Ben Carson Placed on ‘Extremist’ Watch List

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This is from the Tea Party News Network.

I would be honored to be on the extremist list with Ben Carson.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), like so many liberal institutions started decades ago, began with noble intentions.
Today, however, they serve as a partisan group dedicated to a brand of political extremism that they, ironically, purport to work against.
They throw around terms like “extremist” and “terrorist” in order to intimidate and sensationalize.
While so many on their “extremist” list are, by most measures, extremists (Klan members and other assorted neo-Nazis), they also include many who represent a challenge to the liberal narrative.
In 2011, they notoriously included Kentucky Senator and potential 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul on their list.
Like him or hate him, it’s ridiculous to include Rand Paul on a list that includes KKK members.
Now, they are including famed neurosurgeon and potential 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson on their list of “extremists.”
The reason, according to the SPLC, seems to be little more than the fact that Carson supports traditional definitions of marriage and that he famously spoke-out against Obama’s policies at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013.
Evidently, supporting the longstanding institution of marriage and taking issue with the Dear Leader’s failed leadership is enough to qualify for entry on the SPLC’s political hitlist.
The SPLC explains why he’s on the list: (Emphasis added)
Although the book amplified Carson’s name recognition, the breakout incident that made him a sensation in far-right political circles was his audacious public criticism of President Obama, who was sitting nearby at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. He lectured Obama on the national debt, called for a tax system along the lines of biblical tithes and touted health savings accounts that could be inherited by family members as a better option than any government plan. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other right-wing political commentators lavished praise on Carson. The Wall Street Journal headlined a positive review of the speech “Ben Carson for President,” noting that he may not have been politically correct, “but he’s closer to correct than we’ve heard in years.”
In a March 2013 appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” Carson bolstered his standing with hardliners by appearing to equate gays who wish to marry with pedophiles and humans who have sex with animals. Although he later apologized for the remark, claiming it was taken out of context and asserting that he loved gay people just as much as straight people, his words triggered an avalanche of protest from faculty colleagues and students at Johns Hopkins. He had been scheduled to deliver the university’s commencement address just two months later but withdrew rather than stoke further controversy. At around the same time, Carson, at age 61, announced his retirement from Johns Hopkins, effective July 1, saying he wanted to leave surgical practice at the top of his game….
Legal Insurrection makes a good point about the real-world dangers of the list, saying,
Landing on SPLC’s Extremist list can be politically deadly, and also deadly in the real sense.  The Family Research Council made the list because of its position on same-sex marriage, inspiring Floyd Lee Corkins to go on a murderous shooting spree at FRC headquarters.
It would be fine if the yahoos at MSNBC declared Carson “extreme” or other political commentators did similarly; what this represents, however, is a shocking display of partisan behavior from a group that is supposed to be tracking so-called “hate groups” and potential domestic terrorists.
While such a Quixotic task will ultimately rely upon a bit of subjectivity, the SPLC’s recent addition is pathetic and transparent in their intent to smear a political contender for daring to criticize the Obama Regime and stand by the institution of marriage that has stood for thousands of years.




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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

To Eric The Lawless Holder I want to impart these words of wisdom.

Isaiah 5:20-21King James Version (KJV)

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!×9&widgetId=2&trackingGroup=69017


On Thursday, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced a new interpretation of the Civil Rights Act meant to prevent employers from discriminating against people who claim the status of a transgendered person.

Holder announced in a memo that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars discrimination on the basis of sex, also applies to the transgendered.

“This important shift will ensure that the protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are extended to those who suffer discrimination based on gender identity, including transgender status,” Holder said in the announcement. “This will help to foster fair and consistent treatment for all claimants. And it reaffirms the Justice Department’s commitment to protecting the civil rights of all Americans.”

The new interpretation of the law is aimed at giving the DOJ greater freedom in prosecuting people, businesses, and even government entities accused of discrimination.

While Holder’s memo clarified the DOJ’s position, most courts had already arrived at a similar interpretation in recent litigation.

The move was met with some criticism. After the announcement, Peter Sprigg, senior director for policy studies of the Family Research Council, criticized Holder, saying that the original intent of the 1964 Civil Rights Act most certainly did not cover transgendered people.

“Probably not one person thought they were passing a bill to protect men who wanted to become women or women who wanted to become men,” Sprigg said.



This is from World Net Daily.

The author is optimistic about the Supreme Court ruling in favor

of Hobby Lobby.

We know how the liberal justices will vote on this matter and we can be fairly  sure of how the conservative justices will vote.

The conservative chief justice has proven he can not be counted on to vote the right way.

So it will most likely come down to the enlightened moderate justice Anthony Kennedy.

His vote will depend his mood when he wakes up on the day of the vote.

So this means how knows how Kennedy will vote.


