One Maryland Sheriff Working To Expand Second Amendment Rights In Maryland

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This is from Bearing Arms. 

I want to say Bravo and Thank-you to Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler for standing up for The Second Amendment and gun owners.


Maryland is known for being an anti-gun state, but one sheriff outside of Baltimore is working with state lawmakers to make obtaining handgun permits easier for law-abiding citizens. Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler is looking to especially ease the restrictions on permits for citizens who are in “imminent danger.” In Maryland, as of October 1, 2013, a resident must obtain a permit to own, rent, or receive a handgun,according to the Maryland State Rifle and Pistol Association.

Gahler will work with two of Harford County’s state senators, Robert Cassilly and Wayne Norman, and two Anne Arundel County delegates, Seth Howard and Michael Malone, on several gun-related bills during the 2016 legislative session, according to a recent news release from the Sheriff’s Office outlining Gahler’s legislative platform.

The General Assembly will convene for its 90-day session on Jan. 13. The sheriff will work with the four legislators to “protect the right of all Marylanders to bear arms,” according to the news release.

“I am very appreciative of the fact that Sheriff Gahler supports the Second Amendment,” Norman, whose district also includes parts of western Cecil County, said Tuesday.

Gahler is seeking legislation that would reduce the license fee for handgun purchases by 50 percent, to make corrections officers and retired federal law enforcement officials exempt from training when applying for a handgun license and to allow the secretary of State Police to “temporarily waive” required firearms training for applicants who are in “imminent danger.”

While the state could go further in loosening other restrictions, specifically the ten-round magazine limit and the ban on assault weapons, but this is a something that could move the conversation on gun rights in a deep blue state. The temporary waiver could be a consideration for other anti-gun states, like New Jersey, which also requires a resident to obtain a firearms identification card before purchasing a handgun.

One woman, Carol Bowne of Berlin Township, was trying to obtain one after feeling threatened by her late ex-boyfriend, Michael Eitel, who later stabbed Bowne in the driveway of her home last June. Eitel, a convicted felon prior to this horrific murder, committed suicide a few days later, his body was found in a nearby garage. The point is that in Jersey, sometimes the permit process could take months. Bowne had installed home surveillance equipment, an alarm system, and obtained a restraining order, but to no avail.

Additionally, the article, written by the Baltimore Sun, points out that background checks are conducted on all sales at the Bel Air Gun Show hosted every year in Harford County:

President Barack Obama proposed federal legislation in 2013 after Sandy Hook to close the loopholes that allow people to purchase firearms from private sellers other than licensed weapons dealers.

Many of those purchases are made online or during gun shows, although anyone who purchases a firearm during Bel Air’s annual Gun Show must go through a background check on-site at the Bel Air Armory.

In November, Maryland finally got rid of a “ballistic fingerprint” database that cost millions and had yet to solve a single crime…15 years after its inception:

Since 2000, the state required that gun manufacturers fire every handgun to be sold here and send the spent bullet casing to authorities. The idea was to build a database of “ballistic fingerprints” to help solve future crimes.

But the system — plagued by technological problems — never solved a single case. Now the hundreds of thousands of accumulated casings could be sold for scrap.

So, hopefully there’s some movement on the gun permit process in Maryland. Yet, we shouldn’t be shocked if nothing comes of this legislative push. Regardless, as with any Second Amendment fight, we should all wish them the best in the fight to expand their civil rights.



Judge Hands Down Big Ruling on Dad Who Openly Carried Gun Inside Daughter’s ‘Gun-Free Zone’ School

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This is from The Blaze.

If this ruling holds up under the appeals it will be a major win for gun owners everywhere.

Judge Hands Down Big Ruling on Dad Who Openly Carried Gun Inside Daughter’s ‘Gun-Free Zone’ School

A Michigan judge has ruled in favor of a father who wanted to open carry inside his daughter’s school, despite it being a “gun-free zone.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, Kenneth Herman sued a Clio, Michigan, school district, arguing that he was denied access to his daughter’s elementary school on multiple occasions when he tried to pick her up from the school because he was openly carrying his pistol.

