all, give an honor to God, and our lord and savior Barack Obama!!”  ~  Jamie Foxx, at the 2012 Soul Train Music Awards

Even more disturbing than the extremely high rates of violent crime among blacks in our country is how almost invariably the criminals’ families, community leaders, media and government officials all the way up to the President and Attorney General of the United States aggressively run interference for them.

We’re now in an upside-down hell where criminals are exalted as heroes, and the heroes are treated like villains (even after juries sift through the facts and find no cause to accuse them).

The predatory wolf is seen as a noble martyr, while the brave sheepdog is vilified and banished from his job for the sin of doing his job.

This nightmare-narrative has taken hold all across the land in the form of a poisonous miasma which is force-fed to schoolchildren at the earliest possible age, in order to guarantee new generations of zombies who think naming streets, scholarships, and public buildings after a violent thug like Michael Brown is something socially responsible people do, while innocent and courageous sentries named George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, and Daniel Pantaleo are forced into hiding, with no real future expectation for being able to make a living or move around safely.

It’s easy to predict the continued, long-range ramifications of such insanity.

For decades, we’ve had a leviathan government bureaucratic apparatus staffed by legions of pretentious do-gooders which perpetuates itself by aggressively subsidizing and enabling poor adolescent girls and women in doing the one thing that ensures, more than anything else, that they will remain in the perpetual cycle of poverty:  Have children out-of-wedlock.

When liberals ushered in the massive welfare state which pays unmarried women ever-increasing amounts for each additional illegitimate child they crank out, they knew (and counted on) two things:  1.  That blacks as a demographic were, due to their general socio-economic status at the time, especially vulnerable to the seductive nature of such politically exploitative handouts, and  2.  That blacks, thereby collectively becoming increasingly dependent on government programs, could be made the overwhelmingly reliable Democrat voting bloc that they have in fact become.

“I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years,”
 was the now-infamous quote attributed to president Lyndon Johnson, as he prepared to sign Great Society legislation.

This ongoing situation produces generation after generation of lost black boys and girls who never become responsible men and women because they are simultaneously feral and dependent — feral because they are mostly unsupervised by sober adults who’d dare chastise them, and dependent because they are not expected to ever learn responsibility or delay gratification for their sustenance.  It is deemed immoral and hateful to expect them to speak proper English, or behave with respect toward teachers, follow the law, work, and raise families by getting and staying married.

Whether or not many blacks are in fact capable of “acting white” and obeying the law, meeting standards of behavior and intellect in accord with the rest of civil society, is debatable.  We have, thanks in large part to slavery and to liberal big-government programs, very little in the way of historic record of blacks’ being left to stand on their own and demonstrate it.  Of course, there are also voices which argue that it shouldn’t even be asked whether they can — blacks should just be allowed to have their own separate standards and separate society altogether.  Such voices are loudest when insisting that whites be nonetheless forced to continue to foot the bills and coexist under such a de facto black-supremacist regime which would treat blacks as sacred beings immune to penalties, and quietest when any remote suggestion of actual segregation or territorial options are hinted at.

Barack Obama repeatedly takes to the stage and to the airwaves here and at the U.N., and declares that the problem with race-relations in modern America is not the depraved, runaway black subculture which produces so many out-of-control street criminals like Michael Brown and Eric Garner (does anyone really think Garner would not have been living a life of crime, if not for the high taxes on cigarettes? Please.), but is instead the lingering culture which produces dutiful shepherds like Darren Wilson and Daniel Panteleo, who just happened to be working while white.

Jamie Foxx, quoted at the beginning of this article referring to his role in the film Django Unchained, also played the part of President of the United States in the recent Hollywood action film, White House Down.  In that awful and absurd movie, the terrorist bad guys are, of course, not Arab jihadists, but instead right-wing white men, particularly some who don’t like having a black president.  Even if you haven’t seen it or never will, I don’t suppose I have to tell you how that script plays out.

When the actual, real-life President of the United States enshrines, as martyrs and as his “sons,” violent would-be murderous thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, it’s like we’ve entered a dimension where a bloodthirsty black Hollywood movie character has ascended to the Oval Office and is playing out a kill-whitey vendetta by proxy.

I want my money back.

How A New York Police Officer Lost His Life Demonstrates Why Darren Wilson Shot at Michael Brown

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This is from Independent Journal Review.

This could have been Officer Darren Wilson.

By the grace of God Officer Wilson retained his firearm and stayed alive.

