Former US Attorney: Hillary will be Indicted

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This is from Freedom Force.

This is the only thing I would support Hillary for in 2016.


Image Credit: GOP Daily Dose

A former U.S. Attorney predicts a Watergate-style showdown in the Department of Justice if Attorney General Loretta Lynch overrules a potential FBI recommendation to indict Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“The [FBI] has so much information about criminal conduct by her and her staff that there is no way that they walk away from this,” Joseph diGenova, formerly the District of Columbia’s U.S. Attorney, told Laura Ingrahamin a Tuesday radio interview. “They are going to make a recommendation that people be charged and then Loretta Lynch is going to have the decision of a lifetime.

“I believe that the evidence that the FBI is compiling will be so compelling that, unless [Lynch] agrees to the charges, there will be a massive revolt inside the FBI, which she will not be able to survive as an attorney general. It will be like Watergate. It will be unbelievable.”

DiGenova is referring to the Watergate scandal’s “Saturday Night Massacre” Oct. 20, 1973, when President Richard Nixon sacked Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox and Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus resigned in protest.

DiGenova is well-sourced throughout the law enforcement community and his assessment has to be taken seriously. But interviews with other knowledgeable Washington insiders present a somewhat less concrete scenario developing around the former secretary of state.

At the center of Clinton’s difficulties is her use of a private email account and a home-brew server located in her New York home toconduct official business while serving as America’s chief diplomat between 2009 and 2013. Several of her closest aides also used the private server.

Clinton clearly didn’t abide by federal regulations requiring officials like her to use government computers and email accounts to conduct official business and take all of the necessary steps to preserve all such correspondence concerning official business.

As first reported by The Daily Caller News Foundation, Clinton emailed Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden Sept. 7, 2010, asking for advice on what she, President Barack Obama and Democratic campaign officials should do to prevent a Republican victory in the upcoming congressional elections.

“Do you and CAP have any ideas as to how to change the dynamic before it’s too late? Losing the House would be a disaster in every way,” Clinton told Tanden. The CAP chief responded at length with clearly partisan recommendations, noted her supposedly non-partisan think tank’s polling efforts to identify winning themes for Democrats and described her conversations relaying her advice to Obama and other senior White House officials.

On its face, the Sept. 7 Clinton email appears to be a violation of the Hatch Act, which bars partisan political activities by officials using government property while on official duty. But Clinton found a clever way to get around the law, according to a senior non-profit official with extensive experience investigating such activities. The official spoke on condition of anonymity.

First, that official said, by not preserving her email records until after she resigned as secretary of state, Clinton avoided an investigation by the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), which handles Hatch Act violations. The reason is simple – OSC has no authority over former federal employees in Hatch Act matters.

Second, by refusing to comply “with Federal Records Act requirements to use an approved system for preserving records, [Clinton] arguably did not engage in political activities while on official duty or while using federal resources because she communicated with a personal computer,” the official said.

In other words, “had Secretary Clinton used a State Department e-mail address and a government computer and had Secretary Clinton complied with federal record-keeping and open government laws, [her] violations would have been discoverable under the Freedom of Information Act and could have been remedied while Secretary Clinton was still in office.”

Thus, don’t expect a Clinton indictment for a Hatch Act violation.

But Clinton is far from out of the woods, according to a congressional source who is deeply involved in the multiple investigations of Clinton. This source, who also spoke only on condition of anonymity, pointed to the hundreds of Clinton emails that contained classified information.

“Her problem is the sheer volume of emails that were deemed classified,” said this source. “Her first defense was that she didn’t send any classified information in her emails. But that claim has been clearly rendered false because so many of the emails were later marked classified.”

As the Department of State has released the Clinton emails she provided after leaving office, more than a thousand were marked classified after being reviewed prior to their public release. So what about Clinton’s subsequent distinction that she sent no information in her emails that was “marked classified” when it was sent?

“The volume matters because a reasonable person knows somebody who like the Secretary of State, who is allowed herself to classify materials, who has handled it for 25 years or more, at some point the law says you are responsible for recognizing classified material when you see it. That gets to the negligence issue,” the issue said.