 “I think schools being gun-free zones is not a wise idea,” Herman told WOOD-TV. “I think having law-abiding armed citizens in there provides some measure of protection that isn’t a glass door that can be broken out.”

Image source: WOOD-TV

State law allows people who have concealed carry permits to carry on school property, which ultimately led to Circuit Judge Archie Hayman’s decision on Monday. However, Tim Mullins, the school district’s attorney, argued that the law also allows school districts to develop policies for the “safety and protection of students,” according to the Free Press.

Mullins said he expects the school district will appeal Hayman’s decision, as does Michigan Open Carry, the nonprofit that represented Herman.

“If I’m a principal and I’m sitting in my office and I see someone walking up to my building with a gun, what am I supposed to do?” Mullins said. “What they do is declare a lockdown, they call the police. Kids are afraid. Teachers are afraid. Education stops. And then the police come.”

“The legislature needs to step up and get the focus on education, and not on some guy who wants to carry a gun in a school,” Clio Area School District Superintendent Fletcher Spears said.

Spears is a member of the National Rifle Association and has a concealed carry license himself. He also supports legislation that allows for concealed carry in schools. His issue is with open carry.

“Open carry does not have a place in the schools,” he said.

But despite the group’s speculation that the school district will appeal, Michigan Open Carry said the judge’s ruling is a victory for gun rights activists.

“This was clearly an easy decision for the Judge to make based on the speed of the ruling,” the group said in a statement. “We citizens are expected to follow the law. It’s sad a school district with a team of lawyers did everything they could to try and find a way around the law. We are very happy with this verdict and are prepared to defend it in the Court of Appeals if need be.”

Gun Owners In This State Are Taking A Big Stand Against Harsh New Bill

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This is from Western Journalism.

It makes my heart glad to see gun owners in Oregon saying we will not comply with a tryannical and unconstitutional law.



Image credit: Facebook/SB 941 I Will Not Comply Demonstration

They plan to converge on the state capitol later this month.


Despite the fact that gun owners in Oregon are now facing new legislative Second Amendment roadblocks, a coalition of activists are determined to stand up for their constitutional rights. As the Gateway Punditexplains, state Senate Bill 941 – which mandates background checks for all private firearms sales – was recently signed into law, provoking the ire of gun owners who already feel their liberties are under attack.

One way these pro-gun advocates plan to make their displeasure known is through a demonstration set for May 30 at the capitol building in Salem.

The ‘I Will Not Comply Demonstration’ is being promoted on Facebook; and, as of this writing, nearly 1,000 individuals have expressed interest in attending.

“We will form up on the capitol steps in Salem to make sure she [an apparent reference to Gov. Kate Brown] knows just how many people she made into criminals in one stroke of a pen,” an event description states.

The social media posting has already attracted dozens of supportive comments.

Everyone that likes their freedom should go to this,” one Facebook user wrote. “I don’t prefer to be a disarmed sheep. And that is what they want!!!”

Despite the event’s name, there is no overt push to get attendees to disobey the new law. Instead, the rally’s organizer left any such decisions to the individuals who participate.

The description encourages attendees to “do what you think befits an i [sic] won’t comply rally” while practicing “proper weapons safety” at the location.


Gun owners for ‘gun control’ useful to anti-gunners for now

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This is from

These Quislings will pay the price for their back stabbing lies and traitorous ways.

After they serve their master needs, they will be attacked as extremist gun nuts.


Democrat-supporting “Republican” gun owner Kemp stumps for more Bloomberg-financed “gun control.” Everytown for Gun Safety

“A responsible gun owner on why he supports common-sense gun laws,” Everytown for Gun Safety tells its Facebook followers, presenting a poster featuring Paul Kemp of Portland, Ore. Kemp warns against private sales being “a loophole,” and says “that’s a threat to me and law abiding gun owners everywhere.”