In a dramatic moment at the Supreme Court Tuesday, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli told justices that U.S. business owners have no religious freedom to reject government mandates forcing them to cover abortions.

Justices and lawyers also sparred over whether businesses actually have religious freedom and whether striking down the Obamacare mandate makes women second-class citizens.

The notable abortion exchange between Verrilli and Justice Anthony Kennedy came during oral arguments in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Sebelius, two cases linked by the companies’ owners objecting to the Department of Health and Human Services requirement that businesses fully cover the contraception costs for their employees. That mandate includes coverage of abortafacient drugs, also known as the “morning-after pill.”

Family Research Council Senior Fellow for Legal Studies Cathy Ruse was in the gallery during oral arguments and said that was the most remarkable moment in the court session Tuesday.

“This was actually the most exciting part of the oral argument this morning, when Justice Kennedy asked the government’s lawyer, ‘So under your argument, corporations could be forced to pay for abortions, that there would be no religious claim against that on the part of the corporation. Is that right?’ And the government’s attorney said yes,” Ruse said.

“You could hear a pin drop, and I think that stunned Justice Kennedy. Since he’s always the swing vote, you want to stun him in a way that pushes him over to your side of the column,” she said.

Before the arguments reached that stage, a robust debate took place over whether businesses actually have religious freedom or whether those are only enjoyed by individuals. Ruse said she believes most of the justices are sympathetic to the companies and their owners on that question.

“Chief Justice Roberts raised the point that corporations can actually file racial discrimination claims. So he said if a corporation can have a race, why can’t it have a religious claim? The government’s attorney didn’t really have an answer for that,” Ruse said.

“I think a majority of justices believe that families who incorporate do not have to give up their religious freedom rights when they incorporate to do business,” she said.

The more liberal justices made two arguments in defense of the mandate.

First, they contend that striking down the mandate would allow employers to weed out any medical provision they want, leading to health-care chaos as every company would have their own plans. Hobby Lobby attorney Paul Clement rejected that fear, noting that every case filed under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act has to go to court, and not every claim will survive.

Second, Verrilli and the liberal justices posited women would essentially be second-class citizens if employers could single out contraception coverage for removal from their health plans.

“Paul Clement’s reaction was brilliant, so I’d like to adopt it as my own,” Ruse said. “If, in fact, the government has a compelling interest in providing free abortion-inducing drugs to all women in America – that’s their goal, and that’s what they’re doing with this – there are other ways to accomplish that goal without religious companies who have a religious objection to that.

“For instance, the government could simply provide insurance for these abortafacient drugs themselves. The government could do it through Title X clinics or another way. The government could provide subsidies or fund the providers of these items so that the women could get them for free from the provider, so he pointed out several ways the government could accomplish their goals without having to dragoon religious family based companies into doing something that violates their religion.”

While Ruse is “cautiously optimistic” about the court’s ruling, she does fear the liberal wing of the court will try to cobble together a majority that would just tell religious employers to drop their health coverage altogether and let their employees navigate the heath-care exchanges. A decision is expected in June.

Dramatic story of political ‘gun violence’ is ignored by the gun-grabber media

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This is from American Thinker.

It is possible to fill volumes with what the Obama Media fails to report.

The Obama Media always set up straw-men,villains and victims.

The villains are the gun owners while the person that gets shot as the victim.

Just look at the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case.

The extent of the transformation of our mass media into a mere propaganda apparatus can be gauged by the black hole treatment given to a story that pushes all of the buttons needed for wall-to-wall treatment, save one: the villain is a member of victim group acting on behalf of left wing causes. The shooting at the Family Research Council last year has been consigned to obscurity by the MSM.

One favorite meta-narratives of the propaganda media is that crazy right-wingers all over the country are hording guns in order to use them on innocent victims. This framework can be imposed on incidents of crazy people shooting others almost indiscriminately. The archetype is Jared Loughner’s attack on a Gabrielle Giffords event, where the media rushed to blame Sarah Palin because a map she had distributed used a target logo on the Giffords’ district. Immediately presuming that Loughner had even seen the map (he hadn’t) and that the mere sight of such a visual metaphor could incite a murderous rampage, the propaganda media followed their customary methodology for damaging their conservative target’s brand with more voluble figures charging Palin directly, and then establishment types putting out headlines like the Washington Post’s “Palin caught in crosshairs map controversy after Tucson shootings.”

But when a young gay activist named Floyd Lee Corkins bought a bagful of Chik-fil-A sandwiches and brought them to the Family Research Council headquarters intending to “smother Chick-fil-A sandwiches in [the] faces” of his victims after he shot them, he found his target on a map provided by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left wing outfit that has prospered mightily by raising the specter of victimization by racists (and more recently, gay-haters) and fundraising on the promise to stop them.

