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What was this little animal out on house arrest?

He needs to be put down like the feral animal he is.



Please forward to Al Sharpton.

A teenager who allegedly kidnapped and raped a Domino’s pizza delivery driver at gunpoint was supposed to be under house arrest and wearing an ankle monitor at the time, authorities have said.

Darrion Miles, 17, is facing life in prison after being arrested on eight felony charges including sodomy and robbery following the brutal attack on the female employee in Antioch, California, on Sunday.

Police say he approached the 22-year-old with a gun as she drove up to a house in the quiet Blue Bell Circle and told her to get back in the car.

He is then believed to have forced her to drive to an undisclosed location where he sexually assaulted her.

Miles, who was wearing the GPS tracker for violating probation following a fight last summer, then made the victim drive him home half a mile away before she called the police.

The teenager was arrested and booked into jail a short time after the incident, according to East County Today.

Contra Costa County prosecutors are charging him as an adult because of the ‘serious nature of his crimes’ and he is currently being held on $6.4million bail.

Authorities have said they will be able to pinpoint his exact location at the time of the attack using the ankle monitor.

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