FBI recommends no charges against Clinton in email probe 

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I dare anyone to tell me the fix wasn’t in when “Don” Bill Clinton of the Clinton Crime Family and Loretta Lynch met.

Their meeting just sealed the deal.

But Comey scolds Clinton and her aides for ‘extremely careless’ handling of highly classified information.

Source: FBI recommends no charges against Clinton in email probe – POLITICO


How the FBI Could Force DOJ to Prosecute Hillary Clinton

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This is from National Review. 

When the DOJ drags out or ignores the charges against the Hildabeast Clinton and the FBI head resigns.

Will the FBI resignations matter to the sheeple?


Could the Hillary Clinton e-mail saga end with FBI Director James Comey resigning in protest? Ken Cuccinelli, the former attorney general of Virginia, knows the laws regarding classified information firsthand. In his private practice, Cuccinelli defended a Marine lieutenant colonel court martialed on charges of possessing such information outside a secure facility.

He says Clinton’s actions in the e-mail scandal clearly satisfy all five requirements necessary to sustain charges of mishandling classified material, and constitute a breach perhaps even more glaring than the one for which General David Petraeus was convicted.

Like Petraeus, Clinton was clearly “an employee of the United States government.” Like Petraeus, Clinton obtained and created “documents and materials containing classified information” through her work at the State Department.

In response to a Congressional inquiry earlier this month, I. Charles McCullough, III, the inspector general of the intelligence community, declared that an intelligence official examined “several dozen e-mails containing classified information determined . . . to be . . . CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, and TOP SECRET/SAP information” residing on Clinton’s server. (SAP is an acronym for ‘special access programs,’ a level of classification above top secret.) Like Petraeus, Clinton “knowingly removed such documents or materials.”

Cuccinelli points out that she actually committed this crime on a significant scale three separate times: First, by setting up her e-mail system to route messages to and through her unsecured server, then by moving the server to Platte River Networks, a private company, in June of 2013, and then by transferring the server’s contents to her private lawyers in 2014.

Like Petraeus, Clinton did not have the authority to remove classified information from secure locations.

“Simply being secretary of state does not allow Hillary Clinton to ‘authorize herself’ to deviate from the requirements of retaining and transmitting classified documents, materials, and information,” Cuccinelli says.

“There is no known evidence, and Clinton has not asserted, that her arrangement to use the private e-mail server in her home was undertaken with proper authority as it relates to classified documents, materials, or information.”

And like Petraeus, Clinton demonstrated the “intent to retain such documents or materials at an unauthorized location.” A private residence can be an “authorized” location, and non-government servers and networks can be “authorized” to house and transfer classified materials, but there are specific and stringent requirements for such authorization, and there is no indication that Clinton undertook the steps necessary to obtain it for her house, her private server, Platte River Networks, or her lawyers. “

If she had, she would not have offered the ‘my house is guarded by the Secret Service’ excuse,” Cuccinelli says.

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