GOPissed OFF: Conservatives… It’s Time To Wreck The GOP Establishment

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This is from Clash Daily.

This is a point I have been making for years.

Conservatives are not only at war with the Liberals we are in a battle for the Republican Party a fight we must win.


My friends, the political war has begun and we are not just battling the left – we are in battle with our own party. Do not give your money to the GOP, as they will use it against conservatives! It doesn’t matter if you are Team Cruz, Walker, Rand Paul or any other conservative; give directly to the candidate. We might fall under the party category of Republican, however, trust me when I say, that is the absolute only thing we have in common anymore.

The establishment hates conservatives because the GOP has sold out and bowed to the agenda. Ask yourself, with all of the promises from McConnell, McCain, Graham, etc… why do we still have Obamacare? Why do we have open borders and executive amnesty looming? Why is Boehner still Speaker of the House? Why are we negotiating with Iran? Why have they not stopped Hussein Obama’s spending? Why do radical Jihad terrorists have training camps on our own soil? It is all smoke and mirrors to pacify the minions and theatrics to buy time.

Why has no one brought impeachment charges for multiple treasonous crimes? Including the Bergdahl trade, Benghazi, and Fast and Furious. Promises, speeches, petitions and lawsuits; all to keep us busy and occupied while our great country is destroyed from within. We worked our asses off to take back the Senate and it has proven futile. The only way to save us now is to elect a constitutional conservative President in 2016.

My personal e-mail inbox is full of the GOP begging for money. They have even coerced Governor Walker into e-mailing on their behalf to beg for money. He has to be out of his mind to think they will use that money to support his run. They have chosen their man: Jeb Bush.

Every dime you give to the GOP will go towards electing Jeb Bush. I have heard unenlightened good friends call him a moderate Republican, but I lean towards Jeb being a liberal. If you want to know where he stands on the issues, look at his big donors: ProAmnesty, ProCommonCore, ProAbortion, and so on. Jeb Bush versus Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren is a win/win for liberalism and goodbye to our freedoms.

Ask yourself how many more times we have to be lied to and slapped in the face? Case in point, when Texas Conservative Ted Cruz announced his run for the White House, GOP Republican Peter King immediately bashed him in the media. When Cruz filibustered Obamacare, he received absolutely no support from the establishment. As a matter of fact, several of them went to dinner with Hussein Obama that night.

One thing is for certain, the liberal left and the GOP are extremely fearful of a conservative constitutional candidate, as evident by their reaction to Cruz’s announcement. They can feel our momentum picking up and it will only get stronger, louder, more powerful. So now is the time for Americans to put up or shut up.

Make phone calls, pound the pavement, donate, and question everything and everyone. Scott Walker has secured voter ID for Wisconsin. What is your state doing? We must DEMAND voter ID, fair voting practices, and never relive the fraud of 2012. Never forget how they bused in illegals, did not get the ballots to our soldiers overseas, changed votes from Romney to Obama through voting machines, allowed Black Panthers to intimidate voters at the polls, and how votes were outsourced to a Soros company for tally. Not to mention, dead people voting, people voting multiple times and districts in Ohio reporting over a 100% turn out.

Too many great Americans have shed blood for us to lie down and give up our freedoms. One of my favorite Marine veteran’s kids bought him a countdown clock that shows to the exact second how much time is left before Hussein Obama leaves office. That clock is running down fast…..and the time to fight is now.


Vote Like Your Constitution Depends On It . . . Because It Does


This is from Town Hall.

Not only the Constitution, but our lives in general.

So Vote!.


Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.Ronald Reagan
40th president of US (1911 – 2004)


You need to vote Tuesday, and you need to work to get your friends, neighbors and family to vote too. How should you vote? Straight-up Republican down the ballot.

Is the GOP establishment packed with hacks, squishes and weasels? Yep. And that’s irrelevant. The party will fall in line with conservative values soon enough as these doddering clowns age their way out of office. We have one opponent – the progressives – and the progressives have one party – the Democrats.

They must be stopped before they destroy this country. They are shredding our Constitution, bankrupting us, and turning the might of the federal government against their political enemies (that’s us) in order to hold on to power. Overseas, they are abandoning our loyal allies – if you think Obama would do what Nixon did for Israel and airlift it lifesaving military supplies when the Arabs forces nearly overwhelmed it in 1973, then I have a unicorn you might want to buy.

His name is Chet, and he liked his health plan and got to keep it.

The sad fact is that the only people these progressives don’t seem to want to defeat are America’s enemies. If you want to live on the edge, befriend America with a Democrat in the White House and Harry Reid running the Senate.

“But, but,” stammer those self-described conservatives who make liberals smile by choosing to indulge their emotions instead of coldly acting to beat the statists, “I’m staying home because I’m sick of having to choose the lesser of two evils!”

You tools. That’ll show Obama. He’ll be heartbroken as he nominates some commie law school professor to the Supreme Court and Reid nuke options him into a robe for the next 30 years. You can pat yourself on the back about choosing to let the greater of two evils win as you lose your right to speak freely, to write what you want, to read what you want, to worship God like you want, to own weapons to protect your family, community and Constitution. Yeah, way to go, Thinky.

