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This is from World Net Daily.

This ruling sets a dangerous precedent.

It has opened the door to more lawsuits by the homosexual

activists thugs claiming discrimination.

Orders Colorado baker to violate beliefs, submit to homosexuals’ demands.

Another judge has ruled homosexuals have a right not to be offended that supersedes First Amendment religious rights.

In the latest case, a Denver cake baker must make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple’s wedding even if the message being conveyed in the ceremony violates his religious beliefs.

“America was founded on the fundamental freedom of every citizen to live and work according to their beliefs,” Nicolle Martin, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom, said.

“Forcing Americans to promote ideas against their will undermines our constitutionally protected freedom of expression and our right to live free. If the government can take away our First Amendment freedoms, there is nothing it can’t take away.”

The ruling came from Administrative Law Judge Robert Spencer in Denver against Jack Phillips, a Christian who owns Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colo.

Jack Phillips, owner of the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo., cited conflicting religious beliefs when he declined in July 2012 to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding reception. Photo/Denver Post

Phillips told the homosexual couple he couldn’t make the cake because he believes marriage between a man and a woman. The couple subsequently filed a discrimination claim arguing that Phillips’ refusal was based on their sexual orientation.

However, Phillips insisted he refused because of the message conveyed by the wedding cake.

“I told them I don’t do wedding cakes for same-sex marriages,” Phillips told WND. “I then let them know I would make any other kind of cake for them, just not a wedding cake.”

He explained to WND there are cakes for other circumstance he also would refuse to make.

“If a couple were to come in and ask me to do an erotic cake for a wedding I would refuse to do that as well,” he said. “These are my personal standards taken from Jesus Christ and the Bible.”

The case centers on whose rights take precedence.

Judge Spencer said the view that Phillips’ First Amendment rights are primary “fails to take into account the cost to society and the hurt caused to persons who are denied service simply because of who they are.”

In his ruling, Spencer noted Phillips’ argument that he also would have refused a request by a heterosexual couple to make a cake for a same-sex wedding.

However, Spencer granted homosexuals a special standard.

“Only same-sex couples engage in same-sex weddings. Therefore, it makes little sense to argue that refusal to provide a cake to a same-sex couple for use at their wedding is not ‘because of’ their sexual orientation,’” Spencer wrote.

In Wednesday’s hearing on the case, the American Civil Liberties Union argued that while the government had the right to force a Christian to use his artistic talents to design a homosexual wedding cake, the standard should not be applied to other groups – such as asking a Muslim baker to make a cake criticizing his faith.

Spencer lined up behind the ACLU and said that while Phillips is expected to give up his religious beliefs regarding marriage to avoid offending homosexuals, if a Muslim baker were to be asked to design a cake denigrating the Quran or if a black cake maker was asked to do a cake for the KKK, neither would be under any compulsion to do so.

“In both cases, it is the explicit, unmistakable, offensive message that the bakers are asked to put on the cake that gives rise to the bakers’ free speech right to refuse,” Spencer said.

“That, however, is not the case here, where respondents refused to bake any cake for complainants regardless of what was written on it or what it looked like. Respondents have no free speech right to refuse because they were only asked to bake a cake, not make a speech.”

Spencer bluntly offered cake makers an alternative: They can quit.

“If … respondents choose to quit making wedding cakes altogether to avoid future violations of the law; that is a matter of personal choice and not a result compelled by the state,” he suggested.

Spencer’s arguments are similar to statements by other government officials regarding homosexuality and same-sex ceremonies.

Raymond Sexton, executive director for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission in Kentucky, told WND that it might be perfectly fine for a printing company run by “gays” to refuse to print anti-”gay” literature, but a Christian company refusing to print T-shirts for a “gay” event would not have that same right.

Hands On Originals, a company in Lexington, Ky., refused a request to print T-shirts for a local “gay” pride festival, citing religious beliefs.

But Sexton told WND that if a “gay” printing company was asked to print T-shirts from someone wanting the statement “Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God,” the “gay” group would have the right to refuse to print the order.

“If the company does not approve of the message, that is a valid non-discriminatory reason to refuse the work,” he said.

