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This article should give hope to everyone wanting to open a gun shop at home.

i know it has made me feel better about making the move to open a shop.


Home Based FFL by the Numbers

    Sioux Falls, SD-( Have you ever walked into your local gunshop and said you were thinking of getting an FFL, from your home address?

How long did it take the entire staff at the local gunshop to tell you that you are an idiot and that getting a home based FFL is impossible?

This scenario plays out every day and continues to contribute to the urban legend that a home based (kitchen table) FFL approval is illegal and impossible!

We decided to do a little research and see exactly what percentage of FFL holders actually have a “commercial” address.

If the gunshop was correct, the commercial addresses for the FFL’s physical addresses would be 100%.  We went to the ATF website and downloaded all the USA FFL holder’s information, which includes their physical address.  We then found a website that has the same database as the US postal service uses to determine if an address is residential or commercial,  We decided to remove pawnshops (Type 02 FFL holders) and then we uploaded the data to for determining whether the address was a commercial or residential address.

We were shocked to find that 64% of the FFL holders are home based.  California was at 49%, New Jersey at 51% and even Massachusetts at 42%….

Why would anyone want a FFL?  If you asked every FFL holder why they applied, we suspect the answer would be to buy firearms at wholesale prices.  ATF won’t approve 100% personal usage, so you will need to be willing to help others with transfers and maybe help a few friends get some great deals!

Normally the gun hobby turns into applying for an FFL and then as time evolves you can expand and grow as you see fit or let expire after three years when time to renew!

Data from the article was provided by, the leaders in helping gun enthusiasts get their FFL correctly the first time.

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