When it’s between a Republican and a Democrat, it’s not choosing the lesser of two evils. At worst, it’s choosing the mediocrity over the evil.

Thad Cochran’s a jerk and the establishment creeps were jerks for supporting him. Vote for Thad.

Pat Roberts is a jerk and the establishment creeps were jerks for supporting him. Vote for Pat.

And the conservatives who lost to them in the primaries – if you haven’t done it already, get out there and demand your ticked-off supporters vote for the jerk who screwed you. It isn’t about your hurt feelings. It’s about our country.

Don’t worry – we conservatives shall have our revenge soon enough. And, as anyStar Trek nerd can tell you, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Then there are the stubborn “libertarians.” I’m not talking about the sensible ones who realize that voting for some dude whose entire platform consists of bong hits and appeasement will only act to empower the most collectivist president and Senate in our history. Nor am I talking about the stoner libertarians who will fire up a bowl Tuesday morning and come out of their purple haze on Thursday having forgotten to vote.

I’m talking about the tiresome “libertarians” who relish these last few days of every election cycle because – for once – people pay attention to them, hoping to get them to fight the left. But these goofs aren’t about to give up the attention lavished upon them by conservatives praying they are more libertarian than narcissist and might actually be convinced to vote consistent to what they claim as their ideology – or at least not against it. It’s too much fun being wooed and courted and having people pretend to read their lengthy blog posts about how fighting people who want to kill us is bad and how Ayn Rand was hot and how the Fed is responsible for them not being able to get a date.

But reasoning with them never works. These people are useless. So pucker up, dorks, because I have something you can kiss – and once again you’ll be disappointed because it isn’t a girl.

I’m done with you idiots. I’m not wasting my breath on you again and I’m certainly not giving you the attention you crave. All I can say is stay in your mom’s basement Tuesday – the Trilateral Commission is out there with its chemtrails and mind control lasers waiting to ambush you on the way to the polls!

Now, those of us who are sane and who actually care about our country have a mission. We need to bring it home for the GOP – not because its candidates are perfect but because its candidates are not actively evil. Yeah, I suppose there are some nice Democrat candidates out there. Some of them can maybe muster up a few positive comments about free enterprise and free speech, at least in theory. A few probably even like dogs better than cats, like real Americans.

But they have thrown in their lot with a crowd that seeks to destroy our sacred Constitution. The Democrats voted en masse to effectively repeal the First Amendment. Think about that – these people literally think it’s A-OK to outlaw books. They want to stop you from practicing your religion except in the manner and to the extent they choose. They want you disarmed and helpless. Oh, and if you happen to care whether Israel gets wiped off the map or not, perhaps you ought to put the party in power that didn’t boo the mention of the Jewish State at its last convention.

If everyone reading this gets five voters to vote for America, maybe we can save America. The polls are that tight. We have to overcome a lot to retake the Senate and put the brakes on America’s runaway decline. We need every vote. We have to beat Democrats’ margin of stupidity. We have to beat Democrats margin of fraud. We can’t afford to also have to overcome the angry conservatives’ margin of sulk.

Editor’s note: Since this column was written, Kansas GOP Senate primary candidate Dr. Milton Wolf publicly endorsed Senator Pat Robert for reelection.

GOP donors reportedly working to draft Jeb Bush for 2016 presidential run


This is from Fox News.

I say “Oh Hell No to Jeb the RINO Bush as well as Chris Crispy Cream Christie.We need a rock solid Conservative presidential candidate.



A group of top Republican donors have reportedly begun an intense effort to draft former Florida governor Jeb Bush into the race for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016.

Washington Post report quotes one major donor as saying that the “vast majority” of the top 100 givers to 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney would back Bush in a nomination fight.

The report also claims that a hard press has begun to get Bush into the race because conservative leaders and longtime Republican operatives are concerned about the electoral viability of New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. Christie’s standing and poll numbers, both nationally and among Republicans, have been damaged by the ongoing investigation into whether he knew of access lane closures to the George Washington Bridge ordered by his staff as apparent political retaliation.

On the other hand, Paul’s libertarian views on matters like surveillance by the National Security Agency and his perceived softness on foreign policy has also raised red flags in the GOP establishment. Paul’s victories in straw polls at the Conservative Political Action Conference and the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference earlier this month may also have been a factor in the renewed push for a Bush candidacy.

Earlier this week, Bush met privately with casino magnate and GOP donor Sheldon Adelson and addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition’s senior members at a dinner held Thursday at Adelson’s company airport hangar. The Post, citing a donor in attendance at the dinner, reported that the crowd of about 60 guests applauded when one told Bush, “I hope you run for President in 2016.”

Bush, the brother of former President George W. Bush and the son of former President George H.W. Bush, served two terms as governor of Florida between 1999 and 2007. After leaving office, his name was put forward as a possible Senate candidate in 2010 and a presidential candidate in 2012. However, despite the rumors, Bush has remained out of political life.

Bush’s advisers told The Post that the former governor was not actively exploring a candidacy and would not make a decision on running until the end of this year.

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