“I’m a registered Republican and a gun owner,” Kemp told the media after his brother-in-law was killed with a stolen gun in a“gun-free” mall. “But I secure my weapons, and I’m not going to give them up.”

He may not be willing to give his up, but he’s perfectly willing to throw standard capacity magazine owners under the bus. As for being a “Republican,” Kemp nonetheless supported Michael Bloomberg’s effort to reelect an anti-gun Democrat for governor (John Kitzhaber resigned in February following state and federal investigations into criminal allegations).

Per his Facebook page and Twitter feed, Kemp is not only for the background check/registration fraud and magazine bans,but he’s also against open carry of long guns, he enthusiastically spreads Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (formerly the National Coalition to Ban Handguns) propaganda, and he’s a fan of Mark and Gabby…

We’ve seen the antis do this before. We saw “Average Joe” presented as a Bloombergian poster boy for guns on the farm. We saw present its version of a “proud defender of the Second Amendment.”

In addition to gun owners for infringements, we’ve also seen two other developments: Phony “third way” gun groups and gun dealers for “gun control.” And now we have a gun club owner and dealer helping impose criminal penalties for noncompliance with anti-gun edicts on his patrons.

At a time when grassroots gun rights activists are fighting the Bloomberg AstroTurf money machine, at a time when it bought a measure in Washington State and is buying one in Nevada, and is trying to pass a bill in Oregon, Joe Deaser, owner of the Capital Gun Club, a member’s only facility that offers a “sophisticated [and] elite shooting experience,” comes down squarely on the side of the gun-grabbers. Deaser thinks California-style infringements extended nationwide would be a capital idea, and that fears of a registry are “unfounded,” in spite of states doing it, and in spite of the National Institute of Justice confirming the “effectiveness [of universal background checks] depends on … requiring gun registration,”

“Federal law” Deaser says, “bans the creation of such a registry.” Not only is the prohibition subject to being rescinded and changed, but no less a source than Chris Calabrese, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, said “the language of proposed federal legislation left a door open for a new kind of record of sales between private sellers — as opposed to sales by federally licensed gun dealers — a record that may not be subject to the registry ban.”

Instead, Deaser dismisses “the extreme fringe” who raise these concerns as ‘ridiculous” [and] “just paranoid” as he makes a point of traveling to Oregon to call for prior restraint infringements in front of Floyd Prozanski’s Judiciary Committee. If people who point out the obvious are so disparaged, what must he think of those who flat out will not comply?

Two things are certain: Violent criminals, who are protected by law from gun registration requirements, won’t be slowed down one bit by what Kemp and Deaser are endorsing. And the enemies of gun rights, who are more than happy to accept their aid and comfort, will be using whatever turf is ceded to launch their next assault.

Actually, make that three things: Today’s gun owners hailed as “responsible” by the antis will be tomorrow’s “uncompromising extremists” when their usefulness is over and they stand in the way of the next phase in an unrelenting war on guns.


Melissa Joan Hart Signs Up As Gun Control Talking Head for Attack on U.S. Gun Owners

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This is from AmmoLand.

Melissa Joan Hart another Holly Weird has been trying to gain fifteen more minutes of fame.


Melissa Joan Hart Signs Up As Gun Control Talking Head for Attack on U.S. Gun Owners

Washington DC – -( Actress Melissa Joan Hart–Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Melissa and Joey–will be spokeswoman for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s new gun control campaign when it kicks off Mother’s Day week on May 4.

Hart is also well known for her role opposite Anthony Anderson in numerous 2014 Walmart Christmas commercials.

 Bloomberg Business reports that Moms Demand Action’s new gun control push includes an “index” to track accidental firearm deaths, murders, and suicides involving children. The push includes the hashtag #NotAnAccident. The goal is pressure lawmakers for more laws mandating the way firearms must be stored in homes.