Negligence is critical because Clinton signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement in 2009 regarding classified information that stated, among much else, that “Sensitive Compartmented Information involves or derives from intelligence sources or methods that is classified or is involved in a classification determination …”

Clinton and several of her closest aides must have read information “derived from intelligence sources or methods” on a daily or near-daily basis.

There is an ominous sentence buried in that agreement Clinton signed: “Nothing in this agreement constitutes a waiver by the United States of the right to prosecute me for any statutory violations.”

What if Clinton is indicted for negligence in handling classified information? DiGenova predicts a showdown within a couple of months that will put Lynch in the same hot seat that prompted Nixon to fire Cox for getting too close to the truth about Watergate.

A Republican with direct knowledge of the investigation predicted political chaos if Lynch doesn’t decide to prosecute Clinton, a chaos that “would be the gift that keeps on giving right through the election.”

With or without resignations of FBI officials to protest such a decision, there would be a blizzard of news releases from congressional GOPers condemning Lynch, followed by hearings in which both the attorney general and FBI Director James Comey would be put under oath and asked about their actions.



Senator Jeff Sessions says Cruz has always been Anti-Amnesty

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This is from Freedom Force.

Marco Ruboio and Lindsey Graham are the open borders guys.

Ted Cruz has always had a record of opposing amnesty and open borders.

Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are currently locked in a fierce battle for the GOP vote in the Republican Presidential primary. As the contest as heated up, Cruz and Rubio have emerged as the two most likely candidates from “inside” the GOP (as Trump would be an “outsider”), which has recently meant that the two men have been squaring off in an effort to define each other to the voters. Rubio has attacked Cruz as “soft” on defense, but Cruz’s attacks on Rubio as “pro-amnesty” have been far more effective politically. In fact, Rubio has suffered such great wounds that his campaign has tried to use amnesty against Cruz by arguing that Cruz supported Rubio’s amnesty plans in 2013. Sadly for Rubio, this strategy is doomed to failure because the most ardent anti-amnesty forces in Congress are standing up to say that Cruz has always been anti-amnesty.

In particular, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) recently spoke out to defend Senator Cruz’s record on illegal immigration and amnesty.

“People need to remember this, because this election is going to decide, the crowd who pushed that bill. Will they be in the White House, and allowed to push their agenda, or will we have somebody else?”

“Remember after the 2006 battle, people started sending bricks to Congress, to build a wall with… The switchboards were shutdown, millions of Americans were calling. And when we finally had a vote, only 46 voted for it. The people spoke and the Congress, although it was dicey, they listened.”

“In 2013 they spent a billion and a half dollars to promote this legislation, the political consultants, they had pollsters hired to spin the numbers, they had special interest groups, they met for months, the gang of eight, they were determined, it was a near on thing, it was a worse bill than the 2007 bill. It gave amnesty first… We voted more than once to build a fence, do we have a fence?”

“So it came before the Senate, and the gang of eight met every day, they also had been meeting for months with the special interests and activists, the la Raza group, the ACLU, and businesses who want more and more cheap labor.”

“They had a scheme — a plan to vote down every amendment no matter what the amendment was. They did it because they said they had acheived a delegate balance between enforcement, and they had the perfect bill… Every amendment was voted down by every Democrat and a number of Republicans. it was a tense.”

“It was that close to being passed… and I think I can say this with integrity. Without the vigorous opposition of Ted Cruz, this bill likely would have passed.”

Irish Pastor Prosecuted for Preaching Truth


This is from Freedom Force. 

This will be happening in America thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and Loretta Lynch.

We all knew this day would come, but we never thought it would be so soon. For Christians, there has always been places that it was unlawful to preach the truth. Hundreds of years ago the British Iles was such a place. But in recent history along with America, Britain was considered a place of free expression. Thanks to political correctness those days are coming to a close.

Christian News reports

A pastor in Northern Ireland who was prosecuted with a hate crime for denouncing the Islamic religion during a Sunday sermon last year appeared in court this week as his criminal trial moved forward.

As I previously reported, Pastor James McConnell of Whitewell Metropolitan Church in North Belfast made comments concerning Islam, which brought the ire of Ulster officials. His comments were in the context of a sermon of one true God. The government considered his comments to be hate speech. The charges against McConnell prompted his assistant pastor to resign.

Now the pastor has had his first day in court.

