10 Facts About CAIR

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This is from Jan Morgan Media.

This is why we need to learn more about our enemy, Islam and their fifth columnist known as CAIR.


The Council on American-Islamic Relations

10 Facts about CAIR

1) CAIR was created by the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic supremacist organization that pioneered 20th century Islamic terrorism and sanctions violence against civilians.

2) CAIR only has about 5,000 members, despite a membership fee of just $10.

3) CAIR represents the opinions of only 12% of Muslim-Americans according to Gallup.

4) CAIR receives financial support from foreign powers who have also provided direct support to Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and Hamas.

5) CAIR has solicited money from sponsors of terror and received financial support from convicted terrorists.

6) CAIR founders have praised terrorists to Muslim audiences and said that suicide bombers are acting on behalf of Islam.

7) CAIR has raised funds for terrorists under the guise of helping 9/11 victims.

8) CAIR board members have called for the overthrow of the United States and the imposition of Islamic law. CAIR has suggested applying Sharia punishment (ie. the death penalty) to users who criticize Islam on the Internet.

9) At least 15 high-level CAIR staff members have been under federal investigation for ties to Islamic terror.

10) CAIR has discouraged Muslim-Americans from cooperating with law enforcement and has spent more time and money advocating on behalf of convicted terrorists than for their victims.

Check out this poster distributed by CAIR to the Muslim-American community nine years after 9/11.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 11.07.34 PM

“From its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired
with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists.”
Assistant U.S. DOJ Attorney Gordon D. Kromberg

“Media in the United States is very gullible, ok? And they will see
that if you have something, especially as a Muslim, if you have something
to say, they will come running to you—and take advantage of that.”
CAIR Vice Chari Sarwat Husain

For information on CAIR, please see:

The Investigative Project’s report on The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
and CAIR Observatory

Source: Read more at Religion of


Virginia congressman defends funding Hamas-backed unity government


This is by Paul

F. D. R. would never say he would fight to keep more money going to anyone that supported the Nazis, Japs or Italys Facist.

This is the modern DemocRat party Quislings.


TYSONS CORNER, Va. — In the ongoing battle to deprive Mideast terrorists of financial support, one member of Congress vows he’ll make sure at least one group of violent extremists gets cash from U.S. taxpayers.

Photo from Connolly's office


U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly, D- Va., defended U.S. funding of the Palestinian Authority, despite the fact that the authority includes members of Hamas, a group the U.S. says is a terror organization.

Connolly’s remarks, at a Sept. 28 Arab American Candidates Night forum, emphasized his determination to fight House of Representatives colleagues who might block the funding.

“When there are voices calling for the defunding of the Palestinian Authority, I oppose them, publicly,” Connolly said. “In fact I signed a letter signed by Congressman David Price of North Carolina, also signed by Jim (Moran DVa.), that said we are not going to defund the Palestinian Authority. That would guarantee an explosion in an already volatile situation. When there was a motion to close the Palestinian Authority office here in Washington or let it just be in New York, I opposed it and said it would be a terrible blow to diplomacy and not in U.S.interest let alone Palestine’s interest.”

“Gerry Connolly’s remarks are very troubling,” said Noah Silverman, Republican Jewish Coalition Congressional Affairs Director. “A vow to support taxpayer funding for a Palestinian government that includes Hamas demonstrates reckless indifference to our ally Israel and a disregard for U.S. law, which forbids aid to such a government.”

Connolly’s Republican challenger in November, Suzanne Scholte, posted the audio clipon her YouTube page of the congressman defending his position.

In a news release Tuesday, she said, “We also need to destroy terrorists not fund them.”

“Sending money to Hamas is reckless and hurts Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East – while destabilizing the entire region by legitimizing a terrorist group with U.S.dollars,” Scholte said in the news release.

During his speech, Connolly also addressed the Egyptian military coup that ousted the Mohammed Morsi-led Muslim Brotherhood government.

AP file photo


“I was the only member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who spoke out against the Egyptian military after the coup because they overthrew a democratically elected government whether we like it or not.” Connolly said. “Either the United States supports democracy or we don’t. And even though our government may not like the Muslim Brotherhood, I may not like the Muslim Brotherhood, that government did not mow down thousands of their fellow citizens in the streets of Cairo.”