The #NotAnAccident index will lump together teen accidental deaths, murders, and suicides with those of children, which opens the door to higher murder numbers due to gang-related issues.

The gun control push will also include the launch of the Be SMART campaign, which asks “parents and caretakers” in the home to: “Secure all guns in your home and vehicles; Model responsible behavior around guns; Ask about the presence of unsecured guns in other homes; Recognize the risks of teen suicide; Tell your peers to be SMART.”

Moms Demand Action will kick off the campaign in DC on Monday and Melissa Joan Hart will be front and center. Bloombert Business indicates Hart will be flanked by “gun violence survivors, gun owners, and moms [who] will gather in the nation’s capitol to release the index and launch the Be SMART campaign.”

This gun control push comes just eight months after The Washington Post reported that no one really knows how often a child pulls the trigger on a gun.

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7 Things You Need to Buy With Your Handgun

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This is from The American Rifleman.

These are words of wisdom for all gun owners and future gun owners.


If you are in the market for a handgun, then you have plenty to think about in regard to choosing a make, model and caliber that will fill your needs. But it’s a mistake to think that buying the gun is where the purchase ends. Handguns are not ordinary tools that can just be tossed in a drawer like a wrench or a hammer. To properly store, maintain and use a pistol or a revolver, you need to stretch your shopping list to include several more items:

1. Safe Gun Storage
Absolutely first and foremost on the to-buy list is a device or system for securing your handgun against unauthorized access. There’s something out there to fit every budget and situation, portable quick-access strong boxes, and heavy duty fire-resistant gun safes.

2. Gun Case
You’ll need a way to safely transport your handgun from place to place. Soft side and hard side gun cases do a great job of protecting handguns from dings and scratches. They are readily available at most sporting goods stores. Many of these affordable cases are also lockable, which may be necessary to meet your local regulations for the legal transportation of a firearm.

3. Cleaning Kit
Guns are machines, and so like any other mechanical device they need proper care and maintenance in order to keep running properly. An affordable way to get started is to pick up a simple caliber-specific or universal cleaning kit, like those offered by Hoppes, KleenBore, andWinchester. Recreational firearms can be cleaned as needed. However, concealed-carry and defensive guns should be cleaned and lubricated after every trip to the range and checked regularly.

4. Ammunition
Having enough of the right type of ammunition is the key to making the best use of a handgun for its intended purpose. Generally speaking, handgun ammunition is available in practice-grade loads and defense-grade loads. Practice grade ammunition costs less due to the use of simple bullet styles (full-metal jacket, lead) and less-expensive components. Defense-grade ammunition costs more because of the sophisticated bullets (hollow points) and high grade components they contain.

But how much should you buy? When I started collecting handguns, I couldn’t afford to stock up on thousands of rounds. So I started by stocking enough for three or four trips to the practice range. The plan included 50 rounds of practice ammo and two or three reloads (about 20 rounds) of defense grade ammunition per trip. This evened out to keeping 200-rounds practice and 60 to 80 rounds of defense-grade ammunition on hand at home. As time goes on, ammunition can become a monthly budget item so that more can be stored away for a rainy day. Be sure to buy the right cartridges for your gun  because ammunition usually can’t be returned once it leaves the store.

5. Practice
Along with ammunition, time and money will need to be set aside for practice at the shooting range. Some ranges provide hearing and eye protection, others don’t. Luckily it’s not hard to find affordable safety glasses, ear plugs or muffs and a range bag at your local sporting goods store.

6. Holster
For those who plan to legally carry a handgun, buying a quality holster makes all the difference. Cheap, low quality, or poorly designed holsters can make wearing the gun a miserable experience. Often the gun gets blamed for the discomfort. But the same firearm in a good holster that provides the right amount of support and stability will become almost forget-it’s-there comfortable to wear. Plan to spend about 15 percent of what you paid for the gun on the holster, which will usually be enough money to get the right rig for the job.