He also said a black business owner would have the right to refuse to print a flyer for a Klan rally.

However, when asked if the same would apply to Hands On Online if officials said “we don’t support ‘gay’ pride festivals, but we won’t discriminate against a person because they are ‘gay,’” Sexton was not as committed, simply saying “possibly.”

“This is a gray area, but possibly. I can’t say definitively, but it possibly could pass the test,” he said. “I would recommend they take the word ‘gay’ out of there and say they simply don’t approve of the message.”

A New Mexico judge ruled that a Christian wedding photographer must surrender her religious beliefs as the price of good citizenship.

Elaine Huguenin, co-owner of Elane Photography with her husband Jonathan, was asked to commemorate a same-sex ceremony by Vanessa Willock.

Huguenin refused, saying that while she does not discriminate against homosexuals on the basis of their orientation, her Christian beliefs prohibited her from sanctioning the marriage of two members of the same sex.

The state Supreme Court ruled that the Huguenins did not have any right to refuse to express sentiments contrary to her beliefs, ordering the couple to pay $6,637.94 in attorneys’ fees to Willock and her partner.

That case remains on appeal.


Bag Bandit Strikes While CBS4 Conducts Interview On Airport Baggage Thefts

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This is from CBS 4 Denver.

 DIA spokeswoman Stacey Stegman was  being  

Interviewed about baggage theft.

In said interview Ms Stegman was down playing theft.

When a daughter of Obama walks up to the baggage 

carousel or two away and steals a bag.

A closer look at the baggage theft suspect (credit: Thomas Prehn)

A closer look at the baggage theft suspect (credit: Thomas Prehn)


DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police say they are “actively investigating” a new airport bag theft that occurred just a few feet away and at precisely the same time that police and airport administrators were being interviewed by CBS4 about how few bag thefts they have at the airport.  

“It doesn’t happen often,” said Denver International Airport spokesperson Stacey Stegman last Wednesday afternoon between 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. as she was being interviewed in the baggage claim area.

But police have now confirmed that simultaneous to that interview an unidentified woman stole a bag that was sitting nearby, looted it, and then abandoned it at a different airport location.

Sgt. Rick Stager of the Denver Police Department’s airport unit said, “I just wanted to confirm that there was indeed a theft of a bag belonging to Thomas Prehn just a carousel or two away from where you were filming. The bag was rifled through and then dumped in another location in the airport.

“We have video of the suspect stealing the bag off of the carousel and walking away with the bag,” Stager said.

Prehn, a Boulder businessman and former professional cyclist, was returning to DIA from an out-of-town trip when his bag was snatched. After it was found hours later in the Southwest Airlines baggage claim area, he reported to police that nearly $2,700 in clothing, sporting goods and a camera had been lifted from the bag.

Prehn told CBS4 that all markings on the bag that identified it as his had been removed.

“It’s kind of amazing how much you can lose,” said Prehn.

He said Denver police provided him a picture of the woman wheeling away his bag and he shared the photo with CBS4. The photo was taken from video captured by a DIA surveillance camera. The bag thief appears to be wearing glasses, carrying a red purse and wearing an unusual animal hat.

Prehn said there is “no doubt” the woman caught on tape was wheeling his bag away from the carousel.

RELATED: DIA Bag Thief Charged, Suspected Of Stealing Peter Frampton’s Luggage

Airport administrators say such thefts are rare, and last week’s theft of Prehn’s suitcase would be only the 16th reported bag theft from the airport’s baggage carousel areas in 2013.

DIA officials concede the number of actual bag thefts might be higher as most passengers who lose a bag will simply report it to their airline, hoping for reimbursement.

#BlackPrivilege: Horrific Week Of Racial Crimes Perp’d Against Whites In Obama’s “Post Racial” America

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Hat Tip To The Mad Jewess.

I thought Obama was going to bring Americans together?

Race relations in America are at a lower point than in the 1960’s.

I recall some real bad race relations from the 60’s.

It scares me to think we are going backwards race relations.

#BlackPrivilege: Horrific Week Of Racial Crimes Perp’d Against Whites In Obama’s “Post Racial” America

Meanwhile, Americans are shaking in their boots hoping the left-wing does not call them ‘racists’.  If you are white and unarmed, you are an irresponsible person.