“Defending and tolerating Morsi’s actions shows how radical Connolly has become on foreign policy, said Scholte. “America needs to defend those persecuted in Egypt, not the persecutors.”

In an interview with’s Virginia bureau, Scholte said, “Since being elected to Congress, Gerry Connolly has become more and more out of touch with his constituents while becoming more and more radical in his positions.  It is the reason he stopped having town hall meetings years ago as his extremist views on foreign policy are completely at odds with Northern Virginia, one of the most educated and diverse areas in the nation.”

Connolly’s congressional office and campaign did not respond to phone call and email requests for comment.


God help us: pro-ISIS gathering on temple mount in Jerusalem Read more at

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This is from Allen B West.


We reported about the New Jersey man who was flying the black ISIS flag whose excuse was he didn’t know what it symbolized. Of course the cultural jihad apologists did their normal “Islamophobe” and alarmist social media attacks. However, I wonder how everyone will respond to this appearance of the ISIS flag – and particularly its location

As reported by the Times of Israel, “Israel’s Channel 10 on Wednesday night broadcast what it said was footage from a recent “Islamic State gathering” on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The report, which is to be broadcast in full next week, said the gathering underlined that Islamic State intends to focus on Israel in the future. Formally, the gathering, attended by thousands, was organized by the Tahrir party, which the report described as being the “Palestine branch” of Islamic State. Speakers were filmed anticipating the liberation of Jerusalem and decrying Jewish pollution of the city. Several black IS flags were seen in the footage.”

If there’s one thing I appreciate about our Islamist enemies – they certainly don’t hide their intent. They make it quite plain that they intend to dominate the world, and will kill anyone who stands in their way to restore a barbaric 7th century ideology. They place the onus squarely upon us, the infidels, the kafirs, to halt their advances — and will continue to advance as their Islamo-fascist ideology commands.

So what’s next for ISIS?

According to the Israel Times, “Channel 10 reporter, Zvi Yehezkeli, said a photograph of a Palestinian youngster holding an ISIS flag that proliferated on social media over the past week was taken next to where he was standing. Yehezkeli said he had expected to be stopped by Israeli Police when he tried to enter the Mount area at a time designated for Muslim prayers, and that it was frightening to be in the plaza while the ISIS gathering was taking place. He claimed that the Islamic State, “now knocking on Jordan’s door, has marked ‘Palestine’ as the next target on its list.”

Consider this scenario for the Jewish State of Israel: Hamas renews its assault against Israel from the south after rearming and restocking its rocket and missile arsenal. Hezbollah decides the time is right to begin an assault from the north with more rockets and missiles. A situation arises where Israel finds its stockpile of Iron Dome weapons is running low and cannot cover a two –ront aerial assault — some of the rockets and missiles find landfall. From Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra has decided to swear allegiance to ISIS and begins a ground assault against Israel from Syria. And in Jordan, where ISIS has been successful, they set their sights on crossing the Jordan River into Judea-Samaria and begin attacking Israeli communities — aided by the Palestinian group Fatah.

Riots and unrest begins in East Jerusalem and a general state of emergency is instituted. Sophisticated surface-to-air missiles begin showing up in the region from Libya supplied by Ansar al-Sharia. Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport is shut down. And U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama states this is a regional problem and that he was elected to end wars.

I know, I’m out of control, and none of this is plausible. Yep, and ISIS is just a JV team, right?

I operate under the premise of being prepared for the enemy’s most dangerous course of action. The Obama administration operates under some misguided premise of “ignore the enemy and it will all go away.” And at worse case, Obama’s narcissistic persona will win the day. But so far, who’s has been right in their assessment?

A global Islamic jihadist movement has been set in motion and denial is not a viable course of action. Furthermore, telling the enemy what you are not willing to do is the dumbest strategy I have ever heard of – well, since Sir Neville Chamberlain.

The Temple Mount has significance in that it was built on top of the historic Jewish Temple of Jerusalem. Flying the black ISIS flag at the Temple Mount signifies the ultimate goal for ISIS — indeed Islam, — the eradication of the Jewish people and the restoration of what they refer to as Al Quds.

I take my enemy for its word and for those who criticize saying we don’t need to do anything – you’re nothing more than surrender monkeys! When America has a leader who understands total warfare and how to destroy an enemy by bringing the full national power of the United Dates– diplomatic, informational, military, and economic — to bear against our enemies; when America has a leader who will identify the enemy; when America has a leader who will not institute restrictive rules of engagement; then we will have victory, peace and domestic and global security.