Christian News continues

Because McConnell refused a lesser punishment by the government following police questioning, prosecutors decided to move the matter forward in court. The hate crimes charge appears to be related to the sermon being streamed online.

On Monday, prosecutors outlined their case against McConnell, calling him “unrepentant.”

“He characterizes the followers of an entire religion in a stereotypical way. And that’s grossly offensive and that’s not protected from saying it from a pulpit,” prosecuting barrister David Russell told the court. “It has nothing to do with religion or freedom of expression of his freedom to preach.”

The idea that these charges do not infringe upon Pastor McConnell freedom of speech or his freedom of religion is ridiculous. How can a man express truth contained in his Bible if the government limits the way he conveys that truth. This would make the government the final authority on interpretation.

What would be the difference between this curtailing of truth and a physical mussel placed by the state over the mouths of the Churches ministers? There is no way that the man of God can both please the state and his Head Jesus Christ.

Christian News reports

“I was attacking the theology of Islam. I was not attacking any individual Muslim,” McConnell asserted. “I didn’t go into the church to provoke anyone. I went into church to present the truth.”

He also explained why he refused lesser punishment.

“If I took that, it would be an insult to the one that I love, for I was standing up for Him—for His gospel and for His truth,” he said. “If I took that informed warning, that would be me gagged.”

If one is not allowed to point out error in other religions, then there will be no possible way for us to point out truth. The effects of this will be one false religion and the light of the gospel will be hidden in our culture.

If these trends continue, we will see more and more the ministers of God silenced by Western governments.

Ted Cruz Promises to Destroy ISIS, will “Carpet Bomb them into Oblivion”!

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This is from Freedom Force. 

I agree with Ted we should kill them all and let God sort them out.

Speaking at a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) promised voters that if they were to elect him President in 2016, he would make sure thatISIS would soon be destroyed.

“If I am elected president, we will utterly destroy ISIS. We won’t weaken them. We won’t degrade them. We will utterly destroy them. We will carpet bomb them into oblivion. We will  arm the Kurds. We will do everything necessary so that every militant on the face of the earth will know if you go and join ISIS, if you wage jihad and declare war on America, you are signing your death warrant.”

This aggressive new language against ISIS comes in tandem with a new advertisement that Senator Cruz released in the Iowa market over the weekend. The campaign commercial has Cruz telling the people of Iowa that the time has come for us to “rebuild our military” and to “kill the terrorists”.

Under President Obama and Secretary Clinton, the world is more dangerous and America is less safe. If I’m elected to serve as Commander in Chief, we won’t cower in the face of evil, America will lead. We’ll rebuild our military. We’ll kill the terrorists. And every Islamic militant will know, if you wage jihad against us, you’re signing your death warrant. And under no circumstances will I ever apologize for America.

The Cruz campaign continues to build momentum as many of the prognosticators now see this as a race between two men on the GOP side, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Of the two, only Cruz is consistently conservative on the most important issues of our day – from illegal immigration to illegal government surveillance, from taxes and spending to our civil liberties and constitutional freedoms. The bottom line is this: Ted Cruz is the man for the job and these latest comments against ISIS only solidify that fact for us.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan for America


This is from Freedom Force. 

The Moose Slime Sisterhood may have a plan for America, they will have a hard time making it work.


Brigitte Gabriel is one of the world’s leading defenders of speech and women’s rights. She is the President of ACT for America and she was recently speaking at the Family Research Council’s Watchmen on the Wall conference. Her speech was about the threat of radical Islam, and she focused on the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for our nation.

In 2004, federal investigators discovered a Muslim Brotherhood memorandum during a search of a northern Virginia home. The memorandum, written by Mohamed Akram for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Shura Council, described a “civilization jihad” aimed at North America. It stated: “The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” This explanatory memorandum also included a list of 29 Muslim Brotherhood connected organizations in the U.S. The memorandum was entered into evidence at the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial in 2007-2008.

You can see the plan here.

Listen as Gabriel explains what the Muslim Brotherhood has planned for us…




Rush Limbaugh says Obama’s “Number One Enemy” is Republicans, Not ISIS

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This is from Freedom Force. 

Rush is spot on with his observations.

