Police make arrests in brutal assault on decorated Marine in McDonald’s

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This is from Liberty UnYielding.

There is no doubt this was a racist attack but political correctness will no let these punks to be charged with a hate crime.

hat’s the good news. The outrageous news is that hate crime charges are not being pursued, despite the conspicuous racial element in the attacks on a decorated Marine, which included the perpetrators baiting him over whether he believed black lives matter.

Police on Monday arrested two juveniles for their assault on Chris Marquez, a war veteran, as he exited a D.C. McDonald’s. Marquez was assaulted by a person brandishing a handgun February 12 following a verbal assault that included branding Marquez a racist.

The Metropolitan Police Department confirmed in a press release the arrests of two 17-year-old black juveniles Monday, one male, one female, for the attack. They were charged with aggravated assault and robbery, respectively.

“I am glad two suspects have been arrested, but I am deeply disappointed they have not been charged with a hate crime,” Marquez told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Not prosecuting this as a hate crime will only encourage more hate crimes against white people and create further division in this great country.”

Marquez said that prior to the assault he was harassed by a group of black teenagers who allegedly asked him “do you believe black lives matter?” By his own account, when he declined to engage them they started calling him a racist. As he walked out to the street, he was followed, whipped in the head with a handgun and robbed by a number of individuals who took his identification, credit cards, and cash. According to witnesses, the thugs continued to kick him as he lay unconscious on the pavement.

Marquez said he believes the attack was clearly motivated by race and wishes that black leaders would speak out to condemn such violence.

“President Obama and leaders of the black community need to condemn these racially-motivated acts of violence if they really care about unity and starting a legitimate conversation on race,” Marquez told TheDCNF. “So far it has been a very one-sided conversation that mainly depicts the white community negatively.”

Marquez said Monday that he is upset to see such division along racial lines in this country. Speaking firsthand from his eight years of active service in Iraq and Afghanistan, Marquez says he has seen what division along racial and cultural lines does to countries.

The decorated Marine, a recipient of the Bronze Star for valor, ultimately hopes his attackers can reform their ways and learn from their mistakes.

Marquez told TheDCNF, “I want to let people know that I forgive the people that brutally attacked me and hope they can change their ways and one day become productive citizens of society.”


BLACK THUG: ‘I Saw Someone Get Hit With A Bat In A Movie And Wanted To Try It’

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This is from Clash Daily.

If this is not a hate crime what is a hate crime?

Hopefully this Son of Obama stops a bullet soon.

Black thug hits a white 18yr. old girl with an aluminum baseball bat.  Is that a hate crime or is it only a hate crime when the culprit’s white and the victim’s black?

Thankfully, the girl who was simply minding as her own business at the store has been released from the hospital.



Cleveland police call assault of 10-year-old girl a ‘hate incident’

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This is from

A Daughter of Obama attacks a young white girl riding on her scooter.

But instead of calling it a hate crime the police call a hate incident.

I promise you if the white girl attacked the Daugther of Obama it would be called a hate crime..



CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland police are calling the Wednesday assault of a 10-year-old West Side girl a “hate incident,” according to a police report.

The suspect in the attack is a 13-year-old girl.

The victim was riding a scooter in their First District neighborhood when the suspect punched her, knocking her to the ground, the victim’s mother told police.

The suspect, who is black, continued to punch the victim, who is white, while calling the girl “cracker,” the mother told police.

A witness showed investigators a YouTube video of the attack, the report said.

The redacted police report did not reveal the name of the victim, the suspect or witnesses. Contact information and the title of the YouTube video were also blacked out.

A Cleveland police spokesman said officers are investigating the attack as a juvenile assault. A narrative included with the police report lists the case as a “hate incident.”

No arrests have been made.

Blacks “Knock Out” Jews & Whites, No Hate Crime? 5 Jewish Women “Knocked Out” In Brooklyn

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Hat Tip to David Ben Moshe @Mad Jewess.