Until then we are just wasting our time — and sadly wasting lives.

If You’re Having Trouble Understanding Why Liberals Think Israel is Always Wrong, This Video Sums It Up

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This is from Independent Journal Review.

One of the best explanations of the Hamas and Israel conflict and Obama’s foreign policy failure.


Noted author, commentator, speaker, and comedian Evan Sayet was at a pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles this past weekend. Interviewed by Scott Jacobs of Democracy Broadcasting News, Sayet answered a handful of questions and made these direct points:

  1. Israel cannot let its citizens be attacked and must respond.
  2. The liberal mainstream press invariably supports Hamas, assuming Israel has done some wrong to provoke attacks.
  3. The fight in Afghanistan, Israel, and elsewhere in the world are the same jihad: Islam killing infidels.
  4. Obama’s policies encourage Hamas’ behavior, just as it has encouraged the influx of illegals crossing the southern U.S. border.
  5. The explanation of the leftist association with Hamas is simple: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

What do you think of the points he makes? Can Israel do anything right in the American left’s eyes?

Six (only six?) examples Obama is purposefully enabling the Islamist cause

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This is from Allen B West.

Obama is looking out for his Muslim Brothers.

Goat Humpers stick together.

Image: via Pat Dollard


The only plausible explanation for many actions taken by President Obama and his administration is that they are working counter to the security of the United States of America. How else can one rationalize the following:

1. The unilateral release of five senior Taliban back to the enemy while the enemy is still fighting us.

2. Providing weapons of support to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Egyptian government — F-16s and M1A1 Abrams tanks — but not to the Egyptian government after the Islamist group has been removed.

3. Negotiations with Qatar and Turkey, two Islamist-supporting countries.

4. Negotiations with Hamas, a terrorist group.

5. Returning sanction money, to the tune of billions of dollars, back to the theocratic regime led by Iran’s ayatollahs and allowing them to march on towards nuclear capability.

6. Obama’s evident support of Islamists in Libya.

In an operation that was again unilateral with no Congressional approval, U.S. military support and resources were given to Islamist groups fighting against Moammar Qaddafy — and we know the results of that action. Not long after, one of the groups this administration armed, Ansar al-Sharia, took responsibility for the terrorist attack and murder of our U.S .Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods, and Glenn Doherty at the Benghazi Special Mission Compound (SMC). Oh, and that same group claims it has established an Islamic caliphate in eastern Libya, based in Benghazi. Just two weeks ago, the United States of America evacuated the Libyan embassy in Tripoli due to security concerns.

But I guess it’s all hunky-dory there now, because according to the Washington Free Beacon, “The Obama administration has lifted longtime restrictions on Libyans attending flight schools in the United States and training here in nuclear science, according to a final amendment of the ban recently approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).”

“Less than two years after the deadly terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is poised to sign off on an amendment reversing the ban, which was enacted following a wave or terrorist attacks in 1980s and prevents Libyans from studying these sensitive trades in the United States.”

We just evacuated Libya due to security concerns. There can be no doubt that Libya is an Islamic terrorist sanctuary state, thanks in no uncertain terms to Obama, and now he wants them to come here and learn how to fly planes and understand nuclear science?

Ok Lucy, ‘splain this to me.

The Free Beacon says “the original law effectively disqualified all Libyan nationals and those “acting on behalf of Libyan entities” from training in “aviation maintenance, flight operations, or nuclear-related fields,” according to the ban. “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is amending its regulations by rescinding the regulatory provisions promulgated in 1983 that terminated the nonimmigrant status and barred the granting of certain immigration benefits to Libyan nationals and foreign nationals acting on behalf of Libyan entities who are engaging in or seeking to obtain studies or training in,” the amendment states.”

DHS spokesperson S.Y. Lee who told the Free Beacon that the Obama administration is reviewing its policies towards Libya “to see how they might be updated to better align with U.S. interests” in light of its revolution.”

If I may interject here, Libya is not a stable country and there can be no alignment with U.S. interests as long as there are al-Qaida affiliated groups freely operating in that country.