Conservative radio talk show host and conservative icon Rush Limbaugh was recently a guest of Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. The two men had an interesting and wide-ranging discussion of the big issues on today’s political and cultural scene. Perhaps the best part of the discussion came when Limbaugh put his finger on the biggest problem we currently face – President Barack Obama’s disconnect with reality and his abject hatred of the GOP.

Barack Obama’s No. 1 enemy is the Republican Party, and the conservative movement. You see he gets animated, he does not need cue cards, he does not teleprompter when he starts ripping into them, but when you get ISIS on the board or anything in the Middle East, very cautious, very precise, very don’t want to offend them, don’t want to make them mad.

I think it’s very dangerous. Chris, I think it’s really dangerous. I think the country is in more danger than people know. 

Partial transcript below – see the full transcript at RCP.

Rush Limbaugh: I don’t think he’s got a strategy that deals with ISIS. I think Obama’s strategy — best I’ve been able to learn, and I’ve looked really hard at this — it seems to me that Obama is linked to Iran and Syria in this. The sectarian violence throughout the Middle East is his excuse for not doing anything about it. Iran capitalizes on all of this chaos and crisis. 

Chris, look, I don’t like saying any of this, but it’s obvious Obama is very sensitive to Iran’s needs and is trying to satisfy them. We have lifted the sanctions. They’ve got $150 billion they didn’t have. They are on the way to get a nuclear weapon, all because of Barack Hussein O, and I think his dealing with ISIS is inept, and incompetent, and nonexistent.

Chris Wallace: All right. So what would you do? How would you destroy ISIS?

Rush Limbaugh: Well, in the first place, I would — I would get some people around me and listen to them. I would get some people around me who are experts in dealing with groups like this.

Rush LimbaughFor one thing, I would do, Chris, I would hit their oil. I would hit their oil depots and I would hit their oil tankers. We’re not. You know why we’re not? Because we have rules of engagement. The administration says well, some of the drivers might be civilians, and we can’t go there. And there might be some civilians at the actual oil depots and oil wells that they’ve taken over. That’s their primary source of revenue. I would hit that and I wouldn’t care.

You know, Chris, the world is governed by the aggressive use of force, and the purpose of war and the purpose of militaries is to kill people and break things. That’s how you win. And you keep doing that until the other side says, I’m sorry, and surrenders.

Barack Obama’s No. 1 enemy is the Republican Party, and the conservative movement. You see he gets animated, he does not need cue cards, he does not teleprompter when he starts ripping into them, but when you get ISIS on the board or anything in the Middle East, very cautious, very precise, very don’t want to offend them, don’t want to make them mad.

Chris Wallace: Let me pick up on that.

Rush Limbaugh: I think it’s very dangerous. Chris, I think it’s really dangerous. I think the country is in more danger than people know. 

Clock Boy Is Back, And He Wants $15 Million From Irving City Hall And School District


This is from Freedom Force. 

The only thing this little goat humping bastard deserves is stay in his Muslim Shit Hole and STF up.

The law firm representing Ahmed Mohamed, who has become known as Clock Boy, has sent the Irving City Hall and Irving School District a letter demanding $10 million and $5 million respectively for the poor treatment of Mohamed.

If the government refuses to cough up the $15 mil, the law firm will file a suit for damages. The city and school have 60 days to comply.

In a letter sent Monday, the law firm Laney & Bollinger also demanded a written apology from Mayor Beth Van Duyne and Police Chief Larry Boyd. The attorneys are claiming that Mohamed’s civil rights were violated.

“Ahmed never threatened anyone, never caused harm to anyone, and never intended to,” read the law firm’s letter to the city. “The only one who was hurt that day was Ahmed, and the damages he suffered were not because of oversight or incompetence. The school and city officials involved knew what they needed to do to protect Ahmed’s rights. They just decided not to do it.”

Mohamed made headlines in September, when it was reported that he was arrested and suspended from school for bringing a homemade clock to class, though skeptical observers familiar with electronics noted that the homemade clock was really just a commercial clock without the casing. A teacher reported him to the police, who subsequently took him out of class, leading Mohamed’s father to claim Islamophobia. President Barack Obama invited Mohamed to the White House.

The school has been unable to tell its side of the story, owing to federal educational privacy laws, but if a lawsuit is filed, that muzzle will immediately be lifted.

