Abbott and Costello Explain Common Core Math

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This is from Godfather Politics.

Americas future with Common Core.

Teaching children to add, subtract, multiply, and divide is not difficult. It’s not that every child gets it quickly, but if it’s drilled until learned, no child will ever forget their addition and times tables.

Many modern-day educators hate the idea of repetitive learning methods and drills. It’s no wonder that many kids can’t make change, still count using their fingers, and are often lost if they do not have a calculator at hand.

My wife taught elementary school for a good many years. Every child she ever taught learned their addition and times tables because she drilled them until they knew them. It’s that simple. Parents must be involved in the process. Can it be frustrating? Does it take work? Yes. Is there a payoff? Yes.

Every child would have to face her one-on-one. She would show a card and expect a student to rattle off the answer in a split second. Thus, “flash cards” – students had to answer in a flash.

Once the basic facts are mastered, teaching how the facts work together is made much easier.

Here’s a clip from Abbott and Costello on doing math. It’s what many parents fear Common Core will become:




Georgia School Confiscates Christmas Cards

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This is from Town Hall.


Anything to appease the Moose Slimes and Atheist.


For as long as anyone can remember, teachers at Brooklet Elementary School have posted Christmas cards in the hallways outside their classrooms – until Monday.

When boys and girls returned from Thanksgiving break, they discovered that their teachers’ Christmas cards had been removed – under orders from the Georgia school’s administration.

Robb Kicklighter’s wife is a third grade teacher at the school. He said many teachers are disgruntled by the school’s decision to confiscate the Christmas cards.

“They took down the cards so the kids can’t see them,” he told me. “Some of the cards had the word ‘Christmas’ and some had Nativity scenes.”

Kicklighter said the cards were put behind an office door so only teachers could access them.

“It’s really sad because the students looked forward to seeing those homemade Christmas cards every year,” he said. “It’s stirred a lot conversation. This has been a tradition and the kids are wondering what happened to the cards.”

The Christmas card censorship comes as the Bulloch County Board of Education cracks down on religious expression in their schools.

Teachers have been ordered to remove any religious icons or items from their classrooms – ranging from Bibles to Christian music.

Teachers have also been instructed to avoid student-led prayers at all costs. Should they be in a room where students are praying, teachers have been ordered to turn their backs on their students.

“It’s an attack on Christianity,” Kicklighter said. “It seems like every time we turn around, someone is offended.”

Hundreds of outraged residents have joined a Facebook page to protest the crackdown – and many are vowing to attend a school board meeting on Thursday to let school officials have a piece of their mind.

The Board of Education released a statement noting that there are “established legal requirements to which we must adhere.”


School Principal: Playing With Toy Guns Leads To Real Gun Violence

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This is from Godfather Politics.

A new gun proclamation from the land of Fruits,flakes

and nuts aka Kalifornia.

Toy guns are a gateway to real guns and violence.

I grew up with people like myself that played with toy guns

and they do not own real guns.

So they have never resorted to gun violence.


The stated goal of real gun buyback programs usually hosted by local police departments is to reduce gun violence by getting guns off the streets. Maybe they should do a pressure cooker buyback so that we can get pressure cookers off the streets and thereby reduce the threat of terrorism.

Strobridge Elementary School in Hayward, California is doing its own “buyback” program for toy guns. When students show up on campus on “Safety Day,” they can turn in their toy guns in exchange for a raffle ticket, a book and a chance to win 1 of 4 bicycles.

The idea behind this toy gun buyback is the same as any other gun buyback program. They’re trying to reduce real gun violence. I’m not kidding. The principal Charles Hill stated, “Playing with toys guns, saying ‘I’m going to shoot you,’ desensitizes them, so as they get older, it’s easier for them to use a real gun.”

But we all know that it’s not just toy guns that concern school officials like this principal. It’s anything that might be construed as a gun or reference to a gun. Even saying “gun” will get a student in trouble. And if teachers had the capability to read students’ minds, they’d make gun thoughts cause for suspension as well.

The principal is hoping this “buyback” approach will spread across the nation’s schools. He wants school officials everywhere to work hard at making kids terrified of guns. Look at what he said:

“If we want older kids to not think guns are cool, we need to start early.”

That sounds very much like what Eric Holder said all those years ago when he was U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. He said that gun-owners should “cower” in shame like cigarette smokers:

“What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it something that’s not cool, that it’s not acceptable, it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore, in the way in which we’ve changed our attitudes about cigarettes. You know, when I was growing up, people smoked all the time. Both my parents did. But over time, we changed the way that people thought about smoking, so now we have people who cower outside of buildings and kind of smoke in private and don’t want to admit it. And that’s what I think we need to do with guns.”