Mark Hemingway of the Weekly Standard lays out in detail the dramatic story of heroic security guard Leo Johnson, whose recovery from his grievous wounds offers inspiration, and the multi-dimensional hypocrisy of the SPLC’s role in inciting the very sort of violence it and other parts of the progressive apparat claim to be interested in preventing.

As recently as last week, SPLC cofounder Morris Dees defended the Family Research Council’s inclusion on the “hate map.” “Well, first of all, having a group on our hate map doesn’t cause anybody to attack them any more than they attacked us for one thing or another,” Dees told on August 6. It takes quite a bit of hubris for Dees to defensively equate rhetorical attacks on his own organization with actual gun violence against an organization whose politics he dislikes. It also seems more than a little convenient that Dees now denies a connection between rhetoric and violence. In 2011, an SPLC blog post, “Expert: Political Rhetoric Likely a Factor in Arizona Shooting,” concluded that Sarah Palin’s rhetoric “could have provided a facilitating context” for the Giffords shooting, though, again, there is no evidence Loughner was exposed to it.

By the loose standard of “facilitating context,” the unjust inclusion of the Family Research Council headquarters on a “hate map” otherwise filled with violent white nationalist organizations is a much more serious transgression-particularly when Corkins admits he used the map to learn about his target. And while Leo Johnson’s defining characteristics are his courage and character, as long as we’re talking about context, it’s worth pondering why the founder of a celebrated civil rights organization is obdurately unreflective about the role his SPLC played in the shooting of a black man.

Dees’s callous remarks only underscore the point that, unlike many of the more publicized incidents in recent years, the Family Research Council shooting actually warrants a discussion. If anyone is sincerely interested in frankly exploring politics and violence, Leo Johnson still works at the Family Research Council and walks past the bullet holes in the lobby every day. It might be worth asking him what he thinks. “I’ve worked here for 14 years. I know these people, I’ve worked closely with them, and I know what people they are,” he says. “So to label them a hate group is absurd. It’s absurd.”

August 15 marks the first anniversary of the attack on the FRC.  We must do everything we can to call attention to it. The SPLC’s lavish headquarters (the “poverty palace”) in Montgomery, Alabama should be the site of a demonstration. Of course, the left has huge foundations bankrolling “activists” who roll out campaigns that include demonstrations, social media, advertising, and other propaganda tools, and they have the support of the MSM. But we have the facts. The left is serially putting out the notion that the mere ideas of the right are equivalent to violence, and therefore merit retaliation with violence. This is a precursor to political violence and must be called out.

Start by read in Hemingway’s excellent piece here, which does so.

Read more:
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This is from Breitbarts Big Peace.

Why is the military targeting Christians?

Will these rules apply to Moose Slime’s?

I doubt it will apply to Moose Slime’s.




The Pentagon has released a statement confirming that soldiers could be prosecuted for promoting their faith: “Religious proselytization is not permitted within the Department of Defense…Court martials and non-judicial punishments are decided on a case-by-case basis…”.

The statement, released to Fox News, follows a Breitbart News report on Obama administration Pentagon appointees meeting with anti-Christian extremist Mikey Weinstein to develop court-martial procedures to punish Christians in the military who express or share their faith.

(From our earlier report: Weinstein is the head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and says Christians–including chaplains–sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in the military are guilty of “treason,” and of committing an act of “spiritual rape” as serious a crime as “sexual assault.” He also asserted that Christians sharing their faith in the military are “enemies of the Constitution.”)

Being convicted in a court martial means that a soldier has committed a crime under federal military law. Punishment for a court martial can include imprisonment and being dishonorably discharged from the military.

So President Barack Obama’s civilian appointees who lead the Pentagon are confirming that the military will make it a crime–possibly resulting in imprisonment–for those in uniform to share their faith. This would include chaplains—military officers who are ordained clergymen of their faith (mostly Christian pastors or priests, or Jewish rabbis)–whose duty since the founding of the U.S. military under George Washington is to teach their faith and minister to the spiritual needs of troops who come to them for counsel, instruction, or comfort.

This regulation would severely limit expressions of faith in the military, even on a one-to-one basis between close friends. It could also effectively abolish the position of chaplain in the military, as it would not allow chaplains (or any service members, for that matter), to say anything about their faith that others say led them to think they were being encouraged to make faith part of their life. It’s difficult to imagine how a member of the clergy could give spiritual counseling without saying anything that might be perceived in that fashion.

In response to the Pentagon’s plans, retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, who is now executive vice president of the Family Research Council (FRC), said on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning:

It’s a matter of what do they mean by “proselytizing.” …I think they’ve got their defintions a little confused. If you’re talking about coercion that’s one thing, but if you’re talking about the free exercise of our faith as individual soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, especially for the chaplains, they I think the worst thing we can do is stop the ability for a soldier to be able to exercise his faith.”

