Voter Fraud Is Real. Here Are 4 More Cases.

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H/T The Daily Signal.

Eric The Lawless Holder swore that voter fraud never happens.

With this November’s election looming just over the horizon, the topic of voter fraud is popping up much more frequently in our news feeds.

Progressives insist that voter fraud is a myth, a charade meant to justify repressive voting laws. The facts, however, tell a different story: Voter fraud is real, and if we ignore it, we leave our ballot boxes open to fraudsters who would rather steal elections than risk losing in a fair and open contest.

The Heritage Foundation’s “Does Your Vote Count” report identifies reasonable measures states can take to protect the integrity of their electoral systems without disenfranchising voters.

Many states have adopted these measures. Nevertheless, these safeguards, including voter ID laws, have come under scrutiny in state and federal courts. In the past few weeks, courts have struck down election integrity laws in Kansas,North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin, although some provisions of Texas’ challenged election laws will likely remain in effect this election and astay has been entered against the order striking down Wisconsin’s law.

Many on the left may celebrate the results in these cases, but it is increasingly difficult for them to deny the basic fact that election fraud exists. In fact, Heritage’s voter fraud database catalogues over 400 examples of individuals convicted of numerous offenses, from impersonation fraud at the polls, to duplicate voting, to schemes to buy votes and steal elections.

Some recent additions to the database include:


Ruth Robinson, the former mayor of Martin, Kentucky, was sentenced to 90 months’ imprisonment on a variety of charges that included vote buying, identity theft, and fraud.

With specific regard to the election charges, Robinson and co-conspirators James “Red” Robinson and James Steven Robinson threatened and intimidated residents of Martin in the run-up to the 2012 election, in which Robinson was seeking re-election.

The cabal targeted residents living in public housing or in properties Robinson owned, threatening them with eviction if they did not sign absentee ballots the Robinsons had already filled out. Robinson also targeted disabled residents, and offered to buy the votes of others. James “Red” Robinson was sentenced to 40 months in prison, and his son James Steven Robinson received a total of 31 months’ imprisonment.


Guadalupe Rivera and Graciela Sanchez illegally “assisted” absentee voters in Rivera’s 2013 re-election bid for city commissioner. Rivera won the election by 16 votes, but the result was invalidated after a judge determined that 30 absentee ballots had been submitted illegally.

Rivera pleaded guilty to one count of providing illegal assistance to a voter and was sentenced to one year of probation and a $500 fine. Sanchez also pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor counts of violating Texas’ election code and was sentenced to two years’ probation.


Erin Venessa Leeper registered and voted in a 2015 school board election. As a convicted felon, however, she was ineligible to do so, and pleaded guilty to perjury last May. She was ordered to pay a $750 fine, plus $240 in court costs, and was sentenced to a suspended five-year prison term and two years of probation.


Robert Monroe pleaded no contest to 13 counts of voter fraud, making him theworst duplicate voter in state history, according to Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf.

The judge in the case rejected Monroe’s claim that he was insane at the time, concluding that Monroe’s mental state did not prevent him “from appreciating the wrongfulness of his votes or from conforming his actions to election laws.”

Monroe will serve up to a year in jail, in addition to a suspended three-year prison sentence, five years’ probation, 300 hours of community service, and a $5,000 fine.

As the old adage goes, we are entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own facts. These cases—along with the hundreds of other convictions Heritage has documented—are the inconvenient facts many on the left choose simply to ignore. Reasonable Americans should not follow their lead.

Elections—our most direct means of political participation—should be fair and untainted by fraudsters. Every time a vote is cast illegally, it nullifies a legitimate vote and undermines the entire system by eroding public trust in our political institutions. It is imperative that this not be allowed to happen.


There Are Nearly 300 Cases of Voter Fraud in America

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This is from The Daily Signal.  

 Eric The Lawless Holder told us voter fraud does not happen.

What a load of crap.

The Heritage Foundation’s list of nearly 300 documented cases of voter fraud in the United States continues to grow.

Recent additions reveal that voter fraud is not just an individual or isolated crime; in some counties and communities, election fraud is almost a way of life.

These additions again reinforce the need for measures such as voter ID laws and procedures designed to verify the accuracy of voter registration information are needed to prevent these crimes in the first place.

Take East Chicago, Ind., for example, a town made infamous by the extensive voter fraud that occurred there in the 2003 Democratic mayoral primary election.

