First Gay Marriage Next Polygamy, Incest, Pedophilia and Bestiality?

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This is from Godfather Politics.

How many other perversions  will become the norm?

When this gay marriage thing first went to the Supreme Court

Rush Limbaugh half kidding made these predictions.



One of the most sacred and hallowed institutions in human decency has been legally corrupted by the recent decision of the US Supreme Court.  When the high court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, they shattered the values and morals of traditional marriage like a hammer striking a priceless vase or urn.

Now that they redefined marriage and opened the door to homosexual marriage, I can’t help but wonder what’s next.  Knowing the vile sinful lusts and desires of the natural human heart, I have to wonder what will be next.  How long will it take for advocates of polygamy to start filing lawsuits to allow more than two people to enter into marriage.  Some fringe Mormon groups still practice polygamy today.  Will they now begin to mount legal challenges to get their multiple spouse marriages legalized just like the gays have?

If marriage is no longer defined as one man and one woman, what’s to stop more perverted groups of Americans from wanting to make marrying one’s brother or sister legal?  Worse yet, what will stop a single parent from wanting to marry their offspring?

Worse yet, what about marrying a child under the legal age of consent?  A growing number of psychologists and psychiatrists are claiming that there is nothing wrong with pedophilia as long as both parties give their consent.  When will they start challenging the laws to allow for consensual pedophilia even to the point of marriage?  Their argument will be the same as the gays used to defeat DOMA.

Once the courts allow for polygamy, incest and pedophilia, will bestiality be next?  Some people love their pets more than people, so will they demand their rights as did everyone else?

America has already sunk down to the depths of depravity and hedonism.  The question now is how much further will we sink?  As we sink, we are also sealing our fate and that fate is the wrath of God.  When He releases His wrath, our nation will fall and fall hard.  As in the days of Daniel, even the righteous will suffer the wrath that God will unleash on our country.  No one will be able to escape.  We will all suffer.

It doesn’t matter what kind of provisions I’ve made or how righteous and faithful I’ve been.  We ALL will suffer God’s wrath for what our nation is doing.  The deeper we sink, the more severe the wrath.  Folks, this scares me more than anything else.  I fear not only for myself, but for my children and grandchildren.




The Psychosis of Black Liberalism

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This is from Girls Just Wanna Have Guns.

Liberalism is a mental disorder no matter the race involved.


black liberalism

When George Washington Carver gave a commencement address to Selma University on May 27, 1942, he read the poem, “Equipment” by Edgar A. Guest. When I first came across this poem, I decided it was the perfect mantra for my inner city, black and Latino second grade students.

I had them memorize it, recite it for the school, and I used the verses often in teaching. When a child came to me and said something was too difficult, I quoted the poem’s opening lines: “Figure it out for yourself, my lad. You’ve got all that the greatest of men have had.” Is that the message being passed on to minority students today? We all know the answer is a resounding “no.”

Last year, a controversy erupted over Virginia schools’ plan to grade black and Latino students with a lower standard than that of white and Asian students, a true demonstration of liberal racism.

In fact, Asian students were to be graded even tougher than white students. You can learn more about this lunacy here, in case you missed it. We can thank liberals for the historic and bigoted idea that blacks and Latinos are incapable of rising to a challenge.

Of course, the more they are indoctrinated by liberals, the less capable any student will become. While “No Child Left Behind” wasn’t the most successful idea conservatives have come up with, the liberal plan was not to catch students up to the standard, but rather to move the finish line closer so that students were convinced of their inferiority.

Liberals have given us, Planned Parenthood, started by a woman who hoped to extinguish the black American population; low educational standards that tell minorities they cannot compete in this world; and a horrible job market to boot.

Liberals don’t want blacks holding any values either. Since it was discovered that black Californians overwhelmingly voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, liberals have launched a massive campaign to sensitize the black community to gay lifestyles.

Black liberals especially carry the torch for their own demise. The president ran his campaign on the idea that most of us are too stupid or ill-equipped to compete. It wasn’t the sort of mantra George Washington Carver espoused, but Barack Obama might just be right. If black liberals are committed to the progressive mantra of black inferiority, then they really do need a liberal savior. How long will it take them to realize one doesn’t exist.

I ask myself what George Washington Carver would say about black liberalism’s defeatist mantra. If he saw the overwhelming opportunities that every American citizen has today, regardless of race, I wonder would he think we were blessed or simply victims of racism and bias? Considering Carver built his first lab from old fruit jars and bottles he found in the trashcans of the Tuskegee Institute, he might offer a further bit of wisdom from his favorite poem:

You are the handicap you must face,

You are the one who must choose your place,

You must say where you want to go,

How much you will study the truth to know.

God has equipped you for life, but He

Lets you decide what you want to be.

