Guns Confiscated after Man Seeks Insomnia Treatment


This is from The American Thinker.

This regime has made the Gestapo, KGB and the Stasi very proud with their tactics.


In the old Soviet and East German police states of the Cold War, police kept secret files on scores of common people.  Information was fed to the police by thousands of clandestine sources – and a seemingly banal or routine interaction with nearly anyone could lead to a surprise “knock on the door” by authorities.  During the late Soviet era, communist leadership moved away from the executions and purges of the Stalin years and began to increasingly rely upon medical professionals to diagnose “enemies of the state” as insane – thus, a routine trip to your doctor could lead to a visit from police.

Although the Cold War ended over two decades ago, a lawsuit filed December 17 in U.S. District Court in Rochester, NY alleges that such heavy-handed police-state tactics are presently being employed in Andrew Cuomo’s New York.  The suit, filed by attorney Paloma Capanna on behalf of plaintiff Donald Montgomery, alleges that the New York State Police ordered the permanent confiscation of Mr. Montgomery’s registered handguns after he sought treatment for insomnia.  The confiscation was ordered under Cuomo’s “SAFE Act” gun-control law.

The allegations in the case are downright scary.  The complaint contends that Montgomery, a Navy veteran and retired police officer who rose to the rank of detective sergeant during his 30-year career, voluntarily sought treatment for insomnia at a hospital on Long Island in May of 2014 after relocating to a new home several hundred miles from his previous residence.

According to the suit, the hospital diagnosed the plaintiff as “mildly depressed,” and his clinical evaluation stated, “Patient has no thoughts of hurting himself. Patient has no thoughts of hurting others. Patient is not having suicidal thoughts. Patient is not having homicidal thoughts…” and “there is no evidence of any psychotic processes, mania, or OCD symptoms. Insight, judgment, and impulse control are good.”  The suit further alleges that a psychiatrist told the plaintiff, “I don’t know why you were referred here. You don’t belong here.”

Nonetheless, the suit contends that five days after being discharged from the hospital, the local sheriff’s department showed up at Montgomery’s door and seized his four registered handguns, including his former duty sidearm, after the sheriff had been subjected to “repeated pressure” by the New York State Police, who claimed that Montgomery had been declared mentally defective and had been involuntarily committed to a mental institution.

Montgomery alleges that the hospital violated his privacy by transmitting his medical information to the State Police without his consent or knowledge.  Montgomery subsequently requested a hearing to have his handgun ownership permit reinstated, but the sheriff’s department allegedly terminated his permit without a hearing.  The suit alleges that police denied Montgomery’s Freedom of Information requests to see what information has been placed in his secret file, and that both police and the hospital refused to allow him to correct the falsehoods in his record.

The suit names Gov. Cuomo, Eastern Long Island Hospital, and several state officials, including the superintendent of state police and the local sheriff, as defendants, and alleges that they violated Montgomery’s Second-, Fourth-, Fifth-, and Fourteenth-Amendment rights.  It seeks injunctive and declaratory relief for Montgomery and all similarly situated persons.

Last year, Cuomo publicly stated that “extreme conservatives” – namely, gun owners and opponents of abortion and gay marriage – “have no place in the State of New York.”  In other words, they are enemies of the state.  Cuomo’s use of medical records against gun owners under his “SAFE Act” is clearly an effort to confiscate firearms from people who “have no place” in his police state.

Residents of other states should be wary that progressives will make similar efforts to use the federally mandated electronic medical database required by Obamacare against gun owners and/or political dissidents in the future.

You can read the full text of the lawsuit here.

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Flyers calling for registration of Jews in Ukraine provide chilling reminder of past

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This is from Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership.

Is this a false flag being raised to create  racial tensions in Ukraine ?

It could be the beginning of another Kristallnacht.


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By David Codrea, April 18th 2014
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.


Whether the story turns out to be a “provocation,” as the pro-Russian separatist leader Denis Pushilin, whose signature allegedly appears on flyers calling on Ukranian Jews to register themselves and pay special taxes is now claiming, or whether it is a precursor of “official” policies to come, the news has certainly grabbed the world’s attention and provided a shocking reminder of a past some alive today who survived it still remember.

“Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk where pro-Russian militants have taken over government buildings were told they have to ‘register’ with the Ukrainians who are trying to make the city become part of Russia,” USA Today reported Thursday.