The fraud was so pervasive that the Indiana Supreme Courtoverturned the results of the primary and ordered a new special election that resulted in a different winner.

A local judge found “direct, competent, and convincing evidence” that supporters of the election’s apparent victor, incumbent Mayor Robert Pastrick, orchestrated an elaborate scheme of absentee ballot fraud.

Pastrick won the primary by garnering more absentee ballot votes than his nearest opponent, George Pabey, who received more in-person votes. Once that result was overturned, a new primary election was held and Pabey prevailed.

State and local officials convened a voter fraud task force to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of this scheme.

The task force secured 46 convictions over a few years.

Many of these would-be election thieves submitted absentee ballots despite not even living in the city of East Chicago.

Joseph Pedraza and Constance D. Simmons-Pedraza, for example, falsely claimed residence in East Chicago so they could vote there in the 2003 Democratic primary.

City employment records revealed that both actually resided in the nearby town of St. John. They pleaded guilty in 2008 to voting in a precinct where they did not live and were each sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence.

Larry Battle, who had a prior history of “crimes of dishonesty,” also pleaded guilty to voting outside his precinct for the election.

At his sentencing hearing, Battle’s lawyer, Willie Harris, asked the judge for leniency, pointing out that everybody was voting outside their precincts.

Unpersuaded by the “everybody was doing it” defense, the judge sentenced Battle to two years in prison.

Another defendant, Tamika Lay, echoed Harris’s sentiments, expressing frustration to the judge at her sentencing hearing at being held accountable for her fraudulent vote. “People have been doing it [fraudulent voting] for years, and all of a sudden they want to do something about it,” she lamented.

These comments indicate an extraordinary and unsettling nonchalance toward crimes that undermine the integrity of the democratic electoral process.

Moreover, they suggest that a culture of voter fraud pervades communities like East Chicago across America, to the point that voter fraud is no longer seen as an insidious and illegal activity but rather an accepted way of life.

East Chicago is certainly not the only home of systematic attempts to steal elections; another new addition to Heritage’s ever-growing list of documented voter fraud convictions is a collection of cases from Benton County, Miss., stemming from a 2007 election in which 16 individuals orchestrated an elaborate vote-buying scheme.

In Knott County, Ky., Judge Executive (the chief executive of that county) Donnie Newsome and co-conspirator Willard Smith were convicted on federal charges for organizing a conspiracy to pay several impoverished, handicapped, illiterate, or otherwise impaired persons to vote for Newsome and others by absentee ballot in the 1998 Democratic primary election.

Newsome was sentenced to 26 months in prison. Smith got a 24-month sentence.

Just a few years later, Randy Thompson became the second consecutive Knott County Judge Executive to be sent to federal prison on voter fraud charges.

A jury convicted Thompson and three co-conspirators of a vote-buying scheme that involved use of public funds.

Voter fraud also pervaded Lincoln County, W.V., over the years.Six Lincoln County Democrats pleaded guilty in 2006 to charges relating to a vote-buying conspiracy covering presidential and congressional elections dating back to 1990.

This was hardly the end of voter fraud in Lincoln County.Local public officials pleaded guilty in 2012 to falsifying absentee ballots and stuffing the ballot boxes in an effort to rig the 2010 Democratic primary. A judge overturned the results of one of the primary elections after throwing out 300 fraudulent ballots.

Justice ultimately prevailed in these cases. The fraudsters and thieves were held accountable for their crimes.

It is imperative that we root out these cultures of entrenched voter fraud in communities throughout the country.

It goes without saying that elections should be won by those who win through a fair democratic process, rather than by those with the most unethical supporters. That is why efforts to crack down on voter fraud are critical.

And though it may come as a surprise to the partisans who claim that efforts to maintain electoral integrity are sinister, there is one final lesson from the East Chicago Democratic primary: The perpetrators of voter fraud are not just committed to cheating their ideological opponents.

They’ll take out members of their own party if they have to.

Legislators and officials in states and localities across the country can and must act now.

Our posterity should not have to dream of something called a “fair election.”

From Sea to Shining Sea: 5 Examples of Voter Fraud across America

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This is from the Daily Signal.

We all remember the words of Eric The Lawless Holder when he said voter fraud does not exist. 

Contrary to the assertions of many, voter fraud is not a myth.


It is a stark reality that exists nationwide, from the rural counties of Georgia to the urban centers of New York.

The Heritage Foundation has documented nearly 250 caseswhere nefarious citizens, officials, candidates and campaign operatives conspired to commit vote fraud, compromising the integrity of our elections to achieve their ideological goals.