FRC has launched a petition here which has already collected over 60,000 signatures, calling on Secretary Hagel is stop working with Weinstein and his anti-Christian organization to develop military policy regarding religious faith.


The FRC petition has now exceeded more than 40,000 signatures at the time of this update.

Breitbart News legal columnist Ken Klukowski is senior fellow for religious liberty with the Family Research Council and on faculty at Liberty University School of Law.  



New combat policy ignores biological realities

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This is from GOP USA.

There will be many biological problems not taken into account.

I think Panetta’s actions are unconstitutional.

 Obama loves to bypass the Constitution and Congress.

Congress better start upholding the Constitution.

Obama needs to be stopped.

Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta‘s decision to open virtually all positions in the military to women, including those in infantry and front-line combat units, is the wrong policy, adopted for the wrong reasons and implemented the wrong way.

It was adopted in the wrong way because such a significant change in longstanding military personnel policy, with potentially serious implication for the effectiveness of the fighting force, should not be made without holding congressional hearings in advance to explore all the issues involved.

It was adopted for the wrong reasons because it was driven by political and social considerations. Some women have complained that their chances of career advancement within the military are hampered by their exclusion from ground combat positions, and the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit on their behalf.

The Obama administration probably does not want to be in the position of arguing against expanded opportunities for women. However, the Supreme Court has always granted great deference to Congress and the military in the operation of our armed forces. Maximizing combat effectiveness, not career opportunities, must always be their top priority.

It is the wrong policy because it ignores fundamental biological differences between the sexes, and the natural implications of those differences. While much is made of new “high-tech” forms of warfare, we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan that ground combat still requires levels of sheer physical strength, speed and endurance that are relatively rare among women. If current physical standards are maintained, few women will be able to meet them, and there will be demands that they be lowered. If those standards are lowered, the effectiveness of the fighting force will be directly compromised.

In addition, troops in ground combat are often in sustained operations for extended periods. Their living conditions offer no privacy for personal hygiene functions or sleeping. This places an undue burden on small-unit leaders to find ways to provide privacy for the separate sexes during high stress and dangerous operations.

Women in the military already serve with courage, putting their lives on the line. However, it is neither in their interest, nor the country’s, for them to serve in front-line combat positions.

Retired lieutenant general Jerry Boykin, executive vice president of the Family Research Council, served in the Army for 36 years. He was an original member of the Delta Force and a Green Berets commander.

Family Research Abandons UPS Over Stand Against Boy Scouts

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This is from Freedom Outpost.

It seems United Parcel Service cut off their nose to spite their face.

There are people opposed to the radical homosexual agenda.

The God of Abraham, Jacob and Issac says in his word.

Leviticus 18:22

New Living Translation (NLT)

22 “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.


Back in November, United Parcel Service (UPS) came out against the Boy Scouts’ discrimination against homosexuals. Apparently UPS has not recognized that people will respond, not only with their phone calls and emails to the push to normalize homosexuality, but they will inevitably make their voices heard with their pocketbooks. One such organization is the Family Research Council (FRC). After 11 years as its official carrier the FRC is suspending its contract with UPS for their open discrimination against the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

As I wrote previously, both UPS and BSA have the right to discriminate under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, just like any individual, but there are consequences for discrimination.

BSA has maintained it’s principles for over 100 years and these principles are found in their official policy, which UPS cited in their own discrimination and pulling of funds from the Boy Scouts:

“While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA.”

In addition, the Scouts’ policy goes on to say where discussion of “sexual orientation” is to be dealt with. The policy states: “Scouting believes same-sex attraction should be introduced and discussed outside of its program with parents, caregivers, or spiritual advisers, at the appropriate time and in the right setting. The vast majority of parents we serve value this right and do not sign their children up for Scouting for it to introduce or discuss, in any way, these topics.”

President of the Family Research Council Tony Perkins wrote a letter to UPS Chairman and Chief Executive Officer D. Scott Davis to urge him to reconsider the new policy adopted by The UPS Foundation that denies BSA from being eligible from any future donations.

He went on to write that no adequate explanation has been given by the organization for the reversal of its position. Perkins went on to ask, “Is UPS no longer interested in supporting youth development?” He quoted UPS spokesperson Kristen Petrella “[a] large number of UPS employees were involved with the Boy Scouts in their youth and some of them continue to serve as scout leaders today.” He then asked, “Does the reversal of your position mean that UPS no longer “believes in supporting organizations with which its employees are involved?”

Nothing has changed with the Boy Scouts, but things have most definitely changed with UPS.

Perkins also pointed out their hypocrisy in the matter. He wrote:

“The revised statement posted on your website states, ‘UPS and The UPS Foundation do not discriminate against any person or organization with regard to categories protected by applicable law…’ It would have been more prudent for the statement to stop there. Neither the federal government nor your corporation’s home state of Georgia treat ‘sexual orientation’ or ‘gender identity’ as protected categories under employment or public accommodation laws.”