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that Jews in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk were recently given notices instructing them to officially identify themselves as Jews,” The Washington Times added, showing the administration has not immediately dismissed the accounts as unofficial.

Pushilin’s denial is giving cause for hope that his political opponents were attempting to create hysteria and resistance. Still, assuming (but not yet accepting) that’s the case, why such a story would be initially perceived as credible should alarm all, and strengthen the conviction that now is hardly the time for Ukrainian Jews to be relaxing their guard.

It’s not just the troubled history of the Jewish people in that part of the world, including that some Ukrainians collaborated with the Nazis on exterminating them. While post-WWII social developments may have given some encouragement, as recently as February, Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi was urging Jews to flee Kiev after attacks on students there.

“I told my community to get out of the city and if possible out of the state … there are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions,” Chief Rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman confirmed. “We have been told by the Israeli Embassy to not go outside.”

Fleeing? Locking themselves up indoors? Appealing to the Israeli foreign minister to “help protect [the] community”? Are those the only options?

It would seem so, if possessing the tools of self-defense is off the table. Without an amendment proposed by the Ukrainian Gun Owners Association guaranteeing “Everyone has the right to freedom of owning a firearm to protect their life and health, housing and property, life and health of other people’s constitutional rights and freedoms in the case of usurpation of power, the encroachments on the constitutional order, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” and with “everyone” meaning Jews, too, that would seem the case, especially with the country’s political future so uncertain.

Not that the government retaining power promises much in the terms of gun ownership reforms in a country with laws categorized as “restrictive” by, a Sydney School of Public Health project providing an online compilation of global gun statistics and law summaries. The law not only mandates “Applicants for a gun owner’s license in Ukraine are required to prove genuine reason to possess a firearm,” but also “requires that a record of the acquisition, possession and transfer of each privately held firearm be retained in an official register.”

And should Mr. Putin prevail in his apparent quest for adding the Ukraine back into Russia’s captured territorial holdings, don’t expect a change in such policies from him. Despite a manly PR image that has him shooting guns at ranges, inspecting military weapons at manufacturing facilities, striding bare-chested through the woods with a scoped rifle and cozying up to “action star” Steven Seagal to push for firearm exports to the U.S., the former KFB operative has shown a decided preference for a state monopoly of violence after a gunman killed six people in southwest Russia last April.

True to “progressive” gun-grabber form, he blamed the people who didn’t do anything wrong.

“Russian citizens should not be allowed to freely own guns for purposes of self-defense, says President Vladimir Putin,” UPI reported.

“I do not support the idea of free arms distribution in Russia,” Putin was quoted. “It is dangerous to artificially stimulate this process.”

That would seem to cinch it for Ukrainian citizens if Putin’s opinion holds any sway over areas his supporters there help him to dominate.

But back to the registration of Jews: As this is being written, doubt still exists both to the authenticity of the flyer being officially sanctioned, as well as to denials coming from the camp accused of distributing them.

“[Pushilin] claims he had nothing to do with the writing or distribution of the fliers, but seems to acknowledge that ‘some idiots’ from his organization did in fact hand them out,” Politix is reporting.

And as history has proven time and again, registration, of people and of property they can use to preserve life and liberty, like guns, can lead to both being rounded up and eliminated by the state.

An historical example demonstrating both is the story of Alfred Flatow, an Olympic multiple gold and silver medal winner, a firearm owner and a Jew.

“In 1938, just weeks before Reichskristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass), in Nazi Germany, Berlin police arrested Alfred Flatow,” attorney and author scholar Stephen P. Halbrook wrote in a scholarly paper examining the period. “His crime: being a Jew in lawful possession of firearms.

“The police knew he possessed firearms because he dutifully registered them in 1932 under a decree by the liberal Weimar Republic,” Halbrook explained. “In anticipation of the pogrom, the Nazi leadership launched a campaign to disarm Jews. Flatow was one of many who were arrested and turned over to the Gestapo. He would eventually be deported and die in a concentration camp.”