Colorado is paying the price for voting in Obama: Rash of brutal hate crimemob attacks in Denver

Click: Black nurse indicted after ‘negligent‘ death of 3-year-old White girl

Kayla Andrews

Click-White ‘good Samaritan’ couple repaid by black ‘family friend’ ex-felon who raped and attempted to murder wife

Leanna Whitlock

Click- Raleigh black pleads not guilty in slaying of his white ex-girlfriend, mother of his two children

Laura Jean Ackerson

Click-83-Year-Old Man Attacked, Robbed Of Wallet, Important Papers by Black Male with Corn Rows

Nichola Capozzoli

See all of it:

16 August 2013 archived – (click at left for full coverage)

Blacks have a shoot-down in Oakland, nobody cares and walk on by:

Enjoy your country, we get what we deserve.

-David Ben Moshe


Colorado Recall Election of Two Anti-Gun Lawmakers Set for September

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This is from Town Hall.

Now the voters have a chance to show what they are made of

by firing these DemocRat thugs.

Then the other DemocRats will get the message.

Some of the DemocRats maybe to stupid to get the message.

If so let them face the wrath of the voters.



It’s official: Coloradans will have the chance to head to the polls on September 10 to either re-elect or oust two Democratic lawmakers who played an influential role in helping pass tough new gun-control laws back in March—exactly eight months after the mass shooting in Aurora.  Via CNN:

With the help of the powerful National Rifle Association, organizers submitted petitions last month with enough signatures to start the recall process. Earlier Thursday, a Denver district court judge ruled that the petitions met all legal requirements, clearing the way for Hickenlooper to set the elections.

“This is a positive development,” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said in a statement to CNN. “We look forward to working with voters in these legislative districts in Colorado who initiated this effort.”

Those leading the effort had to collect enough signatures to equal 25% of the votes cast in the previous election in each district.

Enough signatures were gathered for Senate President John Morse of District 11 and state Sen. Angela Giron of District 3—organizers failed to gather enough signatures for the other two Democratic lawmakers that were targeted.

Giron and Morse tried to block or slow the recall by arguing that the petitions were invalid. A judge ruled on Thursday that the paperwork was lawful, however, and shouldn’t be thrown out on “hyper-technical grounds,” according to Fox News.

The recall effort marks the first in the state’s history.



Colorado shoots itself in the foot … again.

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Hat Tip To LawDog for this article.

I missed this story.


Perrazi is a company which makes very high end, very expensive double barreled shotguns. How expensive? Well, a cheap one costs just shy of $10,000 and one of the expensive ones is close enough to half of a million dollars as to make no never-mind.

I hope that it will not come as a surprise to my Gentle Readers when I state — quite confidently — that double-barreled shotguns costing more than the average American car are NOT the weapon of choice for terrorists, much less the run-of-the-mill gang-banging critter.

Obvious, really.

Matter-of-fact when it comes to guns that the gun-grabbers and VPOTUS Joe Biden (but I repeat myself) consider tolerable, the fact that the multi-thousand dollar Perazzi shotguns are too expensive for the hoi-polloi — and only hold a maximum of two rounds — probably means that Perazzis are last on the list of firearms considered verboten by the leftists.

Well, except for law enforcement in the Great State of Colorado.

On 18 MAY 2013 the current president of Perazzi — the son of the founder of the company — was arrested by the Denver Police Department at the Colorado Gun Collectors Show.

Apparently being the president of one of the world’s foremost shot-gun manufacturers, at a gun-show, with shot-guns … is an arrestable offence in Colorado.


To add the cherry to this little cup-cake of suck and fail, once a pair of very well-paid lawyers secured his release from durance vile, someone at Denver PD thought it was a damned fine idea to “suggest” that the president of one of the world’s foremost high-end shot-gun manufacturers … be out of the State of Colorado before the sun set.

I … don’t know that I have any words.

I am heartened by the thought that a whole pack of lawyers with great big dorsal fins are — no doubt — on the way to Denver as I write this.