Here are some of the egregious new additions to the voter fraud database:

1. Kentucky

In eastern Kentucky, Ross Harris and Loren Glenn Turnerfunneled $41,000 to the 2002 county judgeship campaign of Doug Hays for what the defendants claimed was a lawful operation to pay more than 1,200 people $50 each to drive voters to the polls.

But a jury determined that this alleged vote-hauling program was just a disguise for what was in reality a vote-buying scheme. The punishment reflected the severity of the fraud:Hays was sentenced to six months behind bars, and Harris was hit with a $100,000 fine.

2. Mississippi

Not to be outdone, William Greg Eason of Tallahatchie County, Mississippi bribed voters with beer and money to cast fraudulent absentee ballots for a district supervisor candidate in a 2003 run-off election. A jury found him guilty, and he was sentenced to two years in prison, a punishment that also clearly reflected the severity of the offense.

3. West Virginia

Voter fraud and its ill effects are not limited to elections for local offices. On the contrary, voter fraud can and often does occur in connection with elections to the nation’s highest offices. In Lincoln County, West Virginia, Circuit Clerk Greg Stowers and five other Democrats were charged in 2005 with participating in a conspiracy to buy votes in congressional and presidential elections dating back to 1990.

The men paid for votes in liquor and cash (typically $20 per vote), handed out slates listing preferred candidates, and performed favors for supporters. All six eventually pleaded guilty to these charges in 2006, and Stowers was sentenced to six months in federal prison.

4. Georgia

A case out of Georgia shows that voter fraud has the power to steal an election from the rightful victor.

Tommy Raney, a 2007 candidate for a city council seat, and his campaign worker, Debra Brown, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit absentee ballot fraud.

Raney won the election against Larry Pickett by only 27 votes. Raney and Brown were fined $158,000 and $20,000, respectively. Despite the fraud, the election results were never officially overturned, and Raney did not resign his city council seat until nearly two years later, in September of 2009.

5. Iowa

Martia Yvonne Phillips and eight others in Iowa  pleaded  guilty to voting in the 2008 election despite being convicted felons who had not had their voting rights restored. Phillips voted while still on probation for a 2006 felony drug conviction. She was subsequently sentenced to five years in prison, a sentence that was suspended to two years’ probation.

Voter fraud clearly exists in many forms and in many places despite earnest efforts by some authorities to crack down hard on offenders. Moreover, voter fraud is easy to commit and tough to investigate after the fact, particularly when inadequate safeguards exist to detect the crime in the first place.

That is why it is important for state legislatures to enact commonsense legislation designed to combat voter fraud before it can distort an electoral result. Voter ID laws—which many liberals love to criticize, but which a majority of Americans across ideological lines support—are an answer to many types of voter fraud, including fraudulent use of absentee ballots.

But other measures are also needed, such as requiring proof of citizenship to register and verification of the accuracy of voter registration information.

Critics often argue that laws intended to uphold the integrity of elections are ineffective and unnecessary.

Voting Fraud Prevented

But take the case of Carol Hannah of Colorado. Hannah was registered to vote in Mohave County, Arizona and Adams County, Colorado and was convicted of voting in both statesduring the 2010 election. Hannah’s double-voting was detected by the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program, a system that examines shared voter data from more than 25 states and checks for identical name and date-of-birth matches to ensure the accuracy of voter rolls and to ensure that individuals like Hannah cannot unlawfully double-dip.

In that case, the program did exactly what it was designed to do. Hannah was sentenced to three years of supervised probation and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

Democracy is one of America’s finest traditions; voter fraud is not.

The implications of these cases are clear: election fraud exists, and it is neither isolated nor inconsequential. We can and must take steps to detect and deter this problem.



Prediction: Holder will be jailed within 5 years

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This is from The Black Sphere.

I dream is to see Holder, Obama, Sharpton and Jackson sharing a cell it is not going to happen.

As Obama is leaving office, I look for him to give Eric “The Lawless” Holder a pardon for any possible crimes.

We may have finally seen a real tear from Obama, as radical Leftist and the worst attorney general in the history of America was given his going away party.

America is finally rid of Holder. What should have happened is Holder be placed in taxpayer-funded Department of Corrections bracelets and led straight to prison.

We all could have ALL celebrated then.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017

The party should have been like the Mafia, when they have a big party the day before a Mafioso will report to prison voluntarily.