Of course this action is taken when the House and Senate is away on a five-week hiatus from D.C. but at least the House Judiciary Committee responded by acknowledging, “The terror threat continues and numerous news reports document recent terror-related activities coming from Libya.”

Why wouldn’t the Obama administration allow Kurdish Peshmerga members to come to America and receive flight training so they could be given quality helicopter gunships and destroy ISIS? Can anyone explain what the strategy and objective is here in lifting this ban with a nation that is or should be on the terrorist watch list?

Sorry, but I can only explain this one way: Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist in his foreign policy perspectives and supports their cause. You can go back and listen to his 2009 speech in Cairo, where Muslim Brotherhood associates were seated front and center.

All the circumstantial and anecdotal evidence points to that conclusion. The pivot away from the Middle East seems to be nothing more than an opportunity to enable Islamists and their goals. Anyone supporting this Libyan ban being lifted is indeed an enemy of this state.

The Obama administration’s foreign policy doctrine is self-described as “don’t do stupid s@#t”. But I guess that all depends on what your ultimate goal is.

Hamas TV: Every Muslim mother “must nurse her children on hatred”

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This is from Jihad Watch.

Jimmy Carter wants America to recognize Hamas.

Hamas needs to be wiped from the face of the earth.


It is commonplace of the public discourse in the U.S. that to oppose jihad terror and Islamic supremacism is “hatred.” The real haters, however, are on the other side, as these statements illustrate.

“Hamas TV: Every Muslim mother ‘must nurse her children on hatred of the sons of Zion,’” by Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch, August 3, 2014:

A Muslim Brotherhood leader in Kuwait, Tareq Al-Suwaidan, said Muslims “hate” the sons of Zion. He called for Muslim mothers to nurse their infants on this hatred and to plant it in Muslim children’s “souls,” so that the new generation “will erase the (sons of Zion) from the face of the earth.” Last week, Palestinian Media Watch documented a similar Hamas sermon calling for theextermination of Jews.

The Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood speaker also reiterated the MB belief that death for Allah –Shahada (Martyrdom) – is the loftiest goal a Muslim can achieve. Turning to residents of Gaza he said:

“Death for Allah is the highest wish…
you received the death you wanted.”

This speech, which was originally broadcast on July 14th on Sarmad TV (Kuwait), was rebroadcast by Hamas two days ago on Al-Aqsa TV. Hamas defines itself as “one of the wings of Moslem Brotherhood…” [Hamas Charter, Article 2]

Tareq Al-Suwaidan, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait:

Without a doubt, the blood being spilled [in Gaza] is dear. But the equation is: ‘Those killed from our side are in Paradise, and those killed from their side in Hell.’ (Hadith)

We are not afraid of Martyrdom. Not long ago, you cried out loud: ‘Death for Allah is our most exalted wish!’ (Muslim Brotherhood slogan) You received the death you wanted. We have no problem with death. We are not like the children of Israel: ‘And you will surely find them the most greedy of people for life.’ (Quran) Whereas we yearn for death and Martyrdom… Every mother – especially the mothers in Palestine, but every mother in the [Islamic] Nation, not just Palestine – must nurse her children on hatred of the sons of Zion. We hate them and they are our enemies. We will plant this in their [our children’s] souls, so that a new generation will grow among us, which will erase them from the face of the earth.” [Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), August 1, 2014]…

PMW documented two weeks ago that Hamas TV defended the deaths it brought on its population, saying that Gaza civilians were privileged to have died in the conflict as Martyrs, since their date of death was in any case predetermined – “their time had come.”

Hamas also broadcast last week the words of two Hamas leaders saying death is greater than life:

Hamas leader Muhammad Deif: “We love death like our enemies love life!”

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh: “[Hamas] loves death for Allah like you [Israelis] love life.”
[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), July 30, 2014]

IDF: Hamas used ceasefire to kidnap soldier; ceasefire over

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This is from YNet

It is time for the Israeli Defense Force to go into Gaza and take out the Hamas trash.


Two killed in incident in which Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin was kidnapped; IDF source: Suicide bomber attacks forces working to clear tunnels; Hamas: Attack took place before ceasefire – event still ongoing.


An IDF soldier was kidnapped by Gaza terrorists, the IDF said Friday, with a senior official blaming Hamas for using the ceasefire to take the soldier hostage. Two other soldiers were killed in the incident.