It was this same speech that Holder admitted that we needed to brainwash kids about guns:

“One thing that I think is clear with young people and with adults as well, is that we just have to be repetitive about this. It’s not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday.  We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.

And that’s just what Principal Charles Hill is doing with this silly toy gun trade-in. Anytime a student gets suspended or penalized for toy gun or gun drawing “violations,” school officials’ complete overreactions are simply their attempts to brainwash kids about guns. Like Mr. Hill said, they’ve got to start them young.

Read more:


Kindergartener gets detention, forced to apologize for Lego gun the size of a quarter

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This is from The Daily Caller.

 To borrow a line from Ted Nugent.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

This happened in the land of Turd(Ted)Kennedy and

John Lurch Kerry.

I hope these parents take their son out of school and

start homeschooling him.





Yet another student has landed in a heap of trouble for having something that represents a gun, but isn’t actually anything like a real gun.

This time, the perpetrator was a six-year-old boy. The menacing weapon in question was a plastic Lego G.I. Joe gun roughly the size of a quarter, reports WGGB-TV.

The incident unfolded Friday morning on a school bus headed to Old Mill Pond Elementary School in Palmer, Mass. Another student on the bus spotted the Lego piece and promptly shouted to the driver.

Mieke Crane, the mother of the unnamed kindergartener who made the mistake of bringing the miniature weapon on the bus, is not happy.

“I think they overreacted, totally. I totally do,” Crane told WGGB.

“I could see if it was you know, an Airsoft gun or some sort of pistol or live bullets or something, but this is just a toy,” she added. “At six-years-old, I don’t really think he understood the zero-tolerance policy and related it to this as the same.”

School officials, who declined to speak to the ABC affiliate, promptly sent a letter home to all parents explaining the incident. The letter assured parents that there was no real gun, only a small molded piece of plastic from a Danish toy conglomerate.

According to Crane, her son was forced to apologize to the bus driver in a letter. He has to serve detention on Tuesday. Also, he may face a temporary suspension from riding the bus.

Bizarrely, the student who tattled on the boy also had to apologize to the bus driver, WGGB says.

This incident is the latest incident of anti-gun hysteria to erupt in a school setting. There have been many others just this academic year.

An eighth-grader in West Virginia was suspended and, astonishingly, arrested after he refused to remove a t-shirt supporting the National Rifle Association returned to school on Monday. The courageous 14-year-old then returned to school wearing exactly the same shirt, which depicts a hunting rifle with the statement “protect your right.” (RELATED: Eighth-grader arrested over NRA shirt returns to school in same shirt)

Officials at an elementary school in small-town Michigan impounded a third-grader boy’s batch of 30 homemade birthday cupcakes because they were adorned with green plastic figurines representing World War Two soldiers. The school principal branded the military-themed cupcakes “insensitive” in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting(RELATED: School confiscates third-grader’s cupcakes topped with toy soldiers)

At Genoa-Kingston Middle School in northeast Illinois, a teacher threatened an eighth-grader with suspension if he did not remove his t-shirt emblazoned with the interlocking rifles insignia of the United States Marines(RELATED: Junior high teacher tells kid to remove Marines t-shirt or get suspended)

was suspended for two days because his teacher thought he shaped a strawberry, pre-baked toaster pastry into something resembling a gun. (RELATED: Second-grader suspended for having breakfast pastry shaped like a gun)

At Poston Butte High School in Arizona, a high school freshman was suspended for setting a picture of a gun as the desktop background on his school-issued computer. (RELATED: Freshman suspended for picture of gun)

At D. Newlin Fell School in Philadelphia, school officials reportedly yelled at a student and then searched her in front of her class after she was found with a paper gun her grandfather had made for her. (RELATED: Paper gun causes panic)

In rural Pennsylvania, a kindergarten girl was suspended after she told another girl that she planned to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that bombards targets with soapy bubbles. (RELATED: Kindergartener suspended for making ‘terroristic threat’ with Hello Kitty bubble gun)

At Roscoe R. Nix Elementary School in Maryland, a six-year-old boy was suspended for making the universal kid sign for a gun, pointing at another student and saying “pow.” That boy’s suspension was later lifted and his name cleared. (RELATED: Pow! You’re suspended, kid)

Read more:

School Custodians Get Green Light To Carry Firearms In School

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This is from Freedom Outpost.

It is time for more school boards to step up and do the same.