Mohamed’s family has since moved to Qatar, an absolute monarchy which runs the country based on Sharia law and also has the fourth-highest number of slave laborers in the world.


Report Blames 1,000 Jobs Lost in Seattle on Minimum Wage

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This is from Freedom Force.

Like the old saying goes Be careful of what you wish for as you just might get it.


According to a report released Sunday by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), the $15 minimum wage has caused Seattle restaurants to lose 1,000 jobs — the worst decline since the 2009 Great Recession.

“The loss of 1,000 restaurant jobs in May following the minimum wage increase in Aprilwas the largest one month job decline since a 1,300 drop in January 2009, again during the Great Recession,” AEI Scholar Mark J. Perry noted in the report.

The citywide minimum wage increase was passed in June of last year. The measure is designed to increase the city minimum wage gradually to $15 an hour by 2017. The first increase under the plan was to $11 an hour in April. According to the report, Seattle restaurants have already faced severe consequences as a result. In contrast, in the six years since the 2009 financial crisis, the industry has been recovering in areas without the $15 minimum wage.

“Restaurant employment nationally increased by 130,700 jobs (and by 1.2%) during that same period,” the report also noted. “Restaurant employment in Washington increased 3.2% and by 2,800 jobs.”

Supporters of the $15 minimum wage often argue it will help the poor and stimulate economic activity. Opponents, however, argue such policies will actually hurt the poor by limiting job opportunities. How little or how much of either outcome usually depends on the study. Nevertheless, even the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) agrees at least some job loss is expected.

Studies also show that industries with low profit margins, like restaurants, are more likely to be hit the hardest. A June report from the investor rating service Moody’s claims the minimum wage doesn’t even have to go up to $15 an hour for negative effects to occur.

From rallies to media marketing campaigns, Fight for $15 has led much of the effort to raise the minimum wage in the past year. Though claiming to be a grassroots workers movement, the group is highly influenced and funded by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

The SEIU has been criticized by some, like Worker Center Watch (WCW), for using the Fight for $15 protests as a way of bypassing labor laws to more easily unionize fast food workers. Additionally, according to a report from the Center for Union Facts, a minimum wage increase would benefit the SEIU directly while hurting non-unionized SEIU competitors.

Fight for $15 and the Seattle City Council did not respond to requests for comment from The Daily Caller News Foundation.



Senator Hoven: White House Will Reject Keystone XL Next Month

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This is from Freedom Force. 

Obama doe not have the gonads to reject the Keystone XL pipeline while Congress is in session because he is afraid the GOP may grow some balls and override his veto.

That and Obama wants to keep America dependent on his Moose Slime brothers and the Communist in Venezuela for our oil. 

After years of politicking, the Obama administration will announce it’s decided to reject the application to build the Keystone XL pipeline during Congress’ August recess, according to a Republican lawmaker.

“What I’m hearing from multiple sources is that he is going to turn down Keystone when we’re out in August,” North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven told Bloomberg BNA’s Ari Natter Tuesday. “I got a couple sources, and that’s what they’re saying. But I can’t tell you who.”

If Hoeven’s sources are correct, Keystone’s rejection is a victory for Democrats and environmentalists who rapidly opposed the pipeline over the last seven years. It’s been a major source of fundraising for environmentalists and lawmakers alike, and also managed to draw in big spending from a San Francisco billionaire who opposed the project.

But Hoeven said the victory will be short-lived for Keystone opponents because Canada will find other ways to bring Albertan oil sands to market — indeed the company is already exploring ways to ship oil to Canada’s eastern coast instead of going through the American Midwest.

Also, Keystone’s southern leg extending from Cushing, Okla., to the Gulf Coast is already in operation. TransCanada, the Canadian company looking to build KXL, recently announced the project’s southern leg had pumped its billionth barrel of oil.

“If indeed these rumors are true with what Senator Hoeven has said today, it’s a victory for our opponents,” James Millar, a TransCanada spokesman, told Natter. “We would simply be making a choice of saying ‘Yes’ to oil from Iran and Venezuela and ‘No’ to oil from Canada and the U.S. Bakken.”

If President Barack Obama actually rejects Keystone XL, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Earlier this year, Obama vetoed legislation that would have approved the pipeline, which would carry 830,000 barrels of oil sands through the country to refineries on the Gulf Coast. A recent reportfound the government’s refusal to approve the project for the last seven years has cost the economy $42 million a day.