It was cleared for publication that Givati Battalion Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin (23) from Kfar Saba was missing and feared to have been abducted Friday morning during clashes in the Gaza Strip near Rafah.


Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin
Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin


According to an announcement by the IDF, at 9:30 am Friday, terrorists opened fire at IDF forces in southern Gaza. Initial information from the scene indicated that there is a chance that an IDF soldiers was kidnapped during the incident.

The event is still ongoing, the IDF said, and forces are working with military intelligence to find the soldier.


IDF at home Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin  (Photo: Ido Erez)
IDF at home Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin (Photo: Ido Erez)


“(Israeli) forces operating to decommission an (infiltration) tunnel were attacked. Initial indications are that a soldier has been abducted by terrorists during the operation,” the spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner said in a conference call with journalists.

Hamas official Mousa Abu Marzook said Friday that Israel had officially informed the UN that an IDF soldier may be missing in the Gaza Strip in the area of Rafah.

According to Abu Marzook, “The UN informed Egypt because they are the broker (of ceasefire efforts).”

Speaking with Ynet, a senior IDF source said that the possible kidnapping of an IDF soldier was carried out in a skirmish near a smuggling tunnel and was aided by a suicide bomber. According to him, a terrorists appeared while forces were searching for tunnels, one of them then blew himself up, during which time others kidnapped the solider.

“I can confirm that at 9:30 Hamas broke the ceasefire and that there is a growing fear that a soldier has been kidnapped,” a senior IDF source told Ynet, adding the incident took place while forces were searching for tunnels, a right Israel maintained as part of the ceasefire agreement.

“His family has been informed and massive clashes are still underway. Numerous terrorists have been killed.”

The lull was seemingly first broken by terror factions in Gaza who fired a mortar at Israel at roughly 10 am Friday morning. The mortar, which was followed by another shortly after, failed to land in Israel, falling in Gaza territory. Meanwhile, massive clashes and fire were reported from Gaza which left at least 40 dead.

End of ceasefire

The IDF also said on Friday that a Gaza ceasefire that went into effect earlier on Friday is now over and military operations were in progress on the ground.

Asked during a media conference call if the ceasefire was over, Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner, a military spokesman, said: “Yes. We are continuing our activities on the ground.”

His comments followed reports that 40 Palestinians had been killed by Israeli shelling and Israel had accused Gaza militants of violating the US- and UN-brokered truce by firing rockets and mortars.

An official in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said Hamas and other armed groups in the Gaza Strip had “flagrantly violated the ceasefire”. But the official did say whether or not he was referring to the 10am mortar fire. It now seems the reason was the alleged kidnapping.

Tunnels have been at the heart of Israel’s Gaza offensive, and were one of the central stumbling blocks to a ceasefire, with Israel demanding forces remain in Gaza to take out the tunnel system which threatens Israel’s southern communities and army bases.

Under the ceasefire, troops on the ground in Gaza were to continue to destroy tunnels along the heavily guarded frontier, but only those that are behind Israeli defensive lines and lead into Israel.

The IDF claim that Hamas broke the ceasefire after attacking soldiers working on the tunnels, as stipulated by the agreement, while Hamas says the attack took place before the ceasefire came into place.

Though the ceasefire deal allows forces to remain on the ground it was far from certain Hamas accepted they would be allowed to use explosives to demolish the tunnels, thus explaining the mutual accusations regarding the breach in the ceasefire.

At least four short humanitarian cease-fires have been announced since the conflict began, but each has been broken within a few hours by renewed fighting. Friday’s temporary cease-fire was the longest to be announced thus far.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid said Thursday that Operation Protective Edge will continue until the last tunnel connecting Gaza to Israel will be destroyed.

Similar comments were made earlier by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who said “We have neutralized dozens of terror tunnels and we are committed to complete this mission, with or without a cease-fire.

As the extent of the tunnel warren and the lethal threat it poses became known, accusations were leveled against the government and military, which warned about the phenomenon years ago but apparently did not prepare adequate counter-measures.


Edible Arrangements: Muslim Owners of Fruit Basket Company Fund HAMAS, Jihadist Extremism – What Not to Buy For Christmas


This is from Debbie

One more example of Muslim of disloyalty to America and Americans.

Doing business with Americans while providing aid and comfort to our enemies.


