Harry Reid: ‘We’re not going to let five white men run women’s lives’

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This is from Liberty UnYielding.

Not only is Dingy Harry senile he is colorblind.

It is time for the people of Nevada to fire this nitwit.

A two-fer from Harry Reid! Another video fragment of his tirade yesterday in which he declared “we’re going to do something about Hobby Lobby” has emerged. In this clip, Reid appears to confirm he’s confused about race, including, it seems, his own.

Below, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon, is the video. The transcript follows:


The one thing we are going to do during this work period, sooner rather than later, is to ensure that women’s lives are not determined by virtue of five white men. This Hobby Lobby decision is outrageous and we are going to do something about it. People are going to have to walk down here and vote.

A couple problems with Reid’s comment. First, there’s the matter of this “white guy” who numbers himself among the five male Supreme Court justices Reid makes reference to:

Clarence Thomas

Second, I’m not sure when Reid last looked in a mirror, but for the record he himself is fairly pasty-faced. Putting aside the ostensible self-loathing, is the Majority Leader unaware that if he and his liberal colleagues in the Senate are somehow able to bully the high court into reversing its ruling (a feat not easily imagined) that this, too, would be the result of actions on the part of some relatively small number of evil “white men”? Or does it only matter when the white men in question take a position counter to Reid’s own?





Harry Reid Issues Bizarre Threat About Hobby Lobby, Then Makes Absurd Gaffe About How US Gov’t Works


This is from Independent Journal Review.

Why do the people of Nevada keep reelecting the senile old man?

Dingy Harry is an embarrassment to himself and  the state of Nevada.



Rattling off a laundry list of legislation the Senate needs to tackle, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) made it clear that he is dismayed by the Supreme Court’s ruling that Hobby Lobby has the right to opt out of government-mandated reproductive services on religious freedom grounds.

In classic Harry Reid fashion, it appears that the Senate Majority leader is unaware that there are three separate branches of government, and might be a bit confused about what the Supreme Court does.

We have so much to address over the coming weeks, Mr. President. Sportsmen’s bill denied, the highway bill, emergency supplemental, manufacturing legislation… we going to do something about the Hobby Lobby legislation, we need to correct.

Hobby Lobby… legislation? Senator Reid, I don’t think you know how this works. The Senate cannot undo a decision made by the Supreme Court, unless it wants to act outside of the Constitution. Not a problem for some in the Democratic Party, but there you have it.

Here’s a refresher course, Mr. Reid, in case you need some brushing up on high school civics.


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