Time is really running out. Black liberals must stop teaching their children this tired mantra of victimhood and start embracing challenge and responsibility. Abandoning this liberal psychosis is not just a good idea, it is necessary for the very survival of the black community, not to mention, the entire nation.

Senate Democrats and a few useless Republicans are pushing an immigration bill that could bring 33 million illegal immigrants into the workforce. It is suicide for every black community that still exists in the west and probably for communities all over the nation.

What will happen when people who were willing to work for two dollars an hour under the table are able to compete for higher paying jobs? This is the competition that will be entering the workforce if this bill passes. If black liberals are still sitting on the sideline saying that the government owes them something or that life isn’t fair, they will be left behind.

This black liberal psychosis has been on my mind for quite some time. I have listened to black liberal journalists demonize successful and brilliant black Americans like Condoleeza Rice and Ben Carson, but praise low class and hate-filled figures like Jamie Foxx.

I watched this week as the president himself congratulated a black, gay NBA player for contributing to the liberal gay sensitivity program. It made me realize something.

Black liberals are the true Uncle Toms, the people who insist black Americans are inferior and the ones who want to demoralize us. The black community must remove itself from this suicidal liberal influence if it is to survive.

Pelosi flubs attempt to bash Republicans on gay marriage

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This is from The Daily Caller.

San Fran Nan and Slow Joe Biden are the DemocRats village idiots.

We can not forget Barney Frank and Chuckles Schumer.

While arguing on Wednesday that Republicans have long known the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi inadvertently and incorrectly blamed Republicans for trying to pass the Respect for Marriage Act — a pro-gay marriage bill proposed by a prominent Democrat and endorsed by former President Bill Clinton.

“Republicans knew — and they know right now — that DOMA is not constitutional,” Pelosi said. “In 2005, they introduced a bill, Respect for Marriage Act … [which] stated that, in the case of DOMA, the courts should not have the right of judicial review — the right to review the constitutionality of the act.”

Pelosi apparently meant to refer to the 2005 Marriage Protection Act, a Republican-sponsored bill that would have prevented federal courts from reviewing the constitutionality of DOMA.

“Why would you pass a bill in the Congress … that said the courts do not have the right to rule on the constitutionality of a bill, if you thought it could withstand that test?” Pelosi asked. “Because you don’t think it can withstand that test.”

Read more:


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This is from Breitbart’s Big Government.

Will the Left be able to intimidate Chief Justice Robert’s?

I believe Chief Justice Roberts was intimidated in to

declaring Obamacare Constitutional when it is not.

The Supreme Court should be above being intimidated.

But they are frail humans just like all of us.

It worked last time. Last year, when oral arguments in the Obamacare case seemed to go against the administration, the left targeted Chief Justice John Roberts with a series of attacks from President Barack Obama on down.

The attacks may have worked, as Roberts apparently changed his vote and upheld Obamacare by effectively rewriting the legislation itself to define the individual mandate as a tax.

The attacks on Roberts last year included President Obama’s general–and bizarre–assertion that the Supreme Court could not overturn congressional legislation, as well as a direct attack on Roberts by Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who admonished the Chief Justice about “the proper role of the judicial branch.” The left media joined in enthusiastically, bullying the Chief Justice into deferring to Congress and the President.

This time, the charge is being led by the left media, including Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post, who penned a front-page article attacking Roberts for his past rulings on race and discrimination. Roberts’s Obamacare decision, or his support for overturning most of Arizona’s allegedly discriminatory immigration law (another 2012 debacle) apparently earned no points from Grim, who castigates Roberts for ignoring race.

“Roberts has in the past been dismissive of the need for voting rights protections or affirmative action, viewing the world as without the sort of racism that might require such remedies,” Grim writes scornfully. He seizes on Roberts’s skepticism that the Defense of Marriage Act was motivated by anti-homosexual animus, pointing to a passage in the Congressional Record about the moral disapproval of homosexuality.

Grim makes use of a familiar left-wing tactic: casting moral disapproval of homosexuality as moral disapproval of gay people. Many supporters of traditional marriage are careful to distinguish between the two. Moreover, Roberts asked: “So eighty-four Senators–it’s the same question I asked before–eighty-four Senators based their vote on moral disapproval of gay people?” He was not denying that some might have acted out of animus, but doubting that all had done so.

The point was not lost on Justice Elena Kagan, who quoted the same passage from the Congressional Record to which Grim refers. She admitted, after Roberts’s question, that most Senators who voted for the act likely did not act out of anti-gay bigotry. Grim ignores that and twists Roberts’s words to cast him as willfully blind–not just to anti-gay bigotry, but bigotry in general.

There is, Grim implies, one way for Roberts to redeem himself–for the moment, anyway–and that is to vote to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. Then he can prove he is not blind, or bigoted himself–until the next constitutional controversy comes up, when the left will dip its pens in poison again and attack the Chief Justice, believing him to be the Court’s weakest link. Based on his recent history, they would not be wrong.

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