Now, that it’s the holiday season and a time of buying and giving Christmas and Chanukah gifts, a lot of people make the convenient choice of sending fruit baskets to their friends and professional associates. But if you take this route, DON’T send a basket from Edible Arrangements. If you do, you are funding HAMAS abroad and Muslim community organizing, such as the group IMAN, the Inner City Muslim Action Network, in the U.S.



Edible Arrangements Fund HAMAS & Islamic ExtremismTariq Farid is the CEO of Edible Arrangements, which he started with his brother, Kamran Farid. Not only are they devout Pakistani Muslims, but they are major donors and fundraisers for American mosques, Islamic schools, and similar enterprises in Pakistan. Recent tax returns of their Farid Foundation, to which they and Edible Arrangements are major contributors, show that their foundation gives tens of thousands of dollars to extremist Islamic schools and mosques in America and to Islamic Relief, the HAMAS/Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood “charity” which sends tens of millions of dollars to financejihad around the world. An Islamic Relief fundraiser I attended undercover featured youngMuslim Arab kids simulating beheadings of Americans, Brits, and Israelis as the evening’s “entertainment.” And as I told you, Islamic Relief’s chief official in Gaza was aHAMAS official with Bin Laden’s photo, swastikas, and a “G-d Bless Hitler” banner as his screensavers. As I also told you, Islamic Relief’s registered agent in the U.S. is Kazbek Soobzokov, the son of Nazi Waffen SS officer Tscherim Soobzokov and the lawyer for deported accused terrorist and Islamic cleric, Imam Wagdy Mohamed Ghoneim.

The Farids and their Farid Foundation are also major donors to IMAN, the Chicago-based group which organizes Muslims to impose their extremist values on America’s political process and in America’s inner cities. The other purpose of the group is to convert Blacks and other inner city residents to Islam and help those who’ve already converted remainMuslim.

IMAN is a project and donee of the pro-HAMAS/pro-Hezbollah Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) (which was involved in the Holy Land Foundation HAMAS fundraising), and it’s a project of Islamic Relief–the HAMAS/Al-Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood “charity” which finances jihad worldwide. IMAN is run and funded by White Sunni Muslims toharvest inner city Blacks to Islam, which is why IMAN also has many Black Muslims from the Nation of Islam among its ranks. IMAN has an operation called “Muslim Run,” which urges Muslims to only buy from Muslim-run businesses. IMAN was founded and is headed by Rami Nashashibi, a Palestinian Muslim extremist. And Iman hosts speakers like Dalia Mogahed, an extremist and agent of the Muslim Brotherhood with close ties to Barack Obama.

Back in August during Ramadan, Tariq Farid sent out this e-mail on behalf of IMAN:

Dear Supporter

Since I first visited IMAN, I have been inspired not only by what it has accomplished, but by the passionate staff and volunteer leaders who work there. So now, I want to inspire you with a special challenge in these last sacred days of Ramadan: For every dollar you donate to IMAN online, I will match you one-to-one until the end of this blessed month.

We started Edible Arrangements in 1999 because we were driven by the need to provide people with healthy and creative food options. Our stores across the world offer such alternatives to tens of thousands of customers every year. I believe that IMAN is also committed to forging an alternative model. Whether it’s the free community health clinic, or community organizing for food equity, housing and public safety, or creative arts programming, IMAN’s mode of civic engagement inspires healthy change in some of our most vulnerable communities.

Meet my matching challenge in these last ten days of Ramadan and help deepen and broaden that work!


Tariq Farid
CEO Edible Arrangements

Although many of the Edible Arrangements stores are franchises, the Farids collectmillions in franchise fees and royalties from each store. And each time you buy anything from any Edible Arrangements store, the Farids get a cut and you are funding their HAMAScharities in Gaza and extremist Muslim community organizing in Chicago.

Don’t buy from Edible Arrangements.


Unfortunately, Edible Arrangements isn’t the only major funder of IMAN. You are. IMANgets a good chunk of money from the U.S. State Department, and one wonders why. Is IMAN also organizing the Muslim community in other countries? If not, why is the State Department giving it money? Among its other funders are: Home Depot (don’t shop there, either), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, the City of Chicago Department of the Environment, the Chicago Department of Housing and Economic Development, the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority, and the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art. Who knew Doris Duke’s money was going to fund the Islamic takeover of America?

I’ll bet she never intended anything like that.