If properly trained there is no excuse for more armed staff.

I know that some liberal states will object.

So if their students die it is on the liberals head.


In what is said to be a first of any school system in Ohio, the Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Board of Education approved the carrying of handguns by its custodial staff.

On January 9, 2013 the board voted unanimously, 5-0, to allow handgun training for four custodians in order for them to carry weapons at the Williams County K-12 school after the shooting that took place in December at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The design of arming the custodians is to thwart incidents of violence and prevent tragedies like the one that occurred in Newtown, school official claim.

“Sitting back and doing nothing and hoping it doesn’t happen to you is just not good policy anymore. There is a need for schools to beef up their security measures,” Superintendent Jamie Grime said. “Having guns in the hands of the right people are not a hindrance. They are a means to protect.”

School board President Larry Martin said, “Our main goal is to offer safety for our students while they are in the classrooms and in the building. We have to do something and this seems like the most logical, reasonable course to go with.”

The Toledo Blade reported:

Before voting on the resolution, which was approved 5-0, village Police Chief Jeffrey Lehman met with the board and superintendent in executive session to provide advice, suggestions, and his professional opinion, said Mr. Martin, a school board member for 20 years.

School officials also reviewed the resolution with the district’s Cincinnati-based law firm, Ennis, Roberts, and Fischer, LPA, to determine whether gun possession by janitors in the classroom is legal under the state’s concealed-carry license law.

Mr. Grime said their legal counsel advised that Ohio’s gun law allows for school boards to authorize employees to possess weapons on school grounds if they pass the requirements of the concealed-carry law.

The custodians will be trained by instructors with the Tactical Defense Institute of West Union, Ohio beginning in mid March. They will go through a two-day training class and the school district will pick up the tab.

While I think the custodians could take care of their own class and save taxpayer money and I would like to see the rights of teachers and principals go uninfringed, this is a great step forward. I’m sure the school is making a very wise decision and since the word will most definitely be out, I’m betting that mass shootings won’t be taking place at Montpelier.

For those that ‘poo poo’ such things as arming school officials, like Jason Linkins from the Huffington Post, I suggest reading Rusty Ray’s excellent commentary, including interviews he conducted with school board members.

Listen below to the interview:


Podcast: Play in new window
Download (Duration: 11:30 — 10.5MB)

Read more:


School Accused of Discriminating Against Transgender 6-Year-Old

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This is from Yahoo News.

Six year old’s do not have the mental capacity to decide this.

It sounds to me like mom and dad wanted a girl but got a boy.

So now they are trying to convince Coy he is really a girl.

How does a eighteen mold express express they are a girl or boy?

An elementary school in Colorado is the subject of a civil rights complaint filed this week on behalf of a trangender 6-year-old. According to the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund ,Eagleside Elementary School is violating the child‘s civil rights by not allowing her to use the girls’ bathrooms. Here are the details.

* The Transgender Legal Defense and Education fund (TLDEF) reported that Coy Mathis “was labeled male at birth, but has always known that she is a girl, and has expressed that since she was 18 months old.”

* The child has worn girls clothing at school and has used the girls restrooms, the organization reported. However, in mid-December, the Fountain-Fort Carson School District informed Coy’s parents that she would be prevented from continuing to use the girls’ restroom after the winter break. Instead, the child needed to use the boys’ bathroom, a staff bathroom or the nurse’s bathroom.

* According to a letter sent by TLDEF to the district superintendent, the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act prevents the withholding of public accommodations at educational institutions based on sexual orientation. The term “sexual orientation” includes transgender status, the organization stated.

* In response , an attorney for the school district stated that the child has not been denied the full and equal enjoyment of the educational services, facilities, privileges, advantages or accommodations of the school.

* “However,” the attorney stated, “I’m certain you can appreciate that as Coy grows older and his male genitals develop along with the rest of his body, at least some parents and students are likely to become uncomfortable with his continued use of the girls’ restroom, and that it would be far more psychologically damaging and disruptive for the issue to arise at an age when students deal with lots of social issues.”

* There are no reported Colorado cases in which public schools are required to permit transgender students to use restrooms of the gender with which they identify, the attorney stated.

* According to TLDEF, the child’s parents have removed her from the school and are homeschooling her until the complaint is resolved.

* “We have five children and we love them all very much,” said Coy’s mother, Kathryn Mathis. “We want Coy to return to school to be with her teachers, her friends, and her siblings, but we are afraid to send her back until we know that the school is going to treat her fairly. She is still just 6 years old, and we do not want one of our daughter’s earliest experiences to be our community telling her she’s not good enough.”