Instead, the party was a reminder that Leftist celebrate nonsense, and these events are more of a marketing tool. The Left uses parties like this to convince the “lowest common denominator” citizen that Holder was one of the good guys. PSST!

Obama said that Holder was the 3rd longest service AG, as if that has significance. Holder needed that time to play CYA on his and Obama’s shenanigans!


Holder cried a bit at the conclusion of Obama’s remarks, sad that he would no longer be able to terrorize patriotic Conservative Americans.

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin sang Holder into the sunset.

This truly is The Dark Ages 2.0 for the world, and Americans will look back on this period one day with disgust, though certainly more than half the country already has the feint taste of vomit, when we think about these Leftist scoundrels.


Just In: Feds Deny Brinley’s Connection to Prison Gang

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This is from Joe or America.

We have a racist cop hating president and attorney general, so denying the connection to a radical black gang is not surprising.

After all the said gang is racist cop haters just like Holder and Obama.


As the details are still being sorted, the Huffington Post reports a contradiction about the probable connection Isaaiyl Brinley has to the prison gang known since the mid-1960s as Black Guerrilla Family.

h/t: Huffington Post

Two New York City police officers were shot dead “execution style” in Brooklyn on Saturday. Not much is known about the gunman, who was identified by officials as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, except that he was a suspected gang member from Baltimore who allegedly posted on social media that he wanted revenge for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, two black men that died at the hands of police.

According to the New York Daily News, Brinsley, who was pronounced dead, had ties to the “Black Guerilla Family” prison gang, which is also known as “Black Family” or the “Black Vanguard.” The gang was formed in 1966 by Black Panther member George Jackson at the San Quentin State Prison in California, and soon grew into a multi-million dollar business with chapters stretching from Los Angeles to Kansas City and Detroit.

“BGF has been talking about getting back at cops for Eric Garner and Ferguson,” a source told the News, which also reported on a suspected Black Guerrilla Family plot to kill NYPD officers in the wake of a grand jury decision not to indict an officer in Eric Garner’s chokehold death earlier this summer.

A federal law enforcement official, however, told the Baltimore Sun that Brinsley had no known ties to the BGF.

The gang is affiliated with leftist groups, including the Black Liberation Army, Symbionese Liberation Army, Weather Underground, Red Guerrilla Family, and Chicano Liberation Front, and one of its stated missions is the overthrow of the U.S. government. Gang members identify with tattoos and symbols including the letters “B-G-F,” the corresponding numbers of the alphabet 2-7-6, a crossed machete and rifle, and a black dragon climbing a San Quentin prison tower, according to Police Mag. It is structured on a paramilitary ranking system (its leader holds the rank of Supreme Commander), and many of its members use the Swahili language to communicate.

The gang still operates today under James (Doc) Holiday, who was incarcerated in 1987. According to Police Mag, BGF actively recruits members from other gangs (Crips, Bloods, N.O.I., Black Panthers, or members of the 415 gang) and encourages them to continue to claim their prior affiliation. Doing so allows the BGF to operate covertly within the prison system.

Last year, Baltimore officials cracked down on the gang because it essentially took over the Baltimore City Detention Center, after members allegedly extorted people, intimidated witnesses and dealt drugs with the aid of correction officers. Five corrections officers, two inmates, and a kitchen worker are currently on trial in the ongoing racketeering conspiracy case.

The Baltimore FBI office issued a memo on Friday warning that the BGF was targeting “white cops” in Maryland, per the Sun. The memo, based on a contact who had given officials reliable information in the past, said the plan was to target white officers in order to “send a message.”



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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

To Eric The Lawless Holder I want to impart these words of wisdom.

Isaiah 5:20-21King James Version (KJV)

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017


On Thursday, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced a new interpretation of the Civil Rights Act meant to prevent employers from discriminating against people who claim the status of a transgendered person.

Holder announced in a memo that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars discrimination on the basis of sex, also applies to the transgendered.

“This important shift will ensure that the protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are extended to those who suffer discrimination based on gender identity, including transgender status,” Holder said in the announcement. “This will help to foster fair and consistent treatment for all claimants. And it reaffirms the Justice Department’s commitment to protecting the civil rights of all Americans.”

The new interpretation of the law is aimed at giving the DOJ greater freedom in prosecuting people, businesses, and even government entities accused of discrimination.

While Holder’s memo clarified the DOJ’s position, most courts had already arrived at a similar interpretation in recent litigation.