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This is from CBS  Washington, DC.   

This is the best advice for Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack The Anti Semite will not follow this advice.


WASHINGTON (CBS News/CBSDC/AP) — A top Israeli official wants President Barack Obama to stop meddling with the Jewish state during its conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Speaking to Israel’s Army Radio, Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel criticized Obama telling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that there should be an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

“Leave us alone,” Ariel told Army Radio, directing his words at Obama. “Go focus on Syria.”

Obama spoke with Netanyahu Sunday about the rising number of Palestinian deaths in Gaza and the worsening humanitarian crisis.

“Building on Secretary Kerry’s efforts, the President made clear the strategic imperative of instituting an immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now and leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities based on the November 2012 ceasefire agreement,” the White House said in a statement, adding that the president reiterated that Israel has a right to defend itself from rocket attacks from Hamas.

Ariel told Army Radio that Israel’s offensive should be more aggressive.

“It was obvious that international pressure would mount eventually,” Ariel stated. “We should have acted faster, harder and with more determination. The rocket threat needs to be tackled. The tunnel threat is being addressed, but it is not enough.”

Ariel claimed that the pressure from the White House for an immediate ceasefire was “outrageous” and would “help Hamas,” according to Breitbart News.

“[W]e never thought it would be the Americans who would lead the pressure,” Ariel told Army Radio.

The Obama administration pushed back Monday against a torrent of Israeli criticism over Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest bid to secure a cease-fire with Hamas, accusing some in Israel of launching a “misinformation campaign” against the top American diplomat.

“It’s simply not the way partners and allies treat each other,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Her comments were echoed by the White House, where officials said they were disappointed by Israeli reports that cast Kerry’s efforts to negotiate a cease-fire as more favorable to Hamas.

Israel had accepted an Egyptian call for an unconditional cease-fire early in its Gaza campaign, but Hamas rejected the idea.

Netanyahu said Monday that Israel won’t end its offensive until Hamas’ network of tunnels under the Gaza-Israel border has been neutralized. “We need to be ready for a prolonged campaign,” he said. “We will continue to act aggressively and responsibly until the mission is completed to protect our citizens, soldiers and children.”

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri responded defiantly. “His threats do not scare Hamas or the Palestinian people, and the occupation will pay the price for the massacres against civilians and children,” he said.

Israel’s last major Gaza invasion ended in January 2009 after 23 days, one-third of that time with troops on the ground. Already, the current ground operation, which began 11 days ago, has lasted longer than the one in 2009.

In recent days, Israeli leaders have debated whether to withdraw from Gaza after the tunnels are demolished, or to expand the ground operation to deliver a more painful blow against Hamas. Those in favor of an escalation have argued that unless Hamas is toppled and disarmed, a new round of Israel-Gaza fighting is inevitable. Opponents say attempting to reoccupy densely populated Gaza, even if for a short period, could quickly entangle Israel politically and militarily and drive up the number of dead.

In his remarks Monday, Netanyahu didn’t let on which way he is leaning. However, he insisted that “preventing the arming of terror groups and demilitarizing Gaza must be part of any solution,” indicating that Israel’s aims are broader than initially stated.

For now, ground forces have largely operated on the edges of Gaza.

The Israeli military has said it has located 31 tunnels, is aware of the existence of 10 more and has so far demolished close to 20.

Gaza militants have repeatedly used the tunnels to sneak into Israel, including on Monday when several infiltrated into southern Israel.

The army said five Israeli soldiers and one Hamas militant coming through a tunnel were killed in a firefight, but that searches in the area were continuing, the Reuters news agency reports.

The Hamas military wing said nine of its fighters infiltrated and attacked an army post.

After three weeks of battle, “our fighters still have a lot of surprises in store for the leaders of the occupation and their elite soldiers,” the group said in a statement.

The blast at the Gaza park occurred within minutes of a separate strike Monday afternoon on nearby Shifa Hospital, Gaza City’s largest medical facility. Several people were wounded in the blast near one of the hospital’s outpatient clinics, Hamas health officials said.

Lerner, the army spokesman, denied Israel was involved in the two attacks. “This incident was carried out by Gaza terrorists whose rockets fell short and hit the Shifa Hospital and the Beach (Shati) camp,” he said, adding that the military had identified 200 “failed launchings” so far.