Blacks “Knock Out” Jews & Whites, No Hate Crime? 5 Jewish Women “Knocked Out” In Brooklyn

Fellow Jews still walking around with no guns in Brooklyn?  Why??

Every Jew, a 22.  Rabbi Meir Kahane

Click- Knockout’ thug assaults 5 Jewish women, but no ‘hate crime’ charge

It's NOT Racist When We Do It

NOT A HATE CRIME: Ithaca woman gets face sliced open by four black women


This is from Top Conservative News.

A mob of daughters of Obama slices the face of a white woman

yet it is not a hate crime.

But let a mob of white women slice a black woman‘s face

it would be Head Line News for weeks.

Not to mention the race baiters would be whining about

racism on every tv and radio station available.



Imagine if a black female pedestrian was attacked at random by a mob of white females and had her face sliced open. It would be the biggest newswhite_victimstory in America.

Except in this case, the victim is white, the perpetrators are black, and it was completely censored.

A friend of the victim posted pictures on There is another photo that shows the skin on the woman’s face hanging wide open.

The attack took place last Saturday after the unnamed victim left a bar in Ithaca, New York. The website has reported on several brutal black on white hate crimes in Ithaca in the past. This is not an isolated event.

Police arrested four black female suspects.


Black Bastard Murdered A Young, White Clerk In Shreveport LA For The ‘Fun Of It’

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This is by David Ben Moshe @ Mad Jewess.


Black Bastard Murdered A White Clerk In Shreveport  LA For The ‘Fun Of It’

This young white male was murdered by a stinkin son of Obama.  The savage stole nothing of value.  If this young man had a gun, it would be the black bastard dead on the floor.  How many times do we have to tell white people to arm yourselves and don’t be afraid to use the gun!!!


“He wanted to be a combat medic,” recalls John Ashley, a 20-year-old Shreveporter who says the two had been inseparable since meeting at a paintball game nearly four years ago. “We loved military games, we loved the military and we loved our country, so what better way than to enlist and do some good.”

See-Gas station clerk slaughtered in Shreveport hate crime

Our prayers are with the family.

-David Ben Moshe


Tim Wise (NAZI “Jew”)-Whites Need To “Improve Race Relations” But, Says Nothing About Black Racist Murderers

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Hat Tip To The Mad Jewess.




im Wise (NAZI “Jew”)-Whites Need To “Improve Race Relations” But, Says Nothing About Black Racist Murderers


Let’s start facing the truth; Many blacks are racists that hate white people (NO, not all, they are not the issue-ditto right minded Jewish people and other minorities…)  They (American blacks) murder, rape and rob white people–daily.  Wise is a sick Nazi.  He is a JEWISH Nazi.  That’s what he is.  What does this idiot do to encourage black people stop their evil hatred of whites? Nothing.  He hides crimes against white people. Making him no different than Hitler in the opposite direction.  In fact, by this moron suggesting that whites need to be more submissive toward blacks puts him in the same league as the SS. 

Fact: Hitler hid the crimes of the NAZIS against his victims.  That is what the left wing media does; they HIDE black on white crime, just like Hitler all while calling YOU& ME a NAZI–what a joke..

What can we do to change this, bloggers and activists?  You can start by re-blogging these stories, talk about it in public, A LOT.  I see many of my blogger friends don’t look for these stories.  You are worried about Obama.  There is nothing you can do to change Obama-he is where he is because of #BLACKPRIVILEGE. He aint going nowhere, because that would be racccist.  Even though he is the worst ‘prez’ ever.  SO, you CAN do something to stop what is happening by getting some gonads.  And, CARING about white people or fellow whites.

There is a genocide taking place against white people. That you say nothing makes you guilty. How can you stand before God, having said nothing, doing nothing??

