Glenn Beck Warns About What Comes Next on The Slippery Slope

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This is from Western Journalism.

I am sure Glenn Beck is bat shit crazy but he is correct with his prediction.

The next thing we will be told is pedophilia is normal and we have to accept it as normal.

I do not and will not accept any of the perversions  that the Obama Regime says is normal.

… the next stop on this train is …”

In the wake of continued, successful assaults on traditional Christian and American morality, Glenn Beck issued a warning to his listeners on Monday about what is coming next.

Beck was responding to a chain of incidents that included the recent decision by Pennsylvania theme park Hersheypark to allow guests and employees to use whatever bathroom they choose based upon their gender identity. That came in the wake of retail giant Target’s similar policy opening restrooms and fitting rooms to both sexes and a federal edict to schools to allow students to use the bathroom or locker room for their gender identity. Many people object to these policies because of safety and privacy concerns.

Beck on Monday said the transgender bathroom effort is just the beginning.

He differentiated the bathroom issue from gay marriage, noting that while gay marriage was “pushed through” by President Obama’s administration, it “was already on that path.”

“Transgender bathrooms have come out of nowhere, and are being jammed down our throat,” Beck said on his radio program. “I guarantee you — I guarantee you — the next stop on this train is pedophilia. I guarantee it. They will normalize pedophilia.”

Beck is not the only voice of concern over the moral direction the nation is taking.

“This past decade has seen a violent, destructive descent into a moral abyss,” the Rev. Franklin Graham has written. He said recent action on transgender bathroom access “sets the stage for pedophiles and predators, and it opens the door for all manner of evil.”

One commentator noted that a recent Salon profile of a pedophile sets the stage for the next battle.

“This is the problem with the slippery slope. One legitimization of the truly perverse leads to another and another until finally, we have leftist publications with sizeable followings pushing the beginnings of yet another ‘civil rights imperative’ that culminates with us accepting and applauding the perverts of society,” wrote Greg Campbell wrote on Politistick.

” … while we can and should have a healthy conversation about legalities and sexuality in America, we are not obliged to herald each and every perversion as a civil rights issue worthy of our devotion. Sadly, that’s exactly where the left is taking us as a nation and as a society,” he wrote.

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WHOA: What Trump Did To This BLACK Man In 2013 Is SHOCKING


This is from Clash Daily. 

This does not sound like anything Hitler would have done.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 8.29.01 AM

Does this look like something that someone who is compared to ‘Hitler’ would do for someone? Please forward this to Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck.

A bus driver who prevented a suicidal woman from jumping off a bridge in Buffalo, New York, has been handed a $10,000 check from Donald Trump and showered with gifts for being a hero.

Darnell Barton, 37, had just picked up 20 high school students on the afternoon of October 18 and was driving over a bridge when he spotted a woman standing along the railing on an overpass, leaning over the traffic below.

He pulled over and counseled her into coming down, leading real estate mogul Trump to write a letter saying: ‘Your quick thinking resulted in a life being saved and for that you should be rewarded.’

Although Trump didn’t personally hand Barton the reward check, the $10,000 was passed through Mayor Byron W. Brown’s office to be handed to the bus driver.

Trump wrote: ‘Although I know to you it was just a warm-hearted first response to a dangerous situation… it saved her life.’

Barton was also interviewed by celebrity chef Rachael Ray on Wednesday for her daytime TV show.

Barton has not spoken to the woman he helped save since the incident, but says he plans to do so when the situation deserves.

He has not yet decided what to do with his check but has spoken of starting a foundation.

‘I have my personal executive board, called my wife. We haven’t sat down and had an opportunity to plan or anything of that nature yet’, he said to the Buffalo News.

Read more: Daily Mail

Glenn Beck Compares Donald Trump to Hitler


This is from

Glenn Beck’s conservatism died many moons ago with the two active brain cells he had.

Sadly, Glenn is trying to recover his fifteen minutes of fame.

One thing Glenn got right “We The People” are pissed off big time..

“Donald Trump is a dangerous man with the things that he has been saying”

Conservative pundit Glenn Beckcompared Donald Trump to Hitler on Sunday, blasting the Republican front runner for appealing to Americans’ anger for votes.

The right-wing media personality called Trump a “dangerous man” during his appearance Sunday on ABC’s This Weekwith host George Stephanopoulos. “We all look at Adolf Hitler in 1940. We should look at Adolf Hitler in 1929,” Beck said. “He was a kind of a funny kind of character that said the things people were thinking. Where Donald Trump takes it, I have absolutely no idea. But Donald Trump is a dangerous man with the things that he has been saying.”

Comedian Louis C.K. made the same comparison on Saturday, calling Trump an “insane bigot” while urging voters to stop supporting him. “It was funny for a little while. But the guy is Hitler,” he said. “And by that I mean that we are being Germany in the ’30s. Do you think they saw the s–t coming? Hitler was just some hilarious and refreshing dude with a weird comb over who would say anything at all.”

Huckabee and Others Endorse COS Project

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This is from Convention Of States.

This is what convention that Mark Levin has spoken of

on many occasions and endorses.

We need to encourage our State Representatives and Senators

to join the push for State Conventions.


As the Convention of States Project grows, it is increasingly gaining the attention of the public and the politically savvy.  With many people coming out in support of the COS Project, be on the lookout for your favorite legislator or political analyst.  Here are just a few of the endorsements the Project has received from influential thinkers and legislators:

Former Governor Mike Huckabee:  “The Framers gave us a structure to allow the states to unilaterally impose proper controls on the federal government when it overruns the boundaries they had established.  Article V allows for a Convention of States for this very purpose.  The states can meet in official session to draft amendments to the Constitution that require fiscal restraint and other limitations on federal power.  My longtime friend, Michael Farris—who is an excellent constitutional litigator and professor—has joined with Mark Meckler and Citizens for Self-Governance to actually bring this idea into reality.  I have reviewed their plan and it is both innovative and realistic.

