Will Chicago Homicides Beat the 2016 Number of 807? Odds Are Good

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We can see by these numbers how well Chicago’s strict gun control laws do not work.

Chicago Death Toll as of 11/12/2017


Ft Collins, CO –-( “That nation is surest to live in peace, that is most capable of making war; and a man with a sword always by his side, shall have least occasion to make use of it.” ~ John Trenchard

The City of Chicago is about to pass yet another dubious milestone:

Six-hundred homicides this year alone, and we still have six weeks to go!

And, the above figure is far from revealing the whole story. The six-hundred bodies are just the ones that someone knows about. Bodies of other “missing” have yet to be found!

Of every six people reported shot (not including suicides and accidental, self-inflicted GSWs), only one ultimately dies.

Many non-fatal gunshot wounds (intentional and accidental) go unreported. In fact, many, probably most, non-injury UDs (and more than a few intentional discharges) are never reported!

A popular media myth is that our nation’s current murder rate is being reduced from previous years.

That may be technically true, but the reason is superior emergency medical care, which means wounds that would have likely been fatal thirty years ago, no longer are.

Another reason is that we have so many violent criminals incarcerated. So long as they’re locked-up, they can’t commit violent crimes (at least outside of prison). I don’t like the cost of incarceration any more than the next tax-payer, but it is money well spent!

In spite of the preceding, murder rates in significant metro areas, like Chicago, are still off the chart, as we see.

And, that’s precisely the way liberal politicians want it!

  • 1) High rates of violent crime keep people frightened, and thus provide a convenient pretext for the continual, exponential growth of government, and therefore the ability of leftist politicians and bureaucrats to lord it over people, which is what they live for!
  • 2) High rates of violent crime provide liberal politicians with a continual reason to push for the banning of guns (from everyone but themselves). Helpless, dependent, perpetual “victims” are much easier “managed” than are proudly independent, self-reliant citizens.
  • 3) Votes and other political support from “victims” are easily purchased and/or threatened out of them.

Thus, nearly every big-city mayor in the USA right now is a functional Communist, either openly (as in NYC), or for all practical purposes.

They’ve manipulated the system to keep themselves in power, forever! In the interim, life-spans of “victims” is about the same as that for hostages.

“Given power over their fellow men, most discover within themselves evil impulses, of which they had been previously unaware.” ~ Arthur Custance


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GOA Sends Open Letter to GOP to “Do Something” on Pro-Gun Bills

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H/T Bearing Arms.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are a couple of swamp monsters that will sell their mothers to appease the drive by media.

Earlier today, Gun Owners of America issued a press release that calls on Republican congressional leadership to step up and push forward pro-gun legislation currently in the pipeline.

GOA Sends Open Letter to GOP to “Do Something” on Pro-Gun Bills

Springfield, VA – Gun Owners of America (GOA) addressed an open letter to Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan — urging them to act on pro-gun legislation.

Tim Macy, chairman of Gun Owners of America, wrote, “A little over a month ago, it appeared that Congress would pass legislation long desired by gun owners.  Sadly, it now appears that the gun agenda is on the back burner.”

Furthermore, it appears some Republicans are supporting failed gun control measures.

“To make matters worse, some Republicans are even falling over themselves, looking for ways to appease The Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC with a new package of gun controls, centering on ways to buck up the anti-gun Brady law,” Macy continued.  “But here’s the irony: Shooters in virtually every major mass shooting in recent years passed the Brady check. And the one that didn’t, in as [Adam Lanza] in Newtown, killed his mother and stole her guns.”

Macy then highlighted everyday citizens, like the hero Stephen Willeford, who use their guns in self-defense to stop mass shooters in their tracks.  And Macy encouraged Republican leaders to loosen existing gun control restrictions.

“If Republicans want to energize their base, please consider enacting real public safety improvements that involve protecting liberty, not taking it away,” Macy concluded. “So, as you scramble around looking for ‘something to do’ about recent criminal acts, act on legislation that will restore American’s right to keep and bear arms such as concealed carry reciprocity, the Veterans Protection Act, suppressor deregulation, and the Buck Restoration of Rights Amendment.”

The McConnell-Ryan letter was also cc’d to President Donald Trump.

Tim Macy, or another GOA spokesmen, is available for interviews.Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 1.5 million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA’s Newsroom.