* Michael Silverman, the executive director of TLDEF, stated that by forcing the child to use a different bathroom than the other girls the school is making her the target for stigma, bullying and harassment.


Detectives investigating Newtown massacre find Adam Lanza’s violent video games, ponder the 20-year-old mimicking a gory game scene

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This is from The New York Daily News.

It is very obvious Adam Lanza was mentally deranged.

This video fed his mental delusions and mad him psychotic.

Adam’s family failed him big time.

There needs to be an easier way to commit people like Adam.


Thousands of dollars worth of games were found in the home of Lanza, who used assault weapons to gun down 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Lanza as a child. Because he and his mother were fond of shooting ranges, where they bonded, authorities are probing whether Adam Lanza   emulated a scenario he saw at one. They are also looking into whether he drew inspiration from one of his video games.


Thousands of dollars of violent video games were found in Lanza’s homes. Investigators are looking into whether he replayed a scenario in one of them at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 children and six educators were killed.

FILE - This undated file photo circulated by law enforcement and provided by NBC News, shows Adam Lanza. Authorities say Lanza killed his mother at their home and then opened fire inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, killing 26 people. Connecticut Medical Examiner Wayne H. Carver II told the Hartford Courant that the remains of Adam Lanza were claimed several days ago by someone who wanted to remain anonymous.   (AP Photo/NBC News, File)


Investigators’ attempt to gain insight into Lanza’s habits and mind set before the spree has been hampered because he destroyed his hard drive.

Connecticut police found thousands of dollars worth of violent video games in the home of Adam Lanza, who mercilessly gunned down 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.

During a search of the Newtown home he shared with his mother, Nancy Lanza, who also died Dec. 10 at the hands of her son, authorities discovered what appeared to be dozens, if not hundreds, of graphically violent games, the Hartford Courant reported.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2′ is among one of the violent video games being associated with gun violence in minors.

The sad discovery has led detectives to investigate whether Lanza, 20, who turned one of his rifles on himself, may have been mimicking a gory scenario in one of the violent games he so loved to play.

Police are also looking into whether Lanza, who was said to have bonded with his mother at gun ranges, was emulating a scenario that he may have seen at one.

Lanza, who had Asperger’s syndrome, has been described by family friends as a lonely young man who isolated himself in his bedroom for hours, if not days, while playing violent video games.

People with Asperger’s are known to have serious difficulty with social interactions, but doctors say it carries no predisposition toward violence.

One of the violent games Lanza loved to play may have been “Call of Duty,” an intense shooting game set during World War II.

But police may never know the full extent of Lanza’s obsession with violent video games, as he destroyed the hard drive on his computer.

Read more:



School Bans Valentine’s Day Cards, Candy

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This is from Fox News.

What a pile of bovine excrement.

Political Correctness needs wiped out NOW!

Charlton Heston said it best referring to political correctness.

Political Correctness is Tyranny with Manners

School Bans Valentine’s Day Cards, Candy


Boys and girls at a Massachusetts elementary school have been banned from bringing Valentine’s Day candy or cards over cultural equality issues and federal guidelines regulating candy.


Parents of students at Salemwood Elementary School in Malden, Mass, received a letter informing them of the policy – that impacts not just Valentine’s Day – but all holidays.

“We have many different nationalities, cultures and languages spoken,” Principal Carol Keenan told Fox News. “Because of that we don’t honor specific holidays.”

Keenan said she did not want some students feeling left out.

“This is done with all good intentions – to have all students be accepted, to have all students feel like they belong,” she said.candy

Malden is the second most-diverse city in Massachusetts and the school is home to students from 67 different cultures.

David DeRuosi, superintendent of Malden Public Schools, defended the principal’s decision – explaining that with new residents and new mandates “certain traditions we have to modify and adapt.”

“We’re always looking at how to combine the traditions that have been a part of Malden with its ever-changing face,” he told Fox News.

Keenan said they were not cancelling Valentine’s Day. Instead, the elementary school is going to celebrate a modified version.

“Every student is making a friendship card for another student,” she said. “I wanted to make sure that every single student is given the opportunity to get a card and to also give a card. I didn’t want some students feeling left out.”

She said she decided to send the letter after parents made inquiries about sending birthday balloons and birthday cakes to school.

“We just don’t do that because we want equity for all,” Kennan said.

DeRuosi said there are also strict state and federal guidelines governing what kind of food is allowed inside a public school building.

“No candy, no cake, no cupcake,” the superintendent said – noting their hands were tied. “You can’t send cupcakes anymore.”