The bright spot in this situation is the punk bastard is dead also.



Even though Darren Wilson has been cleared of any charges in the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, reports are still pouring in that Wilson’s side of the story is “unbelievable.”


And the belief that Wilson’s action was justified exists as well.

Darren Wilson’s testimony is filled with lies. That’s why the national bar association is investigating the grand jury decision.

1st, the idea that an unarmed guy would just REACH into cop car and go for gun is absurd. . and 2nd..

 And the belief that Wilson’s action was justified exists as well.

I wonder what all these people would be saying if Michael Brown actually succeeded in stealing the gun from Darren Wilson and killed him.

Interestingly enough, Wilson’s testimony about how Mike Brown attacked him in the squad car and went for his gun has eerie similarities to another case.

The incident, involving former upstate New York police officer David Smith, happened back in March.

According to NY Daily News:

Johnson City Officer David Smith, 43, was shot multiple times outside an MRI office near Binghamton after a disturbed employee managed to grab his gun just after 7 a.m., said Police Chief Joseph Zikuski.

The married 18-year police veteran, who has an 11-year-old son, had just arrived at Southern Tier Imaging when MRI technician James Clark, 43, wildly ran up to him before punching him several times as he was trying to exit his vehicle, said Zikuski.

In addition, those who saw the crime unfold explained how Clark “somehow managed to grab” Smith’s service pistol and fired until the clip was empty.

If the National Bar Association or other entities want to put time into assessing if Darren Wilson’s story checks out, learning from what happened to David Smith might be a good place to start.

I got six kids to feed and you are going to get me fired’: Moment an angry father with three jobs took on students who were blocking highway in Ferguson protest

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This is from The U. K. Daily Mail.

These little trolls are living in their parents’ basements and will most likely hold a real job to support a family.

They will spend their lives as professional students or on welfare so working for a living will mean nothing to them.


  • Tyree Landrum was on his way to work during the San Diego rush hour
  • Group of around a dozen student protesters blocked the I-5 highway
  • He got out of the car and confronted them, saying he was going to be late
  • Then wrestled a bullhorn from one of the demonstrators on the road 
  • Other people angry at the delay also got out of their cars 
  • His reaction has gone viral – prompting support from people on Facebook 

Father-of-six Tyree Landrum was driving to one of his three jobs when he came across a line of Ferguson protesters blocking the road in the middle of the San Diego rush hour.

Furious that the demonstrators might make him late to work and risk him getting fired, he decided to get out of his car on the I-5 in La Jolla to confront the group of students.

He then told a photographer for ABC News 10: ‘If I don’t get there, I’m going to get fired. I’ve got six f****** kids to feed.’

Mr Landrum’s reaction on Wednesday has since gone viral, and has drummed up support from hundreds on social media.

Meanwhile demonstrations have continued across the country in the wake of the decision by a grand jury not to indict Darren Wilson who shot unarmed teen Michael Brown.


Many other drivers around him shared his anger, including nurses in their scrubs en route the hospital, and got out of their cars.

Mr Landrum then approached one protester standing with a bullhorn shouting: ‘No justice, no peace.’

He ripped the device from him and replied: ‘Hey, I feel you; we ain’t got no justice either.’

A woman then shouted ‘arrest them’ before a unit of California Highway Patrol and San Diego police arrived at the scene – half an hour after the protest started.

As officers began talking to them, one motorists said: ‘You’re spending the night in jail! That’s right, you’re spending the night in jail tonight.’

However they were not arrested because police said the protest was peaceful.

Mr Landrum’s rant to the protesters went viral on Facebook, with many people coming out in support.

Reflecting on his actions, he said that he didn’t consider himself a hero but an everyday person and regrets losing his temper.

‘I’m nobody special, just doing what I thought was right,’ he told the station.

‘And then he put this bullhorn in my face, and I’m like get this bullhorn out of my face. At that point, I was confused, frustrated and completely angry.’

Mr Landrum was late to work, however his boss reportedly understood the situation and did not take any action.

Ryan Fusco, a total stranger, was taken back by what Mr Landrum with and decided to help his family.

He started a YouCaring campaign to help him buy Christmas presents for each of his six children.

Fusco told the station: ‘He’s obviously doing all he can to support his family. The sincerity, the passion, his willingness to stand up and do something really spoke to me.’

Mr Landrum said he thought the gesture was a blessing.

Read more:
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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

Now we know where Micheal BrownJr’s thug attitude came from.