The letter continued and finally concluded with an ultimatum. “We would be happy to discuss this with you privately in the coming days. However, if there is no satisfactory resolution of this issue by December 4,2012, we reserve the right to go public with our concerns, and to urge the millions of Americans who share our commitment to traditional values of faith, family, and freedom to reconsider their purchasing decisions as well,” Perkins concluded. He then exhorted the Mr. Davis by stating that “it would be a testimony to your commitment to bite
diversity if you were to continue supporting the valuable youth development work of the Boy Scouts of America.”

UPS promptly replied by simply reiterating “its position that until the BSA puts a greater priority on the political agenda of LGBT activists than the protection of Scouts, they are not entitled to the same equality UPS claims to endorse.”

So FRC becomes one of many shippers that previously had used the services of UPS, but now will be taking their business elsewhere. FRC wrote, “If UPS wants to cater to the intolerant crowd, that’s their business. But from now on, it won’t be ours. FRC is taking its shipping needs elsewhere.”

Read more:


17 Pro-Traditional Marriage Companies


A Big Hat Tip to Opus#6 at American Perspective.

Opus said it so eloquently I will use her words to tell the story.

I was at the auto body shop today getting my car fixed, when the owner told me that State Farm Insurance continues to not send them business because they supported Proposition 8/traditional marriage 4 years ago.  Talk about holding a grudge!

I looked around and found a gay website that warns people off a whole list of companies that support traditional marriage. I thought we had better know who they are so we can send business their way:

A-1 Self Storage Company: Terry Caster is the owner. It is a family (third generation) run company. They have over 40 locations in California. The Californians Against Hate blog reports: “Mr. Caster and his family have contributed $693,000 to the Protect Marriage campaign. That makes the Casters the 2nd largest individual donors to Yes on Prop 8.” [GuyDads]

AutoZone Inc: Does not offer domestic partner benefits to their employees. The company can discriminate against and exclude same-sex couples in ways they can’t do to opposite-sex (married) couples. A Fortune 500 company. [HRC buyers guide]

CBRL Group Inc. (Cracker Barrel restaurants) Operates 579 full-service Cracker Barrel restaurants and gift shops in 41 states. The business has a long history of discriminating against gays and blacks, both as employees and dinners. It had an HR policy from 1991 until 2002 that said “It is inconsistent with our concept and values, and is perceived to be inconsistent with those of our customer base, to continue to employ individuals in our operating units whose sexual preferences fail to demonstrate normal heterosexual values.” Seventeen workers were fired because they admitted or were assumed to be gay after the first few months that the policy was created. [Wikipedia] A spokesperson in 2008 said Cracker Barrel “welcomes all guests, and our equal opportunity employment statement clearly states that we will not tolerate discrimination based on sexual orientation.” However, it does not offer diversity training, domestic partner benefits or any support for their GLBT employees. It has a Corporate Equality Index score of 15/100. [HRC]

Chick-Fil-A: (fast-food restaurant chain) Provided monetary (almost $2M) and in-kind donations directly and through it’s charitable arm, the WinShape Foundation, to virtually all of the major organizations fighting against marriage equality and GLBT rights. These groups include the Marriage & Family Legacy Fund, a group devoted to opposing same-sex marriage, Focus On The Family, The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Family Research Council, and Exodus International. []

Cinemark: Alan Stock, Cinemark’s CEO, gave $9,999 to the “Yes on 8” ( campaign. Cinemark has 2700 movie screens in North and South America. In northern California they mainly operate under Century, CinéArts and Cinedome name. [GuyDads]

Dish Network: Company shareholders recently (6/08) shot down a proposal that would bar the company from discriminating against employees based on their sexual orientation. Dish Network also chooses not to carry LGBT cable networks Logo and Here! [Queers United] NOTE: as of 5/09 Dish HD customers can get Logo.

Domino’s Pizza: While Domino’s does not directly contribute to anti-gay activity, founder Tom Monaghan has contributed heavily to initiatives and organizations that oppose the rights of GLBTs. He is a co-founder of the Thomas More Law Center, which is advocating in court to restrict access to domestic partner benefits, and in 2001 financed a ballot proposal in Ypsilanti, MI to remove sexual orientation from that city’s non-discrimination ordinance. David Brandon, the current board chair, also opposes gay marriage. The current CEO, Patrick Doyle, donates to conservative and Republican causes which are known for their anti-gay stances. [RedeyeChicago]

ExxonMobil: Eliminated domestic-partner benefits for same-sex partners when the two companies merged in 1999. It is the largest Fortune 500 company that does not offer domestic-partner benefits. It also refuses to ban discrimination based on orientation and gender identity. [HRC buyers guide]