At this point, Republicans are playing defense as emboldened Democrats push more and more gun control legislation forward despite maintaining a minority.

The GOP is the ostensibly pro-gun party, yet they have stalled on laws that gun rights activists have long sought, including national reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act that was folded into the SHARE Act. Lawmakers were primed to permit the lawful sale of suppressors at gun stores without the rigamarole currently involved in obtaining them.

However, the moment Las Vegas happened, congressional Republicans backed off completely.

It’s understandable, to a point. The optics on passing pro-gun legislation in the wake of such a tragedy is less than ideal. However, it’s worth noting that the other side doesn’t care. It’s perfectly acceptable to pass gun control legislation at such times, but not pro-gun laws that have no bearing on the tragedy in question.

The reality is that GOA is right. Republicans in Congress definitely need to step up, grow a set, and pass the laws they were elected to pass by their constituents.  The SHARE Act and national reciprocity need to become the law of the land, and that needs to happen now.


The Hyperbole Of The Hysterical Anti-Gun Left

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H/T Bearing Arms.

The knee-jerk “Do Something”-ism is they battle cry of the loony anti gun crowd.

The anti-gun left has always been known for their hysteria. Their knee-jerk “Do Something”-ism is a staple of their political stance, particularly when it comes to guns. A single misuse of a gun can easily result in millions of dollars spent all focused on taking away the rights of people who have done absolutely nothing wrong.

While they’re at it, there’s often a fair bit of hyperbole on full display.

Take the Atlanta Journal-Constitution‘s Mike Luckovich and his take on the Sutherland Springs shooting.

Becket Adams, for the record, is being sarcastic there. For the record, here are his words regarding the cartoon:

Get it? The NRA represents some thousands of legal and lawful gun owners across the U.S., so they’re, um, worse than al Qaeda and the Islamic State. Yes, the NRA is worse than two terrorist groups that have made their mark by marauding through the Middle East, killing, torturing, raping, and pillaging as they please, beheading and setting people on fire for the cameras.

A very fine and well-reasoned position!


For the record, the leadership of Al Quida directed attacks are responsible for how many murders conducted by their members? As of 2008, the most recent year I can find numbers for after a quick search, we’re looking at over 4,400 dead, most of them from 9/11. That number has almost certainly increased since then, but this will work for us for right now.

The leadership of ISIS has ordered attacks responsible for how many dead? Not counting people killed in the Syrian civil war in which ISIS is a major player, the New York Times reported more than 1,200 killed as of 2016. Again, that number is a bit higher, especially if you count the slaughter of innocents in ISIS-controlled territories in the Middle East.

That means between the two groups, at least 5,600 innocent men, women, and children have been slaughtered in the service of their ideology.

How many have been killed in NRA-ordered attacks? None.

How many attacks has the NRA ordered? None.

Wait, this can’t be right. We’ve already been told that the NRA is a terrorist organization and the cartoon indicates they’re more deadly than ISIS and Al Quida. This just can’t be!

Well, it can.

The left loves their hyperbole, but they don’t actually want people to know it’s hyperbole. They want people to accept the premise at face value. They want people to associate the NRA with terrorists, paint it as some kind of “Evil Empire” that they will castigate automatically without a second thought.

If called on it, these folks will know that no, the NRA isn’t directlyresponsible, but they’re still responsible dagnabit! Somehow.

Which is why we need to call out people like Mike Luckovich on his nonsense. Yes, he has a First Amendment right to draw any cartoon he wants. We have a First Amendment right to point out that he’s a blithering idiot for equating a civil rights organization with genocidal terrorists who throw gays off of buildings, behead people for having the wrong religion, and stone women to death for the crime of being a rape victim.

Ain’t America great?

Dem-Backed Wisconsin Bill Seeks To Impose New Regulations On Gun Stores

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H/T Bearing Arms.

The gun grabbers are trying everything they can to undermine the Second Amendment.

Democrats in Wisconsin are looking to use a different tactic in their war on guns and gun rights. While the Second Amendment is the law of the land, and the Supreme Court has ruled that it extends to state and local governments, that simply restricts how the government can interfere with an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. With varying degrees of interference, of course.

Wisconsin Democrats are instead looking to target gun stores instead.

The proposal, LRB-3860, requires firearms retailers to lock all guns in a secured safe or steel gun cabinet or on a secured rod or cable when the when the business is closed or unattended. The sponsor said it comes as a response to a series of high-profile gun store burglaries in the state.

