More Purging? 3 More Big Military Brass Thrown Under Obama’s Bus? Inc. NVY CMNDR, All Arrested For “Bribery Scheme”

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Hat tip Mad Jewess.

Is this a Stalin purge?

I can not help thinking it is.


More Purging? 3 More Big Military Brass Thrown Under Obama’s Bus? Inc. NVY CMNDR, All  Arrested For “Bribery Scheme

When a tyrant is in power, a free people must question all and any of his actions.

So far, this is 20 big military men (total) under Obama’s bus of Stalinesque style purges…  Is it really a bribery scheme (below)?   I have never seen this many Commanders, Generals and Navy men ‘relieved.’   EVER.    It is possible that there was a scheme involved in this ‘scheme’.  But, I don’t believe or trust one, single thing that the administration tells us–not one thing. Zero, zilch, nada. So, I leave it upo to you to question.  Just remember one thing:  Obama said the military is HIS military.. NOT ours:  Whose army? 

So, purging will commence if the obedience Obama demands is not met.  That’s my opinion..

The U.S. Navy is being rocked by a bribery scandal that federal investigators say has reached high into the officer corps and exposed a massive overbilling scheme run by an Asian defense contractor that provided prostitutes and other kickbacks.

Click to read it-Bribery scandal rocks Navy


Barack HUSSEIN Al Obama



Mayor Gray: Sequester possibly contributed to shooting at Navy Yard

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This is from The Daily Caller.

Where does D.C. find these mental midgets they keep electing Mayor?

How does this boob get sequester is the problem?

Bill Clinton and his dumb assed law taking arms away from the

military is more to blame than sequester. 


Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray suggested Tuesday that the cost-cutting as a result of the sequester may have contributed to the conditions that allowed a shooter gain clearance to enter the Navy Yard Monday, where he killed 12 people and wounded several others.

The gunman, Aaron Alexis, entered the complex using a valid pass that he had been given as a defense contractor around 8:30 a.m. on Monday, according to police. He was ultimately killed in one of multiple engagements with police.

Speaking on CNN Tuesday morning about what might have prevented the shooting, Gray said, “It’s hard to know,” but “certainly, as I look at, for example, sequestration, which is about saving money in the federal government being spent, that we somehow skimped on what would be available for projects like this, and then we put people at risk. Obviously 12 people have paid the ultimate price for whatever — you know — whatever was done to have this man on the base.”

Since Alexis was identified as the gunman, details have come to light about several incidents of violence in his past that raise questions about how he was afforded the clearance necessary to enter the base.

“It really is hard to believe that someone with a record as checkered as this man could conceivably get clearance, could get credentials, to be able to get on the base,” said Gray. “I just met with the commandant of the Washington Navy Yard last week. We were talking about the security and we know this is one of the most secure facilities in the nation. So how this could happen is beyond belief.”

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