White people are the ‘oppressed class’ in America. Psychologically, mentally, and physically.  They are persecuted for being white. WWW-Walking While White.. They are demanded to bow down and worship Obama. If they do not, they are racist, made fun of, ostracized, fired from jobs, beaten by blacks, raped and murdered by blacks  etc…  Funny, if one did not like Bush (who was also semi-totalitarian) That was not racist.. Its only going to get worse.  In the 1930′s, it was the same way for Jews, minorities and Germans that would not tow the line of the fascism. Same as it is in America, today. 

So, resist we much.

Bullshit Tim Wise story: Tim Wise Tells CNN’s Don Lemon The 5 Things White People Should Do To Improve Race Relations




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This is from Patriot Update.

The victim mentality has been instilled in the youth of today.

Your a victim if some do gooder liberal group say so.

After being told they are victims these weak minded youths 

try to get their fifteen minutes of fame.

They fake a hate crime to get that fame.


Floyd Elliott, of Independence, Mo., told police that two subjects attacked him in the parking lot of his apartment complex. He said the attackers cut him in the stomach, branded him with a hot knife and attempted to carve the word “fag” on his forehead.

Investigators were suspicious about the report because the head carving was backwards, as if done while looking into a mirror. Later, Elliott admitted to police that the injuries were self-inflicted.
Can you say, Elliott stepped in it?

Friends, immediately after reading this report I had to look up the word “stupid” in the Webster’s 1828 dictionary. It’s defined as “very dull; insensible; senseless.” Stupid, I say, not only because he carved “fag” on his forehead backwards, but because he acted as if his contrived crime would go unpunished before the God who sees all things (Hebrews 4:13).

Considering that all crime is motivated by hate, oftentimes you have to examine the allegations of the supposed “hate crime” to make the distinction as to who is doing the hating.
It seems today that more often than not those that are decrying hate are the ones that are actually perpetuating it. They intend through deceptive measures to create monsters out of those who don’t agree with their lifestyles or political agendas and revert back to their carnal nature for distorted guidance, so in the end they can become the victim. Maybe this can explain why the radical homosexuals revert back to organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, whose founder Morris Dees, in the 1960s, defended the KKK for their guilt of attacking the black communities. (
Guilty as Self-Inflicted

What happens when law enforcement looks a little deeper into their surfaced allegations and finds out that the alleged “victims” were actually the ones contriving and fabricating the crimes?
So let’s take a look into the minds of the distorted to see how far they are willing to go to further their agendas:
There is the famous contrived hate crime of Kerri Dunn at Claremont McKenna College. Dunn was scheduled to speak at a campus forum on racism. She shocked the audience by telling them that she had been the victim of a hate crime that very day. How convenient, or was it? Her car had been vandalized, its windows smashed, tires slashed. And profane, anti-Semitic graffiti covered the wreckage. The problem with her story was that two students saw her commit the crime herself. Dunn lost her job and also went to prison for lying to federal investigators and for insurance fraud. (She had claimed that $1,700 worth of items, including a laptop computer, had been stolen by the hate-crime bogeyman. These items were later found in a closet in Dunn’s home.) Oh, and by the way, she wasn’t even Jewish.

Deuteronomy 18:18-19 says, “And the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother; Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you.”
When people are held accountable for the crimes they themselves have contrived, then and only then will they fear to do it again. What a novel idea. Justice is the guardian of liberty. So, America, guard your liberty by bringing forth justice.

In Douglas County, Colorado, a lesbian couple called the police after they allegedly found the words “Kill the Gay” scrawled in red across their garage and a noose hanging from their front door.
Perhaps the women didn’t anticipate how seriously the issue would be treated, because nearly eight months later, with the full force of the FBI involved, authorities stated the women themselves were responsible for the acts. They were charged with both criminal mischief and false reporting, and one of the women, Aimee Whitchurch, faced an additional charge of forgery

(See the TV news report here.) They both pled guilty to the charges.

“Created Hate Crimes – Bigotry in Reverse” video:

Homosexual Manifesto: Satire or Reality?