Registration of firearms in compliance with “the law” can clearly lead to confiscation of more than just guns. And fast-forwarding to the present, and to our part of the world, we see those who would do both calling for the incremental step of “universal background checks” as “reasonable commonsense gun safety” measures, conveniently ignoring that no less a source than the “Summary of Select Firearm Violence Prevention Strategies” by Greg Ridgeway, Ph.D. Deputy Director National Institute of Justice, notes “Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration …”

Still, some would insist that murderous totalitarianism “could never happen here,” ignoring a bloody documented history of the world that irrefutably confirms “evil governments did wipe out 170,000,000 innocent non-military lives in the 20th Century alone.”

That’s not only a form of (potential) holocaust denial; it’s a denial of observable reality.

Because where in the past has any civilization, including ours, been guaranteed stasis? Has not despotism and mass destruction plagued every civilization that preceded ours? Is it not, in fact, still commonplace throughout the globe? By what suspension of reality, by what denial of the observable and the probable, by what art, device or magic are we sheltered few immune from catastrophe?

Are we certain, from our brief and privileged vantage point, that such things will ever remain headline curiosities? Is it not whistling past the graveyard of history, not to mention just plain ignorant, to proclaim that our familiar way of life will forever be the norm, when everything that has gone before us shows we are, instead, the extremely lucky beneficiaries of a rare and fortunate convergence of circumstances?

One, by the way, that has only been preserved with arms …?

Why Are They Called ‘Homofascists’? Here’s Why…

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This is from Town Hall

The Homofascists are making Himmler and his Gestapo very proud.

In fact these Homofascists’ are able to accomplish things the Gestapo only dreamed of doing. 


Isaiah 5:20

King James Version (KJV)

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!



Many Christians have been warning for years that the radical homosexual activist lobby is made up of Christian-hating fascists who are in rebellion against both God and nature, who are hell-bent on criminalizing Christianity and pushing to the fringes anyone who publicly acknowledges natural human sexuality and the age-old, immutable institution of legitimate marriage as created by God.

Sadly, many people, even many Christians, think that I and others are using hyperbole when we refer to this sexual anarchist “LGBT” movement as “homofascist” or the “Gaystapo.” I hope you’ll think again. It’s time to wake up and smell the impending anti-Christian persecution. It’s fully at hand.

BarbWire contributor Laurie Higgins, commenting on the Washington Examinerstory below, summed it up well in an email tonight:

CEO and co-founder of Mozilla (and inventor of JavaScript) Brendan Eich is forced to resign because of his $1,000 donation to Prop 8 six years ago. So, I guess it’s semi-official: American citizens who believe marriage is inherently sexually complementary cannot work in America–not even in their own companies. First Amendment: R.I.P.

Reports theWashington Examiner:

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigned under pressure after gay rights activists demanded that he step down or recant his support of traditional marriage laws.

Eich donated $1,000 to support Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that amended the state’s constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

“I don’t want to talk about my personal beliefs because I kept them out of Mozilla all these 15 years we’ve been going,” Eich toldThe Guardian.“I don’t believe they’re relevant.”

That wasn’t an option. “CEO Brendan Eich should make an unequivocal statement of support for marriage equality,” a Credoaction petition signed by almost 75,000 people said, per The Inquirer. “If he cannot, he should resign. And if he will not, the board should fire him immediately.”

When asked if his beliefs about marriage should constitute a firing offense the way racism or sexism does, Eich argued that these religious beliefs — and beliefs popular as of 2008 — should not be used as a basis for dismissal.

“I don’t believe that’s true, on the basis of what’s permissible to support or vote on in 2008,” he told CNET. “It’s still permissible. Beliefs that are protected, that include political and religious speech, are generally not something that can be held against even a CEO. I understand there are people who disagree with me on this one.”

Oh, oh, Mr. Eich, how wrong you are. That’s the America we used to live in. That’s the America of our founding. Welcome to “Amerika.” Homofascism is the order of the day and Christian “intolerance” simply will not be tolerated. That was before we became the godless, wicked nation we are today. A once-great nation that now takes “pride” in calling “evil good and good evil.”

And here’s the kicker: Mr. Eich’s position on so-called “gay marriage” in 2008 is identical to none other than one Barack Hussein Obama’s. While running for president that year he said, “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage.”

Off with his head! Where are the calls for Obama’s resignation? Well, there are none because he got with the homofascist program. In a clear effort to raise funds for re-election, he pulled a 180.

Is anyone surprised?