So much for Micheal Brown Sr’s plea for a nonviolent  protest so Micheal Jr’s memory would be honored.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017


Although the media is desperate to keep the false narrative alive that the family of Michael Brown is only calling for peace, the fact is that on Monday night, just before all hell broke loose in Ferguson, while Michael Brown’s mother stood silently by, Brown’s stepfather repeatedly ordered the mob surrounding him to “Burn this bitch down!”

The next morning, the Brown family church was one of about a dozen or so buildings burnt to the ground. Worse still, a 20 year-old man was found dead.

While the media covers up the tragic irony of the Brown family losing their own church in a riot one of their own called for, the pastor of that church, Pastor Carlton Lee, is blaming the loss of his church on white supremacists.

Pastor Lee said he believes this due to the numerous death threats he’s received after calling for the arrest of Darren Wilson, the police officer cleared by a grand jury in the shooting death of the 19 year-old. The church is a storefront church located three miles from where most of the damage occurred.

He said he told Michael Brown Sr. about the extensive damage on Tuesday afternoon. “He was just devastated again,” he said.

The pastor said he doubted the same people who were raging on the other end of West Florissant had burned his church. Instead, he said, he suspected white supremacists who wanted to punish him for his support of the Brown family, who had just been baptized there.

“Sunday, we do the baptism, Monday, the church is one fire. It just doesn’t add up,” he said.

He said Brown had pledged his help in repairing the damage.

“We rebuild,” Lee said. “We do not stop.”

Maybe when Michael Brown’s stepfather called for “this bitch” to be “burnt down” he should have been more specific about which bitches he had in mind.

Not that it would have helped. Mobs are filled with mindless savages bent on destroying whatever’s in front of them and restocking their liquor cabinets and upgrading their stereo systems.

Again and again we’re told that black life is not cheap, but we’re being told ths by the very same people calling for, justifying, or rationalizing a rampage of savages through a predominantly black working class neighborhood. I am of course talking about the media and Democrats — two groups that see black lives as nothing more than means to a political end.

In this middle of all this cynical political manipulation are real people — everyday Americans who have lost their businesses and jobs. When the cameras leave for a Thanksgiving spent in Media Ivory Towers, all that will be left of Ferguson is smoldering rubble that foreshadows a coming ghost town. It is these black lives the media, political left, and Michael Brown’s stepfather see as cheap and expendable.

Darren Wilson Cleared By Grand Jury: Rudy, You’re Needed At Ground Zero Again

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This is from Clash Daily.

How long before these hood rats start rioting, looting, raping and burning?


The grand jury has found that there is no probable cause to charge white police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, a gargantuan, drugged-out gangsta-rap thug who recorded violent rap songs about killing white cops.

The grand jury was comprised of six white men, three white women, two black women, and one black man.  Nine of the twelve jurors would have had to vote to indict Wilson, for him to be charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter.

From the early stages of this case it was pretty clear that the evidence was heavily in Officer Darren Wilson’s favor, despite the way crack squads of professional race-agitators immediately swooped down onto the scene and helped coach various alleged “eyewitnesses” in concocting their absurd stories, accusing Wilson of having gunned the supposedly harmless “gentle giant” Brown down in cold blood.

Fortunately, based on information which leaked out of the proceedings in recent weeks, sufficient numbers of other, more credible eyewitnesses also testified to the grand jury, and their firsthand accounts corroborated Wilson’s version of the incident.  According to reports, at least eight other black eyewitnesses miraculously broke the “no snitching” rule and gave accounts which contradicted the shifting stories of the more dubious, media-posturing figures such as Piaget Crenshaw, Tiffany Mitchell, and Brown’s robbery accomplice, proven liar Dorian Johnson.

In the days following the shooting, the public was treated to surveillance video from a nearby convenience store showing Michael Brown being anything but harmless and gentle toward the hapless store clerk as Brown plainly committed strong-armed robbery of the store.  Manhandling and battering the clerk around, and clearly threatening him with even worse physical violence, Brown showed us all that he was in fact the aggressive, menacing criminal who caused his own demise at the hands of the 28-year-old street cop, Darren Wilson, who wound up with no other option but to defend himself with lethal force.

Wilson himself testified at length before the grand jury, and we were informed by those same leaked reports that his account was supported by the overwhelming abundance of forensic evidence.