“I was shocked by the ease with which these criminals were able to steal multiple unsecured firearms. As a result, these guns are now out on the streets posing a danger to the community,” said state Rep. Lisa Subeck, D-Madison, in a statement. “The legislation I am introducing today will make it harder for criminals to get their hands on dangerous weapons by ensuring they are stored safely and securely after hours where they are sold.”

According to data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, 7,488 firearms were reported stolen from federally licensed dealers last year but only 44 of those were in taken during burglaries in Wisconsin. The state saw 31 guns stolen in 2015.

On the surface, this looks to be more about preventing thefts than anything else. In fact, that may be what some of those who support the proposal are thinking it’s all about.

However, it may also represent a new tactic in the anti-gun arsenal.

The Second Amendment is clear, and while the Supreme Court has claimed that some limits on the kinds of guns that can be owned by civilians, that’s something many anti-gun zealots are probably not eager to challenge. Not with the Court’s current make-up, at least.

However, the Second Amendment doesn’t explicitly preclude attempts to regulate the sale of guns.

Wisconsin’s bill may ostensibly be about preventing theft, it may also serve as a trial balloon. Democrats may be floating this bill to see if gun rights activists will martial their forces to fight it. Especially since the easy counter is how no one wants guns to be stolen.

On the surface, this bill seems fairly innocuous. While it calls for securing guns after hours, it doesn’t require all firearms to be moved to the vault or other excessively burdensome acts. The fact that a lock and cable system is allowed–something far easier to do yet still somewhat secure–makes it a bit harder to oppose and not look like you’re in favor of making things easier for crooks.

But I don’t think it’s about that. Not in the long game, anyway.

See, Americans are comfortable with regulations impacting private businesses. For better or worse, this is considered normal. The gun grabbers may well be planning on increasing regulations on gun dealers to the point that it becomes prohibitively expensive to sell them. Either that or prices on the guns themselves will increase until their out of the price range of the average shooter.

Either way, they have managed to keep guns out of the hands of the rabble like you and me.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but since anti-gun crusaders have turned any and all tragedies into an excuse to restrict our rights, I think it’s understandable.


Boston Globe Calls For Gun Confiscation

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H/T Bearing Arms.

What would  fierce patriots such as James Otis, Samuel Adams, John Adams, John Hancock, and Paul Revere think of the Boston Globe’s position on firearm confiscation?

Within any gun debate, gun control advocates will typically spout some platitude about how they’re not wanting to ban guns outright, just certain guns. Maybe they’re saying they don’t want the hunting rifles, but do want the modern sporting rifles like the AR-15, whatever. Regardless of the specifics, they’ll routinely say they don’t want all the guns.

Of course, that’s a load of bovine excrement.

While some gun control advocates may, indeed, be sincere about their lack of desire for the confiscation of all firearms, there are more than enough who do. Take, for example, David Scharfenberg at the Boston Globe.

Scharfenberg wrote an op-ed last week all about how we need gun confiscation here in the United States, much like Australia had.

Still, even if we find a way to keep guns out of the hands of people who have engaged in disturbing or violent behavior — no small task, given all the stories of the troubled shooters who slipped through the cracks — it will only get us so far.

The United States’ astronomically high rates of firearm violence aren’t rooted in some unique American propensity for derangement and delinquency. Studies show our levels of mental illness and basic criminality are on par with other wealthy countries.

Other common explanations, like the social fissures created by our racial diversity, have been debunked by researchers, too. The only explanation left — an explanation borne out by a number of careful studies — is the sheer size of the American arsenal. There are 310 million handguns, shotguns, and semi-automatic weapons in American homes, garages, and waistbands.

Ultimately, if gun-control advocates really want to stanch the blood, there’s no way around it: They’ll have to persuade more people of the need to confiscate millions of those firearms, as radical as that idea may now seem.

And this is why gun rights advocates fight any and all gun control measures so vehemently.

Scharfenberg is simply stating an endgame that we already know is on the agenda. Today, the boogieman is the so-called assault rifle. Tomorrow, it’ll be the semi-auto handgun. Then it’ll be the “sniper rifle,” which most of us know as a hunting rifle. Yes, they want the guns. They want them all, and they won’t be happy with any ground given until they have them all.