Continues the Examiner:

On Thursday, Mozilla announced that he had resigned. “Mozilla prides itself on being held to a different standard and, this past week, we didn’t live up to it,” executive chairwoman Mitchell Baker wrote. “We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: it’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves. We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act. We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry. We must do better.”

Do you see what’s happening? Did you read that? That’s fear — deathly fear. Fear of a radical, hateful, intolerant, obnoxious, fascist, evil and power-crazed group of sex-obsessed anarchists who demand that we all affirmatively celebrate their deviant and self-destructive sexual sins.

Christians, buckle up. Your whole world is about to change. The Rainbowshirts are emboldened and they’ve broken out the long knives. “Therefore pride is their necklace; they clothe themselves with violence” – Psalm 73:6.

They smell blood in the water. I’ve often said that these folks want those who speak Biblical truth about human sexuality and legitimate marriage either 1) dead, 2) imprisoned or, if they can have neither of these, 3) marginalized to the point where they can’t even support their families.

Check No. 3 off the list. I guess they’re working backwards.

Freedom is hanging on by a thread, America, and it is those who worship the sin of Sodom that are determined to finish it off once and for all.






Gun store thanks supporters after raid: ‘We’re not down on our knees begging for mercy’


This is from BizPac Review.

I do not remember who it was that called the ATF JackBooted Thugs by they were correct.

Obama is using the ATF like his personal Gestapo.

As the saying goes the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives should be the corner store not a government agency. 


Ares raid

Photo credit: Ares Armor Facebook page

A California gun parts and accessories store that was the subject of a surprise raid by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Saturday is not going meekly into the night. The store’s owner has vowed to stand and fight for what he believes are his rights.

Ares Armor is now using their Facebook page to keep everyone apprised. Immediately after the raid, Ares’ CEO, Dimitrios Karras posted:

update: The ATF did execute a search warrant against all of our buildings today. None of our employees has been detained or arrested. We will be open for business tomorrow. We will be back up and shipping out orders on Monday. We wholeheartedly believe that they are WRONG in their actions and we will be relentlessly pursuing remedy through the courts. Quote from an ATF Agent during the raid “searching is fun! paper work sucks.” Maybe the ATF thinks the Constitution is part of that paper work that sucks… Despicable behavior on their part. This is just the beginning! Thank you all for the support! -Dimitrios Karras, CEO

His Saturday night post makes it clear he’ll fight to the last, and calls on the support of Second Amendment advocates:

Thank you all for the support. Our new friends are probably not pleased that we are not down on our knees begging for mercy. We have been contacted by several politicians already, but we need all the help we can get! Please do more than offer kind words. Contact your representative or congressmen and make sure they know about our plight. What they have done is wrong!

Riddle me this? Why would they execute a raid on a matter that is already in the courts hands before the hearing for preliminary injunction? Are they afraid of the facts? Criminals do not run to the courts for protection, criminals do not go to the media. They are wrong, and they know it! Thank you in advance for your help.

Semper Fidelis!

Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

All Senators

Senators who support the Second Amendment

This whole thing started when Ares Armor got wind that the ATF wanted Ares’ customer list and inventory of composite “80% lower receivers” for AR-15 rifles. The business responded by obtaining a temporary order on Tuesday of last week restraining the ATF from seizing these items.

Three days later, the ATF went behind Ares back and obtained an ex parte order qualifying the previous order by alleging Ares had engaged in criminal activity. On that basis, a search warrant was executed the following day.

The following video was taken outside Ares looking in during the raid.

Hey Connecticut, 1933 Berlin called, they want their Gestapo back


Hat Tip To Bullets First.

It is time for our brothers and sisters in Connecticut to wake up before Reichsfuhrer Paul Vance and his Gestapo come calling.

What has happened in the Constitution State?

I hope they stand up and proclaim their freedom.


The powers that be in Connecticut have decided that little things like the Constitution and Rights have no place in the (ironically named) Constitution state.

When you have the Connecticut State Police spokesman, Lt. Paul Vance declare that anyone who voices opinions contrary to support of the new gun control law “sounds anti-American” one cannot help but hear shades of the Gestapo looking to root out any perceived opposition to the dictatorship.

Here is a quote from Lt. Vance during a phone conversation with a woman whose husband received a letter saying he must turn in or destroy his weapons because the authority didn’t get the paperwork in time:


“Ma’am, it sounds like you’re anti-American, it sounds like you’re anti-law.”