Colorado town considers requiring assault-style weapons in every home

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This is from The Daily Caller.

I am glad to see towns taking a principled  stand

against the tyranny out of the Colorado legislature.

What the DemocRats do not understand  there are many

people that their livelihoods and lives depends on firearms.



The city council of Craig, Colo., a small mountain town that relies on hunting for much of its economic activity, is seriously pondering a citizen’s proposal to mandate that every household have at least one sporting rifle equipped to hold a high-capacity magazine.

Town leaders said such a law would be practically impossible to enforce, but resident Craig Rummel, who floated the idea at a recent council meeting, said the point would be to send a message to the state legislature, which he said was “hammering” rural towns with new rules on gun ownership, energy policy and other issues.

“Our voices are not being heard, but if we pass an ordinance, it will go viral, and then they’ll be forced to listen to us,” he’s quoted as saying in the Craig Daily Press.

Town officials are giving the idea some weight.

“There is enough support up here of what you are saying,” said Craig Mayor Terry Carwile, “and I think there’s room for you to convince us.”

High-capacity magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds will be illegal in Colorado as of July 1, although those who own them before the deadline can keep them. Since the new law also bans new sales of magazines that are capable of being modified to hold more than 15 rounds, it effectively outlaws all magazines, because most can be easily converted to hold more bullets.

That law, and others regarding gun control, have deeply divided the state, with some western and rural communities complaining that Denver politicians are overlooking their interests.

When the Democratic-controlled legislature passed a measure to increase renewable energy mandates on rural electric coops from 10 to 25 percent by 2020 — a move many believe will raise electricity rates for rural customers — Rummel told the council that little towns like Craig had been ignored long enough.

Read more:


Psychiatrist warned campus police about Aurora shooter a month before mass murder

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This is from Hot Air.

Why did the campus police not act on this information?

Can the campus police be held responsible for their non action?


In a revelation that may have Colorado voters rethinking their state’s push on gun control, court documents revealed that the mass shooting in Aurora that killed 12 and injured 70 more could have been prevented by law enforcement.  The psychiatrist for suspect, James Holmes, had warned campus police that Holmes was dangerous and homicidal a month before the shooting took place.  Lynne Fenton even told the police that Holmes had begun to stalk and threaten her, and yet no action was apparently taken:

A University of Colorado psychiatrist told campus police a month before the Aurora movie theater attack that James Holmes had homicidal thoughts and was a public danger, according to records unsealed Thursday.

Lynne Fenton, a psychiatrist at the Denver campus, told police that Holmes had also “threatened and harassed her via email/text messages” in June 2012. He is standing trial for the July 20 shooting rampage that killed 12 and injured 70 during a midnight premiere of the latest Batman movie. …

Soon after the shooting, university police said they had not had any contact with Holmes, a graduate student doing neuroscience research. But a search warrant affidavit released Thursday revealed that an officer had told investigators that Fenton had contacted her to report “his danger to the public due to homicidal statements he had made.”

In releasing the arrest and search warrant affidavits and other documents, District Judge Carlos Samour, the new judge overseeing the case, ruled that neither the prosecution nor defense had convinced him that making the files public would cause harm or that keeping them sealed would prevent harm.

The prosecution had tried to keep these records sealed, and it’s not difficult to see why.  (They can be viewed at KUSA’s website, where they were posted last night.) The narrative from political and law-enforcement leaders in Colorado has been that this could have been anyone with a gun who just flipped out, and a society without gun control cannot hope to stop it.  But Holmes didn’t just flip out shortly before the murder, and police had ample warning of the danger he presented.

Police have testified to having no contact with Holmes before the shooting.  Why exactly was that?  The complaint/warning from Fenton should have prompted police to make sure Holmes wasn’t a threat to Fenton, at the very least.  Had they performed that standard follow-up — and remember, this was a mental health professional telling the police that her patient was both homicidal and threatening her specifically — the police might well have had Holmes in custody long before the shooting.

Instead, this information has remained under seal while Colorado politicians insisted that it was theguns that created the unforeseen danger of mass murder.  The new release destroys that narrative, and poses another question. If police in Colorado can’t be bothered to follow up on information from a psychiatrist that her patient has become homicidal, dangerous to the community, and has threatened her specifically, why bother passing gun laws at all?