Gold’s Gym is another company that betrays LGBT people. It has a huge gay membership and markets itself as gay-friendly. But the billionaire CEO that owns Gold’s Gym, Robert Rowling, is a major supporter of a new political organization, American Crossroads, run by Karl Rove. Rowling reportedly gave them $2 million through both his corporate and personal accounts. The organization funds anti-gay candidates around the country such as Sharon Angle who said homosexuality would lead to the destruction of the United States, and called gay people “sodomites” and “perverts.” Another recipient was Rep. Roy Blunt in Missouri, who has voted against the Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA), in favor of a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, and is in favor of banning gay adoptions in Washington, D.C. []

Golfland Entertainment Centers: The Kenneys, the family that owns and runs this business, were big donors to the “Yes on H8”. Together they contributed over $35,000 to take rights away from gays, lesbians and their families. They run a chain of family fun centers in California and Arizona. [GuyDads] (online insurance quote-comparison portal): The Company is a major sponsor of Bill O’Reilly’s radio talk show and Bill gives voice to their commercial. In addition to selling insurance, they provide information about the insurance industry. In an article on the business website entitled “Top five ways to kill yourself and get away with it”, They lists the number one way to kill yourself: “1. Being gay.” []

Meijer Inc. (Retail supercenter) Owns 180 huge grocery and general merchandise stores in the Midwest. It is a family owned business. The only good thing to be said about Meijer is “they don’t engage, that we know of, in any activity that would undermine the goals of equal rights for GLBT people,” said Jay Smith Brown, a previous HRC director for communication strategies. It has a very low Corporate Equality Index score of 15/100. It does not offer diversity training, domestic partner benefits or any support for their GLBT employees. [HRC] Sounds like gay banner website but, in fact, is an on-line seed and lawn care retailer. Troy Hake, the president of Outside Pride, sent a homophobic manifesto to the participants of his company’s email list, trying to rally them in a full-on campaign against “the whole CBS homosexual cartel”. He says he is not a bigot but is tired of homosexuals rewriting history. [The Consumerist]

Request Foods: A frozen-food maker and supplier to Campbell’s Soup works hard to keep civil rights away from gays and lesbians in their community. In a political ad they ran to defeat a local nondiscrimination policy, they accuse gay people of being psychologically disordered, suggest that people can spontaneously change their sexual orientation, and argue that gays and lesbians don’t deserve civil rights because homosexuality is destructive to society. Request Foods president Jack DeWitt has also contributed thousands to the hate group Family Research Council’s political action committee. []

Salvation Army: This “non-profit” religious organization is anti-gay and actively lobbies against pro-gay legislation in the US and abroad. The money you put in that red kettle is going to anti-gay evangelical Christian lobbyists. They believe that since they’re a “church” they have the right to not hire gay people because they are sinners. Salvation Army reserves the right to discriminate in hiring, promoting, and firing gay people, and in the benefits they provide their employees. And they come right out and admit that “practicing homosexuals” are not welcome in the “church.” []

Urban Outfitters: Richard Hayne, the Chairman of the hipsterish Urban Outfitters, is a notably right-wing Republican who generously supports GOP candidates and causes that vote for legislation against gay marriage. His company also operates stores under Free People and Anthropologie name. NOTE: Glen Senk, the CEO of the parent company, Urban Outfitters, Inc., is an openly gay man who has been in a committed relationship for over 30 years. However, Richard Hayne is still the founder and current chairman and does indeed have a record for supporting right-wing Republicans who are against abortion and gay rights. [NYMag]

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.: Does not offer domestic partner benefits except in locations required by law. Wal-Mart is the largest retail seller of books but refuses to carry any LGBT titles in their stores. [HRC buyers guide] However, they do sell an “ex-gay” children’s book. [Edge] Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke and his wife signed petitions to ban adoption for same-sex couples in Arkansas. []

Fanning the flames of left-wing violence

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This is from Clash Daily.

The left does daily what it accuses the right of doing spreading hate.

The left is constantly fanning the flames of hatred.

The Southern Poverty Law Center spreads lies and disinformation.

They lied about the Family Research Council being a hate group.

The SPLC fanned the flames of hatred in the heart of Floyd Corkins.

That hatred led to the shooting of Leo Johnson at the Family Research Council.

While Floyd Corkins is solely responsible for firing the shots.

The Southern Poverty Law Center started the fire of hate.


To borrow from President Obama’s Black Nationalist mentor, Jeremiah Wright, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate-baiting chickens “have come home to roost.” The hard-left group has become everything it presumes to expose.

On Wednesday, homosexual activist Floyd Corkins entered the Washington-based Family Research Council (FRC) armed with a gun and a backpack full of ammunition. He also had 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches (FRC recently defended the food chain’s COO Dan Cathy for pro-natural marriage statements).