Those arguing that Wilson “murdered” Brown say that Wilson shot Brown as Brown allegedly tried to surrender, with his hands in the air.  The grand jury didn’t believe that story.  They weighed what was presented to them, and found that there was nothing which compelled nine of them to find probable cause that Darren Wilson committed murder or manslaughter.

Situations like this are why the individual states have National Guard troops.  When the President of our entire country and his Attorney General deliberately seek to foment civil unrest and racial violence to fuel their political agenda, armed and trained volunteers are needed to stand in the breach.

Situations like this are also, as former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani so sensationally pointed out in a recent heated debate against professional race-hustler Michael Eric Dyson on MSNBC, why so many white cops are needed to patrol black neighborhoods:  Not only are far too many in the black community violent, murderous criminals, too many black denizens of such communities refuse to honestly interact with the police in the cases of countless gang slayings, robberies, and other crimes plaguing their milieu, strictly observing the “no snitching” rule of the black ghetto, and helping to cover for criminals against the efforts of law enforcement.

All of that is in the context of the endless screams and complaints from loudmouthed black grievance-hustlers and their white liberal abettors decrying the relative dearth of black cops among the overwhelmingly white ranks of some police departments such as Ferguson’s.  Yet no matter how hard many police departments try to recruit blacks to join them, the pronounced attitude among the prevailing black subculture is one of depraved hostility toward the profession, and largely toward the kind of law and order which is derisively seen as “acting white(as opposed to “keeping it real”).”  Not only is it often difficult to find eager, qualified black applicants for the job of police work, those who are successfully hired are in many cases done so only because standards were lowered or abandoned in order to achieve the “diversity” so obsessively desired by those of the politically-correct mindset.

Rudy Giuliani became a figure of leadership legend during severe crisis when he put himself directly in the middle of the chaos and confusion during the terrorist cataclysm of September 11th, 2001 in lower Manhattan.  His seemingly ubiquitous presence, stiff upper lip, and command bearing helped give order and focus to the response efforts, and showed the population that New York’s mayor was rising to the occasion, shoulder-to-shoulder with the first responders.

Giuliani had also already become quite legendary for the way he unflinchingly and heroically cleaned up the horrible problem of violent crime in New York City, which had worsened and worsened under previous, more liberal mayors, to the point where criminals basically controlled the streets, and only his police department’s zero-tolerance approach could remedy the situation.  Rudy undertook this seemingly impossible task in the face of an endless onslaught of interference and attacks from black grievance hustlers and their white liberal abettors, of course, and he pulled it off.  New York went from being the most dangerous city in the country to the safest.

If anyone can help solve our national crisis of terrorists taking over entire cities with their wanton criminality and violence, especially in a severe situation such as the riotous reaction when some white cop is deemed by our legal system to have merely risked his own life to try to help a black community and wound up having to defend himself against a giant black thug who tried to murder him with his own gun, Rudy is the man.  He has repeatedly shown us he won’t shrink away from the slings and arrows coming his way when he calls out the bad actors and gets down to business.



Michael Brown’s Father Just Sent this Message to Ferguson and the Nation


This is from Patriots and Politics.



Michael Brown, Sr., just issued this statement, asking everyone involved to respond peacefully to the decision of the Grand Jury considering the shooting death of his teenage son.

Hello, my name is Michael Brown, Sr. My family and I are hurting; our whole region is hurting.

I thank you for lifting your voices to end racial profiling and police intimidation. But hurting others and destroying property is not the answer.

No matter what the Grand Jury decides, I do not want my son’s death to be in vain. I want it to lead to incredible change; positive change. Change that makes the St. Louis region better for everyone.

We live here together. This is our home. We’re stronger united. Continue to lift your voices with us and let’s work together to heal to create lasting change for all people, regardless of race.

The Grand Jury is meeting for what’s reported to be the last time Friday, and the decision on whether there’s any criminality on the part of Officer Darren Wilson will be included in the report.

The Grand Jury is expected to meet for the last time today before issuing its findings. Supporters of the Brown family are hoping Officer Darren Wilson will be indicted in Michael, Jr.’s death. Political activists on the left have called for “Direct Action” if the Grand Jury fails to indict. Local St. Louis area KKK groups have also threatened violence in retaliation against protestors.

The elder Brown believes his son was killed without provocation. In arecent interview with MSNBC, he talked about this, and about the pain he is living with:

An arrest for me would be justice.

To be honest, it’s a whole lot on my back now. It’s a situation where I’m not going to never heal in the inside. I can get by maybe day by day. People probably look and see me, probably think that I’m doing OK and I’m really not.