According to Vance, if you are not lock step in line with the government’s oppression then you are Anti-American.

When the caller, Ashley, responds to this notion by saying that Vance is a public servant and whose job it is to serve the people, his flippant and tyrannical response is this:

“I’m the master, ma’am. I’m the master.” (and by extension the people are HIS servants)

Vance would continue on to say that he will be sending officers door to door in order to confiscate all weapons that he deems “illegal”.

This is the same Vance who wanted to arrest people for tweeting, what he called, “erroneous” Sandy Hook information.

So, where does Connecticut stand. Does it support the Gestapo like tactics of Lt. Vance? Does it want to silence the freedom of speech right along with the freedom to keep and bear arms? Will it move forward with it’s door to door Final Solution?

For historical reference, from the Holocaust Encyclopedia:

On the night of February 27-28, 1933, a mentally disabled Dutch citizen set fire to the German parliament building. Hitler and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, presented the incident as the prelude to an armed Communist uprising and persuaded the aging President Paul von Hindenburg to establish what became a permanent state of emergency.

This decree, known as the Reichstag Fire Decree, suspended the provisions of the German constitution that protected basic individual rights, including freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. The decree also permitted increased state and police intervention into private life, allowing officials to censor mail, listen in on phone conversations, and search private homes without a warrant or need to show reasonable cause.

Under the state of emergency established by the decree, the Nazi regime could arrest and detain people without cause and without limits on the length of incarceration.

In the months after Hitler took power, SA and Gestapo agents went from door to door looking for Hitler’s enemies. They arrested Socialists, Communists, trade union leaders, and others who had spoken out against the Nazi party; some were murdered. By the summer of 1933, the Nazi party was the only legal political party in Germany. Nearly all organized opposition to the regime had been eliminated. Democracy was dead in Germany.

If you replace the dates and the word Germany for Connecticut and have the mentally disabled citizen shooting up Sandy Hook instead of setting a fire, it’s pretty much history repeating itself word for word.

The all powerful regime in Connecticut has exchanged hatred of Jews for hatred of gun owners and will repeat the same tactics from 80 years ago in an attempt to exterminate them as well.

And do not expect the following not to come to pass, as it is all ready being encouraged in New York State by their own dictator, Herr Cuomo:

Essential to the intimidating effects of the terror was the willingness of many German citizens (whether out of conviction, greed, envy, or vengeance) to denounce their fellow citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish, to the police. The Gestapo could not have exercised such control over German society without the benefit of this steady stream of denunciations, many of which were entirely unfounded.

Even gun owners themselves, who felt compelled to follow the law (like Ashley’s husband) have done nothing more than tell the Nutmeg Gestapo of the guns they own. And just like Ashley’s husband, they have now given the Police the information needed to expedite the confiscation of said weapons.

My suggestion to the good people of Connecticut, get your heads out of your fourth point of contact and wake up. You are living in a state modeled after one that the entire world went to war in order to topple.

You best wake up soon.

And if you have a weapon that Connecticut wants, I suggest you don’t tell them…EVER.

Molon labe, bullets first.

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Gov SWAT Teams Target “Rugged Individuals” Who Grow Their Own Food, Produce Their Own Electricity

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This is from Joe For America.

These are tactics used by the Gestapo intimidation and

threats of arrest.

Sadly it will only get worse.

The dream of many Americans is to get out of the hustle and bustle of the daily city grind. And what better dream to have then to move your family outside of city limits to the countryside so that you can grow your own food, produce your own electricity with solar power, and live outside the purview of an ever expanding government apparatus?

That was the goal for hundreds of residents living on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Many own their land outright and have been living on it for decades without so much as a peep from their local government. They’ve built their homes using whatever means they had available to them. They planted their own fruits and vegetables. They even set up their own personal power production stations using solar panels and miniature wind farms.

And they’ve lived peacefully without violating the rights of those around them and leaving a very small “carbon footprint” to boot. For all intents and purposes, they achieved a life of independence and freedom.

But the tentacles of tyranny are everywhere and no one is protected from their grasp.

Recently, agents of the Los Angeles county government started paying visits to these rugged individualists. They claimed they were “here to help,” as one resident puts it. But, as is generally the case when the government comes knocking, they were there for exactly the opposite.