Obama has also taken jabs at Keystone XL’s economic benefits and urged Canada to do more to lower its contribution to global warming.

“These young people are going to have to live in a world where we already know temperatures are going up, and Keystone is a potential contributor of that,” Obama said on The Colbert Report last year. “We have to examine that, and we have to weigh that against the amount of jobs it’s actually going to create, which aren’t a lot.”

Interestingly enough, Obama’s own State Department has said the pipeline would have an insignificant impact on the environment and create thousands of jobs. The Department is supposed to use such findings to determine whether or not the project is in the national interest, but such a finding has yet to be announced.


Biden says of Obama Move Against Coal – “A Lot of People are Going to Get Hurt”

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This is from Freedom Force.

Obama promised to destroy the coal industry and yet the union supported him for president.

Now we will pay the price for his war on coal with higher electricity prices and power outages.

The video below is his promise about coal.

Remember when then candidate Obama and his choice for VP, Joe Biden, travelled coal country telling all those nice people how they weren’t going to hurt their jobs or their futures? Well, they may have misspoken. At least that’s the case if we are to believe what Joe Biden is NOW saying.

“Us moving away from coal because it’s such a polluter, there’s a lot of people going to get hurt, good people who worked their whole life,” Biden told VICE, a documentary series that premiered on HBO last Friday.

“It’s a national responsibility, in our view, to help them make that transition,” Biden said. “We all have an obligation. When fundamental alterations in a generation of energy are up in play, there’s winners and losers.”

Sadly, coal country, while they were lying before… they’re telling the truth now. The Obama administration is looking to end coal-produced energy, forever.

Vice President Joe Biden is at it again, this time telling HBO viewers that federal regulations to move the U.S. away from coal-fired power is going to hurt a lot of Americans.

“Us moving away from coal because it’s such a polluter, there’s a lot of people going to get hurt, good people who worked their whole life,” Biden told VICE, a documentary series that premiered on HBO last Friday.

“It’s a national responsibility, in our view, to help them make that transition,” Biden said. “We all have an obligation. When fundamental alterations in a generation of energy are up in play, there’s winners and losers.”

It turns out Biden’s right. Federal regulations clamping down on coal-fired power plants have cost thousands of jobs across the country as power plants and coal mines shed workers to stay in business.

coalIn the new season of VICE, filmmakers try to link man-made global warming to sea level rises across the world. The film says that the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting faster than ever and are causing flooding in places like Bangladesh.

“Our oceans are rising,” the filmmakers write. “With human use of hydrocarbons skyrocketing, waters around the globe are getting hotter and, now, this warm sub-surface water is washing into Antarctica’s massive western glaciers causing the glaciers to retreat and break off.”

“Antarctica holds 90% of the world’s ice and 70% of its freshwater, so if even a small fraction of the ice sheet in Antarctica melts, the resulting sea level rise will completely remap the world as we know it – and it is already happening,” the filmmakers add. “In the last decade, some of the most significant glaciers here have tripled their melt rate.”

(For the record, Antarctica is not melting as sea ice extent has increased rapidly over the last few decades despite predictions to the contrary. It should also be noted that Greenland’s ice sheet reached its highest levels in four years.)

The film sets up global warming as an irreversible catastrophe in the making. Cue Joe Biden who is featured in an exclusive interview at the end of the first episode of VICE’s latest episode. Biden not only advocated for getting off of coal power — which Obama administration regulations currently in the works aim to accomplish — the vice president also said denying man-made global warming was akin to “denying gravity.”

“It’s almost like denying gravity now,” said Biden. “I mean wait a minute, ‘c’mon … Look what superstorm Sandy did right here in New York.”

VICE asked Biden why he thought the U.S. political system was gridlocked on global warming and so many other issues. Biden said it’s because of the “way in which we fund our elections” allows a small number of critics to gain power and control the political system.

“The public is ahead of their elected officials. We’ve been in this wilderness now for about 7 to 8 years in terms of not able to reach a consensus,” Biden said.

But Biden may be slightly overstating the public’s support for government regulations to combat global warming. A CNN poll from January found that 57 percent of Americans said global warming is not a threat to their lives.


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