It’s just something I have to work on, just stay prayed up and be positive to people around the world and other folks, the people that need me to be strong with them, because we have a lot of support and I have to be strong for other people, too.

I get my strength from a higher power. It’s hard to explain because I actually don’t even know how I’m moving around, but He does. It’s pretty hard. It’s just hard, it’s hard, it’s hard.

Despite his own belief about what happened to his son, a grieving father has called for restraint. For that, he deserves great respect.

Democrat Governor: ‘We’re Going to Lynch This White Cop’

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This is from Clash Daily.

Jay Nixon is the lowest life form on this planet.

Did Jay Nixon make his comments at the behest of the White House?


It’s time to impeach a real crook named Nixon.  This time, it’s the current governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, who has violated every principle of American jurisprudence and individual due process rights by calling for the “vigorous prosecution”not merely the diligent investigation–of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.  Nixon went before the cameras and lights today to demand, again and again, “justice for Michael Brown” and “justice for the Brown family,” before any facts or evidence had even been considered by a grand jury.

This is appalling.  Nixon is openly declaring without due process that he, representing the most powerful force of government in the state of Missouri, has chosen sides in an open, official investigation; he has already as much as declared Wilson guilty. Nixon announced that he is personally directing the massive resources of state administration to railroad a man, Darren Wilson, who by all available information was simply fighting for his very life when he shot the criminal Michael Brown (captured on video committing a strong-arm robbery minutes before his death).

Wilson is reported to have suffered what doctors call an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket”–a skull fracture–in the beating he received from the gargantuan, drug-crazed Brown, and information supporting Wilson’s version of what happened continues to emanate from a myriad of sources.

One reporter, Christine Byers of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Tweeted the following:

Police sources inform me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop’s version of events in shooting  #Ferguson

At the time of this being written, a grand jury is in the process of weighing the factors in the case as to whether they rise to the level of probable cause for any charge to be brought against Wilson.

Governor Nixon is the one who has already shown that he deserves to be convicted of a crime.  As a public official, he owes it to Wilson and to the people of Missouri to withhold such a blatant, prejudicial proclamation unless and until proper deliberation was to find Wilson culpable in the case (which in the end will not happen, you can bet on that).

This outrage comes on the heels of Nixon’s naked, politically-motivated firing of the entire command structure of all Ferguson and St. Louis County law enforcement last week, so that instead, a black-power operative, Missouri State Police captain and apparent gang member/Black Panther Ron Johnson, could be installed as the emergency commander in charge of all police and National Guard personnel deployed in the riot-stricken area.

As the community of Ferguson was looted and burned, and as random white people there were being attacked and murdered by violent mobs, Johnson promptly began marching along with the race-baiting protesters, himself declaring their hysterical, alleged grievances against police and against whites to be valid.

Denouncing and betraying his fellow police while posing for pictures in close street-collaboration with violent Bloods gang members, Johnson pandered shamelessly, taking to the microphone at rallies and apologizing for wearing the uniform of the state highway patrol.  Johnson proclaimed himself a “proud black man” above all else, hugging and mugging for more pictures with the likes of Black Panthers leader Malik Zulu Shabazz and Al Sharpton, while flashing gang-signs and fomenting an atmosphere of abject racial polarization and hostility.

There’s more.  Despite the official ordering of a curfew for the violence-besieged community of Ferguson, Johnson proceeded to simultaneously declare the curfew meaningless–that it would not be enforced at all.  Johnson also ordered police to withdraw from areas where looting, rioting, and arson were being committed by hundreds and hundreds of black terrorists, because his de facto position (and the position of the so-called authorities) is that the cause of the looters and rioters is more or less just; that they are to be sympathized with.

Obviously, this is all yet another sickening example of politicians abusing their offices to dishonestly pander to black voters in a racially-charged controversy.  I don’t really have to extrapolate on the countless, previous instances of it, nor do I have to bring up the abusive and illegal remarks and actions of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and various other government officials in this case and cases like it.

Brace yourselves for more politically- and racially-motivated government and media treachery as this case unfolds, especially if the grand jury decides that the available evidence does not justify bringing any indictment against officer Wilson.  The race-baiters and anti-white leftists in power must be presumed to have learned some new tricks since their all-out campaign of lies and chicanery to falsely imprison George Zimmerman ultimately backfired on them last year.  You can bet on that just as surely as you can bet that Darren Wilson will, in due time, be completely exonerated.


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