Read more:


Black Woman Self-Immolates but Blames It on White Racists

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This is from Political Outcast.

How many so-called racist attacks are phony like this one?

I know there are racially motivated attacks.

I also know some are phony attacks.

How many attacks involving the homosexuality community are fake?

A twenty-year-old black woman named Sharmeka Moffitt in Louisiana claimed that three members of the Ku Klux Klan wrote “KKK” on her body and racial slurs on her car before dousing her with lighter fluid and lighting her on fire. So why is this not big news? Why is MSNBC not taking this and running with it? It would be the perfect anecdote to get Obama reelected. It certainly would have been huge news except that forensic specialists found that the woman set herself on fire. Her fingerprints were on the lighter fluid container and lighter that were recovered at the scene. There is no evidence of her being attacked by three men, much less KKK members. Investigators believe she used toothpaste to scrawl the letters on herself and on her car.

This woman wanted so desperately to be the victim of a hate crime that she was willing to nearly kill herself. Moffitt is now in critical condition in a Shreveport hospital having suffered extensive and self-inflicted burns. Police have to wait until she recovers in order to question her as to why she would invent such a story. It really isn’t that complicated to figure out why a radical liberal would seek so much attention. (I admit I’m going out on a limb by assuming this woman is a liberal. Is that racist?)

This happened fairly recently to a Nebraska lesbian. After the police were notified, she claimed that three masked men broke into her house, tied her down and cut “homophobic” slurs into her body. She also claimed that these men wrote slurs on her walls and almost set her and her house on fire. As it turned out, it was all staged. She had done everything to herself in order to win everybody’s sympathy. There were candlelight vigils done in her honor, nearly $1,000 of donations raised, and she received encouragement and support from her LGBT friends. It was all based on something that never happened. She ended up being arrested for lying to the police.

Both of these cases were definitely “hate crimes.” Moffitt must have hated whites so much that she blamed her self-inflicted injuries on them in hopes that the media would pick up on it and convince all their viewers to hate whites even more. Likewise, Rogers must have hated non-homosexuals so much that she was willing to go to such great lengths and much pain just to be seen as a victim. Would anyone be surprised to find out that Moffitt and Rogers were both Obama supporters?

Those on the left have to resort to pathological lying and elaborate role-playing in order to justify their worldview to themselves and others. If they aren’t in enough pain in the real world to elicit sympathy from their society, they have to fabricate their victimization.

Sometimes it backfires when people find out the whole story.

Read more:


Pat Mahaney Almost Beaten to Death by 6 Teens Who Were ‘Bored’



This is from Opposing Views.

I promise you the attackers were not Caucasian.

A white person gets attacked there is no mention of the attackers race.

But let a black man get attacked the race of the attackers is screamed.

Every thing the attacker does becomes news.

article image

Pat Mahaney was walking home in North College Hill, Ohio, on Saturday, when he was nearly beat to death by six teens, ages 13 to 14 (video below).

According to the police report, six teens, who “were just bored and were looking for something to do,” attacked Mahaney from behind, reports

The six boys told police that Mahaney had done nothing to provoke being kicked and punched repeatedly. The boys admitted they only stopped the assault because a neighbor was calling the police.

North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust told “They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us. It’s appalling. I think it’s despicable. This appears to be premeditated and there was no remorse on behalf of any of the assailants.”

“Thirteen-year-olds ought to be playing basketball, not running the streets looking for ways to entertain themselves at the expense of somebody.”

The six ‘bored’ boys have been charged with felonies of aggravated riot and felonious assault Even though the boys were all black and Mahaney is white, they will not be charged with a hate crime.

The teens were placed house arrest at their parents’ homes. They are scheduled to go on trial on Aug. 24.

Mahaney suffered so many internal injuries that doctors, at Mercy Mt. Airy Hospital, inserted a tube down his throat to remove all blood from his stomach.

Mahaney does not have health insurance and has been unemployed for years.


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