Hunters threaten to boycott Colorado after passage of recent gun laws

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This is from Fox News Politics.

Hey Colorado your actions have consequences.

Restrict Second Amendment and you lose.

Governor Hickenlooper you state and people will suffer.




Hunters across the country are boycotting Colorado because of recent legislation meant to curtail gun violence.

The state is known to be home to some of the best elk hunting in the country. But after its governor, John Hickenlooper, signed controversial bills this month banning ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds, and require background checks for private and online gun sales, some out-of-state hunters say they’ll take their business elsewhere.

Hunting outfitters say people began canceling trips after the legislation passed, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported. The numbers are few, but growing.

Northwest Colorado hunting guide Chris Jurney expects more state defections in a major tourism industry. Out-of-state hunters accounted for 15 percent of hunting licenses last year, 86,000, compared with 489,000 for residents.

“There’s a united front of sportsmen that are tired of having their freedoms and liberties and fundamental rights taken away from them,” said Jurney, vice president of the Colorado Outfitters Association. “That kind of unity among sportsmen is going to be big, and unfortunately for those of us who live here, we’re going to suffer the consequences of this misguided legislation.”

Jurney said he expects the actual impact of gun regulations on Colorado hunters will be small. Varmint hunters tend to use high-capacity magazines, so they might be limited. He also is concerned about a provision that limits the loaning of a gun to 72 hours. Many youth hunts, in which most guns are loaned, last longer, he said.

Jeff Lepp, owner of Specialty Sports, a gun and hunting shop in Colorado Springs, predicts hunters are going to choose to visit other Rocky Mountain states.

“Small mountain towns and rural towns in this state are going to lose a lot of money because you’re not going to see the number of out-of-state hunters coming here. Other states are going to see a growth,” he said.

Michael Bane, a producer for The Outdoor Channel, also announced he will no longer film his four shows in Colorado.

The new gun laws and others were drawn up in response to mass killings at a suburban Denver movie theater and a Connecticut elementary school.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton said his agency has asked the state attorney general’s office for advice on impacts to hunters. While legal possession of high-capacity magazines is grandfathered in, officials want to make sure they are still legal to use.

Meanwhile, Scott Willoughbywho writes an outdoors column for The Denver Post, wrote that the disenfranchised hunters’ “sour grapes” may benefit local hunters.

He wrote, “if those jaded sportsmen from out of state and right here at home really do follow through with their threats to never spend another penny on hunting and fishing in Colorado, well, the hunting and fishing just got a lot better for those who do participate.”

Read more:

Popular Standard Shotgun Could Be Banned Under Proposed Bill


This is from CBS 4 Denver, Colorado.

The image below says it best.




DENVER (CBS4) – A popular hunting shotgun could be banned under one of the bills moving through the state Capitol.

A pump or semi-automatic shotgun is the gun most hunters in Colorado use. It’s a gun state Sen. Greg Brophy, R-Wray, says could be banned under a bill that’s already passed the House and Gov. John Hickenlooper says he’ll sign.

“They’re coming after the standard shotgun,” Brophy told CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd.

Brophy says if Democrats succeed in passing a bill limiting large capacity magazines in Colorado, they’ll outlaw the most popularselling firearm for hunting.

“Hundreds of thousands of pheasant hunters are probably going to be carrying around a gun they won’t be able to replace after July 1 this year,” he said.

Brophy points to a section of the bill that defines a high-capacity magazine as one capable of accepting or — that can be readily converted — to accept more than 15 rounds or eight shotgun shells.

“This is where shotgun shells go inside this tube here,” Brophy showed Boyd, “You can screw this part off the top and screw on an extender to this tube to allow it to hold more than eight rounds. It is readily convertible, which by definition in the bill, makes the whole thing a high-capacity magazin

Under the 1994 federal ban manufacturers redesigned the gun so the barrel couldn’t be extended. Brophy says it’s unlikely they’d do the same just for Colorado.