The move was met with some criticism. After the announcement, Peter Sprigg, senior director for policy studies of the Family Research Council, criticized Holder, saying that the original intent of the 1964 Civil Rights Act most certainly did not cover transgendered people.

“Probably not one person thought they were passing a bill to protect men who wanted to become women or women who wanted to become men,” Sprigg said.

Sheriff David Clarke: White America “Getting Tired Of Having Its Nose Rubbed In Past Sins Of Slavery”

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This is from The Daily Surge.

There is not a living soul today that has been a slave or a slave owner.

Nobody alive today, even knows   anyone that was a slave or a slave owner.


America’s most candid sheriff is calling out the race hustlers who’ve pounced on the corpses of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, in an effort to racially divide America and elevate their own political profiles.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told Fox News host Neil Cavuto that the conversation on race that America should be engaged in, revolves around why a small percentage of young black males commit a disproportionately large amount of crimes.

It’s the kind of thing “that plays itself out in American cities darn near everyday of the year,” Clarke said. “The inconvenient truth here is that too often, disparately as a matter of fact, the perpetrators are young black males. That’s the discussion we should be having in this country, instead of papering over” the issue “with things like targeting the police–which the president of the United State, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, and their cabal are doing so that they don’t really have to deal with the real issue in the country as it relates to crime and it’s the disproportionate involvement of young black males.”

Clarke claims that those bashing the police and screaming racism don’t want to face the facts and address the role that black people play in terms of committing crimes that place them in the presence of the police for all the wrong reasons.

Race baiters, Clarke says, would rather push “false narratives about ‘hands up don’t shoot’ and ‘black lives matter’ because that’s easier to peddle.”

If black lives really matter, Clarke continued, “we have to talk about the violence and who the perpetrators are. It’s very inconvenient for a lot of people” that a large amount of the crimes committed in America “happen to be at the hands of young black males.”

“The police aren’t what’s wrong about America. The police are one of the last things that’s right about America,” Clarke said.

“White society is going to get tired of having their nose rubbed in the past sins of slavery. We know what it did. But white society has made great strides in trying to right that wrong,” he added.

And that America has come a long way in terms of racial harmony, is not getting enough praise Clarke correctly claims.

His refreshing insights are well worth a watch.

Related story: David Clarke, black Milwaukee sheriff — Eric Holder has ‘disgusted’ me




Report: Two New Black Panther Members Arrested with Explosives Near Ferguson

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This is from

Will Holder order, the charges to be dropped against these thugs?

After all Holder said he would not prosecute his people.×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017

The FBI arrested two alleged New Black Panther members on Thursday on outstanding warrants, they’re “accused of purchasing explosives they apparently planned to use during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, a law enforcement source told CBS News.”

It’s believed they planned to use the explosives in pipe bombs. The men are said to be from the St. Louis area and were arrested as part of an FBI undercover operation.

The suspects, whose names were not released, were arraigned in federal court on Friday.

The FBI said Friday it has deployed about 100 agents to the St. Louis area ahead of the decision, in case demonstrators take to the streets as they did after Brown’s death.

Top 10 Facts About Fast & Furious the Obama Admin Wants You to Ignore

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This is from

There are many things the Obama Regime wants voters to forget.

With November mid-terms coming up, Obama, Holder, and company really hope everyone will overlook the following about Fast & Furious:

  1. Despite claims to have the most “transparent” administration on record just minutes before Holder was to be held in contempt by Congress, President Obama uses executive privilege to protect his friend.
  2. DOJ attorneys ask the courts for yet another extension (pass the Midterms of 2014) to delay turning over requested (15,000) documents to Judicial Watch.
  3. The Mexican government was never alerted of the gun running operation called Fast and Furious. They were however, aware and participated in Operation Wide Receiver under the Bush administration. AG Holder likes to forget that important distinction when touting “Bush did it too”.
  4. On December 14, 2010 within minutes of the event occurring, Eric Holder’s then-deputy chief of staff Monty Wilkerson was informed by Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, the guns used in the shooting death of border patrol agent Brian Terry was in fact guns used in Operation Fast and Furious.
  5. In front of the House Oversight Committee in May 2011, AG Holder told Chairman Darrell Issa during testimony that he only heard about Operation Fast and Furious in an email correspondence and not before then.   During the discovery of 15,000 correspondences by Judicial Watch, emails uncovered showed that not only did AG Holder know extensively about Fast and Furious he also discussed the operation with his wife, Sharon Malone about being involved.­­­ Obviously this is not consistent with his testimony in front of Congress stating he knew nothing about the operation.
  6. Documents obtained by Judicial Watch also show AG Holder crafting the talking points to explain the gun running operation he alleges to have known little about.
  7. A gang shooting that occurred in 2013 at a Phoenix, Arizona apartment complex was carried out using AK47 assault rifles tied to Operation Fast and Furious. The DOJ under AG Holder’s direction concealed the incident until Judicial Watch submitted a FOIA request, where the link was uncovered in documents held in the evidence of the crime.
  8. Key players involved in Fast and Furious including upper leadership of ATF and the DOJ have never been punished for their involvement in the gun running operation or subsequent cover up. Some have been promoted while others were only relocated to other positions.
  9. The main stream media and liberal cable news outlets have little or no coverage of the events of Fast and Furious and often labeled the investigation nothing more than a “GOP witch hunt”.   CBS reporter Sheryl Atkinson was the only exception and she was harassed and threatened to stay quiet and not investigate any stories that may shed light on the cover up by the Obama administration.
  10. Democrats in Congress facing re-election in the November 2014 Midterms that failed to vote against holding Eric Holding in contempt in 2012: ALL OF THEM!

Student Killed After Gunman Opens Fire at Oregon High School

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This is from The Blaze.

I am not big on conspiracy theories, yet these recent shootings make me wonder if they are being staged.

Sadly, I cans see someone like Bloomberg or even the Obama regime have shootings done.

It pains me to think the president could be involved.

Yet I look at Obama’s and Eric “The Lawless” Holder record and wonder. Damn It

Police responded rapidly and in force to reports of an active shooter in Reynolds High School in Oregon Tuesday morning. (Image source: screengrab via KPTV)

Police responded rapidly and in force to reports of an active shooter in Reynolds High School in Oregon Tuesday morning. (Image source: screengrab via KPTV)

One student was shot and killed after a gunman opened fire in an Oregon high school Tuesday morning; the gunman was confirmed dead soon afterwards.

“Today is a tragic day for the city of Troutdale and the Reynolds School District,” Troutdale police chief Scott Anderson told the media. “A gunman entered the high school this morning, shot one student, and unfortunately that student has died.”

The police chief then confirmed that the shooter was located and is also deceased.

At a later briefing, Anderson added that the weapon used by the shooter was a rifle, and said that a teacher had suffered “non-life-threatening injuries” and was treated at the scene.

According to Anderson, on-campus police dealt with the shooting as it began to unfold.

“Two resource officers, they were the first responders… they and another tactical team brought this to a conclusion,” Anderson said.

Reports say that over 100 police officers, included SWAT teams, responded to Reynolds High School after an active shooter was reported around 8 a.m. PST.


Speculations about other injuries swirled on social media, with several sources indicating that the school’s track coach may have been wounded.

View image on Twitter

Katherine Cook @KCookKGW Just confirmed my Reynolds track coach/friend, Todd Rispler was grazed on the hip by shooter. He’s ok. #RHShooting 1:05 PM – 10 Jun 2014


By 9:30 a.m. PST, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that “multiple agencies responded” to the situation, saying the “situation is stabilized, the shooter is confirmed deceased.”

Early reports indicated that multiple shooters may have been involved, but police are now saying merely that a single shooter is dead and that the immediate danger to students appears to have passed.

Police were filmed emptying a car outside the high school in the aftermath of the shooting, pulling multiple backpacks out of the trunk — the vehicle may be connected to the shooting.

By 9:30 a.m. PST, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that “multiple agencies responded” to the situation, saying the “situation is stabilized, the shooter is confirmed deceased.”

Early reports indicated that multiple shooters may have been involved, but police are now saying merely that a single shooter is dead and that the immediate danger to students appears to have passed.

Police were filmed emptying a car outside the high school in the aftermath of the shooting, pulling multiple backpacks out of the trunk — the vehicle may be connected to the shooting.

Police search a vehicle outside Reynolds High School in the wake of the Tuesday shooting. (Image source: screengrab via KPTV)

Police search a vehicle outside Reynolds High School in the wake of the Tuesday shooting. (Image source: screengrab via KPTV)

KPTV reported that a young man was placed in handcuffs and put in the back of a police car, though it’s unclear whether or how he may be related to the shooting.

Reynolds High School remains in lockdown as the buildings are cleared, KPTV is reporting.

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