I urge you to join me in supporting the Convention of States Project with Citizens for Self-Governance.”

United States Senator Ron Johnson: “I am a big supporter of what Mike [Farris] is proposing here: the Convention of States.  This problem is not going to be solved in Washington D.C. It’s got to be solved by We the People.  We’ve got to take the power back.  I can’t think of a better way of doing it, because Washington is not going to give up power.”

Glenn Beck: “I’m telling you, Congress will remove the debt ceiling and there is nothing you can do about it, there is nothing you can do about any of these things unless the states get together and say, “We’re going to have a convention, and we are going to amend the Constitution.”  That is what the Founders put in [the Constitution]….

Find out, please, about COS. A Convention of States is what it’s called, and do your homework on this. Politically speaking, I think it is time. It is time. The document that we have is living. It is breathing. But there is a way to do it.  And this is the way….

There is a reset coming, and you need to have your power back at the states, and you need to break up the cabal in Washington, and this is the way to do it.  Please do your own homework on this and decide for yourself.  Convention of States.”

United States Senator Tom Coburn:  “The problem in Washington is not that politicians agree too little but that they agree too much.  Both parties have worked together to grow government far beyond what we can afford, and what the Founders intended.  Sadly, there is not enough political will in Washington to fix the real problems facing the country.  It’s time for the people to take back their country.  The plan put forth by Convention of States is a great way to do just that by using the process the founders gave us for reigning in the federal government.”

Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe and South Carolina Representative Bill Taylor, among other state legislators, have also specifically endorsed the COS Project. Bill Taylor notes, “The Convention of States is the safest, most legitimate, lawful and most effective means to solve the problems in Washington.  The Constitution is a brilliant document, and it’s high time we use it as the Founders intended.”

These men believe in what we’re doing, and folks across the country are catching the vision of a limited federal government.  If you’re ready to join them, sign up today and get to work!



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This is from Patriot Update.

We are going to have the radical agenda shoved down our throats.

I shudder to think of the regulations that will be passed to save the environment.

How many businesses will be forced to close because of this radical agenda?

How high will the cost of energy become because of the tree huggers?


Stand by America—the environmentalists are coming.  Radical environmentalists are practically gleeful over Barack Obama’s re-election because they now have four more years to advance their anti-business, anti-people agenda.  To understand how far modern environmentalists have strayed from the origins of their own movement, consider the definition of “environmentalism”provided by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “Advocacy of the preservation, restoration, or improvement of the natural environment; especially the movement to control pollution.”  If this definition were an accurate reflection of modern environmentalism, the concept would not be so controversial.  However, because of the excesses of so-called environmentalists, Merriam-Webster’s definition more accurately describes people who prefer to be known as conservationists or, even, responsible developers. Conservationists and responsible developers are both interested in maintaining the beauty and integrity of the natural environment—the former for man’s enjoyment and the latter because doing so is good business.

The modern environmentalism movement, on the other hand, is a confederation of earth worshippers, animal rights advocates, abortionists, anti-technology Luddites, and various other factions of the radical left.  It is most accurately viewed as a denomination within the broader religion of secular humanism.  The various factions of the environmentalism movement all have different agendas, but the glue that holds them together is their common enemy: mankind.  In reality, the modern environmentalism movement has become an umbrella organization under which all left-wing groups who regard human beings as the enemy can plant their flags.  Like all members of the radical left, environmentalists view human beings as entities to be controlled and manipulated by an all-powerful civil government.

Environmentalists try to portray their movement as an ideology concerned only with the health of the environment and the protection of the non-human elements in it.  But in reality, it is an anti-mankind movement that sees man as the enemy of all things on earth.  Consequently, environmentalists hope to use the ballot box to force their secular religion—which is what environmentalism really is—on all Americans.  This is one of many examples that demonstrate the left’s adherence to the maxim that might makes right, provided, of course, that they have the might.  But does it?

In her book, Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial RevolutionAyn Rand has this to say about environmentalism as an ideology: “The nature of an ideology is not determined by majority vote—but by logic…even if various environmentalists…would deny this…The full implications of an ideology’s central principle are often evaded by its adherents.”  What Rand is saying is that: 1) environmentalists want to force their views on society by controlling the civil government because they cannot persuade people on the basis of logic or economics, and 2) that the left conveniently ignores the illogic of its own views.

Environmentalists often go to such extremes that they are occasionally referred to by detractors as “wackos.”  Unfortunately, they sometimes earn this disparaging label.  For example, consider the case of the space-alien study completed by researchers at Pennsylvania State University. Writing for The Washington TimesJeffrey T. Kuhner commented on this study:  “Unbelievably the study is not a joke, although global laughter prompted its authors to insist it was meant to be.  In their report, ‘Would Contact With Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis’ Shawn Domagal-Goldman of NASA’s Planetary Science Division and his colleagues discuss the possible outcomes of a close encounter between aliens and humans.  One of their likely scenarios is that extraterrestrial-intelligence (ETI) contact with humanity may compel space aliens to wipe us out.  Why? In order to save the galaxy from a capitalist, industrial, polluting civilization that is ravaging Earth’s environment and emitting greenhouse gases that will doom the planet.”

It would be tempting to simply laugh off the views expressed by these NASA environmentalists as so much foolishness, but the reader should not overlook the hatred of mankind, industrialization, and capitalism expressed in their comments.  As is often the case with environmentalists, the views of these NASA scientists can be summarized as follows: The world would be a great place if it weren’t for all of these people.

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