What was once a dream come true for many quickly turned into the new American nightmare.

Code enforcement agents for the county showed up in droves. But they didn’t come alone. Along with them came heavily armed “Nuisance Abatement Teams” who raided the homes and land of these peaceful residents as they would those of a terrorist.



(Pictured: Armored Nuisance Abatement Team – similar vehicles are in use across the United States)

The collection of rugged individualists who [want to live here] are being chased away.

Last year the county began performing unannounced inspections on his property.

Gallow says he cooperated with the county – clearing brush, then moving his shed, then getting rid of his motor home.

Finally, the county made a demand that shocked him.

“They told me… you have to get off the property. I said get off the property?’ They said ‘yeah, you can’t live here.’ ”

Gallow says county officials told him that neighbors, whom they would not identify, had complained about unsightly structures on his property.

He could keep his land, they told him, but would not be allowed to live on it.

“I said, for what? My closest neighbor is half a mile away. We’re not living in Beverly Hills here, this is my home. All of sudden you got police at my front door – bullet proof vests, guns, and then they surrounded the place. Everything I worked for was just melting away from me.”

“I don’t know where I’m going to go.”

Mr. Gallow is not alone. County enforcement officials with militarized Nuisance Abatement Teams in tow have made similar threats to other residents, ordering them to destroy everything on their properties and to get off their own land.

Watch this shocking, yet unsurprising account of the plight of these Americans who want nothing more than to be left alone:

In the new America, everyone is criminal.




Nazi Gestapo chief ‘buried in Jewish cemetery’

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This is from France 24 International News.

Two things come to mind YGTBSM and WTF.                                                                           

AFP – The head of Hitler’s Gestapo secret police and one of the organisers of the Holocaust, Heinrich Mueller, was buried in a Jewish cemetery in Berlin in 1945, a German newspaper reported Thursday.

For 68 years, the fate of “Gestapo-Mueller” has been unclear but Bild, based on documents found by a historian, said he died at the end of the war and was buried in a common grave in a Jewish cemetery in central Berlin.

“Mueller didn’t survive the end of the war,” the mass circulation newspaper quoted Johannes Tuchel, head of the Memorial to the German Resistance, as saying.

“His body was interred in 1945 in the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Mitte in a mass grave,” he said.

Mueller was long rumoured to have survived World War II. Bild quoted a German BND foreign intelligence file stating that Mueller was in Carlsbad in the former Czechoslovakia in summer 1949.

But Tuchel told Bild that the secret services were wrong.

“Mueller’s body was already found in August 1945 in a provisional grave near the former Reich’s aviation ministry by a burial commando,” he told Bild.

His body was dressed in a general’s uniform, Tuchel said. “In the inner left breast pocket was, among other things, his service certificate with a photo,” he went on.

Bild also printed a document it said was from the registrar’s office in Berlin-Mitte showing Mueller was buried in the district’s Jewish cemetery.

The leader of Germany’s Jewish community, Dieter Graumann, reacted angrily.

That one of the most brutal Nazi sadists is buried in a Jewish cemetery is a distasteful monstrosity. The memory of the victims is being treated here with contempt,” he told Bild.

Mueller attended the Wannsee Conference at a villa on the outskirts of Berlin in January 1942 at which senior Nazis plotted the “Final Solution”, a plan to exterminate all Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe.



Dr. Ben Carson says IRS targeted him for his anti-Obama comments

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This is from Fox News Politics.

 Adolph Hitler used the SS and Gestapo to harass then destroy his enemies

Comrade Obama uses the DOJ and the IRS to harass and destroy his enemies.

Like Hitler, Obama’s enemies are all a figment of his paranoid delusional personality. 



WASHINGTON –  Dr. Ben Carson, the former surgeon who criticized President Obama over his lack of leadership and health care plan earlier this year, now claims he was unfairly targeted by the IRS because of his comments against the administration.

During an interview on “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday, Carson says the Internal Revenue Service started looking into his real estate holdings following his comments against the White House at the National Prayer Breakfast in February.

Carson says he had never had a problem with the tax-collecting agency until he spoke out against the president.

Eventually, the IRS conducted a full audit against Carson and found no wrongdoing, he said.