“I don’t know if anybody is going to make guns specifically for the five million people living in Colorado,” he said. “We just might not be able to legally purchase a pump shotgun or a semi-automatic shotgun.”

Or sell, transfer or even lend one.

“The law is specific as of July 1. You can keep it, but only if you maintain continuous possession of it,” Brophy said. “If it breaks, you can’t give to a gunsmith even to fix it. You can’t hand it to your son to use. It’s all now outlawed because of this 1224, the bill that Gov. Hickenlooper says he’s going to sign … this is most extreme thing anybody’s ever done related to firearms.”

Boyd asked Senate Democrats about Brophy’s concerns. They sent her a statement saying an amendment dealing with thats issue is currently being drafted and will be presented in a committee hearing Monday. What that amendment looks like and whether it passes remains to be seen.

Seven gun bills are up for hearings in the Senate on Monday.

Long-missing Colo. Marine buried with full honors

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This is from Yahoo News.

It is a relief for this family to know their loved one has been found.

This young man is finally at rest.

We are a free nation because of young men like P.F.C. James Jacques.

Semper Fi and Rest In Peace.

In this Oct. 5, 2012, photo Delouise Guerra poses for a photo in Denver with a 1975 photo of her younger brother,18-year-old Marine PFC James Jacques who was killed in a helicopter crash near Cambodia in 1975. Jacques remains were identified in August of this year. He will be buried with full military honors at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012, on what would have been his 56th birthday.(AP Photo/Ed Andrieski)

DENVER (AP) — For 37 years, Delouise Guerra never knew for certain what happened to the young man she called her baby brother, an 18-year-old Marine from Colorado who was missing and presumed dead after a helicopter crash on the other side of the world.

The Defense Department, however, told Guerra two months ago it had positively identified the remains of the man who disappeared so long ago, Pfc. James Jacques.

“Oh my God, it’s a relief to know that they have found his final remains,” Guerra said. “It’s just an honor to bring him home.”

The Colorado Marine was killed during the rescue of the crew of the S.S. Mayaguez, an American cargo ship seized by Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge two days earlier on May 12, 1975.

Jacques will be buried with full military honors at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver on Tuesday on what would have been his 56th birthday.

Jacques — pronounced “HAW-kas” — was among hundreds of Marines and airmen sent to storm Koh Tang Island, about 60 miles off the coast of Cambodia, to rescue the Mayaguez crew. A helicopter carrying Jacques and 25 others crashed into the surf off Koh Tang Island amid unexpectedly heavy fire from Cambodian fighters.

Half the men on the helicopter were rescued, but the other 13 were declared missing, including Jacques.

All 39 crew Mayaguez members were released safely by Cambodia, but some 40 U.S. servicemen were killed.

Jacques’ identification dog tags were found in 1992, but his remains weren’t positively identified until this year, said Air Force Maj. Carie Parker of the Defense Prisoner of War and Missing Personnel Office.

A Cambodian had turned over the remains to a U.S.-Cambodian search team in 2007. Newly available DNA technology allowed researchers to confirm the identity this year.

Guerra got the news in a letter from the Marines that arrived at her Denver home on Aug. 14. Her son Bob was with her.

“I started crying because I knew it was about my brother,” she said. “We were crying, we jumped, we hollered.”

Guerra, now 71, was 15 when Jacques was born.

“He was a very loving, very caring — well, he was my baby brother,” she said. “He was just a really good person.”

Jacques grew up in La Junta, a small town about 140 miles southeast of Denver. He joined the Marines in October 1974, shortly after his 18th birthday. His family was apprehensive but didn’t try to dissuade him, Guerra said.

“It was something he wanted to do,” Guerra said. “He wanted to go and serve his country and do his best.”

He died just seven months after enlisting.

Twelve of the 13 missing servicemen are now confirmed to have died, Parker said. She said she could not discuss the 13th because an investigation is ongoing.

The Mayaguez operation is considered the last U.S. military engagement in Southeast Asia after the long and bloody war in Vietnam. The last U.S. combat troops left South Vietnam in 1973, and the South Vietnamese capital fell to North Vietnam on April 30, 1975, just two weeks before the Mayaguez engagement.


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