Parents and local residents said they are furious at the decision.

“How does celebrating a holiday in the USA interfere with cultural and language equality,” a MyFoxBostonreader wondered.

Jean Balliro, now retired, said she taught second grade at the school. She fondly recalled Valentine’s Day events.

“They were so cute exchanging and reading the cards,” she said. “I am so glad I am retired. I don’t think I could stand all the bans in the schools today.”

Another reader noted, “It’s disgusting that all this political correctness is basically not allowing children to be children. What a shame.”

Keenan also addressed the language barrier – noting there are 400 students in the school who don’t speak English.

She feared they “wouldn’t understand the concept of having to bring a card or get a card.”

“It doesn’t take a command of the English language for a little kid to understand that they’re being given a token non-religious, non-holiday gift from another kid,” wrote one reader.


Alexandria cops bust 10-year-old for bringing toy gun to school

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This is from The Washington Examiner.

The people who run our public schools have lost their damned minds.

It is a plastic toy gun!!

Why was this boy arrested?

Even the police department spokesman said it had an orange tip.

I hope his family sues the Hell out of the school and police department.

A 10-year-old Alexandria boy was arrested after police said he brought a toy handgun to school on Tuesday, a day after he showed it to others on a school bus.

The boy, a fifth-grader at Douglas MacArthur Elementary School whose name is not being released, was charged as a juvenile with brandishing a weapon, police said.

He was also suspended from school, and Alexandria City Public Schools Superintendent Morton Sherman said further action is being considered, including expulsion.

On Monday, the boy showed the plastic gun to at least one other student during a bus ride home from the school. The 10-year-old did not point it at anyone or threaten to shoot it, but he neglected to mention that the weapon was fake, said Alexandria police spokeswoman Ashley Hildebrandt.

School officials said they learned about the incident Monday evening and immediately started investigating. Alexandria police spoke to school administrators Tuesday morning before the boy got to school.

When the boy arrived, authorities found the toy in his backpack. He was taken into custody, transported to a juvenile detention center for booking and then released to his parents, Hildebrandt said.

“The safety of our students is always our first concern,” Sherman said. “We appreciate the quick response and action by our police.”

The toy resembled a semi-automatic handgun, said police spokesman Jody Donaldson. It was silver and had a black handle. It also had a orange tip that went into the barrel, showing that no ammunition was coming out of it.

In light of current events involving schools and guns, Donaldson said police “do have a heightened sensitivity to any rumor or concern” about a student possibly having a firearm.

“Any time we get a call like this, we take it very seriously until we can determine the extent of the weapon — if it’s real or not — and what the student intends to do with it,” Donaldson said.

But some people said police and school administrators overreacted.

“A toy gun is no danger to anyone,” said Liane Rozzell, executive director of Families & Allies of Virginia’s Youth. “A 10-year-old is not a fully formed adult by any means. And that kind of situation should be dealt with outside the courts and the justice system.”

Robin Ficker, a Bethesda attorney who represented a 6-year-old Montgomery County student who was suspended last month for pointing his finger and saying “pow,” said the schools have become terror-stricken.

“That just shows a certain hysteria with the school administration,” Ficker said Tuesday. “What is the point? To say that you don’t like guns, you don’t like the Second Amendment?”

A letter was sent home to parents of all MacArthur students about the incident.

Newtown Calls for Armed School Officers

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This is from NBC Connecticut.

The Newtown Board of Education has more sense than dear Leader.

The Newtown Board of Education knows the best way to protect children.

The  Only way to stop a bad Guy with a gun is a Good guy with a gun.


The Newtown Board of Education wants more armed police officers in the town’s four elementary schools after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Last night, they decided to ask the town to approve the request to include one additional full-time Newtown police at each of the elementary schools in next year’s budget.

Members of the board will meet today with state and federal officials about obtaining additional funding for security.

“Our parents are demanding of us that things are made safe and secure and certain measures are put in place,” Chairwoman Debbie Leidlein said. “So we’re being very thoughtful.”

Several police officers have been stationed at all Newtown schools since the Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, where 20 children and six staff members were killed.

Those officers will remain at the school through the remainder of the school year, but the budget for the next fiscal year funds only resource officers at middle and high schools.

Parents said security means more than a police presence.

“My main concern is with accessibility to these school, said Neil Johnson, a parent of two Newtown students. “On December 14th, that was the main bare-boned reason that occurred.”

“After what happened in our community, I just think we should go over and above and provide a shining example for the rest of the world and protect our kids,” said resident Donna Lorenz.



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