Dear Ron Paul/ Gary Johnson Voter Guy: I Told You So

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This is from Clash Daily.

Not only did these voters cut their own throats they stabbed america in the back.

The non voters have stabbed America in the back also.

Shame on the whole friggen bunch of you.

How about giving up your American citizenship and moving to Cuba.


A few weeks before the election this columnist made an impassioned plea to those who would seek to support Gary Johnson or Ron Paul based upon principles. I tried to warn you of what was to come and, instead of open minds, I found insults and repudiation from people who claim to be the most open minded in politics.

It brings me no joy to be the one to have to say this but: all of you have cut your own throats and I told you so. We had one chance to put the brakes on this huge socialist nanny state that is flying at us like a runaway truck. Instead you chose to follow so misguided a principle and protest what you felt was a slap in the face from the Republican Party. Since you seem to not understand what has happened yet, I thought I would explain it to you. As in most things, now that it is too late you will probably hear me out.

When you chose to either not show up or vote for Gary Johnson you doomed your movement to failure and this is not a speculation, rather an indisputable fact. When I spoke on this topic just weeks before the election I mentioned several things that were going to destroy your movement and they have now all been set into motion.

The biggest points that must be addressed are the Supreme Court appointments, Obamacare and demography. These three points that you ignored in your decision this November actually turned out to be the noose around the libertarian movement.

There are several justices over the age of seventy, four to be exact. Although they will most likely not all retire during President Obama’s stay in Washington, more than likely two or more will. This means that the Supreme Court will go liberal for the next two decades or so. Now the justices who retire will likely be liberals, however liberals of the last two decades are nothing like the radicals that will be placed on the bench by the most radical Marxists president we have ever seen. In short, any hope of the right using the courts for anything is over. By allowing Obama to win reelection you have ended any hope of abortion bans, state’s rights, gay marriage bans and second amendment protection; good luck fighting Washington without the high court.

Obamacare is no longer a nightmare. Thanks to you it is now a reality that all of us will live with, pay for and suffer under. Your goals were to reign in government and cut down on governmental intrusion. These are worthy goals and I commend you for them but, by allowing your pride to insert itself in your voting, you have destroyed any possibility of this.

There has never been a governmental entitlement program that has been done away with once it goes into effect. Once you give this leaching segment of America their goodies, you can never stop. Your movement will never put a person in any office if they talk about getting rid of people’s “free healthcare.” You are quickly going to become known as a fringe group of crazies who have no serious solutions. This is sad considering, just a few short months ago, you were gaining ground and people were listening to your message. In another four years yours will not even be a rational line of thinking.

Finally there is demography. There is a famous quote that has often been attributed to many people so I am not overly sure who to credit it to. However, this makes it no less true. The quote is, “Demography is destiny.” I think we have seen this more in the last election than any other time in American history.

I hear Republicans all over the country talking about how we must court the Latino vote by relaxing our stance on illegal immigration. They seem to think that we are going to have a choice. Barack Obama is going to open the flood gates and we are going to see a demographics change in this country on a Biblical level.

Do you think all of these new Americans are going to vote for your guy while you take away their government goodies? I, for one, will never be okay with people invading our sovereignty and making a mockery of our laws. I don’t care if it would actually get us votes, which is a fantasy by the way. You have allowed a man into office that is going to continue to fill the United States with immigrants for no other reason than to ensure his party’s dominance into the century.

Basically I know this is harsh and I regret that it has to be. I just felt like this needed to be said. The Republican Party is on the ropes and I refuse to follow the party line and try to become the new softer Republicans. I guess this makes me one of the last conservative gunslingers. I am okay with that. Much like those brave men at the Alamo, I would rather die for my principles and never win another election than to live without them just for the sake of winning elections.

So, that being said, I am sorry for all of you that came so close to such massive reforms and a successful movement. Maybe in a hundred years or so people will look at the progress you made and avoid the missteps you have taken. Until then we are all in for a ride through a socialist hellhole for the foreseeable future. It’s not all your fault but I do want to acknowledge the blame that you and those like you shoulder in what could have been the biggest mistake in American history.

The Last Conservative Gunslinger

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Did You vote?

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I voted early as I was supposed to have knee surgery once more.

But do to a Urinary Tract Infection it was postponed.

You can not just set this one out your future depends on your vote.

America‘s future,your children’s and grand children’s depend on your vote.

Not voting or voting for Ron Paul of Gary Johnson is a vote for Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney was not my first,second,third or even fourth choice.

However Mitt Romney is the GOP nominee for president in 2012.

We have a choice between America or Ameritopia.



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Bill Whittle explains why we need to vote Romney/Ryan.

The facts Bill laying out are scary but true.

Do not waste your vote on Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

Ben Franklin when asked what he had just give us after the Constitutional Convention.

To which Ben Franklin replied “A Republic if you can keep it.”

A Personal Rant on the 2012 Election

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I wrote this on my Facebook page.

I have been reading where people here on Facebook are saying they are voting for the

Anti Semite Loon Ron Paul,or Gary Johnson.
Then they say the will sleep better knowing they will sleep better knowing they voted someone they believed in.
Will you sleep better knowing that vote will reelect Barack Milhous Capone Stalin?
Will you sleep better knowing you destroyed America‘s future?Or the future of your children or grandchildren.

You would not pick up a gun and shoot your children or grandchildren.
But you might as well,As you have doomed them to a live of Socialist slavery.
You need to get past what ever stupid ideas you have about making a morally superior vote not voting for Mitt Romney.
I will vote for Mitt on November 6,2012.Mitt was not my first choice,or my second,or third or even my fourth.
But Mitt is the nominee so get these wacked out ideas out of your head about voting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.
Voting for them means voting for Obama and destroying America’s future.

And the future of your children and grandchildren.
I do not want to explain to my children and grandchildren why America is no longer a free nation.

Ronald Reagan sumed it up best with this quote,

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream.
It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”We could be that generation that loses freedom.
Please do not throw it away with a vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson or some other fringe loony toon candidate.


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