The only thing standing between Corkins and mass murder was FRC facilities manager and security specialist Leo Johnson. As Corkins shouted disapproval for FRC’s “politics,” he shot Johnson who, despite a severely wounded arm, managed to tackle Corkins and disarm him (of course, this is all impossible as it’s illegal in Washington, D.C., to carry a concealed weapon).

Of Johnson’s actions, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said, “The security guard here is a hero, as far as I’m concerned.”

I agree.

Upon hearing of Leo’s selfless act of heroism, I was reminded of John 15:13: “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”

But according to the SPLC, Leo’s heart is, instead, full of hate. In fact, everyone at FRC is hateful. After all, in 2010 the SPLC, with much fanfare, “officially certified” FRC as a “hate group” for its orthodox Christian positions on marriage and family.

Alongside violence-charged photos of actual hate groups like the Aryan Brotherhood and the KKK, the SPLC lists on its website the decidedly mainstream and always peaceful FRC.

It’s a clever strategy, dishonest and reprehensible though it may be. By juxtaposing FRC and other Christian organizations with violent extremist groups, SPLC has engaged in intellectual sloth at its worst (the organization has repeatedly declined to debate FRC President Tony Perkins over its “hate group” smear).

Rather than debating – on the merits – mainstream Christian groups with which it has ideological disagreement, SPLC has chosen, instead, the coward’s way out: demonization and marginalization through false guilt by association.

It’s a scheme not only slimy, but extremely dangerous.

If ever there were a time I’d prefer not to have been right, now is that time. Back in November 2011, I essentially predicted both the FRC shooting and the SPLC’s undeniable complicity therein.

With a column headlined, “Liberal violence rising,” I wrote, “The SPLC’s dangerous and irresponsible (‘hate group’) disinformation campaign can embolden and give license to like-minded, though less stable, left-wing extremists, creating a climate of true hate. Such a climate is ripe for violence.” (If anyone deserves to be taken out – rationalizes the unbalanced SPLC dupe – its members of this or that evil “hate group” whom, as he’s been repeatedly told, mean him great harm.)

That was before the fact. After the fact – one day after the shooting – Tony Perkins addressed exactly that which I forecast:

“Let me be clear that Floyd Corkins was responsible for firing the shot yesterday,” he told Washington reporters. “But Corkins was given a license to shoot an unarmed man by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center that have been reckless in labeling organizations hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy.”

The SPLC “should be held accountable for their reckless use of terminology that is leading to the intimidation and what the FBI here has categorized as an act of domestic terrorism.”

Regrettably, Mr. Perkins finds himself in a uniquely credible position to make this charge.

Still, although there remains a vast ideological divide between the SPLC and the tens of millions of Christian Americans represented by the Family Research Council, the Southern Poverty Law Center now finds itself with a brief window of opportunity to both do the right thing and rehabilitate its badly damaged reputation.

To the SPLC, I say this: Your cynical efforts to dehumanize Christians and equate biblical truth to “hate” are working better than I think even you expected. It’s now within your power to right a horrible wrong and restore a sense of peace and security to the rattled folks at FRC. What a gift that would be.

I appeal to your sense of goodwill. This is not a game. Lives are at stake. I know you have good employees (I’ve met some) who believe they’re doing the right thing; so, please, validate that belief. It’s time to remove your metaphorical “hate group” Star of David from mainstream Christian organizations before another of your ideological allies spills blood.

And to homosexual activists and other liberal groups, I say this: Rise above the fray. Let’s come together. Here is something on which even we can agree. Publicly encourage SPLC to lift this veil of fear.

Media, you, too, are on notice. Remember Wednesday’s shooting next time you even think about repeating SPLC’s “hate group” brand while addressing the Christians upon whom it’s tattooed. You also have share in the blame.

SPLC, hear me now: If, God forbid, something like this – or even worse – happens in the future and you have yet refused to retract and apologize for your “hate group” propaganda, then your hands will forever be stained with the blood of innocents.

Still, either way, we Christians are commanded to speak the truth of Christ “even unto death.”

FRC will not be deterred. “We’re not going anywhere,” Tony Perkins told reporters Thursday. “We’re not backing up; we’re not shutting up,” he vowed. “We feel that – we don’t feel, we know [that] we have been called to speak the truth. Speak it in love, but to speak the truth nonetheless – and we will not be intimidated, we will not be silenced.”

“I was there as [Leo] came to from the anesthesia,” said Perkins, “and I told him, ‘Leo, I want you to know you’re a hero.’ And he thought about it for a minute and he said, ‘You know, this hero business is hard work.’”

Heroes don’t work for “hate groups,” and FRC’s hard work is heroic indeed.

I’m proud to count them my friends.