It doesn’t matter that much of our gun violence is gang-related. It doesn’t matter that you can find far fewer guns in places like South America, yet much higher rates of violence. It doesn’t matter that most of our gun violence is centered on American cities, indicating the issue is something more localized than guns per capita.

No, none of that matters.

All that matters is blaming the tool sufficiently that people will gladly give up their firearms so our betters can make decisions for us. They can keep us safe and sound…except they can’t. Even if they desperately wanted to, they can’t.

The United States isn’t England, Australia, or any other country on Earth. We do have the Second Amendment, and we do have massive numbers of people who will vocally defend that amendment, many with their lives if necessary, but more importantly, we have a different culture than those nations. That different culture means what may work over there won’t necessarily work over here.

That’s especially true for gun confiscation programs.

Not that it matters, though. Democrats know damn good and well that trying to take all the guns is a non-starter, at least in one fell swoop. They know they need to take them incrementally.

Republicans, despite some recent squishiness on guns, aren’t likely to give up that kind of ground anytime soon. Bump stocks are one thing. Modern sporting rifles are another.

But never let a gun control advocate say that they, as a group, don’t want all the guns. Of course, they do, and the Boston Globe pretty much admitted it.

Dianne Feinstein Wants to Ban Commonly Owned Semi-Autos Again!



It is time for DIFI to STFU and go away.

On Wednesday, Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced S. 2095, which she is calling the Assault Weapons Ban of 2017. The 125-page firearm prohibition fever dream is perhaps the most far-reaching gun ban ever introduced in Congress.

Subject to an exception for “grandfathered” firearms, the bill would prohibit AR-15s and dozens of other semi-automatic rifles by name (as well as their “variants” or “altered facsimiles”), and any semi-automatic rifle that could accept a detachable magazine and be equipped with a pistol grip, an adjustable or detachable stock, or a barrel shroud. And that’s just a partial list. “Pistol grip” would be defined as “a grip, a thumbhole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip,” meaning the ban could implicate even traditional stocks or grips specifically designed to comply with existing state “assault weapon” laws.

Needless to say, semi-automatic shotguns and handguns would get similar treatment.

Also banned would be any magazine with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds or even any magazine that could be “readily restored, changed, or converted to accept” more than 10 rounds.

While Feinstein’s bill would graciously allow those who lawfully owned the newly-banned guns at the time of the law’s enactment to keep them, it would impose strict storage requirements any time the firearm was not actually in the owner’s hands or within arm’s reach. Violations would be punishable (of course) by imprisonment.

Owners of grandfathered “assault weapons” could also go to prison for allowing someone else to borrow or buy the firearm, unless the transfer was processed through a licensed firearms dealer. The dealer would be required to document the transaction and run a background check on the recipient.

Should lawful owners of the newly-banned firearms and magazines decide that the legal hazards of keeping them were too much, the bill would authorize the use of taxpayer dollars in the form of federal grants to establish programs to provide “compensation” for their surrender to the government.

This bill is nothing more than a rehash of Feinstein’s failed experiment in banning “assault weapons” and magazines over 10 rounds.  Except this time, Feinstein would like to go even further in restricting law-abiding Americans’ access to firearms and magazines that are commonly owned for lawful self-defense.

The congressionally-mandated study of the federal “assault weapon ban” of 1994-2004 found that the ban had little, if any, impact on crime, in part because “the banned guns were never used in more than a modest fraction” of firearm related crime.

Don’t let Dianne Feinstein infringe on our Second Amendment rights with a policy that’s been proven to do nothing to stop crime. Please contact your U.S. Senators and encourage them to oppose S. 2095.  You can contact your U.S. Senators by phone at (202) 224-3121, or click here to Take Action.


Talking to the Left on Gun Rights – My Head Still Hurts

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H/T AmmoLand.

The left will never accept gun control will not and does not work.

Gun Control Won’t Work, So We Need More Gun Control


U.S.A. –-( I admit my guilt, I take calls and interviews from/with gun control groups to explain how gun owners feel about firearms’ related issues. Right after the Las Vegas shooting I was called twice and swapped e-mails with several authors from one of the most active gun control websites. I found them to be nice people, and a few even dedicated to fairness, but buy, and large I was in disagreement with their sentiments and their views. On firearms and the NRA, they are naive.

