White Father And Son Allegedly Executed By Two Black ‘Teens’… Where’s Al Sharpton?

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This is from Western Journalism.

These feral savages should be put down like the rabid animals they are.

Will the trial judge claim the victims were racist?




Dexter Allen, Haraquon Degruy photo credit Chad Bower



David Pence was shot in the head at close range, whereas Nicholas Pence was shot in the head and chest.

A father and son were killed “execution style” in their garage in Metarie, La., after an attempted vehicle theft by two African-American teenagers went wrong.

David Pence, 53, and his son Nicholas, 25, were watching sports in their garage — a room which they’d turned into a “man cave” — when Dexter Allen, 17, came into the garage and shot the elder Pence three times and the younger Pence twice.

David Pence was shot in the head at close range, whereas Nicholas Pence was shot in the head and chest.

Allen has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Haraquon Degruy, 18, was also charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree murder for driving the getaway car.

Authorities believe Degruy and Allen had been committing crimes of opportunity in Metarie, entering into unlocked cars and taking items of value.

The two New Orleans residents were apprehended by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputies after license plate recognition software managed to track down the vehicle they were using.

Earlier in the day, the Pences had held a celebration at their Metarie home to celebrate a flag football victory. People leaving the celebration noticed a vehicle, a white Toyota Highlander, whose occupants were acting suspiciously.

The vehicle had been stolen in an armed robbery earlier in New Orleans, according to police officials.

After police used the license plate recognition to track down the suspects to an apartment in New Orleans East, the two gave chase.

“All the while during the chase, they were throwing evidence out of the vehicle that linked them not only to the murder but to other vehicle burglaries,” said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand,

When police finally caught up to them, Degruy surrendered to authorities. Allen, however, ran and jumped off a bridge; he was eventually taken into custody.

Sheriff Normand added that during interrogation, Degruy admitted she knew about the murders, having been told nothing by Allen.

In addition to a 12-gauge shotgun believed to have been used in the attack and four spent shotgun shells, items from Mrs. Pence’s purse were also recovered by police during the arrest. However, Sheriff Normand said that police are no closer to determining a motive for the shootings other than a burglary gone wrong.

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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

Since the days of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society blacks have been receiving government payments.

They still act like a bunch of feral savages so more money will not make blacks act any better.

Blacks need to drop the code of silence and turn criminals in.

They need to pull their pants up and stop looting.

Black males need to step up to the plate and become fathers and not just sperm donors.

Learn to speak English and drop the ghetto trash language.


On Sunday, Al Sharpton appeared on NBC’s Meet The Press to fulfill his weekend race-baiting quota, discussing the grand jury results in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. After Chuck Todd asked Sharpton about addressing the problem of “economic hopelessness” in the black community – Garner was arrested for selling “loosies,” cigarettes outside the pack, illegally – Sharpton explained that he supported a “jobs bill…infrastructure development.”

Then he continued by explaining that if Congress didn’t pass such bills, black men could not be held responsible for taking care of their children:

You can’t kill a jobs bill and infrastructure and then tell men to take care of their families. You can’t have it both ways.

Actually, you can. It turns out that taking care of your family is a basic facet of being a decent human being. But this sort of moral blackmail – the notion that black men cannot be expected to obey the dictates of fundamental morality without government support — has become commonplace among members of the left. Darlena Cunha, author of “Ferguson: In Defense of Rioting,” appeared on my show, The Ben Shapiro Show on KTTH 770 in Seattle, where she explained:

We’re talking about decades and generations worth of people who have been downtrodden. Mom and dad don’t have the opportunities to stay together, to work….They are burdened in different ways because people are leaving them behind because we think we’ve solved racism. At least when they were segregated they had a community….We need to start teaching them how to work every day, how to get along in a work environment, and how to act in a business society…

When I asked Cunha why we couldn’t encourage people to simply not have children before marriage, graduate high school, and get a job, she answered:

I don’t think you can encourage people not to have children before they get married and to get a job and to graduate high school when they’re dealing with issues that we don’t have to deal with….We need to help them have personal responsibility. They can’t do it when they’re busy trying to eat.

In other words, give people money, or they will abandon their children, drop out of school, and refuse to get a job – even, as Cunha defends, burn down the property of their fellow citizens and attack police officers.

That’s racial blackmail.

It’s also nothing new. In his book, The Future Once Happened Here, Fred Siegel of the Manhattan Institute writes of the 1960s “riot ideology,” the belief on the left that in the aftermath of race riots, “more money for the cities was essential – if not to halt riots, then to contain the still rising racial anger, which expressed itself in rising rates of often violent crime.” That is why, for example, President Lyndon Johnson’s attorney general, Nicholas Katzenbach, “warned of riots in ‘thirty or forty’ more cities if the Model Cities legislation providing funds for community renewal projects wasn’t passed quickly.”

The threat of riots became the hallmark of black governance in major cities like Washington, D.C., where the now-sainted recently-deceased Marion Barry held sway. “I know for a fact that white people get scared of the [Black] Panthers,” he once said, “and they might give money to somebody a little more moderate.” Barry helped take advantage of 1968 riots in D.C.; following those riots, Siegel reports, “Barry received at least $3.8 million in additional federal, largely Labor Department, grants to expand PRIDE.” Barry would go on to pledge “war on the police department and the city,” which he would then enact after becoming mayor.

In New York, Mayor John Lindsay, a titular Republican, gave way to the same sort of race-baiting. Lindsay attempted actively to enroll people in welfare and hire them to useless government jobs, all in the name of avoiding violence. One of Lindsay’s aides explained, “Our experience is that some good can come of confrontation politics.” The good, of course, was expanded government services. In one incident, a mother shouted at Lindsay, “I’ve got six kids, and each one of them has a different daddy. It’s my job to have kids, and your job, Mr. Mayor, to take care of them.”

This ideology destroyed two of the greatest cities in America. It has similarly destroyed Detroit, where riots in the late 1960s did not spring from poverty – Detroit’s rioters were 83 percent employed – but from racial rage. Mayor Coleman Young ripped the “suburbs” – code for “whites” – and drove all the white taxpayers out of the city in the name of racial justice.

Today, as then, that ideology is now federal policy. The Department of Justice Community Relations Service has now descended on Ferguson, Missouri, where instead of insisting on law and order, the DOJ tells residents about “the issues of white privilege and racism.” The President of the United States is in on the act, telling BET on Sunday, “This is something that is deeply rooted in our society, it’s deeply rooted in our history.” His attorney general, Eric Holder, is set to announce DOJ policies on racial profiling today, even though there is no evidence that either Michael Brown or Eric Garner was racially profiled.

The next step, of course, is to make the connection Sharpton makes – to connect “income inequality” with racial unrest. Then the circuit will be complete, and we will have come full circle back to the politics of the late 1960s – the politics that destroyed America’s greatest cities and laid the groundwork for the destruction of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of racial equality through decency.

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