7. Training
Last, but certainly not least, the new handgun owner needs to seek out as much training and shooting related information as they can afford. One-on-one classes with professional instructors using live-fire practice is the best option available, but it can be expensive. If this kind of training is not accessible, then invest in quality books and videos until you can get into a class. Just a few useful resources to consider include the NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection in the Home [], the NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home, I.C.E. Training’s Counter Ambush Home Training Course, and Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals by Michael Martin.


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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

I hope the voters in New Jersey send this arrogant prick packing.

New Jersey state senate president Stephen M. Sweeney has three words for gun owners who have initiated a recall effort against him–“Bring it on.”

According to the Courier-Post, New Jersey Second Amendment Society president Alexander Roubian said the recall effort “has been three years on the making.”

He says it began after Sweeney promised gun owners he would not let a “high capacity” magazine ban come to the Senate floor, then did an about face and allowed the bill to come to the floor after visiting with parents from Sandy Hook Elementary.

Sweeney’s district includes “rural Gloucester, Salem, and Cumberland counties.” Constituents in these counties feel Sweeney traded their local interests “in exchange for statewide support” via gun control. They are doubly outraged by the fact that Sweeney was swayed by out-of-state interests.

Sweeney admits to changing his views after talking to Sandy Hook parents, but maintains that he is unlikely to do so again. Yet he appears unapologetic for supporting what he describes as “common-sense gun safety.”

He said: “Groups are free to express their position on guns, but if people are trying to intimidate me into changing my opinion on common-sense gun safety initiatives, good luck.”

Sweeney then added, “Bring it on. Let’s go.”

Gov. Christie Pardons Shaneen Allen

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This is from Bearing Arms.

Chris Crispy Creme Christie thinks this pardon will make gun owners flock to him during his run for the GOP nomination.

No matter what Crispy Creme thinks we know his true feelings about guns and gun owners.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced his 2016 presidential campaign pardoned Pennsylvania mother Shaneen Allen today in a ceremony that served to highlight the hysterical and oppressive nature of New Jersey’s extremist gun control laws.

Gov. Chris Christie has granted a pardon to Shaneen Allen, the Pennsylvania mother and gun owner who was arrested in October 2013 for carrying a concealed weapon into New Jersey.

Allen, a single mother of two, was stopped by a New Jersey state trooper in Hamilton Township near Atlantic City for performing an unsafe lane change. During the stop, Allen had informed the officer that she was a resident of Pennsylvania and that her home state had issued her a permit to carry a concealed handgun, which she had with her in her car that day.

But New Jersey’s strict gun laws require weapons to be stored unloaded and locked in the trunk, and so Allen was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and spent 40 days in jail before making bail.

New Jersey is one of the least free states in the United States due to a strong Democrat voter base which values government handouts and control far more than they do individual liberty.

Allen had faced a mandatory three-year prison sentence for the unspeakable crimes of driving over a bridge from Pennsylvania to New Jersey  and being honest with a law enforcement officer.

Sadly, there was a very good chance that Allen would have gone to jail if public backlash against New Jersey Superior Court Judge Michael Donio and New Jersey District Attorney Jim McClain hadn’t been so strong. Donio and McClain came under intense fire for the way they were treating Allen as a serious criminal, after it was revealed that they put NFL star Ray Rice in a diversion program after he knocked his fiancee out and dragged her unconscious body down a casino hallway.

Sadly, Allen’s pardon is not going to inspire New Jersey Democrats to revisit their anti-gun tendencies, and it is only a matter of time before we will find another good person victimized by New Jersey’s obscene laws.


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This is from Breitbarts Big Government.

Little Shannon Watts has the screw Congress and The Constitution be Damned attitude as Barack Obama.

Gun owners must stay vigilant and stay untied to keep our firearms.


On January 1, Salon published an interview in which Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts said that more gun control is needed and the path to securing it includes bypassing Congress.