They use the name NRA as their collective name for all things pro-gun owner rights. They see the NRA as a deep dark, secretive organization that is a front for gun manufacturers and that acts as the media arm of the GOP. If a topic or article can be spun to make the NRA look bad, they do. If they cannot blame the NRA, they blame DJT. Their collective view of who and what the NRA is is bizarre to anyone who knows the organization.

So you want some examples? Well, here they are.

When Jeff Session was a US Attorney, he prosecuted convicted felons, who were arrested with firearms on them and added a gun possession charge to their sentencing. This added to their time in jail. The left thinks this is wrong as it puts more minorities in prison and that this is a racist policy. Gun owners say get armed felons off the street.

U.S. Incarceration Rates by Race and Ethnicity, 2010
U.S. Incarceration Rates by Race and Ethnicity, 2010

They say cracking down on drugs will not reduce gun violence. Forgetting the FBI UCR will tell you 86% of ALL shooting deaths are gang and drug-related. (That’s the FBI’s Unified Crime Report)

They rightly point out that 25% of the gun used in shooting in Chicago were sold by ten dealers, and they want those dealers forced out of business. Forgetting the fact that the criminals will just find another source and that the person doing the straw purchase is the real criminal, not the gun dealer. I’d suggest the dealers work with the AFT to put the straw purchasers in jail. Oops… there’s that complaint again that the right just wants to jail black men. What they get wrong is that we want criminals jailed, their race does not matter to us.

The last issue is one that just makes me laugh. The NRA is pushing Carry Guard; that is liability insurance for gun owners. The left has often DEMANDED all gun owners have liability insurance. So here you have the NRA promoting a program EXACTLY like the one the left has called for and what does the anti-gun-left do? Complain about the NRA and their promoting liability insurance for gun owners.

It is not about the insurance; it is about bashing the NRA.

It is not about getting armed felons off the street; it is about not putting minorities in prison.

It is not about stopping illegal firearm purchases; it is about closing gun stores.

At almost every turn it is about supporting a liberal agenda by bashing the NRA.

There is no act the NRA could ever do that would be positive that would not be twisted or ignored by this group. They don’t even know who the NRA is!

So my dear friends on the left here are the facts you ignore.

53% of all shooting deaths are by black men under 30. That’s 3% of the population doing more than ½ the killing.

86% of ALL shootings are gang and drug-related.

U.S. Homicide Gun Deaths per 1 million people ages 15-34 in 2014
U.S. Homicide Gun Deaths per 1 million people ages 15-34 in 2014

The cause of gun violence is the failure of the large urban centers to provide jobs and a future for inner city youth, the breakdown of the family and failed schools. These larger cities’ failure, all run by you lefties, is the cause of most of the shooting in the country. Gun violence is a black problem in America, an inner-city problem. For most of America gun violence is what we see on the news.

Without these urban killings, the US would look like Iceland or Switzerland matching their murder rate.
Some of you on the left do what you do to save lives, and you should come over to our side. The rest of you are just left-wing activists using the NRA as a whipping boy.

To us – ALL LIVES MATTER. Not just white people. Got it?

Unemployment is as low as it’s been in 17 years
Unemployment is as low as it’s been in 17 years

The table to the left. JOBS and future will reduce inner-city shooting. One of you lefties should be saying “Thank You” to Donald Trump. Unemployment is as low as it’s been in 17 years!

But that is not what it is about, is it? It is about politics for you on the left, not making America strong or creating jobs for EVERYONE!

We all agree that more can be done to protect women and children. That’s why we have Eddie Eagle and Women on Target and Refuse to be a Victim from the NRA. You on the left may not agree with us; you may even see some nefarious evil plan in these actions. I say telling children to “Stop” “Leave the area” “Tell an Adult” as good things to teach a child when they find a gun.

Lastly…I have a young woman student who’s abusive ex-boyfriend has threatened her and violated a restraining order. There are locks and alarms on her doors and windows; she’s gone through the “Refuse to be a Victim” course to help to keep her safe. There is a lock on her bedroom door, and a high-powered flashlight and charged cellphone next to her bed. There is also a gun on her nightstand. The average police response time is a fast 8 minutes in her community. She’d be dead by the time the police arrive without her having a gun. He doesn’t need a gun to kill her; he’s 2X her size. Nothing the anti-gun left offers could save her life. NOTHING! But we can, the NRA and American gun owners can. That is empowering women.

God made men and women, Samuel Colt made women equal.

Don McDougallAbout Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA”committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.


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