Early Tuesday, the military released aerial photographs that it said showed the paths of two misfired Hamas rockets it said hit the park and Shifa Hospital. It said the rockets were detected by Israeli military radar and sensors.

Gaza’s police operations room and civil defense department blamed the attacks on Israeli airstrikes.

Gaza’s Interior Ministry spokesman Eyad al-Bozum said he believes that shrapnel found in the dead and wounded is evidence of Israel’s role in the incident.

More than 1,100 Palestinians have been killed during the conflict, along with 53 Israeli soldiers. Two Israeli citizens were also killed from Hamas rockets.


Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and 100 others sign stupid letter blasting Israel

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This is from Allen B West.

How many of these clowns are has beens looking for fifteen more minutes of fame?

They are no doubt a bunch of anti-Semitic fools.


Oh boy. “Entertainers” are at it again. Remember the comments from Kanye West about celebrities being treated like blacks in the 60’s? Here’s some more intellectual intercourse – this time from Spanish celebrities.

You know, Laura Ingraham wrote a book aimed at the entertainment elite called Shut Up and Sing – some of these folks really need to read it.

As reported by JTA, “A letter accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza was endorsed by 100 Spanish celebrities, including Academy Award winners Pedro Almodovar, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. On Monday the actors, writers and directors endorsed a letter that Bardem published last week in the Barcelona-based El Periodico de Catalunya, the daily reported.”

“This is a war of occupation and extermination against a whole people without means, confined to a miniscule territory without water and where hospitals, ambulances, and children are targeted and presumed to be terrorists,” Bardem, himself an Academy Award-winning actor, wrote.”

I just have to ponder, if Israel didn’t have the Iron Dome system to protect its people and all these Hamas rockets were landing, do you think any of these folks would be writing a letter to Hamas?

In his letter titled “Genocide,” Bardem also wrote: “Being Jewish is not synonymous with supporting this massacre, just as being a Hebrew is not the same as being a Zionist and being Palestinian does not mean being a terrorist from Hamas. That is as absurd as saying that being German means espousing Nazism.”

Perhaps Bardem should study history and realize that when we went to war with Germany, we didn’t try to discriminate as to who was or wasn’t a Nazi. Perhaps he would see that folks like him, namely Neville Chamberlain, attempted to appease evil — it never works.

Just as a reminder, it was some 426 years ago today that the venerable Spanish Armada was sunk by the British — quite sure no one remembers or cares, and almost certain that no one cares about Javier Bardem’s letter. It only serves to demonstrate the abject ignorance he and others possess.I guess an Academy Award has nothing to do with taking an aptitude test.

However, we all cared when Islamic terrorists attacked the Madrid train system in 2004. Maybe these whiny little artists forgot that one? I find it unbelievable that the entertainment elites who make a living playing make-believe consider themselves authorities on global security and foreign policy.

“European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor told JTA that “Rather than outrageously attacking a fellow democracy for defending itself against radical terrorists, the time of Spanish public figures would be better put to use fighting against the rapidly growing hatred of Jews in their country, which according to recent surveys is one of the highest in Europe. The gratuitous use of the term ‘genocide’ and the fact that no similar statement has been released while hundreds of thousands are massacred and made refugees in the Middle East and Africa demonstrates grave ignorance or extreme malice.” Kantor added: “I would be interested in reading the opinion of the same Spanish celebrities after thousands of rockets are fired at Madrid or Barcelona.”

Mr. Cantor, these useful idiots had best be careful, because their land of Espana was once under Muslim control and called Al Andalusia. And according to Islamic tradition where they once ruled and conquered, they believe it is forever theirs.

Something tells me that this ol’ Georgia boy knows more about Granada, Cordoba, and Sevilla and the exploits of Rodrigo “El Cid” Diaz de Vivar to free the Iberian peninsula from the stranglehold of the invading Moors than these Spanish folks. They can always watch the 1961 movie “El Cid” with Charleton Heston and Sophia Loren.

Mr. Bardem, you played a decent villain in the Bond film, “Skyfall” and I never saw “No Country for Old Men.” But may I recommend, sir, that you stick to your knitting and study a bit of history or else there will be no country for you when you become an old man. And please allow Israel, a country surrounded by those who want its citizens dead, to ensure its old men and everyone else have their country. May I remind you, Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization, an enemy of your country — and mine.

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