When asked directly by O’Reilly if he was targeted because of his anti-Obama stance, Carson responded, “Well, whether that was the case or not, the fundamental issue here is that the freedom of our citizens is being threatened.”

Carson went on to say he thought the issue is a “much more serious thing than Watergate or Iran-Contra or Benghazigate. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, is one of the major principles of our country.”

Carson, a former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon, first said he was targeted by the IRS at an event in Birmingham, Ala., Monday night.

“I had my first encounter with the IRS this year, unsurprisingly after the prayer breakfast,” he said at the annual Business Council of Alabama Chairman’s Dinner.

Calls to the IRS for comment were not immediately returned.


My Personal Musings

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What I am going to say will tick off some people. These are just my thoughs on this subject. If my words offend you, you were warned.

I was watching a story about Adolph Hitler. He came from no where and quickly charmed the people and was elected Chancellor.

Hitler’s claim to fame at the time he was a corporal in the German Army during World War One. He gave mesmerizing speeches that caused the German peopleto follow him blindly shouting, ” Seig Heil, Seig Heil!”

My mind flashed to Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama came from no where and got elected president. His claim to fame is he was a Senate back-bencher in the Illinois legislature as well as a very short U.S.Senate term.

Obama gives mesmerizing speeches that caused the low-information voters to follow Obama blindly chanting, “Yes We Can! Yes We Can!”

Obama voted present in the Illinois Senate and his only non present was in favor of infanticide.

Hitler encouraged people to inform on their friends and family. He also encouraged children to inform on their parents. He used the Gestapo and the terrorize and destroy his enemies, both personal and political.

Now flash forward to the present and examine Obama.

Obama use the I.R.S. and the D.O.J. to terrorize his enemies; real as well as imaginary, to try to destroy them.

Hitler used the Jewish people as scape goats and blamed them for the problems facing Germany.

Obama uses Conservatives,  the Tea Party, Republicans and the rich to blame for his failures.

–Hitler implemented gun control and universal health care.

–Hitler used death camps to murder the mentally ill,the handicapped as well as the undesirables, aka the Jewish people. LAs result over six million people were murdered.

Obama supports infanticide and the murders of unborn babies.

Only time will tell how many people will die as result of Obamacare.

Critics question IRS initiative targeting small businesses

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This is from Fox News Politics.

Obama is using the IRS like Hitler used the Gestapo and the SS.

To harass and intimidate honest small business owners and Conservatives.  

Sadly it will only get worse ans worse.


Small business owners across the country are receiving letters from the IRS questioning if they are reporting all of their cash income, in a new push by the agency some are saying could unnecessarily create fear in the small business community.

The Wall Street Journal reports the initiative is an attempt to respond to what the agency feels is a widespread failure by small businesses to report all their cash sales.

The agency says the letters are not the same as an audit, and it is simply seeking more tax information from the businesses. However, some lawmakers and business owners who received the letters say the initiative is alarming.

“There’s an emotional thing when you get a pretty ominous-looking letter from the IRS, [saying] you might have done some bad things,” small business owner Tom Reese tells the Wall Street Journal. “I really work hard with my accountant to make sure that I not only follow the law, but follow the letter of the law.”

One letter the IRS sent is headlined, “Notification of Possible Income Underreporting.”  It notifies the business owner “your gross receipts may be underreported” and says they must complete a form “to explain why the portion of your gross receipts from non-card payments appears unusually low.”

One lawmaker says the letter’s tone implies wrongdoing from the start.

“The letter implies that this is a serious matter that could lead to assessments of additional tax, penalties and interest,” says a letter sent to the IRS Friday by Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., chairman of the House Small Business Committee.

Though the IRS has only sent letters to small percentage of businesses so far, around 20,000 of the estimated millions in the U.S., the agency says they hope to expand the program in the coming months.

One small business owner says the initiative will likely create fear among business owners, as it is often difficult to match credit transactions with income.

“There are so many reasons why, even if you’re the most honest tax payer, you’re not going to match (what card records show),” Fran Coet, who runs an accounting business in Westminster, Colo., tells the Wall Street Journal.

For example, Coet says, when a company sells a gift card it does not count for accounting purposes as a sale, but appears as such to credit card companies.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, the said the agency is “working diligently to minimize burden on both taxpayers and tax professionals” in implementing the new program.

The agency has been under fire in the past few months when it was revealed it was unfairly targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status.

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