You should be, too.



Bozell: NBC, CBS Ignore LGBT Link To Family Research Council Shooter



This is from CNSNews.

It does not surprise me the media ignores LGBT  links to violence.

The media has a template that Conservatives and the right are violent.

The media template says the LGBT community is the victims of violence.

Most of the hate and violence is from the left and the LGBT community.– The minimal and dismissive coverage by CBS and NBC of the shooting at the Family Research Council (FRC) by a suspect who volunteered at a pro-homosexual  group and apparently was politically motivated is another example of how the “liberal media have repeatedly and deliberately turned a blind eye to the violent, hateful culture of liberalism,” said Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center.

The alleged shooter, Floyd Lee Corkins II of Herndon, Va., entered the lobby of the conservative FRC in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning and shot the security guard, Leo Johnson in the arm. Johnson, wounded, was able to subdue the shooter as help arrived. The suspect is in custody and the FBI is investigating the case.

Corkins, for the last six months, had been a volunteer at the The DC Center for the LGBT Community, according to the group’s executive director, David Mariner. The FBI reported that a witness told the bureau agents that Corkins, while in the FRC lobby, “stated words to the effect of ‘I don’t like your politics.'”

Commenting on the news coverage, Bozell said, “The liberal media have repeatedly and deliberately turned a blind eye to the violent, hateful culture of liberalism, particularly their vicious attacks against those who advocate traditional Christian values and conservative principles.”

“We saw it during their deceptive, romanticized coverage of Occupy Wall Street,” said Bozell.  “We saw it again during their sneering, anti-Christian coverage of the Chick-fil-A controversy. And now we’re seeing it through NBC’s and CBS’s dismissive coverage of this senseless shooting at the FRC,”  he said.

On its Web site, the FRC, a non-profit group, states that it “has advanced faith, family and freedom in public policy and public opinion” since 1983. The group’s mission statement also says in part that the  “FRC shapes public debate and formulates public policy that values human life and upholds the institutions of marriage and family.”

According to an FBI affidavit by Special Agent Garrett Nabors, Corkins had a 9mm gun and two additional magazines loaded with 9mm ammunition. In his backpack was a “box of Federal brand 9mm ammunition, containing an additional fifty rounds of ammunition and fifteen sandwiches from Chick-fil-A,” reads the affidavit.

The FBI affidavit further states, “Corkins’ parents informed the FBI Special Agents that Corkins has strong opinions with respect to those he believes do not treat homosexuals in a fair manner.”

Bozell said,  “Imagine if, God forbid, this exact same thing had happened at a Planned Parenthood or the Southern Law Poverty Center, which labeled both Chick-fil-A and FRC hate groups. We’d be hearing an endless loop of stories about the danger of militant, hate-filled right wing wackos.”

(Disclosure:  The Media Research Center is the parent organization of

The statement by the Media Research Center (MRC) noted that neither the NBC Nightly News nor the CBS Evening News ran a full story on the FRC shooting, “instead committing only 17 and 20 seconds respectively for anchor briefs that omitted the shooter’s motive.” ABC’s World News, however, did produce a full report.

“The NBC and CBS omissions are merely the latest in a long pattern of the liberal media minimizing or spinning acts of hate and violence perpetrated by liberals,” reads the MRC statement.  “Some recent examples include:

“ — In the month of July alone there were five separate violent attacks against pro-lifers with ZERO coverage from ABC, CBS, and NBC. Instead the networks devoted a combined 101 stories to the Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes divorce.

“– ABC, NBC, and CBS ignored anti-Semitism during the L.A. and New York Occupy Wall Street protests in October.

“– ABC and NBC ignored 75 arrests during an Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Oakland, CA that, according to, including ‘reports of a sex assault and a severe beating and fire.’

“– ABC, NBC, and CBS ignored three separate incidents of anti-Christian vandalism – one in California, one in Missouri, and one in Maryland – committed against Chick-fil-A.”

Bozell said,  “The liberal media have taken every opportunity imaginable to demonize conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Christians as violent and murderous. Whether it be the Gabriel Giffords shooting, the Aurora massacre, the suicide of a Kentucky census worker, or the IRS plane bomber, they’ve been wrong every single time. But they go right on lying about conservatives anyway.”

“In their effort to create a conservative bogeyman, they’ve created real liberal monsters,” said Bozell.  “Their double standard is as dishonest and it is dangerous. Liberals claim they want to create a culture of tolerance. Instead the liberal media have created a culture that not only tolerates, but validates anti-Christian and anti-conservative violence.”

“Thank God for the bravery of the FRC security guard who had the courage to disarm this militant, hate-filled left wing wacko before this shooting turned into a massacre,” he said.  Johnson underwent surgery on Wednesday evening and FRC President Tony Perkins said it “went well.”


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