Watts suggested the pro-Second Amendment landslide in the midterm elections is not really a hindrance to her group’s goals. She also stated that just as no one gave up on immigration–even through it faced a tough road in Congress–no one should give up on gun control, either.

Obama secured amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants by bypassing Congress and handling the issue on his own.

According to Salon, Watts also drew parallels with “gay marriage,” saying the methods gay marriage supporters used to circumvent Congress are methods the gun control movement can use to win. She said, “If you look at how the acceptance of gay marriage came to be in this country, it was just like this; this is pretty much the playbook.” That playbook includes “bypass[ing] Congress,” pressuring corporations, and going “straight to the state legislatures.”

And when the state legislatures rebuff Moms Demand Action, Watts made clear that her group will try to bypass them, as well, via ballot initiatives like Washington state’s I-594.

When Salon asked Watts about the recent Pew poll showing that support for gun control has fallen and that support for gun rights rules the day, Watts dismissed the poll for “using [an] old and poorly crafted question.” She did not mention that the same “old and poorly crafted question” got pro-gun control responses for the 20 years leading up to 2014.

Support For New Gun Control Laws Plummets, Especially Among Women

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This is from Town Hall.

Sounds like this is the light at the end of the tunnel gun owners have been looking for.



Since the 2012 Newtown school shooting, major anti-gun groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action (both funded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg) have been pushing for more legal requirements during gun sales, better known as “universal background checks.” But a new survey fromGallup shows those efforts haven’t paid off and that the majority of the country does not support an increase in gun control laws. The survey also shows support for new legislation has plummeted since 2012.

Less than half of Americans, 47%, say they favor stricter laws covering the sale of firearms, similar to views found last year. But this percentage is significantly below the 58% recorded in 2012 after the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, spurred a nationwide debate about the possibility of more stringent gun control laws. Thirty-eight percent of Americans say these laws should be kept as they are now, and 14% say they should be made less strict.

A Gallup notes, these numbers aren’t the lowest they’ve ever been. In 2011, support for new gun control measures were at an all-time low of just 43 percent.

The 47% who favor stricter laws is just above the historical low of 43% measured in 2011.

Ten years ago, three in five Americans (60%) said they favored stricter laws regulating the sale of firearms, but support fell to 44% in 2009 and remained at that level in polls conducted in the next two years. Days after the Newtown shooting, support for stricter gun sale laws swelled. Since 2012, however, Americans have retreated from those stronger attitudes about the need for more gun control, and the percentage of Americans who say the laws should be less strict — although still low — has edged up.

One of the biggest drops in support for more gun control comes from women, who coincidentally are the fastest growing demographic of gun owners in America. In 2012 69 percent of women supported measures like universal background checks. In 2014, it’s just 55 percent. Since 2005, personal gun ownership among women has increased by nearly 80 percent.

So what does this mean? A few things. The first is that these numbers show fear mongering, smears and false accusations against the gun industry and gun shop owners individually aren’t working. These numbers also prove that pro-gun activists have been successful in not only showing Americans that “universal background checks” don’t work to stop crime, but are a threat to Second Amendment Rights down the road. They’ve also been successful at pointing out the real agenda coming from anti-gun groups funded by Bloomberg, which aren’t interested in gun safety, but instead in government control. After all, back in June former executive director and face of Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety (a group that used to be called Mayors Against Illegal Guns) Mark Glaze admittedthat the proposals for universal background checks wouldn’t stop mass shootings in the future, even though the proposals were introduced in the aftermath of mass shootings in order to take advantage of emotions during a time of crisis. And finally, the 11 percent drop in support for new gun control measures proves that people aren’t buying the bogus accusations hurled at the National Rifle Association, which has been running ads on national television in order to promote law abiding citizens practicing their Second Amendment rights.

Because the numbers from Gallup still show the vast majority of Democrats and liberals still want more gun control, the battle to protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans continues.


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